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100… 100… 100… Who’ll give me 150? 150… 150… Come on. Who’ll give me 175? 150… 150… give me another 25. Yes! 175… 175… going once, going twice, gone! Sold to the gentleman in the starched white shirt and black Stetson for $175,000! Sir, you’ll be pleased with this fine specimen of Colt craftsmanship and history.

Wish you were there? Me too! Each year Rock Island Auction Company hosts a number of regional and premier firearm auctions. Located in their new 85,000-square-foot facility, the December 2-4 premier auction looks to be one of the biggest yet. Featuring Teddy Roosevelt’s Colt Model 1902, serial number 14941, with gold ‘T.R.’ inlay, a letter from Teddy himself to the president of Colt, and a response letter back from the president to Teddy, make this a true once in a lifetime opportunity for the lucky winning bidder. According to Kevin Hogan, “This firearm alone is the perfect storm for an auction as there is no telling what the final bid will be. It could easily exceed our expectations of $225,000. It’s the ‘coolness’ factor.” Additionally, there is an extraordinary example of a U.S. Colt B Company Walker Model Revolver manufactured in 1847 at facilities owned by Eli Whitney, Jr. The 1847 Walker, designed and developed by Samuel Colt in 1846, was influenced in part from suggestions from the former Texas Ranger, Samuel Hamilton Walker. Colt met with President James K. Polk to promote this new revolver which resulted in a 1000 revolver order and marked the beginning of the relationship between Colt and the U.S. military which exists to this day. As such,  “December is the big Colt auction,” said Hogan.

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Ready. Aim. Sold!

Setting the firearm industry standard for more than a decade and a half, the Rock Island Auction Company routinely sells 97% of the lots brought to the auction. As a result of the exceptional and unique firearms that cross their auction block, the Discovery Channel spent some time with RIAC earlier this year filming “life in the day of Rock Island Auctions. This documentary takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the days leading up to each auction. Long before each auction takes place, the father and son duo—Pat and Kevin Hogan— and their RIAC team must find firearms worthy to bring to auction and research their history. They meet up with collectors, learning their stories and what drives them to participate in their auctions. What would drive someone to bid outrageous amounts of money on a single firearm? This new Discovery Channel feature brings the auction to you, along with what makes a forgotten 30+ year old firearm hanging out in your grandfather’s attic worth $125,000, or that shiny rifle thought to be $300,000 worth less than $40,000.

Be sure to catch “Ready. Aim. Sold.” on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, November 30, 2011, at 10:00 p.m.

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