DHS Puts ICE Employee on Paid Leave; He Advocates Race War

The Department of Homeland Security said Friday that one of its employees — who reportedly has responsibility for buying weapons and ammunition for the government — also runs a racist website predicting and advocating a race war. Since the initial news stories last week, DHS has put the employee on paid administrative leave. Fox News reported last week that Ayo Kimathi, an acquisitions officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement operates the website named “War on the Horizon” ( It includes descriptions of an “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.” Kimathi is black.

Kimathi reportedly got the go-ahead from the government to create and maintain his website. As a law-enforcement-agency employee, he is required to get permission in writing if he engages in outside activities, which includes everything from working a second job to volunteering.

Apparently, Kimathi obtained official permission to run the website, but did it by misrepresenting the true nature of his site. He told DHS management that it was an entertainment website selling videos of concerts and lectures.

ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said in a written statement that the agency “does not condone any type of hateful rhetoric or advocacy of violence of any kind against anyone.” Christensen denied that Kimathi had responsibility for buying ammunition.

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  1. Careful, JDubya;

    BHO might just send the IRS to audit you. Or, if you are lucky, he’ll send a local ni-, er, um, “African-American” gang to your house, in which case I’m sure you’ll be happy to greet them at the door with your 12-gauge pump. In which case, fire a shot for me, too!

  2. How about the two white folks in Knoxville, TN who both were beaten, Raped, tortured, and right before being kill the man had his he titans cut off in front of the girl all by four ni, er, black males. Sorry but in this case they are a bunch of N words. It seems like blacks are now raping white men too during their crimes. What’s next, they gonna start acts of cannibalism?

  3. I agree with William, but there is nobody in that organization that will do it.
    G-man may have it right if you look at this administration. I just can’t believe
    there is any trust out here amoung we the people. The welfare folks just can’t see
    that the gravy train will run out of money at some point. Of course, this will mean
    we have no country left. God will be needed to help us correct this.

  4. Paid leave, it should have been, take away all cleaances, keys, and escorted out the door and banned from any job paid with any kind of tax money or any government monies

  5. Nobody should be surprised about this. There is a war coming. Obummer will make sure of that. I just hope he overestimates how many military, police, and federal cops will follow his BS orders. I will stand by my oath to defend the Consitution. Will you?

  6. Really? Do you think the Media can find a big rug to sweep this guy and his racial views under? If he proposes a racial war with white Americans, good luck with that one! Don’t they give IQ tests to work for the Government? They should.

  7. To Lee, comment number six:

    I must presume that you are replying to my comment, the first one posted. My post was dripping with sarcasm, sorry you didn’t get that.

  8. Wow, seriously. Some people think that all white Christians are racists. I have not once, not ever replied to any comment or blog I have ever seen until now. You’re seriously mistaken. So the media says a “black” man has committed a racists act and the media must have got it wrong. I can tell you I live in the Deep South and have all my life. Reverse racialism is worse now than I have ever seen it in my life. Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen my share of racialism against the African American community but it goes both ways. Some one has to be very narrow minded to believe that it doesn’t. I go to my church every Sunday, I believe in God and the constitution his country was founded on. I am former law enforcement officer therefore I have several guns and believe in protecting my family. Also for that matter anyone I would see in trouble that truly needed my assistance, regardless of race. I have dedicated my entire career to public service and even though I am not a law enforcement officer full time, I am a paramedic. I have served the public and helped my community tirelessly, sometimes with little to no regard for my own safety. So people get your facts right before you decide to post a comment about something you know little to nothing about. God Bless America.

  9. Where is the mainstream media coverage? Could this guy be ‘Obama’ before he was President of The United States too… just like Trayvon Martin could have been? What about the Christian-Newsome murders? What about the young White college boy who was gunned down last week by 2 black boys ‘who were bored’? What about the White baby and his Mother who were shot…the baby in the face… point blank… by 2 black guys?! What about the White high-school boy who was savagely beaten on his bus ride home by 3 black boys, all older than him? THE LIST GOES ON!!! Where is the ‘hate crime’ designation on these racially- derived attacks against Whites? Where is the media? Where are the marches? Where is the government acknowledgement and demand for justice? WHAT IS GOING ON?! White people NEED to wake up, get pissed, stand up and stand for each other. It’s the only way. Being quiet, or worse ignorant, about what is going on MUST STOP!

  10. If anybody was waiting to buy a gun — this is when you need to own a gun. Government sanctioned racism needs to be taken very seriously by everyone — that includes you cops too. Do not just obey orders — question why you are doing it. Always.

  11. So if this goes the way all other scandals as of late, they will keep him on paid leave and wait until this dies down in the media. Thereafter, they will promote him to a much more important position and ultimately Obama will wait until congress is not in session and push him though for a Cabinet level position.

  12. I think there must have been some mistake in the reporting. The article said that “Kimathi is black”. Blacks are not angry racists; we know that only white, Christian conservatives are racists. The Leftist media tells us so every day. Right?????

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