Democrat Claims Paris Terrorists may Have got AKs from U.S.

Just when you thought the politicians rhetoric could not get any more absurd, Representative Jan Schakowsky (spoiler alert: she is a Democrat from Chicago) suggests U.S. gun laws are in some way responsible for the Paris attacks! Do these people have no shame? In an interview about the recent Paris terror attacks, Rep. Schakowsky took the opportunity to capitalize on the tragedy and suffering of others to push a leftwing political agenda against the Second Amendment.

Rep. Schakowsky cites terrorist speeches as evidence of the need for gun control and then goes on to suggest the firearms used in the Paris shooting may have been bought in the U.S. A word of warning: this could be one minute and 30 seconds of the dumbest political speeches you hear today.

Beyond the ludicrous belief that gun laws in the United States have anything to do with terror attacks in Paris France, the Illinois democrat completely dismisses the fact that the terrorists were able to get high explosives. I mean, really? They can get high explosives and build suicide vests, but they came to the United States to buy a few AKs?

Sound off in the comment section with your most ludicrous politician’s gun control quote.

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  1. We can sit here and marvel at Rep Schakowsky’s complete and utter malevolence and ignorance. But has anyone actually posted any their dissenting comments on her Facebook page or sent her emails dispelling her delusions?? I think a case like this warrants directly engaging the individual. How many tax dollars does this country waste on quacks like her?!
    Also, a Google search on her name revealed a very telling interview. She flat out stated she wants to ban guns altogether because SHE doesn’t
    like them!! Who elevated her to dictator status? Publis officials are supposed to uphold their oath of office and protect the well-being and interests of their constituents, NOT push their PERSONAL agenda. Governmemt is supposed to be “of the people, for the people and by the people”….at least that’s what it states in the Preamble.

  2. you could buy an AK in Africa for 20 bucks and drive it up to southern Europe, why would you buy one in the USA for hundreds of dollars and then ship it to Europe? pffffttttt. or go get one from the former eastern bloc countries for about 100, and its already in Europe.

    shes so stupid it hurts.

  3. Holy crap on a cracker!
    Once again Michael you seem to be missing the point. You are making tired and ridiculous progressive arguments and also using their tactic of deflecting and changing topics (blame Bush, blame USA gun laws, most NRA members want common sense gun laws…blah, blah, blah) as if you are arguing their point. No one is disputing that those weapons ‘can’ be purchased here. Focus Michael, focus.

    So once again, Schakowsky said they ‘may’ have gotten the weapons from the USA.
    And the world ‘may’ end tomorrow, Elvis ‘may’ be found living in the Bahamas, aliens ‘may’ give us an abundant renewable clean source of energy. The point I made is that they had no reason to waste time or risk exposure by purchasing them here and shipping them there. Too many ways to get caught or foiled. They are available all over the middle east for a lot less money and time. The only reason to buy them here and ship them there would be if they hoped the weapons would be recovered after the attack and be traced back to the USA. A little far fetched.
    But recent history has given us a real life conspiracy to pull inspiration from. Maybe the USA sold ISIS the weapons so they could be traced to a USA gun seller…WOW. (or for you Michael, maybe Bush or Cheny sold them to ISIS)

    So why haven’t they been traced to the USA? That should have taken like a day do get done. Has Schakowsky retracted her accusations? Of course not.

    Schakowsky and the progressives get away with their hate filled fear mongering accusations thanks to our far left pushing press. If you tell a lie enough, people will think it’s true cause they’ve heard it repeatedly. And your comments feed right into all of there hands.

    1. @ Bobm

      Maybe one of the Reason’s they Bought them from the United States, is to prove How Easy It Is To Get Them From US. And to Discredit US Internationally.

  4. Dan,
    As far as making lib-tards see the light: it’s like teaching a pig to sing. It’s WAY too much work and only annoys the pig.

  5. There must be a way to get these clueless liberals to accept the facts..
    They seem to have no interest in common sense, truth, and proven facts and statistics, so I’m not sure they can be reached or brought back to reality. All I can do is make informed votes and continue to write my reps as needed, but that does little to correct the clueless liberal propaganda machine.. Any suggestions?

  6. The Democratic party must have finally checked out from the reality of living in this world, altogether. “Extremists’ Shopping Network” has no outlets or suppliers in the US. Rep. Schakowsky, along with the rest of the “Obamites” have perfected the art of wagging the dog and it is TRULY unfortunate for all Americans who have any intelligence left, to see this kind of manipulation, distortion and utter corruption of our fundamental values from a set of people (politicians) who assert they uphold a higher standard. Clearly integrity and serving the citizens of this nation is not among those standards – Rep Schakowsky’s nonesense serving a prime example of someone who has attained a position of public trust and authority…..and duly abused and corrupted it in an attempt to gain political capital.
    Even more unfortunate is the overwhelming number of ignorant citizens willing to support the gun-control fanatics’ agenda because it’s a ‘hip’ ideal, while more and more innocent, unarmed civilians hide behind “Gun Free Zone” stickers and sing happy songs, believing it will keep them safe from evil.
    Our President, along with his multitude of minions scattered all over the country, will gladly ignore the overwhelming evidence contradicting his utopian delusions of “Gun Free Nation”, in pursuit of his “legacy’! Wait, aren’t public offices intended to uphold the public’s interest and safety? When did Rep. Schakowsky’s, Pres. Obama’s and the rest of this nation’s government establishment decide their personal agendas take priority?
    Chicago has become one of the most dangerous cities to live in since it adopted its Draconian gun control policies. Policies which only abolished law-abiding citizens’ ability to protect themselves, their families and their homes while giving criminals free reign to commit crimes with little or no fear of immediate resistance. Yet still, the left-wing fanatics refuse to acknowledge their failed policies, continue to lie, manipulate and fabricate delusional theories to support their personal political agendas and callously watch the number of victims grow. Now Rep Schakowsky has the idiotic notion that this nation’s gun laws are somehow the weak link in an international terror campaign??!!! She might as well be saying the speed limit in Montana is causing traffic jams in Atlanta.
    Welcome to the age of “Roman Politics”, ladies and gentlemen. Our “elected” lawmakers will shamelessly desecrate and exploit every single incident of human tragedy in an attempt to sell our freedoms to the highest bidder(s), advance their own political agendas and force their dependent-on-the-government policies down our throats.
    This country was built on unity of strength and an intrepid spirit of self-reliance and courage. We are NOT like other countries – like Australia and Great Britain, who immediately experienced spikes in violent crime after banning privately-owned weapons. We must hold our lawmakers accountable for their utterly ridiculous assertions that stripping lawful citizens of their right to arm and protect themselves from violence and oppression will magically create a safe, crime-free nation.
    Considering every major mass shooting since, and including Columbine, occurred in a “Gun-Free Zone”, the time for this country’s politicians to wake up and address the issue of violent criminal activity within the context of CRIME and criminal law, is long overdue! Blaming gun ownership for criminal behavior is tantamount to blaming cars for drunk driving fatalities! Using their logic, implementing strict wheeled vehicle-control and alcohol-control is in order. Perhaps aircraft ownership and use control (given the 9/11 terrorists’ attacks used passenger aircraft as make-shift cruise missiles) is necessary as well?!

    If we as American citizens, don’t come to grips with the true nature of the world we live in and the threats we face, we will simply condone our law-makers’ growing disregard for our well-being and continued sacrificing of countless more innocent victims on their altar of gun control, for the sake of their political agendas, power struggles and the further desecration of our right to LIFE, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    Rep. Schakowsky, and countless others like her, have demonstrated she has a minimal and distorted grasp of realityl As such, she has no business holding a position of power and authority over the public. I believe it’s time for the voting public to start replacing the current menagerie of con-artist politicians across this country with some people who exercise a level of integrity commensurate with their responsibilities (notice I didn’t say “position”) to the office they hold.

    As for me, I am and will remain an armed citizen at all costs. I will protect myself, my family, my home and my fellow citizens, if necessary, from criminals, terrorists or any other form of danger…at all costs and by any and all means necessary. This is what Americans did 3+ generations ago. It’s time we stand together and start doing it again! Remember 99.9999% of firearms owners in this country are staunch law-abiding citizens with no intent of hurting anyone else. The remaining fraction of a percentage are criminals – period. They do not deserve to have the majority of the influence on my right to bear arms.


    1. Schakowsky can announce that her home is gun free. That will forever safeguard her from any gun violence ever. She is also contradicting one of their own beliefs. If Paris is gun free then there should not have been any gun violence there. Also the fact that since Paris is gun free, they just attained the guns elsewhere…but that would not apply to the United States would it????

    2. They probably got them in Belgium…. why buy them in the U.S. and ship them to Belgium? Too many chances of getting caught when Brussels is gun capitol of Europe.
      Do a little thinking or is it just too easy to blame the U.S. for all of the world’s ills?

  7. It’s pretty obvious that not much of anything coming out of Chicago is very intelligent and is basically dysfunctional when it comes to anything where a decision has to be made. And this Schakowsky is about as dumb as a box of rocks, but considering where she comes from might be par for the course. Who knows, under this administration they might have give them some guns. After all this clan has run guns from Mexico to Benghazi. You can’t put anything past a person that thinks Global Warming is more dangerous to America than ISIS! The Dem. are a bunch of sick puppies and this sweet little Jan is one of them!

  8. Obama has been giving terrorist organizations to include Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood billions to wage their war on infidels. The 150 Billion for Iran and lifting of sanctions has accelerated Iran’s Nuclear program by months, if not years with the purchase of state of the art centrifuges. Obama may be found as a chief supplier of the ISIS terrorist organization via his gift of over 2000 armored vehicles, thousands of assault weapons, anti-tank rockets and explosives for IED’s and suicide vests.

    1. @ Gene Poole.

      ISIS/ISIL has been around since at least 2006, Who President in 2006? Obama DIDN’T enter Office until 2009!

    2. @2drink:
      When did ISIS (AKA JV team) grow to power and start taking large amounts of territory, slaughtering thousands in their path? (Hint: it happened AFTER B Hussein Obozo’s premature withdrawal of forces from Iraq)

    3. @ XD MAN

      You a “Grunt”, Trooper, Whatever. Standard tour of enlistment can be as Short a 2 years and as Long as 35 years for the Army, 28 years for the Marine Corps and 34 years for the Navy. At some point THESE “Pawns” are going to want their Lives Back. Are you Going To Deny Them That Right, By Recalling Them Back Into Service ON EVER WHIM THAT COMES ALONG? Since 2000, the USA has been in 8 or 9 Conflicts/Wars, AND where STILL fighting North Korea. Because Technically Were STILL at War this North Korea. NO PEACE TREATY WAS EVER SIGNED!

    1. Obama’s failure to listen to his Generals not inner circle of pro-Muslim advocates has helped ISIS grow into a massive World threat. The millions of tons of weapons, armored vehicles, state of the art communications devices, and other equipment ISIS captured in Iraq and Syria will last decades. They should send him a Thank You card with a list of Christians they have murdered, tortured and beheaded in appreciation of his incompetence.

  9. This lady is s joke, this is bull,show is where they said how easy it is to get weapons here in the usa,is not and even so why is it so easy to hey then out of the us,maybe that’s where three blame lies

  10. In her strange way what she says makes sense–when the whole world is full of incomprehensible evil, and it isn’t politically correct to blame Barack Hussein, or any of the leftist judges, and foolish other leftists, a culprit must be found. And to her, firearms are the embodiment of all evil.

  11. 4 AK style weapons, 2 Norinko, Chinese AK derivative, and 2 Serbian Zastavia M70 their derivative., sold by a German dealer to A French Speaking Arab through a Belgium facilitator.
    No mention if weapons were full autos in at least first few days only by US blowhards.
    US is worlds largedt dealerbin AKvderived small arms asbee buymilitary supplies many nationd from Afghan to originally the Boko Haram and confiscated Libyan arms to IS/ISI/ISIL bthrough Turkey by Hillary designed power politics.
    US ought over 200,000 Polish Ak,s to be used by our trained Iraqi police and military and Poland sold them well used poorly maintained by Polish military and their rejected production runs of piss poor barrels.
    US ended up buying N. KOREAN AND IRANIAN Ak and other Russian style light weaponsto supply Ethiopian Military for help in Somalia etc
    Could US of been original buyer and procurement agents ? Damn right they could and not even blush by the carnage they could cause.
    When thebrule of Empire is thebends justify the means . Anything goes.
    AndvUS hasbimported how many million AK derivatives from our allies in Poland Romania Serbia Albania Czechrepublic Finlands Valmet and Egypts, so yes the lady wasbright both on the terrorulist call to buy AK style weapons in thebUS by its members.

  12. There are/were 6 million AK’s unaccounted for after the Balkan/Yougoslav wars. BUT! They had to come here to get 3 or 5!
    Not real bright.

  13. Even the M-16 was never classified as an assault weapon until Zen Feinstein changed the definition in order to add it and others to the Assault Weapons Ban. In the military it was just the M-16 “RIFLE” according to the manual I was issued with one in Vietnam.

    1. DaveW. Assault weapons are the invention of liberal politicians, the liberal media and gun-grabbers. As was put in an article I read some years ago, the Spencer Rifle used by the U.S. Calvary in the 1800’s would be considered an ‘Assault Weapon’. It loaded more than 10 rounds and could be fired rapidly. Didn’t carry an M-16 over there, my C.O. hated them. During my tour, they were 1st generation and junk. Carried an M-14 instead. From one Viet-vet to another, WELCOME HOME!

  14. Secundious is full of trivia but way short on reasoning and logic.
    He needs to go back to the Huffington Post blog where he belongs

    1. @Secundius:

      I see you found a new friend, Jim S.

      Should we tell him to meet us out in the canyon at Big Sandy 🙂 You know, like down in the canyon, not on top, LOL

    2. @ ss1.

      Hey Sam, I’m an 8,000’er. Above 8,000-feet Elevation, I start Bleeding from Nose and Ear’s. Most, if not ALL Airlines are rated to Cabin Pressure of ~14,000-feet (the maximum altitude at which a Human can breath comfortably, is 14,400-feet).

      On of many Medical Problem’s I acquired while being in the Army. That being said, I’ve never been to Big Sandy, Probably go next Summer in 2016. Vehicle Manufacturer located in Phoenix (?). Too Build an Off-Road Wheelchair Handicapped Pickup/SUV for me. Too see or oversee if Handicap Conversion is Possible. So I have to make arrangements, at least 6-month’s before actual trip. And see what it’s going to cost me. Also have to make Medical Arrangements with Local Pharmacies for Prescription Medication Procurement. SEC…

    3. @Secundius:

      Well maybe you missed my point of how to deal with your new blogging “friend”. I was talking about giving someone directions INTO the gunnery range! Get it?

      Anyways, I’m sorry about your health problems. I live in Phoenix, and the reason I have never been to Big Sandy is that I have no desire to see a bunch of rich boys playing with large Class III stuff that I can’t afford.

    4. Yea…it may be a bunch of rich folks out having a good time, and way too expensive for me as well…BUT… It sure is fun just to watch. The most impressive show I have ever seen was at Camp Guiger, N.C. while I was in ITR in 1970. One full platoon with their M16’s on full auto, with all tracer ammo, interlocking fire…two M60’s…two M2 50’s…two 60 mortars…two 81 mortars, both firing WP…..ALL letting lose just after sunset… That was an “Extraordinary” site to behold.

    5. @Larry:

      You do have a point Larry. It could be very fun to watch if I have time. It would be much more fun to watch (for me) than a baseball, football or basketball game (I’m a UFC fan).

      I’ll have to keep an eye on the event scheduling.

  15. Stupid broad! She wouldn’t know the business end of an AK if it were pointed at her, much less the difference between a semiautomatic rifle and and an assault weapon. Were do people dig up these politicians?

  16. I hate to inform the lady, the weapons were procured in Belgium, a city that is the gun smuggling capitol of Europe. The boundaries between the European countries is a bigger joke that our borders with Canada and Mexico.
    It would behoove the lady to get her facts straight before trying to twist them, that way she won’t appear such the fool.

  17. Wanna see another Democrap humdinger? Go on YouTube and search for “Hank Johnson Guam”. Rep Johnson (D-GA) was questioning a Navy officer about planned expansion of US Military presence in Guam. Rep Johnson was worried that Guam was going to “tip over”. You must watch the video(s). He wasn’t joking as his staff later claimed. He seemed incoherent and confused. The poor Naval officer had to keep a straight face through all of this. YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!
    And, yes, he was subsequently re-elected.

    1. When you finish watching that one watch his video on him talking on “” the helium referendum “” !!! LOL. IM SOOO GLAD I’m not from Atlanta!!! He’s such a classic LIBTARD !!! Enjoy !!!

  18. The Chicago Democrats complain that the gun problem in Chicago is due to people from outlying areas that bring guns into the city. Now…those people are bringing them into Paris.

  19. Europe just recently had almost 1 million refugees land on their shores.
    I’m willing to bet that the AK’s were smuggled into Europe from the Middle East or Africa. It’s not like there is any shortage of AK’s in Africa and the Middle East.
    FWIW….Drugs have been illegal in the USA for almost 100 years. If we had gun control…I’m sure that any smuggler worth his salt could bring in a few AK’s with the heroin and Coke.
    If laws banning items worked…we would not have any drugs in America since heroin and coke have been illegal since the 1930’s

  20. Let’s see, you can buy AK47’s and 74’s in the middle east for under $100 and the sre ful auto. You can buy the same AK here in the states for around $600 and it will be semi auto only. Yeah, sure, terrorists rely on America for semi auto AK’s that cost at least $500 more. But then this logic come from Chicago liberals so why am I surprised?

  21. One can surmise that these assault rifles with full automatic came from a European source. It would be easier to get and ship . Now we need to find that source and block or take it out. That is how I would approach this

  22. I wonder if that loonie Liberal has recently been drug tested? She should join that new group “Dumb Lives Don’t Matter”! Heck! She’s probably the founder…

  23. Stupid, liberal knee jerk commentary from an elected representative of the state with the highest murder rate in this or any other place in the world. But I guess as long as its just black on black killing, it’s OK? After all black lives only matter when a cops involved! When will you wake up to the facts that your anti gun laws have not and will not ever work. As long as you keep electing the classless, stupid, I’ll promise you anything just to get in office, this is what you end up with. I wish the good people of Chicago all the best their going to need it. It’s the next city to go up in smoke, thanks to the likes of this idiot.

  24. I really think we need better affiliation tags for politicians other than “-D” or “-R.” I suggest “-V (vacuous)” instead of “-D.” and maybe “-1/2D” instead of “-R.” If you speak with a head on your shoulders, maybe “-C” for Conservative . . .

    1. @ LLinLa

      You’re being “Gentle” on them! Democrats $$$, Republicans $$$$$!

      “America has the best Politicians Money Can Buy.” by Will Rogers, June 29, 1924.

      “The Democrat and the Republicans are Equally Corrupt where money is concerned, It’s ONLY in the Amount where the Republican Excel”. by Will Rogers, May 29, 1930.

      Will Rogers, Humorist/Actor/Cowboy.

  25. If that is the case why didn’t congress speak up when we were at war with Iraq. While I was on the ground in Iraq I found US made Chevy trucks with guns mounted in the truck beds, which was producded in her neighbor state of Indiana. The plant stickers were on the door jams, showing they were made in the US exported by someone and supplied to Iraq and used against US military. So should we go against the auto world, export companies? I don’t believe the US makes AK’s.

  26. Jan is a typical liberal jack a$$. Like all liberals they have to make up stuff to advance their agenda. Chicago should be so proud to have an idiot like this moron representing them.

  27. I can believe the guns came from the us. Nobama sold them to the terrorists.

    But select fire ak47s aren’t “just so easy I get”.

    1. @ jaminjg.

      Really? You’re just not asking the right questions. Get yourself a NFA Class III, License. “And a Whole New World, Will Open Up To You”. THAT, AND LOT’S, LOT’S OF MONEY. Bill Koch of the Koch Brother’s fame, Collect’s Army Tank’s from Around the World. Just Go To “Big Sandy” at WGS84 Datum ‘GPS’ (DDMMSS Format) 34D 52M 06.0168S, -113D 35M 21.732S. There are a SH|T LOAD of people there with NFA Class III Licenses…

    2. That’s right Secundius, Big Sandy’s been going on for years without an incident. And how many of those full autos have been used in crimes? Do you think ISIS filled out a class iii application, got their license, bought full autos and sent them to Paris. Or maybe they just plunked down some of their oil money and bought then from somebody here who had a class iii license, and then shipped them to Paris through USA and European customs or whatever in between route.
      And BATF either didn’t catch them or let them do it and still hasn’t said a word.
      Oh wait, they got them from that pesky European guy, a Belgian or German I think.
      Well, damn the facts

  28. Have to admit though, it’s a little more intelligent than the politician who thought a large meteorite that passed by earth was caused by global warming.

  29. Proof this stupid women doesn’t know what she is talking about – she did ZERO research before opening her big, fat, lazy mouth!

    “This is particularly pressing because of evidence that the January attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo was carried out with Kalashnikov rifles that had previously been decommissioned for legal sale,” VOA quoted EU officials as saying.


  30. Is she a moron or what? These wackos were using full auto weapons. The obozo clan will seize every operunity to try to disarm American ( law abiding ) citizens so that we’re at the mercy of criminals ( enclosing democrat’s) and terrorist.

  31. She is so stupid for even thinking that! It’s easier to get a fully auto AK47 in Europe than in the US. BUT SHE IS A DEMOCRAT. That says it all. Follow the Socialist Democrat Party line

  32. One look at the initial frame in the video suggests : drunk ? ,drugged ? , or insane ? Any combination is possible ,even probable with the current Democrat party leaders . The last Democrat president I respect is Harry S Truman , each since then has been a lesser man .

  33. “…her parents are brother and sister… you have a source for that”

    I think he may have heard it from (choose one):
    1) Nancy Pelosi
    2) Barack Obozo
    3) John Edwards (remember him?)
    4) Hitlary Clinton (snipers were shooting at her..remember that ?)

    They all have a long history of telling tall tales…..

  34. This comment by jan shakowsky just proves what I’ve suspected all along: those people wanting to pass more restrictive gun laws–especially against “assault rifles” don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. The ak-47’s used in the attack were full auto, while most of what’s available in this country is semi-auto (unless you live in a state that allows them and you have the proper federal paperwork). Politicians should be required to take a firearms identification course so they know what they’re talking about. This politician is an excellent example of the adage ” don’t say anything and let people think you’re a fool or say something and remove all doubt”. I’ve seen numerous comments on tv explaining why we don’t need more gun laws, but no one takes the time to correct the misconceptions of these idiots. Maybe it’s time

  35. oh yeah jan whatsyerface, further disarmament of the U.S. citizenry is just what is needed – FOR OUR ENEMIES. Let me guess you hang out with the logical Einstein’s like Nancy Pelosi aka ‘we gotta pass the law before we know what the F%^$ we’re doing”. Do you people even know how stupid you sound? You do, but don’t give a damn.

  36. jan scholawacky you’re a lying idiot to think anyone that isn’t comatose from watching the kardashians and diversion TV news believes guns would be bought in a much higher secure place then smuggled thousands of miles across a dozen boarders when the logical step is buy them somewhere – the middle east aka Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. etc. you liberals come up with the most obvious 2nd amendment attacks trying to disarm America for your tyrannical monster Obama that you serve like Satan himself. You have no allegiance to your country or oaths of office. Liars, traitors, thieving that you are..

    1. Right on John. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially your last sentence. Nothing but a bunch of egotistical, self-serving, arrogant hypocrites.

    2. yeah, they were probably republicans also…..these dems are pathetic,
      maybe this idiot needs to ask Hillary if these terrorists got them through
      Bengazi, with all the gun running she and her minions were involved in???

    3. Wow! Could not have said it better myself. They took the oath to support the constitution and then they go against it.

  37. What an irresponsible thing to say. Idiots like this don’t care what kind of garbage comes out of their mouths. How does a schmuck like this get elected to office?

  38. Well I suppose if you think about it this administration has given guns to thugs before, remember Fast and Furious. So maybe she is just telling on herself and the whole left side. They have been known to do stupid crap (like every day).

  39. if light was brain power she would be operating at 1/2 a candle power, it scares me what is in office in our goverment we must take back control of or lives and our freedom and put these lieing blood suckers out of any position of power that goes for everyone in office that tells lies like these to the american people and get back to constitutional law “he who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither”

  40. Anti’s of this nature operate in a very small mind. In most cases they hate all firearms of any kind and only agree to military and LEO use because they can’t figure out how to denounce. They can’t understand how they empower the very people they are saying they are trying to stop. Never try to have a rational conversation with an anti as you be arguing with a fool.

  41. Sen McCarthy was right! There are commies everywhere! Only today they cal themselves “progressives”, liberals, and Democrats!

  42. Chicago, Dim-o-crap, all you need to know, they are a virus on this nation, they are more dangerous then the Muslim terrorist who just want to kill us where as the pawns like Representative Jan Schakowsky want to destroy our nation.
    I’ll take an honest terrorist who admits he wants to kill me any day of the week over a snake in the grass.

  43. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D) may know more about the “availability” of small arms worldwide, particularly for terrorists and drug cartels, than she is insinuating are a result of our laws and Constitutional guarantees. She said in this interview, “We (US) traffic in small weapons all around the world…” I believe she knows of what she speaks, and this would include her support of the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious. The express intent of this illegal operation was to; (1) make Hillary Clinton’s politically motivated incendiary but false claim that 90% of the weapons in the hands of Mexico’s drug cartel butchers came from the US become true; (2) result in extremely violent newsworthy incidents in the US and/or Mexico; and (3) use these results to attack the Second Amendment – as a part of the Socialist Democrats’ general revolutionary attack on the Constitution and government of the United States. Is Operation Fast and Furious really dead? Are we seeing remnants of this operation in Europe instead of Mexico with AK-47s instead of AR-15s supplied by the Obama administration? Her accusations, interpretation of events in Paris, and expressed “fears” about events here all coincide with Operation Fast and Furious goals or a second bite at the apple. Who in their right mind would dream up the wild connections Ms. Schakowsky makes in a spontaneous interview if they were not in an already prepared plan or operation she has knowledge of?


  45. And then we wonder why this country is in such deep trouble.
    It just absolutely amazes me the people that get elected to public office in this country.
    I would have no doubt that the weapons used in France were paid for and provided by our government.

  46. Antigunners will use the Paris attacks to push for more gun control. That’s a given folks.

    But I did notice the “sounds of those AK’s” AND I hate to say it, but most of ya’ll are WRONG. The sounds I heard in those audios were SEMI-AUTO’s, NOT military Kalashnikov AK47 FA machineguns

    AND, the first thing I thought was, I hope to God they weren’t purchased through some civilian gun source, because that will give them all the evidence they need to push through another assault weapons ban!

    Listen to those video’s AGAIN FOLKS! Those ARE SEMI’s being fast fingered! I KNOW WHAT A MILITARY AK SOUNDS LIKE, and THAT ain’t it!!!

  47. “We traffic in small weapons around the world” Really? Yes, the government does, which makes your comment totally correct. If you mean we the American citizens, not so much. So in essence, you ma’am are to blame. But as far as the Paris attack, no, those fully automatic weapons were either supplied from the middle east or bought on the black market somewhere in Europe along with the EXPLOSIVES.

    To her faulty point about the Islamic terrorists (yes BHO, they ARE following Islam) using the same weapons available here. No you ignorant liberal, fully automatic weapons are not something anyone can buy in the U.S. To LEGALLY obtain such weapons requires special federal permits that are very difficult, time consuming and expensive to get. Even then, many states still do not allow people to own them under any circumstances!

    I hate that liberals have coined the phrase “military style” weapons. It makes uninformed people believe that they are the same. A water gun can be military style if it LOOKS like what the military issues. It’s only cosmetics.. The actual function is not the same, however.

  48. Seriously!!! These are the kinds of people gun owners have to deal with. Absolute idiocy on just about any subject. When a gun owner votes for any democrat you are voting against yourself. I DO judge people by their personal views on guns and gun use. If a person, especially an elected official, speaks out against guns, I know with almost no exceptions that person will not vote for legislation I support. Democrats are against personal freedoms. Collectivism at the expense of the individuals rights to speak, to keep more of your earnings and support programs you feel benefit society while they support programs supporting bad behavior. People not all religions or cultural life styles are equal.

  49. So by here logic – if a terrorist said they bought the weapons through a local department store in the U.S. – she would be believing that and getting behind that statement? IS this what we pay these toads to do? Listen to terrorist comments and take them as the latest news? Tell me this person is not educated please. There has to be a mental malfunction here. So absurd it almost makes you laugh until you realize she actually believes herself.

  50. Has someone sewn her lips shut yet? These people have no shame – trying to leverage people’s deaths to satisfy their absurd concepts of control.

  51. This is why I can never vote democratic again and anybody who does has to be severely stunted in their grasp of reality.

    Any AK 47 going into that area can be easily transported from either Africa, the Middle East or Eastern Europe. All those places have AKs all over the place.

    The idea of them coming from the USA is ludicrous. To say that without any proof is a sign of the deeper issues within our government and the gullibility of our people. Do people believe this type of idiocy?

  52. This Democrat IDIOT thinks the Paris fully automatic AK47s came from the US

    AS IF Muslims walked into a gun store, filled out the paperwork, got the sale approved, and paid thousands of dollars for each gun, the permit to own the full auto, and the transfer tax.

    Instead of smuggling the free guns they already had in Syria.

    On second thought, they COULD have gotten them from the US for free. Wouldn’t be the FIRST time the Obama regime gave free weapons to bad guys, right?

  53. What do you expect from a Democrat liberal from the Murder Capital of the USA. Schakowsky comments are expected with no facts as usual from that side of the political world.

  54. It is amazing that these people will do anything they can to blame the US for these madmen and their penchant for killing infidels. 1. Chicago no guns allowed, yet they have at least 5 murders per day. 2. France no guns allowed – 130 people died. Socialism at its finest. Disarm the citizens and then blame someone else when the citizens are murdered.

    1. This country does not need any more restrictive gun laws. Terrorist do not follow existing laws much the same as criminals do not follow existing laws. The only people that follow the law are Law Abiding Citizens. Thus any new laws would only be followed, or imposed on Law Abiding Citizens. Who elects these people?. The US supplies only “Moderate Islamic Extremists” with automatic weapons and gets a promise they will only use against who POTUS tells them to. Right?

  55. Excuse me but Democrats are nationally born stupid. Secondly the guns could have been made anywhere. And finally, the terrorist bought American made ak-47S because they wanted the best made in the world.

    1. WildRider, more expensive, doesn’t translate into better. American made doesn’t mean better, anymore, just more expensive and American made weapons are no better than those made in other parts of the world. For example; Italy, Baretta has been making for a thousand years. There is no finer firearm than Baretta. Germany; guns have been made there before there was an America. Paul Mauser, remember him, couldn’t get arrested in the U.S., but Germany welcomed him with open arms. Mauser wrote the book on ‘turn-bolt’ rifles. Russia; Mikail Kalashnikov, designer of the AK. His rifles are everywhere, Siminov, & his SKS, one of the best ‘short’ rifles in the world. NO! Those that attacked Paris, didn’t ‘BUY AMERICAN’, but looked elsewhere.

  56. ‘Michael
    @ Mikial.
    There is Kalashnikov-USA, Arsenal Inc., Norinco Firearms USA, I.O. Inc. for AK’s and Type 59’s. And Airtronic USA for RPG-7 “Amerihanski”. If the Mexican Drug Cartel can get them US, SO CAN ISIS/ISIL. Or, ANYONE ELSE.’

    Hey Michael,
    explain why ISIS would go to the effort and waste of time buying a couple guns from the USA, which can potentially be traced, and risk sending them through customs, when they can get the full auto they used cheaper and instantaneously right there? Why on earth would these ‘people’ jeopardize their operation? You think it was to increase outrage in the USA against the 2nd Amendment? Is your last name Schakowsky? LOL

    PS. If that’s true, it would be another consequence of the notorious fast & furious debacle.

    1. @ Mikial

      Explain to me again why George W and Dick Cheney Started GOT US (the USA) into a Second War AGAIN.

    2. @ Bobm.

      And you have ME CONFUSED with as a DEMOCRAT! I’m Right of Center, NOT EXTREME FAR RIGHT OF EDGE OF WORLD

  57. Just when you thought the Dem side couldn’t say anything dumber….well there you have it.
    Seriously? Why would anyone buy arms in the US when its so much overseas.

  58. First, AKs are produced all over the world. Isis can buy them literally anywhere.
    Second, if I’m not mistaken, it is already illegal to ship guns, scopes or any other weapons out of the country.

    She is nothing more than a typical Liberal/Progressive/Socialist hack, who gains power by lying to ignorant voters who don’t know better.

    1. Brian Webb. True it may well be illegal ship guns, scopes, etc., out side the U.S., but when have terrorists, criminals et al, been overly concerned about legalities? Never mind, any weapon, full auto, select fire, semi-auto are dirt cheap outside the U.S.. Only an illiterate know nothing liberal would even suggest that firearms purchased in the U.S., at grossly inflated prices, when cheaper options are to be had, were used in France. This Schakowsky witch and her ilk’s knee-jerk reaction to any gun-violence on gun ownership in the U.S.

  59. Practically every country in Western Europe manufactures a version of the Kalashnikov rifle. Common sense would dictate… Oh, wait a minute… We’re talking Democrats here. Never mind…

  60. Anyone that has ever been in the Middle East, including Turkey, et al, will have seen the ‘weapon bazzars’, where anything that goes bang, or boom, can be had for very little. AKs about $50.00. RPGs, $25-30. Ammunition, of almost any caliber for about $20 for a 1,000 rounds. In the U.S. a AK can cost as much as $2,000. RPGs can’t be had for any price. Ammo is outrageous. So the only reasonable conclusion, if you are not some liberal piece of crap, is the weapons used in the Paris attacks were purchased in that part of the world.

    1. Absolutely so the idiot democrats who have left our boarders wide open and gave away -via Obama/Eric Holder- thousands of assault weapons to drug gangs who most likely resold to terrorists want you to believe terrorists bought guns here and sneaked them through security back to the middle east- NOT LIKELY. Dark Angel brings up a very logical point. democratic liberals get caught every time in their nonsensical lies it’s ridiculous.

  61. Alas, yet another liberal airhead from Illinois – if only my fellow citizens could stop electing the buffoons – but criminal and idiot (often criminally idiotic) politicians are the hallmark of Illinois politics – in this case, never mind that the Paris guns have been traced to a Slovakian dealer

    1. Indeed, a hell of a lot cheaper over there than here….this dizzy dumocrap witch should be in a home, she is too freaking stupid to be out alone!!

    2. @ Archangel.

      And just what is the “Significance” There? The Viet Cong, acquired and reproduced many type’s of US designed Military Hardware. So did te Chinese, the Russians, the IRA, the Israeli’s, the Italians, the Yugoslavians, etc…

  62. You don’t get full auto Ak’s from the USA!!! I don’t even read this crap because it’s retarded.. It’s was full auto gun fire I heard in Paris! This is such bs!!!

    1. Likely they were supplied by ISIS’ sponsors, the CIA. So a way she never intended, she may be right.

    2. @ Bryce.

      There’s also Airtronics LLC of the United States, they specialize in Reproduction Soviet-era and Russian Federation Weaponry. Mostly to US Armed Forces for Training Purposes, but they do Export as well…

  63. Really? Representative Jan Schakowsky Chicago, which has the most Draconian gun laws in the U.S. , has the highest murder rate in the U.S. In case you haven’t checked, Chicago is in Illinois the state in which you reside and represent. How is that gun law stuff workin’ for ya?

  64. Just goes to show you…………if you want the BEST; it’s made in the USA……… I hear an Allah Akbar out there??

  65. Didn’t French/German law enforcement just arrest an illegal arms dealer in Germany for providing the AK’s to the terrorists? Maybe Ms Schakowsky should at least read the news before making irresponsible statements. Or perhaps, like the rest of the current administration, she doesn’t pay attention to the security briefings!

  66. Absurd, logistically and logically. Most likely the weapons came from North Africa. Something must be done about socialist propaganda in the US.

  67. Chicago people must have a screw loose to elect someone like this woman. No wonder they have the problems they do in that state and city.

  68. That’s right dummocraps…..keep jabbering with your pie hole and proposing/passing legislation.

    Meanwhile, The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance continues to move forward and nullifies any unconstitutional and intolerable acts you have been passing. That includes EOs from the punk-ass thug in chief.


    As always…their move.

  69. I have been salivating for a full auto AK-47 for 20+ years. If this dumbasz politician can tell me where I can buy one or two in the USA, HeII, I’ll move to Chicago and vote for the looney tune. (Not really.)

  70. This lady needs to get a life. Seems a Democrat will do anything to get a vote. They have no shame. She must be a pet of Obama as he is obsessed with getting our guns and tries to portray any gun incident and needing more laws or elimination of guns. Please let us survive then next 14 months with minimum damage done by Democrats.

  71. She could be right. These guns may have come from the Fast and Furious operation that Eric Holder and the Justice Dept cooked up, and they found their way through some underground black market to France.

  72. The military in eastern block regions, as well as in Russia, have reportedly not been paid in some time. You can buy anything including nuclear material if you have the funds.

  73. AKs were mass produced by Russia during the cold war, along with other war materials, and provided gratis to various nations and revolutionaries. Russia signed an agreement with Venezuela last year to build a factory to produce AKs in Venezuela and followed that with joint military exercises.

    For anyone to believe that ISIS, or any other militant group would buy SEMI-automatic AKs here and transport them secretly to the middle east in order to supply them to terrorist cells conducting operations in Europe is a raving lunatic OR a traitor who seeks to aid and abet groups like ISIS.

    1. DaveW, glad you said it about SEMI-automatic weapons, not being the weapon of choice for terrorist. Saved me the effort of refuting the ramblings of some stupid bitch, who, from the sound on the clip, sounded as if she was stoned, drunk or on crack.

  74. I’m glad we have freedom of speech but if one abuses this freedom and lies to gain gain privledge or hurt someone theyshouldbe held accountable and prosecuted. This claim sounds very far fetched and unlikely.

  75. When I first hear about this last week I went nut’s and made a comment. Since then I looked further into this person and found out why she said what she said. So now I understand her way of thinking. I don’t agree with her way of thinking, But it turns out her parents are brother and sister.

    1. ‘I don’t agree with her way of thinking, But it turns out her parents are brother and sister.’

      LMAO!!! That is not surprising. Do you have a source for that?

  76. Go f… yourself, democrat from Chicago, hell hole of the US. Your full of SH.. Just like the rest of you democrat backstabbers. So your not going to go for the race card? Your pathetic, you piece of crap.

  77. I thought B.O. was supporting the rebels in Syria? It’s all over the internet that he is supporting them and that they are tied to Al Queda(?).

    Stands to reason the AK’s were acquired with the help of our president or his direct knowledge.

  78. She probably believes that more gun laws will make us safer. She needs to look no further than home (Chicago) to see that gun laws are not the answer, Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in this nation, and have had over 6,000 shootings and 1,604 gun-related murders in the last two years. So, I would suggest in the aftermath of her video/comments that Rep. Schakowsky sponsor more gun laws (ha ha). Maybe we could have one prohibiting terrorists from buying guns in America.

  79. The Communist tenet never let a crisis go to waste is operative here. I’m suprised she didn’t blame all of it on global warming!

  80. I would believe this diatribe coming from ‘GERALDO’, but a politician OMG are they capable of lying, nah..they must get all their technical info from the dept. of manufactured statistics…If she were to watch the initial reports on the Paris attacks,she would hear one of the spokesman say that you can get all the guns and assorted items needed right in France or any of the adjacent countries….the dem rep is full of it….

  81. So she is saying indirectly that Obama and Kerry are supplying arms to ISIS. My rational on it is that ISIS would buy enough arms to fill the cargo bay of a C131. This shipment would draw attention from ATF, and US Customs. It would need Kerry’s and Obama’s approval to leave the country to be shipped into a war zone and supplied to terrorist.

  82. Aethlon Medical… Stock ticker AEMD is working with Boston University for a solution to CTE… They are also working on a solution to Sepsis with DARPA. for the Combat wounded Men and Women…

    This is not spam, and yes, I am a Veteran and share holder in AEMD… My point is, Aethlon Medical better hurry up, or we won’t have any Liberals to argue with… They have CTE AND common sense brain rot…


  83. Liberals the stupid comments just keep coming . I guess the fact those rifles are made on that continent didn’t register on that little tiny brain of hers.
    Unfortunately other liberal anti gun retards listen to that garbage and believe her.

    1. @Tiernan

      You are correct, but I think the point sinbad was making is that they were not made in North America.

    2. They are made in Europe-eastern Europe. You can get a fully auto AK from Romania, the Czech Republic, etc

    3. Tiernan, FYI, AKs are made everywhere, under license, not just in Asia. Even heard, someplace, that a plant was, or will be built in South America,
      someplace. Even in the U.S., some small manufacturers are paying a license fee for producing AK clones. Russia, which is the AK point of origin is not in Asia. In parts of Africa, AK clones are turned out in backyard shops.

  84. ISIS has its own government, collects taxes, runs their own training camps and makes billions selling oil on the black market… but instead of buying full auto AK47s right in their own backyard, they snuck into America, found some SEMI AUTO AKs, brought them to France, converted them to fully automatic and then used them in an act of terror.

    Just goes to show you how truly f%$king stupid you can be if you’re a liberal Congress critter

  85. Mitch and Mikial,
    please don’t disparage the brain injured and otherwise mentally defective. Schakowsky is a well known Illinois progressive hack trying to make a name for herself by using Rahmbo’s “don’t let a tragedy go to waste..” tactic to convince the mentally defective that US gun laws are responsible for worldwide terrorism. She forgot to mention that these laws also cause global warming.

  86. There are smuggling routes throughout Europe for things like cigarettes that have been used for generations (including by freedom fighters during WW2). Russia produced millions of AKs so they are everywhere. ISIS could easily have smuggled weapons and explosives to Europe. It would be much harder to obtain AKs in the USA and smuggle them into Europe than to get them from stockpiles already in ISIS possession.

    Anyone thinking otherwise is an idiot, misinformed, or in support of the very people causing the things like Paris.

  87. The first two comments pretty much covered it… Democrats have become so detached from reality that they can say anything, no matter how wildly, morbidly stupid, and it makes sense to them and their even dumber constituency… Never in the course of human history has a group of people had the luxury and comfort necessary to become for amazingly dumb and still manage to survive.

    But don’t suggest that they get a clue, pay attention to reality, or worst of all, educate themselves. That’d be racist…

  88. I’ve been well beyond disgusted with their agenda and lies. I’ve talked to other people and with the idiots like this, the “protests” around the nation and the overall slide to the left sustained by this nation, many people are feeling choked off. They are feeling more than angry. If gun owners are so dangerous, why aren’t all Democrats and Socialists in this nation dead? The anger is there.

  89. This idiot sounds so much like that airhead Pelosi. I marvel that Pelosi and this idiot being interviewed are able to get elected and re-elected. What kind of fool goes to the polls to vote for such people?
    Absolutely nothing surprises me anymore.

  90. Marxists like Schakowsky will spin any story, lie, falsehood, speculation . . . you name it to advance one of their top agenda items; the complete prohibition of civilian arms in the United States of America. These scum want total control of the US citizen and getting guns out of our hands coupled with crippling taxes driven by climate change fear mongering is where they are headed. As we speak they are importing new voters under the guise of “refugees.” They don’t like the speed of change with the American voters they have, they need to pollute the voter pool with low information, pro-government hand out type.

  91. There are closer places than the U.S. to get military grade AK’s.
    Jan Schakowsky and the people that keep voting for her a certifiable.
    I’ve heard her interviews before and her and reality have never met.

  92. HALF & HALF.

    Your have to Read Between the Lines! According to the Military Factory, About 35 Different Weapons System of US. Manufacturer are being USED by ISIS/ISIL. What’s NOT being Said, is ALL US. Manufactured Equipment is the SAME US. Military Equipment. That the USA Supplied to the IRAQI’S, and they GAVE-UP WILLINGLY to ISIS/ISIL when they Fled Confrontation with ISIS/ISIL. “A HALF TRUTH”…

    1. @ HolderOfTheHorns.

      Military Factory, DIDN’T Itemize the Weapons List. So I Don’t know what was Supplied to the Iraqi’s! I do know HUMVEE’s were supplied and 1st Generation M1 Abrams Tank’s without the Chobham/Depleted-Uranium Armor. Other then that, Your Guess is as good as mine…

  93. When are these people going to understand that the AK 47 & 74 are the most mass produced fire arm in the world and not so much in the US but in other countries in the world. Wake Up People. Think about what you are saying. We are not a bunch of idiots like you think we are!!!

  94. Liberals are just on an entirely different planet… Researchers have figured out that a lot of former NFL players had a brain condition called CTE, which proves that they had a brain

    I don’t know how they would approach Liberals…

  95. What a complete moron. This just goes to demonstrate that most of these mongoloid Liberal politicians have no idea of how the world really works anywhere outside of the field of daisies inside their head.

    Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia are all awash in fully selective fire military grade AKs. And yet this fool thinks that the terrorists made contacts in the US to buy . . . what? Semi-automatic AK modern sporting rifles, then smuggle them out of the US and into some country to prepare for an attack. I suppose they converted them to selective fire at that point. And yet, for less money, time and effort, they could have traveled a couple of hundred miles and bought what they needed in say . . the Ukraine or one of the ‘Stans, and then simply driven them across the EU’s open border.

    This is why I am losing faith in a form of government where absolute zeros who have no grasp of reality can vote people like her in based on their race or the kind of music they like to listen to.

    1. Hi Mikial. I am already over the line in believing that America is lost to anyone who cares about freedom. The last election where the GOP got the Senate majority, and then Boehner pushing through a two year budget to fund Obama’s evil executive orders BEFORE the new Senate could be seated showed that the GOP and the Democrats only contend to run the big machine and dole out the goodies from the treasury to their big donors.

      Only the States rising up and exercising article 5 of the Constitution will help us now. The States using article 5 is a long hard road. I fear before that can happen that America will be irretrievably lost.

    2. @ Mikial.

      Your forgetting something. When the Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China were manufacturing AK’s by the Ten’s of Millions. Then it was REVOLUTION, NOW it’s called PROFIT. Why give them away, When you make BILLION’S OF $$$. Selling them to people like US (the USA).

    3. @Michael

      Sorry, Dude, but I’m not getting the point you are trying to make. What does the commercial availability of AK pattern modern sporting rifles in the USA, which incidentally are semi only for the most part, have to do with this pathetic woman’s assertion that the IS assassins who slaughtered innocent people in Paris got their weapons from the US?

      Besides, Russian manufactured AKs cannot even be legally imported anymore.

    4. @ Mikial.

      There is Kalashnikov-USA, Arsenal Inc., Norinco Firearms USA, I.O. Inc. for AK’s and Type 59’s. And Airtronic USA for RPG-7 “Amerihanski”. If the Mexican Drug Cartel can get them US, SO CAN ISIS/ISIL. Or, ANYONE ELSE.

    5. So you’re saying that fully selective fire AKs are just sitting on the gun shot shelves ready to buy and be smuggled into Europe? Whatever you say, but the police have already arrested the German arms dealer who got the AKs of the murderers. Unless, of course, you’re now going to tell us the German arms dealer bought them in the USA rather than a couple hundred miles away?

      And BTW, we can thank Obama and Holder for helping the cartel get some guns to kill American’s with.

    6. @ Mikial

      Airtronic was founded in 1990, Norinco, Inc.-USA in 1998, Arsenal, Inc. in 2000 and Kalashnikoov-USA in June 2015. Airtronic was set up a Supplying Soviet-era/Russian Federation Military Equipment to the US Military as Practicing/Learning Equipment and for Foreign Export. The other to get around the US Import Laws.

      And like Ronald Reagan and Olie North or George W. and Dick Cheney, didn’t have a hand in get American’s Killed either. NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERNS, SIR.

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