Dianne Feinstein and Her Backdoor Gun Control

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Dianne Feinstein and her fellow anti-gun cronies are at it again. Since 1992, Feinstein hasn’t faltered in pushing her complete gun ban agenda. Though some of her purposed bills have fallen flat, lest we forget she authored the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 and supported the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993.

Once you understand the details of her latest bill—The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015—it is easy to speculate the law serves as backdoor gun control, even though we all know Dianne has never been “backdoor” about her feelings on firearms.

Public Enemy #1

Red crossed-out AR-15 rifle image
Though some of her purposed bills have fallen flat, lest we forget she authored the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

Since taking office in 1992, the former mayor of San Francisco—who successfully banned handguns in the city—has purposed strict firearms legislation every year since she has been in Washington. In my research, I found over 50 bills she either wrote or sponsored to ban certain firearms, ban magazine capacities, restrict the sale of ammunition, or otherwise tighten gun control laws and infringe on Americans’ 2A rights.

Most notably:

  • High-Capacity Ammunition Magazine Ban of 2013
  • Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, 2005, 2004, and 2003
  • Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act of 2015 and 2013
  • Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2013, 2012
  • Pause for Safety Act of 2014 (essentially legal confiscation)
  • Gun Show Background Check Act of 2013, 2011, 2009 and 2008
  • Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2013, 2011, 2009 and 2008
  • Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
  • Semiautomatic Assault Weapons Violence Prevention Act of 1993
  • Youth Handgun Safety Act of 1993
  • Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1995
  • Anti-Gun Trafficking Act of 1999 and 1997 (prevents the sale of more than one handgun per person in a 30-day period)
  • Ban Importation Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act and Large Capacity Ammunition Magazine Import Ban Act of 2013, 2011, 2001 and 1999
  • American Handgun Standards Act of 1999 (bans “junk guns”)
  • Gun Show Accountability Act
  • Permanent Brady Waiting Period Act of 1999
  • Targeted Gun Dealer Enforcement Act of 1999
  • Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2001 and 2000
  • Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2003

Feinstein has proven than when her out-right bans won’t pass muster, she purposes other legislations that open the doors for loose interpretation, leading to bans, restrictions and even confiscation. Though she neither authored nor sponsored the bill, Feinstein supported and introduced California AB1014 the Gun Violence Restraining Order bill passed into law in September 2014.

This law essentially gives anyone the right to judge who should or should not have a gun, regardless if it is a truly justifiable reason.

The law says, “Any person may submit an application to the court, on a form designed by the Judicial Council, detailing the facts and circumstances necessitating that a gun violence restraining order be issued.”

Unfortunately, there are many vengeful people in this world and they will use this law to their advantage. Because the law uses vague language such as “reasonable specificity” to describe what constitutes a person who is likely to harm themselves or others, scorned ex-spouses, angry family members, as well as Judges, can interpret the meaning. This leads to confiscation.

That is why we call these types of laws “backdoor” gun control. These types of laws use seemingly “innocent” language, much the same as anti-gunners love to use the phrase “common sense” to, in essence, trick others into believing the bill has only the public’s safety in mind. Loose definitions allow judges and lawmakers enough wiggle room to twist the law whichever way they feel fit. And that’s scary.

Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015

Ask the question, “Do you think known terrorists should have access to firearms?” and anyone in their right mind will most likely say, “No.” However, when making a law, shouldn’t we determine without a doubt what we mean by “known terrorists?” Authors of the bill Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Peter King give power to the Attorney General to prevent the sale of a gun to anyone that is known to be a terrorist, suspect to use the firearm in an act of terrorism or who is “appropriately suspect.”

Let’s read that again. “Appropriately suspect.”

The bill reads that the Attorney General can deny the sale of a firearm to anyone if they have “a reasonable belief that the prospective transferee may use a firearm in connection with terrorism” or is “appropriately suspect, and “Conduct constituting in preparation for in aid of, or related to terrorism…”

This is where the law gets dangerous.

Never defined in the bill, what exactly does “appropriately suspect” mean? Who gets to decide what constitutes preparation for terrorism? Is stockpiling ammo—especially ammo that is about to be banned by executive order—the definition of preparing for terrorism? Would handing out fliers for a local rally of the Tea Party constitute preparation for terrorism? What about members of the open-carry advocacy group Open Carry Tarrant County?

I am sure in the hoplophobe’s mind it does.

Another concern is would this bill lead to federally mandated waiting periods? What will this bill mean for states such as Texas that virtually have no waiting period?

Senator Dianne Feinstein holding an AR-15
Senator Dianne Feinstein said these weapons are not for hunting deer – they’re for hunting people.

Feinstein says the Government Accountability Office studied people on the no-fly list—i.e. suspected or known terrorists—for 10 years from 2004 to 2014. The study found that 91 percent of the time, these people on the list would pass a background check when filling out paperwork to purchase a firearm. However, delve further and this statistic means nothing.

Take for example my story. I had a family member with serious issues getting back to Texas from California, because he shared the same name as someone on the no-fly list. This family member isn’t a terrorist, criminal or have any sketchy background whatsoever. His name is also as common as John Smith. Of course, he would pass a background check to purchase a firearm.

Further, we know that speculation and suspicion can get us into hot water. Jan Morgan, who owns The Gun Cave shooting range in Hot Springs, Arkansas faced media backlash, both from inside and outside the gun community when she declared her gun range a “Muslim-Free Zone.” Did that mean she would refuse service to anyone who appeared to be of Arabian-descent? Is that legal?

In January 2015, a U.S.-born college student from Hot Springs went to the Gun Cave to shoot guns with his father because it was something they enjoyed doing for “father-son time.” Upon entering, the two were asked if they were Muslim and were told to leave the range, or the cops would be called. The young man and his father are from India—a country comprised of 80 percent Hindus. After the incident, the son Tweeted, “I’m not Muslim; I’m just brown.”

Under the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists law, would Massad Ayoob be prohibited from buying a gun? Massad Ayoob is one of the most well-known firearms and self-defense instructors in the world, but for those who have no idea who he is, his name might be a red flag. After all, Ayoob is a variation of the name, “Ayoub,” which is a Muslim prophet.

This bill would not only limit those who appear to either be from an Arabic country or have Arabic-sounding names, but also target those suspected of domestic terrorism. Look at what you are wearing right now. Are you wearing cargo pants, a shooting vest, boots? Are you wearing a hat that says, “Don’t tread on me?” Is your AK or AR within an arm’s reach? You don’t think Feinstein would label you a domestic terrorist? If you are in doubt, then you need to pay close attention to this next part.

The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015 was introduced around the exact same time an intelligence report was released from the Department of Homeland Security stating its concerns with right-wing groups in America. The report says that members of these “domestic militia groups” will target law enforcement officials enforcing the law. The report also compares right-wing groups and “sovereign citizen terrorists” worse than ISIS in some cases.

Just as Jan Morgan and her employees mistook a kid whose ancestors are Indian for a Muslim extremist, so could the Attorney General mistake you for part of a “domestic militia group” because you purchased more than one firearm at a time, subscribe to a shooting magazine, pay for a membership at the NRA, pay dues at a shooting club, stockpile ammo, voted Libertarian, and/or own a large piece of land outside of town.

Gun Owning Americans

Not all gun owners are well-fed white guys.
Not all gun owners are well-fed white guys.

The face of gun ownership has changed: more women than ever are gun owners; we have bearded socially-liberal hipsters hunting in a growing movement of field to fork; we have openly gay successful shooting competitors, and of course, people from all ethnic backgrounds who love guns. Bills such as these pigeonhole gun owners. The Second Amendment doesn’t discriminate. Though no one wants a real terrorist to have access to a gun, this act walks the fine line between true homeland security and safety and discrimination, not to mention tramples all over our right to freedom of speech and expression.

Don’t allow backdoor gun control legislation like these to move forward. Don’t let hoplophobes such as Dianne Feinstein deny the rights of innocent, gun-owning Americans.

Write your representatives and tell them not to support Feinstein’s bill.

What do you think about the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. If you think we havent gotten our monies worth out of the military then offer an alternative to our defense.The reason Putin is doing what he pleases is because El Barack Hussein has projected weakness.First he pulled the missile program out of Poland,then he refuses to arm Ukraine.Most of the world hates us because we are a superpower able to project strength and stability.Our few stalwart Allies El Barack has managed to alienate.If you think Iran cares about treaties or Intl law you have your head stuck far up your ass.A Bomb is the worst nightmare the radical muslims can throw your way.Try living abroad for awhile and mature your opinions’

    1. @ steve b.

      The West through Covert Funding, have been Rearming the Ukraine Republic since at least February 2015. Including the United States, one shipment included US Made TOW II Ant-Tank Missile Launchers and Missiles and also Humvee’s.

  2. shayla -you are do for some education. Red Adairs company was called in to put out the fires in Kuwait.Why? BECAUSE THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO COULD DO IT. Haliburt was called into Iraq for the same reason.Of course they got paid alot -it was a WAR zone and they were entitled to combat wages.Besides what do you have against the only American Company doing the work that Haliburton does. Ive spent time in a war zone {LDF-73} and unless youve experienced that you really dont know what the hell youre talking about.

    1. I’m talking about the contract to provide logistics support to the military. Haliburton built bases, cooked and served meals, etc. Remember the story of soldiers getting electrocuted in the shower due to faulty wiring? Instead of having soldiers in the mess hall serving meals that can pick up a gun and fight beside our troops, we had a contractor who had to be protected should there be a fire fight.
      What I have against them is the NO BID CONTRACT WASTING OUT TAX DOLLARS.

    2. If you dont like wasted taxpayer dollars then you should be upset about the billions that obama tacked onto the interest debt.Look Shayla about the ONLY place Americans get their their monies worth is in the military.That obama is so willing to cut our defense and so unwilling to curb Entitlements shows us where his priorities are.Sure you can find fault in any Operational Theater but recognize that the rise of Isis was made possible by the premature pullout of Iraq but El Barack Hussein.

    3. How are taxpayers getting our moneys worth on the military? We spend more than the next ten countries combined, spending billions on systems that never see combat before being declared obsolete so we can spend billions more to build their replacements.
      Obama didn’t cut defense spending, sequestration did because congress couldn’t agree on a budget. We pulled out of Iraq per the SOPA agreement signed by George Bush. Staying where we weren’t wanted would have been a violation of international laws.

    4. Ahhhh Shayla another brainwashed socialist speaks. 1. Sequestration was Obamas proposal. After he proposed it he turned around and said it was a bad idea for the sole purpose of being able to blame republicans…Fact 2. Obama campaigned and claimed pulling out of Iraq as a victory. He claimed he ended the war. Fact.
      Typical for Obamites it is always someone else fault.

      If your question is: “How are taxpayers getting our moneys worth on the military?” Very simple. You are still free to post uninformed trash on the internet. Although the administration is working hard to make this a socialist country, he has not yet won. You are still free and I would say that is worth the cost of the military. Perhaps you see it differently. I suppose we could take the military budget and put it into climate change seeing as Obama says that is now the biggest crises facing our country.

    6. Then Pentagon could spend half of what it currently does and we would still outspend any nation that wants to oppose us. Why is it okay to start expensive wars that aren’t paid for, but food stamps (many to military families) have to have a spending offset? How com they can’t spend some money to help veterans? If you can’t help those injured in war, then stop starting wars.
      I want to see our tax dollars spent on Americans instead of giving billions to countries that don’t like us. We spent billions in Iraq rebuilding their infrastructure, but god forbid we need a new bridge or highway in the states.
      Since you cannot have an intelligent conversation, maybe it’s time for you to move out of your parents basement and get a job loser.

    7. I don’t live in the basement. I live in a house my parents are both dead but thanks.
      See dopey if you would have started this way instead of the crap about blaming Bush (who I don’t like either) and congress for what was clearly Obamas responsibility, and saying we don’t get our moneys worth we would not have an argument.
      I have no problem reallocating military budget to raise military wages. There is no way we should have military personal on assistance. We should also provide more funding to injured military. That is my biggest charity and yes I do give considerably. I also agree that we need to stop giving money to other nation and for God sake quit rebuilding there damn countries. However to ask how we get our moneys worth out of military spending is at best narrow minded.

      As far as spend on military. To make it simple for you, everything we do in this country costs more. It costs more to build a car here than is does in Korea, China, Japan, Russia, etc. It also costs more to build a gun, tank, jet, or uniform. Added to it that we are providing military for several nation without charge and providing troops for things like fighting Ebola all of which is part of the military budget. It may not be good or right but it is the way it is. There is no question that the military budget can be cut and or better used. However that is not what your posting was about was it super genius.

  3. Had Senator Feinstein been in the military, she would have had the right to own a gun taken away. Perhaps she would have received some help with her past also. I would bet she has had psychological help, we will never know what the Dr. evaluated but it is interesting to speculate on.

  4. Ms Feinstein submits these ridiculous bills in hope that she will get colleagues to join her mad pursuit to kill the 2nd amendment. Won’t work crazy person!

  5. I’m really surprised that almost nobody remembers one very simple fact — Ms. Feinstein has a very serious mental trauma caused by her friend dying on her hands after having been shot to death. It happened many years ago, but Ms. Feinstein has recalled that tragedy many times and in the Internet era it takes a few minutes to find this info. This trauma, this emotional and mental wound, in fact, do not allow her to serve in public offices and, moreover, take any participation in creating and promoting any laws and regulation that would affect our constitutional rights to own firearms. Her judgement is clouded, and everything she’s done for the last 25 years is nothing else but her personal vendetta. A public servant cannot take his/her decisions based exclusively on his/her personal feelings and pain these feelings may be causing…
    Ms. Feinstein, maybe it’s time to stop?! Maybe it’s time to retire and start healing those emotional wounds which make you absolutely subjective, anti-constitutional, anti-American and utterly bias when it comes to gun-related discussions? Just take a break, please…

    1. @Michael Anderson

      With all due respect to the departed, I think Ms. Feinstein has exaggerated and milked her supposed “pain” from Harvey Milk’s and George Moscone’s deaths in a way that is entirely disrespectful to those involved, and is a ghastly attempt to seem victimized by what really was the fallout from her own bad behavior.

      I think her real angst is over the fact that she participated in very dirty local politics that got the murderer (a former cop and former Airborne Sergeant who had served in Vietnam) upset enough to do what he did.

      The incident certainly does not in any way serve to “justify” Feinstein’s rabid attacks on gun rights, particularly given that the weapon used was a .38 police revolver — not an “assault weapon” nor any other of the many kinds of legal firearms Feinstein has tried to take away from law-abiding citizens while using that incident as her excuse.

      The solution is for scumbag thugs like Feinstein to stop engaging in dirty politics, not to try to deprive law-abiding citizens of our God-given right of armed self-defense.

      Another part of the solution is for people in our society to understand that we can’t just train guys to be killers and then expect those skills to just suddenly disappear when we bring soldiers home and put them back into the real world. A person is fundamentally changed by that training and experience, and people should know better than to play the kind of dirty, dishonest games Feinstein et al. played with a guy who was entirely capable of killing a lot more people than he did.

      There is no excuse for what White did, but Feinstein and her merry gang of thugs very wrongfully put White into a terrible position with no real escape — all over petty personal BS not worth dying or killing for, and certainly not even worth harming a man’s livelihood over.

    2. I have to say again that no mention of Hypocrite is mentioned here. If she has PTSD for her pain as a public servant she should have done more for the VA. She should probably recuse herself from any issues that touch that raw nerve she brings out only when it suits her needs. Back to the hypocrite, Her husband Richard C. Blum is an avid collector of firearms and has even given Diane her very own ar15. Take faces of of arguments and look at only the facts and hypocrisy will surface especially in politics.

  6. As a Nam veteran and as ex police officer , Im livid to see how our country has turned against the very people who are supposed to protect our rights. I just don’t understand why millions of gun owners refuse to join the NRA and help fight these politicians who think by banning firearms crime will just go away. People have been killed long before the invention of firearms. Maybe Feinstein and President Obama should read the bible.

    1. Yeah Frank… Why don’t gun owners join the NRA that loves Harry Reid??? WHY OH WHY don’t some gun owners just eat the porridge that is served to them and realize the NRA is the holy grail of the 2nd Amendment and all the gold seas flow through Wayne and his helping agendas…

      Because those gun owners figured out that the NAGR and the GOA don’t drink the politician’s kool aid and don’t sell out to them like the NRA… That’s why… The NAGR and GOA work for the people, not the bought and sold beltway

    2. @Frank

      There actually is a very sound answer to your question why people are not jumping on the NRA bandwagon — the NRA is not fighting for us.

      If the NRA was doing its job, the ATF would not have banned the green tip you used in ‘Nam. If the NRA was doing its job, they would not be up on Capitol Hill trying to give powers to the states to prohibit concealed carry that the Supreme Court has said the states don’t have.

      With “friends” like the NRA, people who believe in gun rights and the oaths we took to support and defend the Constitution don’t need enemies.

  7. This comment is very appropriate! Most of us dearly love our country and have put ourselves in harms way, and would be willing to do it again if the circumstances warrant it.

  8. All I have to say is, terrorist are criminals, since when do criminals follow the law?? All this bill will do is limit gun sales to law abiding citizens, it will do nothing to prevent terrorist’s from obtaining guns because if they really want that gun they will get it.

  9. Here here. I have already done that through the associated gun clubs in my area, they will even fax and/or email the letter for you!!

  10. Most, if not all, who have responded to this act have valid points. It is too bad we have the liberals and Republicans who “sell out” our ideals. I’m getting older now and it makes me sad to see our country crumble because of weak leadership and poor lawmakers. Now-what to do?

  11. Agreed RPK!-lets try this on-who gave the government the mandate to change the racial and political make-up of the Republic through the use of illegal immigration? Refusing to seal the border and thus provide a route for terrorists and then trying to legally impair the People the Right of self preservation is the real terrorism. Denying our friends the support they need is an act of subversion.Want to stop Iran? Tactically Nuke them.But if you do not stop a terrorist risk inside of our country why would Anyone try to stop us from protecting ourselves?We all know the answer.

  12. Diane Feinstein (and like minded “public servants” – a loosely used descriptive term in the case) is a clear and present danger to the citizens of these United States. The use of political office to further ones own personal agenda in order to dismantle the 2nd Amendment is tyrannical and presumably self-serving. In terms many of us outside the confines of the land of fruits and nuts (State of California) understand, this IS the essence of domestic terrorism. WHY the people of California continue to re-elect this person is way beyond my ability to reason and the boundaries of common sense. Grow a backbone and VOTE her out of office!

  13. “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” is often attributed to Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Navy during WWII.

    Whether he said it or not is a debate for professional historians. However, the thought is provoking when you think about what Stalin and Hitler did when they came into power. They banned gun ownership by the civilians of the population. In doing so, they insured that their government could never be challenged from within.

    Instead of listing militia groups as terrorists, the government should be looking at them as a volunteer army ready, trained and armed. I don’t belong to any such organization, but I know people who do and I have never heard one of them threaten the U.S. government. As a matter of fact, most of these people are veterans and only want to continue to serve our country and uphold the constitution; which is more than I can say for most of our elected officials.

    I believe in supporting the NRA and I think everyone who either owns a gun or supports gun ownership should become a member. God bless our country!

  14. Go ahead and pass it.

    I don’t take orders from traitors (i.e. Obama & Feinstein), so it hardly makes a difference.

  15. Hey Guys-Why doesnt anybody investigate feinsteins deals where she and her husband made millions on no bid contracts that she set up through her political connections.THATS RIGHT! Feinstein and her husband are dirty.THATS how you stop this political hack. Harry Reid has scooped in millions through cash funneling through his son. Hillary is just above us “little people”. Investigate and charge this rotten group and just maybe we will save our Rights.

    1. Nearly all of congress are guilty of the same thing. Remember those no bid contracts in Iraq that went to Haliburton? Cheney funneled contracts to his company.

    2. @Shayla

      Having personal knowledge on the matter from my professional work in DC, I can assure you that neither Cheney nor any member of his family earned a dime on any of the contracts awarded to Haliburton. Cheney’s only connection with Haliburton was that he used to be an employee. He did not own any stock in the company or receive any money or other benefits from the company (and as far as I know that still remains true).

      Where did you get your “information”???

      I’m all for going after crooked politicians, but at least let’s do it based on truth rather than “I heard on the Internet that . . . “

  16. It’ a shame that the very people we voted into office to protect the things that are most precious to us, are now trying to take everything thing this country was founded on. How does someone like Feinstein become so powerful , and start her own agenda ? Is she above the law? I suppose the people who put her in office no longer matter. This isn’t Russia. We Americans do matter. Our ancestors made this country great and I’m sure they didn’t do it with the likes of Feinstein ! If you want to tell a bunch of brainless idiots how to run their lives, start your own country. You want to guard everyone from things you say are bad for us, become a guard dog. You want to continue as a politician, listen to what the majority of Americans want. Although we would be better off without politicians like you . Police yourself first. Let us worry about the things YOU dont like!

  17. Many ppl in the usa forget that blacks where not allowed to own firearms as stipulated in the “black codes” in the various jim crow states. EVERY CITIZEN should at least learn how to use a firearm, but black ppl should really be concerned and support and defend the 2nd amendment. THIS IS WAKE UP CALL folks. The proposed ban on m855 ammo is dogsh!t, and we need to hold the line. Remember “shall not be infringed” was inserted in the 2nd amendment for a reason!!!!!

  18. Lets not forget the Honorable(?) Senator was caught with a handgun in violation of her own local laws several years ago.
    Oh, wait, now it seems SHE has a CCW license. Just nobody mentioned it at the time. Funny thing she went on TV and defended her carrying but never mentions any license.

  19. Since most police snipers use a “hunting” rifle to do the job rather than an AR15/10 the skag shows her ignorance and stupidity. She is going to be retired soon.

  20. a little tidbit of information.when feinstein was mayor of san francisco,and she was enacting the gun ban in the city of san francisco,she still carried a snub nose 38 spec in her undergarments !! but it was illegal for the rest of us to have or purchase in san francisco

  21. “Any person may submit an application to the court, on a form designed by the Judicial Council, detailing the facts and circumstances necessitating that a gun violence restraining order be issued.”

    I guess EVEY law abiding gun owner should be filing on of these as to why Feinstein SHOULD NOT be allowed to own HER handgun. I mean if she thinks firearms are SOOO bad she shouldn’t have one either. She is a THREAT to ALL gun owners -hence- she should have her gun confiscated!

  22. No Diane, a “deer” rifle was used to kill Randy Weaver’s wife and son, not an AR-15 or .223 “green tip” ammo. You remember them don’t you? You were at the hearing looking at the bullet hole through the door!

  23. If you own ANY weapon and do not belong to and support a Pro-Second Amendment Organization such as NRA or other Organizations you have no right to gripe when your rights to protect your family and self are denied. BE HEARD…JOIN THE VOICES.

    1. Yes, we do have a right to gripe because still have the 2A that does NOT require being part of a “Pro-Second Amendment Organization”.

    2. So, in other words, only big moneyed organizations with deep pockets have the right to gripe in this country now? I dam well Do gripe and have every Right to gripe when any of my rights are being purposely eroded. Joining some “club” with a big voice is irrelevant.
      Sadly… the government only listens to those with the most money. But please don’t tell me I don’t have a Right to gripe.

  24. I believe that in the picture in this article Dianne Feinstein has committed several gun crimes. All of those rifles and magazines are illegal in DC. She should be locked up like every other criminal.

  25. A larger argument is why are laws passed by name that have nothing to do with the language inside. The Law should be “Only one law can be in any piece of legislation at any time. If the law is to feed starving children then thats what it should do and not have miles of verbal lettuce for the courts to chew on and the people to be oppressed by. Period!!!

  26. Here’s a novel ideal, how about excluding all with terrorist leanings from entering our Country in the first place ?

  27. Gearmoe, you are correct! It is a funny thing though, gun-haters and liberals are basically Socialists. Being right or thinking is not part of their plan. If you go back, both Russia (USSR) and the NAZIS were socialists. Additionally, it is proven that socialism will fail eventually, we must remain capitalistic in order to continue production and national growth.

  28. As in the picture, so what if some guns were designed around the killing of people. This does not correlate to their use by lawful people of society. In fact with millions of these style of firearms in ownership, seems like few are used for nefarious purpose. Does she truly know the design engineers intent? And not every use of a rifle is for hunting. Can we not shoot for fun, competition, collect, a hobby? Why does Feistein focus on killing people when in fact the overwhelming use of firearms is anything but? I definitely hate her.

    1. Maybe we should better deal with the people who want to kill innocent people, not banning the things their are using to do it with, after all I remember hearing about a time when they killed people with rocks how about a ban on rocks or maybe car’s, people seem to do a real good job killing all kinds of stuff with them.

  29. Ms.Feinstein should keep her nose out of the business of our nation,she along with our so called has tried to bring down this proud nation,but she will see it will only come to bite her in the end,she along with our president have shown their thinking;
    1. siding with known thugs,knowing that they are guilty,just because they are black,
    2 trying to take away our 2nd Amendment for our right to b ear arms,
    3.both are hypocrites,saying one thing and doing another,
    these people will be out of office soon and things will be back to order,we must stay strong and vigilent to keep this nation above everyone else.
    P.S. It is a shame when a great american as Chris Kyle was layed to rest,no one from OBAMAS staff attended the funeral,but the thug Michael Brown who was gunned down in Ferguson by a brave patrolman doing his job,his parents were invited to the White House for a meeting with the President,where is the justice in that

  30. I believe that I have read that Feinstein has a CC permit and Carries. She will protect herself, but the serf’s not so much

    1. She did have a CC permit at one time but dropped it. Just as well since her demonstrated ignorance of firearms shows she would have been a greater danger to herself than any attacker.

    2. Not only that, her husband is a gun nut and collector. He gave her an AR15 that she legaly owns but she doesnt want you to have one.

  31. Comments are great to vent feelings but I ask everyone to: WRITE YOUR SENATORS and REPRESENTATIVES to share your Second Amendment support feelings.
    Having moved out of California, it became apparent representatives like Senator Feinstein will never change, nor abandon their efforts to trash the Second Amendment. REGISTER to VOTE and never miss voting. Only by voicing our feelings respectfully to our electorate can we affect change.

  32. The only way to get ahead of this west coast anti-American lunacy is to, hopefully, vote them out of office. This sound wistful, but it’s factual. Under our present laws, there isn’t any other way that I know. If the majority of American citizens with sanity will vote conservative, it will work. If not, it won’t.

  33. Dangerous Terrorist act of 2015 is another piece of legislation that has all the earmarks of ambiguity. Applicable as determined by some shadow figure. Laws like this only prevent law abiding citizens from obtaining firearms. Have you ever noticed that criminals and terrorists don’t follow the law Ms. Feinstein? FYI for anyone who does not know…her husband is poised to pocket as much as a billion dollars selling off U.S. Postal buildings across the country. She claims no influence on the contract award. What a stroke of luck. Maybe someone should look into that more closely.

  34. I would like to see an amendment that makes it unlawful for anyone to attempt to change the Constitution of the United States.

  35. I love this country, and I am a lawful gun owner, taxpayer and law abiding citizen who was born here. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather all served in the armed forces to serve and protect our country. Those who would try and remove or block the freedoms that our Constitution affords us are a disgrace to them and all the men and women in the military, past and present. People like Diane F. and those in our government that are fearmongers, need to be removed from office before they try to take all of our rights away. I am appalled at how dumb most our elected officials are. They are so worried about things they know nothing about, they forget about the really important things, like our homeless vets or our borders being so poorly guarded.

  36. Agree with the authors sentiments but… I hate it when grammar details these guys. Case in point, “hooliphobics”… It should be hopolophobes. Also, “ethnical” backgrounds??? How about ethnic backgrounds. Finally, “legislations” such as these??? How about legislation such as these. What is next, should of instead of the correct… should have?

    If you think I am some liberal sissy think again I am a dyed-in-the wool Second Amendment supporter and believe that all people (except criminals) should own ANY type of firearm they want. But when it comes to making our argument for gun rights, the way we speak and write can either brand us as serious supporters of the Second Amendement and firearms owners that must be taken seriously or dismissed as illiterate “bubbas”.

    1. OK. What I hate more than poor grammar is my stupid iPhone that just makes up words for me. Details should have been derails. Hooliphobics should have been hopolophobics.

      Well… That’s what I get for buying an iPhone. Talk about whacked out liberals. I can only imagine what the folks at Apple think of firearms!

  37. Dianne Feinstein has to be one of the most hypocritical people in the world. Anyone who knows her history knows that she is an elitest. I hope I don’t get arrested for saying that.

  38. Feinstein,Boxer and all the other lefties from CA don’t have to steal elections. The loons in La La Land, Hollywood, and Sanfrisco will keep them in office till someone with an even nuttier agenda comes along.

    1. Brother do you have that one right. Had a number of friends who lived/live in CA. The state is beautiful, has buku acres for those who love the outdoors, including hunting. The restrictions are insane and they’re well aware of the loonies that inhabit the state. I feel for them but, as usual, until they get off their butts and get active politically then they get what they deserve.

  39. I wish that c#$% would have an accidental discharge and shoot herself in the head, I loathe that hypocritical dog in heat!

  40. appaently they blew off the oath when they took office : to up hold and protect the contitution of the united states and for what it stands for if they can’t do that they need to step aside and let someone that will

  41. I wonder how Feinstei would react to being labled a traitor and band for life from any political office with all of her fellow dumbocrats.
    We need to put an admendment in the constitution that states,


    1. You realize that this would also apply to Romney too since he signed an assault weapons ban while he was governor.

    2. I know, that is why I could never vote for him. He changed tunes with the political wind. I could never trust someone like that.

    3. This is true. Romney proved his position on gun control when he outright raped gun-owners rights in his past as governor. His firm stance AGAINST gun-owners is a fact & permanent part of his history now. Romney IS the type of tyrant the 2nd is ment to give us the means to protect our freedoms & ourselves against.

    4. JD I agree with you & Shayla that includes Romney whom by the way is not a “Natural Born Citizen” as neither is McCain, Obama the Kenyan native commie/muslim non US Citizen & a foreign enemy who must be executed for invasion, fraud, & destroying our US Constitution with the help of every politician in DC all have committed treason by knowingly allowing Obama into office! Death to tyranny!~

    5. If I am not mistaken all public servants take an oath of office to uphold the Constituion. She is guilty of treason and should be tried for it. I can’t believe that someone could support passing a law that would criminalize a law abiding citizen who has no criminal intent. That is the definition of draconian.

  42. Ask that pig bitch Winestain if her body guards are armed? See, she is more valuable that you are and she is worthy of being protected, you are not….now…do you understand the communist liberal mindset?

  43. Boxer is retiring but will probably be replaced by a newer, younger version from the bay area without an active push by opponents. Feinstein has no announced plans to retire or stop her MO.
    Both of these ultra liberal senators are from CA, northern CA, a liberal commune for all practical purposes. They swing weight due to seniority and the lock step support of the liberal majority in CA. The replacement of Boxer with a new senator with no seniority helps some but CA gun owners need to do much more. Ca gun laws get worse every year and the national pressure never wanes with only the current pro gun trend nationally giving us a respite from part of the assault.

    1. Kamala Harris has shown interest in moving up the political ladder, and she is far worse than Boxer or Feinstein when it comes to gun laws.

  44. I find it intresting that big money forces all us NAIVE voters

    to vote for them ???


    1. Hey ablehorn-America is chock full of stupid ignorant people-how else could some charlatan like barack get elected? Most people dont give a crap about their own freedom.I met a woman last week with an obama bumper sticker.I asked her what she loved about barack. she replied: “Obamacare” A lawless anti-American who hates this country has managed to fool the electorate.Hitler used the same tactics in the 1930s.I fear for our childrens future Imagine a nuclear Iran.

  45. I am so tired of hearing TERM LIMITS
    we have them they are called ELECTIONS
    The government is POWER

    Therefore the POWER wants the 2nd Amendment gone

    because it is a threat to their POWER.

    1. Your solution to term limits has worked so well hasn’t it. So how come there are politicians in congress that have been in office for decades? It isn’t because they are outstanding at what they do. It’s because they are good at stroking donors to fund their re-election campaigns and probably belong to a district that is so gerrymandered that they are guaranteed to win elections. There needs to be a two term limit for all offices. If it’s good enough for presidents, then the rest can do it too.

    2. @Shayla

      Be careful what you wish for.

      Having previously worked on Capitol Hill I can tell you that elected officials don’t really hold all or even a substantial portion of the true political power of the Legislative branch.

      Certain un-elected staff members of Congressional committees, for example, are the source of these stupid gun control measures. The politicians are just the willing figureheads who the staff members cajole into doing their bidding with, usually, misrepresentation and playing on the egos of the politicians.

      People spend entire well-paid careers doing this as staff members, and outside of DC nobody really knows who they are and what they stand for. Term limits would simply shift even more political power to the staff members who already are living and working under the radar screen of democracy.

      What I think we NEED is new committee staff every 2 years — “term limits” for them, in effect, so the legislative power is at least subject to the Peoples’ voting.

    3. Sorry to have to add this but . . .

      The solution is to write to your representative and Senators and demand that they make the Committees transparent to the voters by requiring public selections of new staff with every election.

      THAT will make the People’s votes matter again.

    4. What I think we need is to clean house and start again without any of the present elected officials or staff. Anything short of that is just prolonging the inevitable. Not sayin just sayin.

    5. That’s an excellent start. Along with replacing ALL of them, all the perks they put in place for themselves need to be undone and all laws need to apply to them as equally as everyone else. This above the law crap has to end. Currently when a politician in DC is caught doing something wrong, they get a slap on the wrist. There needs to be real consequences including prison time for those that are corrupt.

  46. This coupled with the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 could be an easy way to have a “clean-sweep.”

  47. How do you think this one will react when a group of terrorists hit a public place using AK47s (the REAL assault rifles) and mow down beaucoup citizens? Probably demand that real automatic weapons be removed from terrorists in America. May the all powerful deity protect us from political morons.

  48. Feinstein and her ilk despise the Second Amendment and any other right Americans have that threaten their power base. It’s sad when so few in DC can control the lives of so many across the country. Term limits for Congress, and the courts are desperately needed. Politics was never meant to be a profession and lifetime appointments to various federal courts can be devastating. JMHO

    1. He doesn’t need to own a gun, like a lot of other wealthy anti-gun people that have body guards with guns to do their dirty work.

    2. They can have what ever they need even full auto their protecting important people, not anyone trivial like us or our families.

  49. this Feinstein will never learn she wants to ban people from owning guns period and be controlled by the govt I think these antigun tyrants are wanting to start the next revolution!

  50. What I want to know is how rigged CA voting is… Do people seriously keep voting for her and Pelosi and Boxer etc???

    1. It’s not only CA Mitch. When Franken was elected in MN, they “found” ballots in the corner of a classroom and in the trunk of an election official’s car which were eventually counted and Franken won by a slim margin. Go figure.

  51. “Senator Dianne Feinstein said these weapons are not for hunting deer – they’re for hunting people.”

    Technically she is right. Though they can be used for hunting deer, most of those that own one have it for use on people in the event that civilization crumbles. Even so, it is not a reason to ban them.

    1. What weapon including a slingshot cannot be used for either animals or people. Without putting a lot of thought in it I can’t think of a weapon that was not initially developed for use on people.
      Technically Feinstein is working the back door to take guns from everyone.

    2. @Shayla

      Actually, the fact that people commonly have capable firearms such as the AR-15 platform for for use in extreme circumstances happens to be the very reason they are constitutionally protected and cannot be banned. It is not so much that they should not be banned, they CAN’T be banned.

      In the Miller case, the US Supreme Court held that the constitutional protection of the 2nd Amendment extends to any firearm “in common use at the time” for the “militia” purpose expressly enumerated in the 2nd Amendment. In fact, the Court took the phrase “in common use at the time” from the Militia Acts that required all able-bodied males to have state-of-the-art military weapons, of the type “in common use at the time” for that very purpose.

      So, let Dianne Feinstein say all she wants that a modern sporting rifle is designed to hunt people . That also is what the 2nd Amendment was designed to do — to protect the right off the GOOD people to have weapons capable of hunting BAD people.

    3. Excuse me Shayla? Do you know that the AR (which is what we’re talking about) is used for hunting Coyotes, Prairie Dogs and yes, even deer and hogs and is actually known as a “Modern Sporting Rifle”. Minnesota specifically changed the law to accommodate for hunting deer with centerfire .22 caliber rifles…not that I agree with using that light a bullet on big game but it is legal.. Many other states also allow it’s use for big game. “Most of those that own one have it for use on people”? You sound like an anti-gun person trolling this forum.

    4. Labman,

      Sorry but shayla is absolutely on point with her comment. There is no constitutional right to hunt animals but there is a constitutional right (and even a God Given right to protect yourself) which is EXACTLY what and why she is arguing that people need the appropriate firearms to protect themselves. If this was only about hunting then a very good argument could be made that you don’t need firearms to hunt. All you really need is a bunch of people and dogs and a high cliff so that you could all do a “drive” and force your prey over a cliff to its death much the way cro-magnon man hunted millions of years ago and the AMerican Indians did a bit more than one hundred years ago.

    5. If ignorance were bliss, Feinstein and her ilk would be eternally ecstatic. The MSR (AR-15 Platform Sporting Rifle) is perhaps the most popular rifle type owned by Americans today and is used in every type of shooting sport activity including extreme long range competition. A young teen I know personally has set and broken records for junior shooters at ranges of 800, 900, and 1,000 yards shooting an AR match rifle at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. The AR platform rifle is available in many different calibers so it is suitable for many different kinds of game animals. What Feinstein DOESN”T know about firearms could fill a library.

  52. i think the lady was egnored as a chid and needs to find a better outlet, but then agan she is getting paid pretty penny to lead this cause i hope she is never in a situation where she needs to exersize her second ammendment.

    1. Who would benefit from funding a gun ban? The only ones that come to mind to me are the uber rich. Once they are done stealing all the wealth from the rest of us, they wouldn’t want an armed populace to come looking for them. Who else would bankroll a gun ban?

  53. Diane Feinstein is a very sick woman! I put her mental disabilities right up there with Michael Bloombergs. Her mental disorder/fetish revolves around denying people their constitutional rights, very much like bloomberg. I think she should be mentally evaluated to see if she is fit to represent as a senator, because with all do respect I think she is getting senile.

  54. I recall Feinstein’s damming indictment of AR15’s having “capability to have rocket launchers attached”. I’ve never seen one of those—sure would like to have one as a collector’s item. She must have seen one on the “Rambo” Hollywood set or it was just another one of her hysterical hallucinations.

    1. That or the single shot, 40 mm, M203 Grenade Launcher the Marines and Army types sometime use under their M-16s. Not something you can readily buy at your local gun shop since its a NFA item.

  55. I personally don’t want anything to do with DIE-anne’s backdoor.

    …but seriously, she is sick and needs help, of the padded-room/obolacare variety.

    1. netanyahu spoke to congress, to stop iran nuclear program or he will stop it isreal is very good at what they can do with a flash drive ,but they are surrounded by idiots

  56. Someone please tell me how a bill like this can be written or how guns can be banned in a city without the author being sued for violating the 2nd Amendment. How can she not be sued for violating our civil rights.

    1. @McRuger,

      The only real answer is that the people in San Francisco lacked the courage and integrity to bring suit against her under 42 USC 1983. The law certainly creates a remedy when politicians deprive citizens of federal rights when acting “under color of state law.”

    2. Isn’t this this where NRA should step in and sue on behalf of the citizens of the city? Maybe I’m way off base.

    3. @McRuger,

      Not really.

      If a citizen impacted by the law sues, then the NRA could and should support that citizen. But the NRA can’t go into court and assert rights on behalf of someone else.

  57. It is already illegal for a terrorist to have a firearm in the US, under 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1).

    Gee, how do I know that? ATF Form 4473 lists all the factors that prohibit certain types of people form buying or owning firearms. Being a felon or fugitive from justice (which necessarily includes all terrorists) is the top of the list.

  58. There should be no confusion as to who are “potential terrorists”—according to these idiots— they are all ex service people, NRA members, bible reading Christians, TEA Party members, and all conservative American citizens.

    1. That’s a fact Jim so I am assuming we are automatically on the list for gun confiscation under this bill.

    2. My not entirely tongue-in-cheek input is that they specifically intend us to become worried about this confiscation effort so they can call us “paranoid” and use that “diagnosis” of “mental illness” to justify taking our guns.

      They actually have been taking away peoples guns in California for much less “evidence” of mental illness, including simply having medical-insurance claims submitted for spending time at a medical facility.

      So, be careful not to say anything “paranoid” around these people.

    3. Oh, good, I’m safe from being tagged as a terrorist, because despite having a concealed carry permit (thanks, Idaho !) and regularly practicing with my XMD and my S&W Shield, I have never been in the military, do not hold to any religious faith (except for a love of chili peppers), and I routinely vote Democrat.

      Be careful with labeling people, because some of us 2nd amendment supporters don’t look like who you described.

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