Diamondback Introduces the DB15 Rifle Series

Diamondback DB-15 rifle

Diamondback burst on the scene and upturned the applecart by producing pistol with all of the functionality and none of the frills. The DB380 and DB reset the bar for micro pistols. With the introduction of the DB15, Diamondback proved there is one rifle that will fill all your needs—at a very affordable price. Hunting, tactical applications, recreational shooting, and competition—Diamondback DB15 Rifle Series.

Diamondback DB-15 rifle
Diamondback Firearms new DB15 rifles are made entirely in the USA.

Here is the full story straight from Diamondback: Diamondback Firearms new DB15 rifles are made entirely in the USA. The 5.56mm/223 Rem DB15’s are built around the extremely reliable gas-impingement system used by our own U.S. Military for decades. Diamondback uses only the highest quality components, machined right in Diamondback’s own CNC facility. From the modified Diamondback aluminum four-rail handguard, to a variety of color, sight, and stock options, the Diamondback DB15 combines value and versatility.

Start with the DB15USB, the basic DB15 model. It features an ATI Strikeforce Stock, an A3 flattop forged 7075 T6 Aluminum upper receiver mated with a forged lower receiver. The DB15USB has a 16-inch, 4140 chome-moly barrel, a standard two-piece handguard and an A2-style pistol grip. The DB15USB has a black anodized hardcoat, but other model provide different color and hardware options; there’s even a California compliant variation.

Maybe you like the Diamondback platform, but want a rifle with some .30 caliber punch? Check out the new DB15B300 rifles, chambered in the very popular 300 Blackout. Like their 5.56 cousins, the DB15300s employ a gas-impingement system, and are made entirely in the USA. The five models of the Db15300 provide a wealth of color and finish possibilities, as well as sights and other hardware. There’s also a California Compliant model, the DB15300S-CA.

Reliability. Versatility. Affordability. You get all three with every model in the DB15 series of rifles.

Diamondback Firearms LLC is an American made firearms manufacturer based in Cocoa, Florida employing American Craftsmen to engineer and produce the highest quality firearms for responsible gun owners.

Are you a Diamondback fan? What’s your favorite AR? Share it in the comment section.

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  1. I was close to buying the Diamondback db15ccmlb due to the price and the comments on quality from so many on this entry level AR. After reading all the negative comments on other products from this company I am hesitating on the purchase. None of the Rugers or S&Ws or most others are out of stock on their Are. I know that says something about the demand but this one is available to order. Any others out there who think this db15 is worth $600?

  2. I purchased a DB15CCB this January and have been really pleased with it so far. For the price, I think it’s a great entry-level AR, and the first AR for my safe. I’m fine-tuning with ammunition now, but hitting pretty good groups out to 300 yards so far. The trigger needs some work, although not bad for a factory job. Diamondback has a nice forum for DB owners. If you’re interested in researching or already have one, it’s probably worth a look!

  3. So does any one actually have any legit feedback on the rifle model discussed in the article? I have recently purchased one and will give you my initial impressions and some follow up after range time. First of all, the fit and finish/functionality of the rifle compared to Andersons, DPMS, and a few other entry level brands was actually better. The model I purchased was the DB15CCB. Upper and Lower receivers mate very well. Barrel looks very heavy with 1:9 twist. Low profile carbine length gas system. Charging handle is junk, but will do for now. true M16 bolt carrier, looks to be very solid. Gas key is solidly bolted to the carrier and pinned. Pinning could be better (i will fix myself). Bolt is good quality with MP (Magnetic Particle Inspected) stamped which means better QC from Diamondback. Absolutely no filings or tooling marks to be found. Came with nice ATI 6 pos. stock. Decently solid. All lower receiver parts are crisp with clear safety selection, bolt release and mag release. Trigger is very crisp, probably 5-6 lbs (have not measured yet) very little to any take up and the trigger. I am impressed. Lower receiver is forged so you can update the trigger guard if you like. Quad rail is a little bulky, but very functional. Pistol Grip is standard A2 i believe which will be replaced for sure, hate these grips. Well see when the rubber meets the road next time I go to the range. If it performs well I will be purchasing a second for the price point I can get them locally.

  4. re; my favorite AR. I’m not really much of an AR fanboy. My favorites rifles would have to be pistol caliber carbines. I have a Hi-point 995 and a Keltec sub 2k that I shoot the most and just really like them. I bought a 2nd sub2k about a month ago but havn’t shot it yet.

    I do have an Adams Arms AR15 that I’ve have a little over a year now, and havn’t really shot it much. It’s ok, I can’t really complain about it. It shoots nice and I’ve had no problems with it. I just bought a Bushmaster AR this Saturday, only because it was a deal I couldn’t pass up. At least I think/hope it was a deal. $500 brand new. I’m sure it was the base model, doesn’t have rails or even a set of sites. I havn’t shot that one yet either. I bought a Kahr 45ct Saturday that I havn’t shot yet either. Man I really have to get to the range.

  5. From personal experience I question this companies’ ability to make any reliable weapons.

    The absolute worst gun I have ever purchased was from Diamonback. Matter-of-fact, it is the ONLY problem gun I have ever purchased in my lifetime – and I own many. I bought their DB380 back in 2009 and to date it sits as a paperweight because reselling its problems to someone else is not an honorable thing to do.

    From day one this gun has NEVER emptied a magazine without a failure to feed. It consistently fails regardless of the ammo I try (6 different brands so far). I had purchased this gun shortly after release so at the time the Internet had not yet been proliferated as it is today with all the poor reviews and problems others have also experience with this gun.

    I have tried all of their online remedies: polish the feed ramp, extra lube, less lube, reassemble the magazine, and even to dry-cycling the weapon hundreds of times to break it in, all to no avail.

    In addition to the feed issues, I was also extremely disappointed with its 100-pound trigger pull that also requires almost an inch of travel ending in you having to bury the trigger squeeze deep into the pistol grip before it thinks about firing. By the time you actually do get a round off, your muscle control has become so shaky that anything resembling a decent sight-picture is completely blown.

    Add to this – the white paint to the front sight rubbed off within the first hour of ownership. At least the dealer was kind enough to have his gunsmith paint that back on for me.

    While it is still unknown whether folks will have a better experience with their DB15s, my experience with Diamondback was such a disappointment that I’ll never risk my hard earned dollars on any of their other products. The only hope I have of ever recovering my losses is a Hillary mandated government buyback program.

    1. I bought a db9 in January, 2015. It was terrible. Just like your 380, I couldn’t get it to feed a full mag of any kind of ammo. It also had a problem with the trigger reset. Finally, after about 750 rounds the gun had what I would call a catastrophic failure. The rear slide rail broke. The gun kept shooting though. I didn’t realize it broke until I took it apart to clean it. I did recall being hit in the face with what I now figure was little pieces of plastic and metal.

      Anyway, the reason for my post. Diamondback does have a Lifetime warranty. I called them, they emailed me a shipping label, and I sent the gun back to them with a detailed accounting of all of the guns problems. (I always keep a detailed range report on all of my new guns until I feel that I can trust them. or if I start having problems with a gun.) It took them 12 weeks to the day to get my gun back to me, but now it shoots quite dependably. I have about 250 rounds of all kinds of ammo through it with the only problems being a couple of light strikes. Both being with Winchester White Box ammo. I’m still a bit leary of the gun, but I do like the way it shoots. Maybe you should contact them and send it back. It probably won’t fix the long hard trigger, but they do have aftermarket triggers for them.

    2. @ indianasteve,

      Thank you for taking the time with in-depth feedback. It really helps me, as well as others, in making better purchasing decisions when we can see trends emerge regarding a particular gun manufacturer.

      I was aware of their warranty, but chose to not take advantage of it given I will probably never again use this gun anyway – due to the awful trigger pull. I am incredibly stubborn about dumping more money into a product due to its inherent shortcomings. I am referring to annoying things like return shipping cost or new triggers.

      I don’t mind if It’s for fun like upgrading a project gun (like a mosin-nagant sporter conversion), but otherwise it just feels like the ultimate insult when it is more money spent due to defects caused by poor design.

      This may sound crazy, but I get more therapeutic satisfaction from propping a gun like this up on the range and blowing it to pieces using a more worthy competitor; and then placing the remains on display in a cabinet for friends and posting pics on the Internet. Such wonderful conversation pieces provide much longer lasting enjoyment than the gun itself. As I write this, I’m kind of interested in seeing how this gun would hold up to Tannerite.

      Then again, now that you’ve reminded me of the warranty and said they provide a FREE shipping label – maybe I will give them a chance. But if they fail me, it’s off to the range for a date with some Tannerite.

      Again thanks for the feedback.

    3. I have to warn you. They didn’t want to pay for the shipping, back to them anyway. I politely went off on them and told them maybe I’ll just post a video on youtube regarding the gun problems and the breakage. They caved and sent me a label. Even if you had to pay $10 or so, if they would fix it, maybe then you could sell it with a good concsience. I know what you mean though about not selling your problems to someone else. I commend you. I’m the same way. Some people are not. If you still want to say screw it, then blast away and have fun. just, as always, be safe.

    4. @ indianasteve,

      Success! I scored a free return shipping label from Diamondback. So thanks. Your last post helped me realize exactly how to word my email and it worked the first time. Here’s what I did…

      Without revealing any names or this website, my email stated that I was actively engaged in a forum discussion about all the problems with their line of pistols. I explained my specific issue and then wrote that of all the negativity expressed in the posts, that one gentleman posted how good your repair service is and that he got a free return shipping label. I further explained how that rejuvenated my faith in their company and inspired me to attempt sending my gun in for repair. But then I wrote how quickly disappointed I became to discover after a visit to their site not to find a free shipping option after all. I concluded by writing that just adds insult to injury and becomes an ethics issue that I should have to pay one more cent towards a defective weapon produced by their company.

      I received an immediate response, with a profuse apology, and then a request for further information so they could send me a free shipping label.

      I know a shipping label seems a small thing to some, but it is a stubborn principled standard by which I choose to draw my line in the sand. Now we wait and see how the repair goes.

      Again, thanks for your help.

    5. Glad it worked out for you. You know, early models of the 380 and 9 mm both were notorious for not feeding, and for trigger problems. I think they got that all straight now. When I got mine back, it had a new barrel, and all new trigger assembly. It really does shoot good now. I hope yours comes back working as good as mine.

    6. @ indianasteve,

      DB-380 Repair Update: I just received a call from Diamondback asking that I provide her my FFL’s contact information. I stated I shouldn’t need an FFL to get my gun back; to which she replied I was getting a new gun and thus the reason for needing to contact my FFL.

      I have to admit I am somewhat excited at the prospect of an entirely new gun at no cost. Hopefully it will be the Gen-2 version of this model. Maybe they will even cover my $25 FFL transfer fee for me. Either way, my satisfaction meter has left the red and beginning to peg the green “GOOD” range. Again, thanks for convincing me to send it in.

    7. @ G-Man,

      I was wondering if you got your gun back from Diamondback. I thought since they were sending you a new one instead of fixing yours it might be a little faster turnaround. Mine took 12 weeks. You must be at 10 weeks or so now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that it works good for you when you do get it.

      On another subject. if you don’t mind, I have a question regarding managing the comments on this forum. This is really for anyone that might give me some info. In the past whenever I checked the boxes at the end of a post to be notified of follow-ups, and for new posts, I would get and email with that follow-up. Then all of a sudden they stopped. I tried unsubscribing and re-subscribing, but it didn’t work. Can anyone tell me me what happened, or better yet, what I can do to make these notifications work again ?

    8. Dave,

      Thanks I appreciate it. I have to admit, lately I havn’t been checking the boxes everytime. They weren’t working and I just quit. I’ll make sure I check both boxes from now on, starting with this one. I’ll also let you know if I start getting the notices.

    9. @ indianasteve,

      I did receive a replacement, but it was not even close to new. If you recall I sent them an unused gun because it wouldn’t fire, so it was virtually new looking in its clean hard case without a scratch along with a rather nice trigger guard and lock, a crisp user’s manual in pristine condition – all of which came stock from my original purchase.

      In return they sent me a severely beat up gun in a mismatched case that was scuffed and worn to hell and no manual or lock. Funny thing is, their instructions stated if I didn’t send mine in with a lock, they would charge me for a lock before shipping it back. So I did exactly as I was told and they didn’t even send my another lock back.

      Then they sent the used gun via my FFL which cost me fees and then never reimbursed me for it. To make matters worse, they didn’t even need to use an FFL after all. I’m in law enforcement and my FFL and I both forgot until it was too late that no FFL is required by law as long as the gun is being returned after a repair or as a replacement gun. So I have no idea why they insisted on using my FFL which cost me.

      As for the gun itself, even my FFL cringed when he looked it over. I was so disappointed at the whole ordeal that I haven’t wasted the ammo to go test fire it. I tossed the beat up thing in my vault where it will sit for another 7 years probably.

      Again, I do appreciate your encouragement and I’m glad things worked out for you, but I still will never recommend Diamondback Firearms to anyone.

    10. That’s Hilarious, I’ve got something to share about a very similar issue but not from the same gun manufacturer,to answer the first question, I have a few different ones, and an Armalite AR10 .308, and an AR Pistol I’m not too sure I even like that I recently built, but of everything I think my Smith & Wesson M&P Magpul° Edition with the forged Magpul Reciever plus every other Magpul Accesory known to man including the B.A.D. Lever(it came with everything from the factory except the B.A.D. Leverand, after sighting in the BUIS I added a Sure Fire Tactical Light and a Primary Arms Red Dot Scope that’s an exact clone of an Aimpoint Comp M2 Model and is one if the best scopes I’ve ever used but $149 instead of $500 for an Aimpoint Brand that’s no better in any way and the only difference is that one has an Aimpoint Logo, I’m not a spokesperson or anything but I advise anyone to check them out for high quality scopes of all kinds, mounts, & More at great prices do you’ll have more money to shoot.
      Now the good part, I have had the same issue with at least 4 Taurus Handguns I’ve of ordered I’ve owned in the past few years including a PT-380 that’s nearly the same size and caliber as the Diamondback .380 you mention, and the PT-22 .22LR Semi-Auto Pocket Pistol, a PT 111 Slim 9mm Semi-Compact, and a SS 6″ .357 Revolver, I have had good luck with the PT-1911 .45 but still don’t fully trust it because the others are such poorly manufactured junk. I didn’t realize they had such great customer service until after I’d sold 2 & already lost $$$ by selling them cheap & fully disclosing the issue with the buyer, I too couldn’t morally sell junk to anyone without telling them about it because I wouldn’t want anyone to sell me junk, I don’t think it’s wrong if they know and they certainly must have thought they could fix them or they most likely knew about the lifetime warranty they greatly let anyone that owns the gun use the warranty, even if it’s had 10 previous owners, they told me their insure their guns forever and the warranty always applys and the customer service department sent me a prepaid label for FedEx Air Shipping and upon the return of the 2 I sent I received each gun back in a new factory Taurus Box/Case + a report about how they fixed it and that their were both tested and # of rounds + ammo brand, after that they worked great with no more issues.BUT, I still didn’t feel right from the past issues, I have trust issues with guns, if they start acting a any way other than 100% Functional I just can’t ever fully trust them again, some can be redeemed but not many but that’s just my opinion. Here’s the best part, I had to reload the page to comment and seen the recommended articles, one said, “Taurus Acquires Diamondback Firearms”. I thought this was a great looking Rifle and we’ll written article, BUT I think I’ll pass for now because of Taurus Induced PTSD.
      Regarding the Pistols, the last 2 were free, I got lucky and these disgruntled owners gladly gave them to me, oops I paid a friend $25 for the .380, but I tried the normal stuff like polishing the ramp, and after that didn’t work I polished all metal @ mating surfaces, then gave up after finding out about the warranty I sent them both back and they were fixed perfectly, after I was convinced they were reliable I traded each one and came out great in the end but I just couldn’t trust anything anything from Taurus.
      I laughed out loud after reading about your therapeutic benefits of destroying it but if you send it back and let them fix it, post it on Armslist and advertise it with “Make Cash/Trade Offer”.you’ll be shocked at some of the stuff people will trade for a gun(especially a compact pistol), all legal of course with proper if and non-felon stuff, you may get a nice Laptop, Flat Screen TV, 12 Gauge Pump, Bulk Ammo, or even better!
      I wonder if this is the same Diamondback that makes the premium quality & Premium Priced Diamond Shaped Sights most commonly found on AR’s?
      Sorry so long but I had to get that out, for the record I still trust the Revolvers from Taurus, but won’t get another one unless it’s an awesome deal.

    11. @ Daniel Roanoke,VA,

      I’ve digested everything you wrote and have a few comments and questions if you don’t mind… Is it just me or does everyone seem to gravitate towards investing more accessories into their M&P over other ARs they own?

      For example, I had already owned several AR platforms (Sig Saur, Bushmaster and Colt) with various accessories. But then I bought my first Colt LE6920 which included all Magpul furniture in field dark earth; and then on the same day an M&P 15OR caught my eye and so I bought that as a backup. Initially I had every intention of making my new Colt LE6920 be my pride and joy and invest in more bells and whistles for it than any of my other ARs.

      But in the end the M&P, which I never planned on buying, wound up with all the goodies instead. This included: B.A.D. Lever, quad picatinny rail system to mount the foregrip, front and rear folding back-up sights, a mounted laser pointer, a Viking Tactics flashlight mount w/ custom-built flashlight, and then to top it all off I bought the very expensive EOTech EXPS3-0 holographic sight and the separate flip-to-side magnifier. I even paid more to get the upgraded EOTech that has a setting to make the hologram visible when viewed through a night vision device.

      So what is it about the M&P, because it seems you went a similar route?

      I bought my M&P 15OR about the same time your M&P-Magpul edition was released. Had I known about its release back then I probably would have bought yours instead. The only deal breaker might have been mine has a chrome lined barrel and I’m not sure what yours is. Either way, you got a great rifle there.

      So my next question is where did you get the Primary Arms clone of the Aimpoint Comp M2? I’ve been searching for it ever since you brought it up. There are lots of red dots on the PA site, but nothing matching the Comp M2 style. I have found Comp M2 knock-offs for $25 on eBay, but I doubt they are the quality of yours. Any guidance would be appreciated.

      Also, I agree with you that as long as you inform a buyer of the issues with a gun and they still agree to buy it – that is ethical. However, I never really thought about doing trades as my career doesn’t leave me much time to haggle. However I have considered finalizing my retiring over the next year, so I may have more time to play with that.

      I actually missed the CTD article that Taurus sales paired with Diamondback, so that was some good info.

      Your “Taurus Induced PTSD” totally cracked me up.

      You wrote, “I wonder if this is the same Diamondback that makes the premium quality & Premium Priced Diamond Shaped Sights”. The answer is NO. I believe that company is named “DiamondHead”.

      FYI: indianasteve’s post convinced me to send my DB380 in under the lifetime free repair. However, if it is still crap after it comes back, rather than shooting/blowing it up, I will try your advice to trade it out first. But if nothing but toaster ovens get offered in the trade, then the gun is doomed and will be abused to my heart’s content with extreme prejudice.

    12. I really feel bad that I got hopes up and wasted your time and money. You know, after this whole ordeal with my gun being fixed, and you getting what I thought was going to be quality customer service from them also, I was even thinking about trying one of their full size pistols, and may be one of their AR-15’s. Now that’s not going to happen. I wish I could blow up your gun.

    13. @ indianasteve,

      Your last line was hilarious and made this entire ordeal so worthwhile. I am still laughing – so thanks. Most important is that you understand there is absolutely no need to feel bad in any way, as this was a journey we took together and we both learned more from it. If our posts spares even one other reader from the same experience, that will have made this more valuable than the gun itself. So again, thanks.

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