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Will Democrats Sink the Second Amendment or be Scuttled by it?

Democrat Wimp

Often times, when writing about gun rights, I have stated that it is not a Democrat or Republican issue. And while that may be true when speaking about the voting populace, the everyday Joe, it does not seem to be the case in government. For weeks now, all I have seen are headlines of gun control legislation passing this committee or that, a state legislature here or there and always down party lines. While there are exceptions, the voting record makes it clear. The Democratic Party is no friend of the Second Amendment. The most recent example of this phenomena happened on Thursday with the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote to reinstate the assault weapons ban. The vote marked the first significant challenge to expiration of the ban since it reached sunset in 2004 and expired.

Senate Judiciary Committee
The photo shows a Republican on the left and Democrats in the center and right, but that depiction could not be further from the truth.

The ban still faces an unlikely uphill challenge to pass the full Senate and has even less chance in the House—today. Make no mistake; there is an agenda here. This action is an attempt to get the issue front and center and being voted down will not end it. This is a long fight and we should all be thankful it is happening now.

It is important to point out that given the Democratic-led, party-line stance playing out against the Second Amendment across the country, we would have already lost our gun rights had the entire timeline been moved back a few years to when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. Had this legislation been introduced a few years ago when the health care debate was going on we would have all been disarmed or turned into criminals by the Democrats.

That is not to say we are out of the woods until the next round of national elections. The Judiciary Committee’s votes, coupled with the actions of democratic lawmakers in New York, Colorado and California—just to name a few, have given us a peek into the Democrat’s agenda. A few years ago, I would not have thought they would have dared bring these bills up with any seriousness. However, we don’t need to look any further than one of Obama’s most trusted advisors—Rahm Emanuel—from his first administration to understand the Democratic agenda.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

And given the tragedy in Connecticut, it is evident that the Democrats have been lurking in the shadows for the opportunity to capitalize on just such a heinous act, which was already illegal. The fact that the new proposed laws would have done nothing to prevent such an act is of little importance to lawmakers.

Democrat Wimp
Democrats started small by misleading the public with rhetoric and inflammatory labels such as assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Without such falsehoods their gun control legislation would never have made it this far.

For the Democrats it has never been about the will of the people or common sense, it has been about waiting for the right crisis. Feinstein has been quoted on numerous occasions boasting about the number of years she has worked and waited for the right political climate to reintroduce her gun control legislation.

Soon the Democrats will have to open their hand once again and show their cards when this legislation goes to the full floor for debate and a vote. However, they will not show all of their cards. I watched the Health Care vote live on TV. I watched the cowardly politicians hang back and wait until the vote had already been decided before going forward and voting against it. This was not done out of a belief of right or wrong, but shrewd and calculated attempts to mislead voters as to the true color of their allegiance. Political careers first and the people be damned. I see no reason to believe that these same politicians would not use the same tactics this time around.

They started small by misleading the public with rhetoric and inflammatory labels such as assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. It has been pointed out that the weapons in question do not come close to meeting the definition of an assault weapon. The magazines are standard issue and capacity for every law enforcement agency across the country, but somehow outrageously dangerous in your hands or mine.

Gabrielle Giffords with Ar-15 in hand
Here is just another example of the hypocrisy of the left. First, Gifford’s husband is caught buying an AR-15 then photos surface of Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords holding an AR-15 for a campaign photo.

The Democrats fight may be an uphill battle, however we need to take action now and show them just how steep that hill really is, and how treacherous the climb can be. We need to expose the hypocrisy of Mark Kelly testifying before Congress one week and being caught buying a Modern Sporting Rifle (AR-15) the next. We need to speak loud and clear through e-mail campaigns, phone calls and with our support of pro gun groups such as the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, National Association for Gun Rights and others.

Most of all we need to remember the old political saying, “All politics are local.” While it is the national legislators getting most of the press, we need to focus on the grass-roots effort. We need to show our support for the efforts happening in our local communities and states. The national organizations are doing a great job managing the big picture and our support is critical to that effort, but it is every bit as important to support the organizations fighting for your Second Amendment rights on a local level.

Please tell us your experiences or ideas to support the Second Amendment in your state or community and ideas how others can do the same.

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  1. we have 2 ways to defend the 2nd admendment
    1. you and everyone you know need to get out and vote to remove the liberal/ socialism/ Agenda driven politicians out of Office now!

    2. I hope it never comes to our second option, I have had Family fighting for liberty and freedom since april 1775 and we are still willing to defend our constitution in 2016

  2. About two weeks before she was first elected to Congress, Ms Giffords took part in the annual Helldorado Parade, Tombstone AZ. Two ardent democrats asked her how she felt about personal firearms. Her answer, “I always carry mine” – and produced what the gentleman perceived to be a 9mm semi-automatic. They voted for her.

    Can a person change his or her mind? Does being a victim make a difference? I can go along with those, but trotting out all the same old tired arguments to ‘control guns’ instead of proposing to ‘control criminals’ is beyond the pale.

    1. Liberals lie. They can’t stand up for personal values because they have none, so when you hear them beating their collective chests and claiming they’ll “work hard to protect” your right’s as citizens, don’t believe them! DON’T EVER BELIEVE THEM. THEY’RE LIARS!

  3. In WA State we are currently being screwed by the Bloomberg groups who include Giffords. She came here and supported the anti-gun campaign when in fact the man who shot her had a mental illness and had acquired a firearm at a time prior to his illness. (so I understand). The laws here she supported is anti-gun not control as it addresses only law-abiding citizens.

    Giffords is literally shooting herself in the foot. Her attacker was paranoid and the fear of guns spread by Giffords exacerbates this paranoia. Persons with illness of his diagnosis often can respond to fear and latch on to people which may represent persecution to them. In this case a gov’t person, Giffords.

    It is irresponsible beyond words these groups are frightening our society with regards to firearms. Bloomberg, the guy who tried to control soda pop size. These people are the danger, not the firearms.

  4. What has long floored me about the Giffords woman and her and her husband’s ( Mark Kelly) professed concern for the children ruthlessly gunned down is her PERFECT PRO CHOICE (aka – abortion) voting record while in Congress. I wager she is responsible for more child deaths BY FAR than that miscreant on December 14 in the school shooting.

  5. They want to disarm us because that is the only way they can take control of this country and the people……They have an agenda and that is the NWO… One government for all…… Not a chance and as long as we have a means to put down tyrany it will never happen….

  6. “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become corrupt as in Europe. “
    This quote was from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison on December 20, 1787. Here we see him expressing antipathy toward large cities. Was his fear warranted? Many cities in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries were dominated by corrupt political machines. Today we see that rural and suburban areas tend to vote more conservative, whereas cities, where individuals blend into the collective, have become bastions of liberalism and left-wing politics.
    Can anyone say Chicago, New York or Wash. DC. politicians? These goof-balls want to dictate gun policy for an entire nation because they can not (or will not) control crime in their own blighted urban areas. While America has quietly been arming itself to the teeth for the last 20 years moving gun ownership to an all-time high, violent crime and murder rates have been steadily dropping. Mmmm… Maybe gun ownership is not the problem!
    Oops! I forgot to mention violent crime is dropping everywhere except in metropolitan areas over 250,000 population. Not my stats, not the Brady Bunch or the NRA’s stats……………..those are from our own FBI files. The politicians are ignoring the real numbers and attempting to play on our emotions. We do have a problem with violent crime in our inner cities, including gun homicides, 75% of which is related to gang violence.
    James Wright was a noted criminologist in the 70’s who had to deliver the bad news to the Carter administration when he wrote there was no evidence gun control produced any positive results. To clarify his position he added to his report, “After research disclosed that mosquitos were the vector for transmission of yellow fever, the disease was not controlled by sending men in white coats to the swamps to remove the mouth parts from all the insects they could find. The only sensible, efficient way to stop the biting was to attack the environment where the mosquitos bred. Guns are the mouth parts of the violence epidemic. The contemporary urban environment breeds violence no less than swamps breed mosquitos. Attempting to control the problem of violence by trying to disarm the perpetrators is as hopeless as trying to contain yellow fever through mandible control.”
    The current media blitz against guns is extremely callous about the real problems in our inner cities. Improving the poverty level, creating jobs, improving the educational system, enforcing current laws and prosecuting the bad guys in their own back yard will help the situation. Disarming law abiding citizens in rural America will not. Do not be confused. The Bloomberg’s, Feinstein’s and Emanuel’s may talk about “reasonable gun-control measures,” “universal background checks,” and other “male bovine fecal material,” but what they really want is to disarm us………..plain and simple. They will not rest until they have them all.
    Thank God I’m a country boy!

  7. They can make all the laws they want. They will never take away my Right or the tools to defend myself, my family, my friends and my country. It’s that simple. If it comes to revolt then so be it.

    1. Do you really believe that your guns cannot be taken away? In California several new gun laws are going in effect as of 2015. in one just a complaint from ex-spouse or relative can get your firearms taken away. Also the state is restricting incoming new residents with firearms. All firearms must go threw a FFL Dealer and firearms ones not on approved gun list cannot enter the state. If this is not enough, just accidentally placing a magazine with more than 10 rounds makes you a criminal and then all your firearms can be taken away. Rotten sneaky and low down liberal politicians are working harder than ever to take away your guns. Wake up America.

  8. Great article–It’s absolutely essential that we continue to get this message out–dissemination is critical!

    We are at a point now in our Great Nation’s history whereby we will have to fight the fight day-in-day-out (no let-up) if we are to have a chance to ward off the eerily reminiscent “SS” like assault being waged against our Constitutional Rights.

    We have to support the NRA and other Pro-2A Groups, attend rallies and donate both time, energy and funds to fight the Fascists! Look at how this Administration is creating it’s own “SS” with the DHS–They are purchasing literally BILLIONS of rounds of ammo as well as Military Tanks and uniforms. Folks, this is nothing short of obvious and it’s up to us to respond and prevent the implementation of a Police-State.

    It’s not complicate–our Founding Fathers warned us of such eventualities and, thus, crafted the Bill of Rights and The Second Amendment.

  9. Mr. Dolbee,
    You are right. Self defense, and the 2nd Amendment, should not be a left-right, liberal-conservative issue. The right to self defense is an inherent human right, dating back to the dawn of our earliest ancestors. How could anyone oppose self defense? Put that way, most people would agree that self defense is an ancient human right, and can find no reason to oppose it.

    Why, then, are the Democrats opposing self defense?

    The cynical side of me says that the Democrats have a hidden agenda, and want to disarm us before revealing what that agenda is. Hmm. Sounds crazy. But what, then, is their agenda? Most Democrats that I know don’t even think about these issues, but vote Democrat because “I was raised a Democrat,” like it is some kind of religion or something.

    My message to all voters: “If you believe that you have the right to preserve your own life, and the lives of your loved ones, then please do not vote for the gang that wants to deprive you of that right!”

  10. I have been a registered independent for quite some time now. My reason is that I will not allow anyone’s ideology speak for me. While it is true that I have heard little, if anything in recent years, from office holding Democrats that I agree with, it is also true that much of what I hear from the office holding Republicans does not sit well with me either. I describe myself as a constitutionalist. I believe in our inalienable rights. I believe absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I do not, at this time, believe that a new third party will help us achieve what we must. I remember too well what happened when Ross Perot ran, significantly splitting the ticket. Clinton won the election with only 43 percent of the vote. I am encouraged by some of what I hear from the so called “New Guard” republicans such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. IMHO, promoting people such as these into the Republican Party leadership is our only real chance to avoid a gutting of the constitution, and with it the United States, as we have known it. This link
    is to the recent brilliant question posed by Senator Ted Cruz to Dianne Feinstein. I do have friends and relatives that tend to vote Democrat. I have made inroads in influencing their opinions and voting by taking the approach of independent thought and arguments similar to the point Senator Cruz was making. We need to get people at a grass-roots level to understand that the loss of our right to keep and bear arms will usher in the loss of our other rights. If we do not succeed, liberty will be gone along the United States as we all know it.

  11. Liberls/Progressives always screw the pooch. They do it in the long term by choking out the economy and they do it in the short term with enviromental issues and gun control. It’s unlikely a Ban Bill will make it out of the Senate but if it does I think we can be confident the House won’t pass it. On the other hand, we cant trust politicians to make the right decisions without making sure they know the consequences when they make the wrong decision.
    There need to be consequences. No Free Pass.

  12. Amen to that, I am afraid by what is going on, it seems you can NOT trust any politician, and you are correct, career first with them. People we need to wake up,
    our rights are being lost!

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