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I am a firm supporter of our troops. That includes returning veterans, wounded or not, and the troops deployed. I have given to, or worked with, many nonprofits. I’ve spent numerous days collecting food and toiletries for care packages. I have enjoyed the opportunity to give back for many reasons, but primarily because I remember the feeling of receiving care packages and letters addressed to “Any Service Member” during Operation Desert Shield (Persian Gulf in 1990) aboard the USS Antietam CG-54.

The food, candy, cameras, letters, cassette tapes and pictures were all great for moral and I have sought to continue the tradition. Recently, I was introduced to an organization dedicated to the same ideals, but with a way cooler mission. is dedicated to providing the equipment necessary to help our warfighters complete their mission by killing the enemy.

The following is the account and history directly from the organization we all need to support.

In late 2003, a small group of U.S. police snipers formed a support network to address the operational equipment needs of U.S. military snipers deployed abroad in the war on terror.

Formerly known as “The Adopt A Sniper” program, the effort began as a simple request for assistance among deployed friends, whom were also peace officers serving in the National Guard and Reserve. These peace officers were employed as SWAT team snipers at home in the U.S. and were also assigned as snipers within the United States military.

As the initial war in Afghanistan stabilized and the war in Iraq progressed, the urban mission profiles of police and military snipers were found to overlap. The gear and supplies needed to accomplish the two missions were found to be virtually identical. Once deployed, these military snipers requested assistance from their SWAT sniper friends in procuring the specialized gear, which was better suited for their missions and but not supplied by their parent military entity for a variety of reasons.

Due to the enormity of the commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the differences between the various units and staff personnel, many American snipers and designated marksmen were, and still are, spending personal funds and enlisting their families and friends in procuring gear and getting it to them in the middle of a war zone. Consequently, these servicemen often go without the gear they desperately need, due to the expense associated with procuring it.

The police snipers were all too aware of the expense associated with the specialized gear needs of their military brethren, due to their own experiences commonly associated with police department budgetary constraints. They were also acutely aware of the necessary, albeit seemingly endless red tape and agonizing wait times associated with the procurement process of any government entity.

So the police officers decided to radically broaden the scope of their efforts and made the commitment to aid as many snipers in the military as possible—no matter the theater of operation—for as long as the officers could sustain the program.

Using contacts developed throughout the police and military sniper communities, the police snipers were able to network with military snipers deployed abroad, obtain their overseas addresses, and began sending desperately needed gear and supplies specifically tailored to the sniper mission and currently at the forefront of the war on terror. Due to the immediate unity and lifelong bonds formed between the two groups of professional American snipers (most of whom had never met), the name of the organization was officially changed to

The effort makes no distinction between the full-fledged sniper teams who are often fully trained and equipped, to the designated marksmen of the mechanized, mortar and cavalry units who, like their full-fledged sniper brethren, are also assigned the daunting task of denying the emplacement of IEDs. These designated marksmen are often doing what is normally a sniper’s job, without the training and ancillary gear normally associated with the infantry sniper MOS. They are often assigned to a Stryker, Cavalry or other non-infantry unit and equipped with an M14 rifle that is often older than the sniper’s parents. Due to their unit type, sniper related gear is often not on their Modified Table of Equipment and these men often must literally do something with nothing. Amazingly—as they have always done—they are doing the job regardless of the obstacles. has defined its mission to assist these specialized troops and what began as a few police snipers sending gear from their own gear bags, has grown into a full-time program currently supporting snipers and designated marksmen in over 150 sniper platoons of the U.S. military.

The snipers and designated marksmen are encouraged to work through their own supply systems and to make their needs known to their superiors to maintain continuity and flow of information. However, that failing, has the ability to provide gear that goes directly from an shipping point, to the exact military address of the sniper. When the sniper’s deployment ends, he either gives the equipment to his replacement (if it is serviceable) or keeps it if he re-enlists and plans to return to overseas duty in a sniper billet.

The American Snipers program is entirely funded by civic donations and currently staffed by both operational and retired police and military snipers (or members of their families).

All monies donated go directly back into the organization, including:

  • Purchasing gear or shipping charges for a U.S. military sniper platoon deployed abroad
  • Minimal organizational operating costs that consist primarily of running the website and traveling to high-profile venues to accept donations—donations vastly exceed the cost of travel incurred and account for the primary income sustaining operations

The staff sends receipts for donations only upon request. No person receives a salary or kickback in any form whatsoever and staff members conduct the entire effort on their own time.

Business owners often donate perfectly serviceable, albeit blemished products, due to the nonprofit status of the organization.

As we begin 2013, has supported snipers and designated marksmen in over 1,000 different platoons of the United States military and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds and equipment for snipers in all branches of the armed forces. The National Defense Industrial Association awarded the Carlos N. Hathcock II Award for 2007. operates as a project under the 501.C.3 non-profit status of the organization Snipersonline UA.

Anyone wishing to assist the program with monetary or gear donations or for further information is invited to visit the website at

Do you have a favorite military organization you support? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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  1. Hello Jeffrey,

    It was not and is not my intent to beat up on anyone. My intent is to enlighten others to the truth. By doing so the elite will be fully exposed and their actions fully understood by the masses. At that point the elite crumble. That is where the true revolution and victory is.

    The elite and their prostitutes are polluting the air (chemtrails), the water (fluoride and other chemicals), and the soil and food supply (GMO, Cloning animals, GMO farming techniques, pasteurization, and excessive food processing), and nuclear and electromagnetic radiation increases to name a few. Add to all this the pharmaceutical and western medical practices and what do you get? Obesity, diabetes, and cancer have sky rocketed. We are and have been for some time under physical attack, and many have died from these efforts of the elite.

    The attack on the human psyche has been even greater than their physical attack. Government run school system spreading their propaganda, government controlled 501C3 churches, government controlled news media, and a blizzard of mindless television programming have all contributed to the dumbing down of the public resulting in little critical thinking abilities possessed by the average person.

    This is why the public at large believes any television show presented with government prostitute’s narrations telling us we must believe the impossible. Shows such as 911 and Sandy Hook designed to control the minds and hearts of Americans.

    You remember the 911 show that had four airplanes crash and not one part from the four planes retrieved. Buildings fell, while denying Newtonian physics in the process. Americans who will argue for the ‘official story’, yet they do not know building seven WTC also fell, and no plane hit it.

    And then, there was Sandy Hook. Statements like Adam Lanza killed his mother, yet no evidence given. Twenty seven, or so, children and teachers killed, yet not one wet tear, not one drop of blood, no dead bodies, no released autopsy reports, no open casket funerals, no obvious grief stricken, bloodshot eyed parents of killed children, no line of ambulances carrying dead bodies to the morgue or hospital, no photographs of the dead, no ballistic reports of the exact weapon(s) that were used in the killings…nothing!

    Oh, wait a minute, we did get a threat from the police that if anyone questioned the official story they would be prosecuted, and we got a lot of footage of cops and other men milling around carrying military armament. We got a lot of conflicting ‘news’ reports that were never retracted or clarified. We got footage of cops chasing men into the surrounding woods and arresting them, but then they just fell off the radar. That reminded me of the three tramps in the JFK assassination…Ha! Also note how Oswald and Lanza the alleged perpetrators respectively did not live long enough to go to trial so that evidence could be presented to prove anything.

    Can anyone believe any of this official crap? Yet, all this is being used as an excuse to write ‘gun control legislation’! Any gun control legislation is unconstitutional on its face, and based on the reason for the necessity for such legislation, it is also ludicrous.

    Given all of the above, a civil war in the U.S. is almost trivial compared to what has already been done to the American public. Yet, someone out there wants us to help out a sniper in a foreign murder. What a country!


  2. You guys are great! King Leader, Roger beat up on you pretty badly! Roger you missed one factor however, which may in the end be the saving grace for freedom loving Americans. That is the fact the over the past 50 years the Corp govt which has been dumbing down the masses made one fatal mistake. They did their job of dumbing down the masses to well and kept spewing forth the story that they enjoyed freedom. Now the masses being so stupid, they believe that so have someone show up on the door steps to remove the guns which everyone knows under the have the right to bear and bingo revolution because the masses are to stupid to realize they are under the control of the elites.

  3. A few corrections are required. I never used the term “geographical-Governmental”. I was simply stating there are three U.S.s that exist, and the fact that most Americans think of the Constitutional definition of the U.S. while our “government” thinks of it as a corporation.

    I don’t know where you got that I said anything about DC and its residents can or can’t vote. However, here is what I do know. There used to be a time when D.C. residents could not vote for president (not that it matters as explained earlier reference to the popular vote). D.C. residents had no representatives in congress because they had no vote. Since approximately the early 1960s, I believe, that changed. People in D.C. now can vote for president and have, I believe, non-voting representatives in the house.

    Now to the question you say I just won’t answer, which I believe I have, but maybe not clearly enough for you. So, let me be clear. America does not exist as a constitutional republic anymore. Key dates are 1913 (Federal Reserve Act and income tax), 1933 (bankruptcy of federal government and the most bizarre bankruptcy resolution…enslavement of all American citizens and never come out of bankruptcy – look it up and read about it), WW I & WW II and post war America, Eisenhower’s farewell address to the American public warning of the (MIC) military, industrial complex (originally in Eisenhower’s notes as the MICC the military, industrial, congressional complex, but was strongly advised to take the congressional part out), and lastly, but not really the last, the assassination of JFK. The aforementioned are just some of the dismantling events of America. Eisenhower’s address was just his statement of the harmful affect of the MIC( C ). The address itself was not negative for America; it was just a wake up call.

    The actual government I am referring to is the shadow government; the government within the government, the man behind the curtain, the New World Order (NWO) call it what you want.

    You really need to do some research and reading on this. I still sense naiveté and ignorance on your part, and again, not meant in a pejorative way. I would strongly suggest reading The Creature from Jekyll Island, the DVD set titled The Money Masters and also Debt as Money by Bill Still. He also has a newer DVD titled The Secret of Oz. I would NOT use Goggle as a search engine nor Wikipedia as a source of truthful information.

    A few things to look up are President Carter referencing the NWO and I believe Nixon did to. President Clinton made reference to the government within the government in America. President George H.W. Bush mentioned the NWO in one of his state of the union addresses. Osama Bin Laden denied having anything to do with 911 and said there was a government within the U.S. government that was responsible for 911. You may deny any or all of this, but find out for yourself by researching it. You will find in your research other topics that will expand your material to research. I have only given you the tip of the iceberg. I very strongly suggest you listen to one of JFK’s speeches, a shortened speech of excerpts can be found at
    Please don’t tell me he was referring to the Soviet Union only. He specifically said around the world and did not exclude the U.S. He calls for the press, to whom the speech was addressed, to assist in his effort to inform the public of this threat. Yet today, too many Americans still call those of us talking of the NWO “conspiracy theorist”, a pejorative term invented by the CIA to be used by the media to squelch questioning the official story of JFK’s assassination. I suppose JFK was a conspiracy theorist given his speech no matter how accurate and true it was.

    Your questions: “So has the entire government gone bad? Every cop, fireman and senator after our blood? I don’t think so. So where is the line drawn? At the senate? The house of representatives? Are high ranking doctors in on it?”

    The answer is YES! Now before you take my answer as an absolute I will qualify my YES answer. I am NOT saying absolutely 100% of everybody in government. I am, however, saying that the vast, vast majority of the highest ranking members of America’s government are totally corrupt and are selling out America. There are but a handful in the Senate and a couple of handfuls in the house that may be honest. The others are all whores willing to sell out America and are doing so. As for firemen, they don’t make or enforce laws. Doctors? yes! a good number of doctors and the FDA have come under control of the medicare system and now Obama care and of course the pharmaceutical companies. Some, if not all, of the police have been federalized and will do what the whores tell them because their cities, counties and states have accepted the federal bribes and they themselves are on psychopathic power trips.

    As for your question that you think I am avoiding, “Do you really think the armed citizens of America would stand much of a chance against a proper army, especially one using munitions outlawed by the Geneva convention?”…Yes, man for man gun for gun we out number the military. However, I am well aware of the many other weapons the military has that are overwhelming. But it is a ridiculous question because when and if civil war breaks out how things will play out are unpredictable. Who in the military will not follow such unlawful orders and who will. Will military weapons fall into civilian hands, and I’m not just talking guns. Will American troops and weapons even be used, or will no American troops be use, but just foreign troops, if so, how many? Will the public go after the politicians and high ranking government servants? There are so many possibilities it is endless and impossible to answer. I do know it will not be pretty and there will be all losers. The planet and all humanity will lose.

    Here’s my question and alternate outcome. What if all the military and police refuse to fight the American public because they come to enlightenment that they are Americans to, and instead of attacking us they attack and arrest the criminal NWO (bankers primarily but also fascist corporate leaders also). How is that for an outcome?

    BTW the American public is well stocked up on hollow point .40 cal to, and much worse ammo. But again, this is ridiculous to address because there are ways of a having bloodless coup, but the NWO would prefer we kill each other (out of chaos order). That is why we need to never fire the first shot and inform our armed fellow Americans of what is happening in our country and the world.

    I hope you feel satisfied that I answered your questions. If not, do your own research. I can’t keep spoon feeding it to you. We all need to be informed Americans and many need to undo the brainwashing we have all experienced by the public school system and the media, not to mention our corrupt government. Virtually everything we’ve been told has been a lie. Virtually does not mean absolutely all. What it means is enough got through to the public at large that their beliefs and critical thinking ability has been severely damaged.
    Good luck to you King-Leader in your search for knowledge and truth,

  4. Okay, You blitzed me on the Iraq thing. I guess that’s my punishment for citing a topic I don’t know that much about in an argument. Thanks for explaining it all, it was informative.
    Your geographical-Governmental U.S.A. argument is partially incorrect. Washington DC is a territory which means the residents can’t vote. So geography IS still a part of governmental America, to a degree.
    You seem to have taken my question literally however. When I asked what fraction of our country the “government” represented I meant the word government rhetorically. As in not the ACTUAL government but the aggressors you keep referring to. Unless the “government” you are referring to is the actual government, in which case I’d ask the question “which fraction of the government”. From ordinary cops and paramedics to senators and politicians; all are part of the government. So has the entire government gone bad? Every cop, fireman and senator after our blood? I don’t think so. So where is the line drawn? At the senate? The house of representatives? Are high ranking doctors in on it?
    You also keep referring to bankers, who are certainly NOT part of the government. So please, fill me in on exactly who is behind this.
    I still think your “Totalitarian America” is not totalitarian enough for genocide. Like I said, we still have the power of free speech and the ability to leave the country. We cannot be arrested without trial. And like-him-or-not, Obama has yet to overstay his term. The patriot act’s are hardly repression at all, when compared to what citizens of the soviet union had to put up with.
    Interesting how you ignored my question as to what we would need to be disarmed though, especially when I gave it its own paragraph and everything. So I’ll ask it again for the third time. Please answer it this time around, I’m actually curious to see what you have to say. Do you really think the armed citizens of America would stand much of a chance against a proper army, especially one using munitions outlawed by the Geneva convention?

    Well, I guess that’s it. I’ve noticed a bit of sarcasm when you use my honorary title, by the way. King-leaders are not to scoffed at, for they have earned there titles in the heat of simulated battle. You have been warned…
    (need not worry about jack boots as I wear an honorary suit of Jackboot-proof Armour),
    King-leader Morgan

  5. Greetings King-Leader Morgan,
    I think you meant to say Iraq but said Afghanistan as the sovereign country the U.S. invaded for its oil. We are all naive and misinformed and I do not mean that in a pejorative way. I have come to the point of never believing what the government or media tells us even if they occasionally tell the truth. This is because a half truth is a lie.

    Having said that, I suggest to you your analysis of the Iraq invasion, to the best of my knowledge, is incorrect. The U.S. gets very little if any oil from the Middle East. My past investigation of that subject demonstrated that the U.S. imports the largest amount of oil from Canada, then Mexico, and then, if I recall correctly, Nigeria. I believe I got this info from the CIA statistics by nation website.

    The reason I heard reported for invading Iraq was Saddam Hussein did not go psycho-crazy, but he went off the reservation for U.S. puppet dictators. He decided to go off the petrol dollar and trade oil for gold. The same thing happened in Libya with Muammar Gaddafi. BTW the first thing the “Rebels” did in Libya was install a central bank. This answers your question as to who is behind all the turmoil in the world today.

    It is the same as always, the elite. It consists mostly of the banking elite, but there are a number of secret societies involved, also. Names like the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, and even the Bush’s. Most members of Scull and Bones are among them (although maybe at lower levels). The founders of the big Wall Street banking/investment firms and now their heirs are among them. The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin and many other books will point to who is and always has been behind world problems.

    Let me clear up something now that I don’t believe I said. I never said the ENTIRE population. However, I believe I said kill us all. From my point of view it is us all who have been informed of their (the elites) plans. In David Rockefeller’s book he states he wants to end America and bring in a one-world-government. The Georgia Guide Stones has chiseled in stone that the world population should only be no greater than 500 million. It was either Rockefeller or his minion Kissinger who called the people of the world useless eaters. Basically, they want us off their planet and only keep enough of us around to do the labor to support them in a manner to which they are accustom to.

    I’m not quite sure of your question, “What fraction of our country does the “Government” represent”. Do you mean who is the government? You asked Obama himself, residents of D.C. Or do you mean who are the representatives of the people? Or do you mean what fraction of the country the government is servant to? I can tell you this: there are three United States. One is the geographical U.S.; the other is a federal union of the states; and the third is THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION. I have seen the third designation in federal law, which I don’t have the citation readily available at the moment.

    So if you mean the federal union of states, I would refer you to the Constitution as to who the government is, where their jurisdiction is, and what their duties and limitations are.

    The geographical U.S. is self explanatory.

    And the corporate U.S. is the organization that sends our troops to war for profit, and only exists, as every corporation does, to make a profit for their shareholders. We the people are not shareholders; we are only responsible for the corporation’s debt,so they would like us to believe to enslave us. The president is the CEO appointed and confirmed by the owners of the corp., foreign bankers. The people of America believe they elect the president, but nowhere in the Constitution does it say that. The country was formed as a democratic republic. That is why the popular vote is trumped by the Electoral College vote. America is not what people were taught in grammar school any more. Don’t know if this answered your question.

    Totalitarianism: I don’t know what else to say if you are aware of the Patriot Act I and II; NDAA signed by Obama; the ten measures of the Communist Manifesto firmly rooted in American life; the chiefs of staff informing congress that the chiefs will now go to war if the UN grants them permission; suppression or total obliteration of the first ten amendments (most of the ones that really count) several destructive and un-ratified amendments after the first ten; now attempting to pass laws that are non-laws that will confiscate guns from citizens; and building up fire power of DHS.

    The only thing left is a jackboot on your neck at which time you will not be able to utter, Roger help! Yes, King-leader, totalitarianism is here today.
    In sorrow,

  6. Perhaps I was a little too specific in my examples. Totalitarianism is too broad a topic to be generalized into one, simple three-step formula.
    I suppose you could say that the government is turning aside immigration laws and letting the Mexicans in in an effort to create friction between our ethnicity’s, but I think that’s a bit of a long-shot. Its more likely that they considered this method preferable to them being smuggled across the border illegally (as was happening before they started letting Mexican immigrants in). They are currently discussing similar contingency’s in Australia, for dealing with the “boat-people”.
    I agree that the government is trying to turn us against the Muslims, but for a different reason then you suggest. This whole anti- “terrorist” program they has been perpetrated to brainwash the public into allowing the army to launch a war against Afghanistan. This was done not done to aid a future genocide however. We invaded to ensure a steady supply of oil (The lifeblood of the U.S. economy). At the time we were completely dependent on the Middle-East for our oil. Well, when our puppet Saddam Hussein went Psycho-crazy our supply of the precious supply of the black stuff was put in jeopardy. The Government needed an excuse to invade. So along come the “WMDs”. And that is the real reason for the 3rd gulf war.
    I still doubt that the Government would use foreign troops to perpetrate this ever-looming atrocity, especially not UN forces. For UN peacekeeping forces to be mobilized the United Nations would need a majority vote. I doubt they’d manage to accumulate more than two (votes). What kind of message would it send to a countries people if it supported a genocide in America? You might argue that they are already supporting a genocide in Afghanistan (I don’t really think it deserves to be classified as a war) but that’s different. As you said, Muslims have been turned into “terrorists” by our government. I have lived in Britain and Australia and can testify that the majority of their population also share this view [Muslims=Terrorists].
    America is different. It is a “first-world” country. People in Britain and Australia consider themselves to be on the same level as us, so a genocide there would horrify them. The same goes for Germany, France, China (pretty much any wealthy country). Any country with an army worth mentioning wouldn’t do it for fear of reprisal by there own people.
    On to your the Boy Scout-Hitler Youth argument. Boy Scout membership is not compulsory (as it was in Nazi Germany). Hitler youths were not taught to confiscate guns – they were trained to use them against Jews. “The Boy Scouts” is not a government run nation-wide program. Most Boy Scout groups are community operated. At the start of Boy Scout meetings they are not required to swear featy to Obama. So no, I don’t really see the similarity between boy scouts and Hitler youth.
    I don’t think you can really compare the U.S. to communist countries like Soviet-era Russia. We still have the right of free speech. The fact that the two of this are discussing this right now is an example of that. We have civil rights. The government can not imprison us without trial. We have a pension. There is a dole. We are still cycling presidents.
    During Lenin’s rule (Given that you brought up communism) Soviet citizens had none of these rights. They couldn’t speak out against there government. They could be tortured and imprisoned for no reason. There was no Dole or pensions. And Lenin maintained power for his entire life. I don’t think where at communist standards yet.
    What fraction of our country does the “Government” represent, by the way? Is it every one who lives in the white-house? Residents of Washington DC? Obama himself?
    You still have yet to outline who the “aggressors” are and there target. Like I said before, there is no country in the history of the world that has tried to destroy its ENTIRE population.
    I don’t think that it is “unthinkable” for our government to wish to kill us. I just think where not at that stage of Totalitarianism yet. While the people still have the right to speak and no one person holds complete power nothing will happen. When Obama throws away the shackles of democracy and declares himself ruler for life, (destroying our remaining civil rights in the process) I will concede your point.
    Finally, I’ll restate one of my first arguments. Why would they bother disarming us? Its not like there’s really enough of us armed to fight a proper army, especially if they where using rounds outlawed by the Geneva Convention.
    King-leader Morgan

  7. Well, King-leader, Morgan, what you say is 100% correct, but it’s all incorrect. Here’s what I mean: Your examples of tyrannical government takeover are accurate, and history repeats itself. However, the mechanism does not have to be identical, just the results, Totalitarianism. In other words the process is not going to look the same every time.

    Let’s take your example and go through it.

    1. Close off the country’s boarders; slowly begin an attack on civil rights.
    2. Turn the population against a particular ethnicity (Jews, Serbs, Muslims etc.)
    3. Unleash the military upon your chosen ethnicity. Your brain washed troops will have no qualms about slaughtering them all.

    #1 This time around borders have been opened wide allowing people from oppressive countries to flood into countries with better economic conditions and more freedom. When the oppressed arrive in these foreign countries, they overwhelm the nation’s infrastructure and job economy. This causes slums to form and the local citizenry to despise the “invaders” for taking jobs from them because the foreigners are willing to work for much less pay. This creates a great amount of social friction between the two factions. Three examples: Spain, Italy, and the good ole U. S. of A. In the U.S. it’s the flood of Mexicans, and Central and South Americans. All people deserve to seek a better life, but rules for immigration have been totally ignored by the federal government, thus deliberately creating this social friction between the illegal immigrants and U.S. citizens. Why? Answer: with social friction comes the tool of divide and conquer. Get the people fighting among themselves and killing each other and they won’t be aware of what we are doing to them.

    The above is the explanation for #2, as well. And since you mentioned Muslims above, look at how our “government” and government controlled media has demonized Muslims. Bush declared a 100 year war on terrorism (a myth, how do we fight a myth?), and of course, the Muslims are the terrorists. (Not in my opinion, too many false flag events).

    #3 It may well be our military that is unleashed on us, but there are many other options.
    It could be UN troops (foreign) brought in because of civil unrest due to economic collapse engineered by the bankers.
    It could be the civilian army that Obama said he wanted, and “this civilian army should be just as big, just as powerful as our military.” WOW!!! The “government” has programs training boy scouts in gun confiscation for several years that I am aware of and in four years these kids will be young soldiers. Does this sound like the SS in Nazi Germany or the Hitler youth? It does to me.

    Could be other private armies (i.e. former Black water now Ze I believe).

    We are under attack on every front of our lives. We are subjected to toxic chemtrails in the air, fluoridated and pharmaceutical polluted water, and GMO food, all attacking our bodies.

    We live with toxic currency and a corrupt banking system.

    Our minds and spirits are feed a constant diet of propaganda from the “government” controlled media. (That’s how mushrooms are grown; keep them in the dark and throw a lot of bull shit at them.)

    Our “government” is illegitimate because it has been overthrown in 1913 and way too many Americans don’t understand this. We really don’t have a Constitutional government. So what do we have? If you read the Communist manifesto, as you may have, you will find all ten tenants of the manifesto have been deeply rooted into the American way of life. Again, how many Americans know this? Way too few, I suspect.

    So, I hope this has given you a good idea of how I see things as to where America is and is heading.

    As to the .40 cal and the 223 ammo, you are right again; the government/military has always stockpiled implements of war. However, this is ten times more than it has ever purchased in one year. Given the state of the world and our country, I consider this a huge warning sign. Coupled with the current push to illegally confiscate our guns, I consider this a no brainer. Any man willing to take your guns is willing to take your life.

    I understand cognitive dissonance sets in and it is just unthinkable that our “government” will attack us but they already have. I have been long winded enough, but I could go on and on about the many ways this has happened, but no more for now.

    My message is beware and aware. To bring this full circle, this sniper article, as you said, was sick. The last thing I want to do is be party to killing another human being. I use my guns for pleasure and, if I have to, for defense.

    In freedom,

  8. Hmm… You make some good points, particularly the one about our constitution. I will have to concede there, the patriot act in particular was a blatant attack on our civil rights.
    I still don’t think our government will hiring a foreign military to eliminate us though. You say that I’m “naive as to what a psychopathic government will do” but I think you should check the history books again yourself. One of the prime features of prior genocidal governments has been seclusion form the outside world. The patterns through out history are simple:
    1. Close off the country’s borders, slowly begin an attack on civil rights.
    2. Turn the population against a particular ethnicity (Jews, Serbs, Muslims etc.)
    3. Unleash the military upon your chosen ethnicity. Your brain washed troops will have no qualms about slaughtering them all.
    For instance, ten years prior to the holocaust the Nazi party began a campaign of oppression. Anti-Jewish programs were executed, the free press was suppressed and a picture of Hitler had to be hung on every wall. By the time the war had started nearly the entire population hated the Jews. The had no problem with executing them.
    Now lets compare this to America. I suppose that you could argue that the governments plan to disarm us is a sign, but who is the target? All the Southern states? The Northern ones? Christians? It simply isn’t feasible for them to eliminate the entire population, yet they have not tried to turn us against a specific ethnicity or religion.
    As to the 0.4 hollow points, governments have always had an obsession with stock piling ridiculous amounts of weapons and ammunition that they can’t use. What are nuclear bombs good for, other then gathering dust? These hollow point rounds have a much better chance of seeing use. For instance, lets say China plans to invade the U.S. (they aren’t, this is just a fictional scenario for the sake of the argument). But the Chinese leader sees that America has recently purchased two billion hollow point rounds. They reevaluate there plan of attack, because unlike nuclear missile these munitions will actually be used, and are quite likely cable of putting a dent in the Chinese military. So a war will be put off, without the firing of a single round.
    Do you think the government would let us know they where stockpiling these bullets if the above argument wasn’t the case?

    Well, I guess that’s it. Sorry about the (ill placed?) humor in my last post, I couldn’t help myself.
    Cheers again,
    Still a King-leader,

  9. Well, King-leader Morgan, I fully agree with all the moral points you mentioned, however, you are somewhat naive as to what a psychopathic government will do.

    This “government” has purchased 1.6 to 2 billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow point and .223 ammo. Hollow point can not be used under the Geneva Convention in warfare and DHS operates internal to our boarders (or is supposed to). This is not the type of ammo used for target practice, yet it is enough to kill every man, woman, and child in America four times over. So how do you think DHS is going to use the ammo?

    Also, in case you haven’t noticed, what part of the Constitution does the Federal and State governments follow? Really, please let me know.

    To respond to your quest for motive, remember I said they are psychopaths. Go back and look at the history of Russia and China and other countries around the world where totalitarian governments formed. It’s all about power and dominance. That is the lust that feeds them.

    Would they invite foreign troops in, it’s already been done in America in the past with Hessian troops. It would be done again for the reason Lauren stated, the majority of troops would probably refuse such orders. But, I say not all of them. But even so, this would make it very messy to have a split military and could ensure failure on the part of our illegitimate government. Therefore, ship our troops out of country and bring in foreigners who have no hesitation in killing Americans.

    I can appreciate the point of humor in your last paragraph except for the seriousness of our position. God help America!

  10. I have to admit that this page struck a cord.”Help snipers kill the enemy”? That’s just sick. I don’t want to help anyone kill anything, much less another human being. I have other more specific comments, listed below.

    Roger said: “Currently in America there is a “governmental” push to disarm the American public so they can turn the troops and the DHS on the public and slaughter us.”
    Erm… I don’t think that’s the case. What motive could the government possibly have to kill us? And do you really think that a couple of guys armed with M-fours would really stop an attempted genocide anyway?

    Lauren said: “send in foreign military members who will have absolutely no trouble taking our guns from us.”
    I’ll pretend for a moment that the government actually wants to kill us all for the sake of the argument. Now lets say that the government REALLY wanted to disarm us before launching this massacre. Do you really think that they would invite in a foreign power to do it? That would be tantamount to inviting an invasion force right through our borders!

    Lauren said: “they will have trouble trying to revoke our right to bear arms and remove guns from their own country men”
    I’m pretty sure its against the constitution to murder us all as well.

    Steven said: “These guys are saving American lives”
    What do you mean, “saving American lives”. I wasn’t aware there where any non-militant Americans living in Afghanistan.

    Steven said: “You and I don’t really have a say whether they are there or not”
    Yes we do. Its OUR military. When we aren’t allowed to voice opinions about what it is or is not doing America will have fallen to totalitarianism.

    No, you have got it all wrong. The real threat is the Japanese drilling machines, being mass produced as we speak, that will carry troop to invade America. We must cover all the bare dirt around the country with three foot of cement to counter this menace!
    King-leader Morgan

  11. What perverted reasoning, Lauren and Steven. Lauren, you are making my point. Our troops have no business in foreign countries. They go to foreign countries because they were told to illegitimately. Enough of them will fire on Americans because they are told to illegitimately. China has recently offered to help disarm Americans, so what are our troops doing in foreign countries fighting fraudulent, phony wars on myths? Our troops are being severely abused and weakened and I do not support this abuse!!! I am well aware of the plan to bring in foreign troops. In fact, they have been training in America for years. That is why all our troops in these phony wars need to be here at home to do the job intended, defend America.

    Steven, maybe you think you don’t have a say but I certainly do and so do all other Americans. The streets of American cities were filled with thousands of protesters to end the fraudulent war in Vietnam until finally Nixon fulfilled his promise. In the name of America, three point two million Vietnamese were killed, the land raped, and fifty eight thousand American GIs were killed. What for? Well, because of a lie (the Gulf of Tonkin) so that bankers could be enriched. What did the American people get? They got dead/crippled sons, brothers, husbands. Americans also got broken families, debt, inflation, and slavery. What we can do is inform the troops that they are following immoral and unlawful orders and to refuse such orders as they are require to do. What the troops can do is refuse the orders and they will be sent home pronto. Having snipers kill people who are defending their country from an invading foreign force will just create more killing. It is insanity!

    I noticed neither of you commented on the fact that the American government has been overthrown and we have an illegitimate government commanding our troops. The chief joints of staff have informed congress that they will go to war if the U N says they can. Our president has told the nation that he will bypass congress to accomplish what HE wants. So we are now under foreign and dictatorial rule.

    I say, snipers lay down your guns and refuse to take unlawful orders. You will be shipped out along with all the other troops who do the same.

    Once again wise up.


  12. In before the crapstorm.

    Roger, you miss the point. These guys are saving American lives. You and I don’t really have a say whether they are there or not, but we can do something to help them come back safely.

  13. Adopt A U.S.Soldier is another great organization.

    Roger- While I do agree with your statement in regards to America being on the verge of civil war, I feel that it is much more unlikely that our own US Military is going to take our guns from us, they will have trouble trying to revoke our right to bear arms and remove guns from their own country men. Consequently I feel that as a far more plausible solution in order to keep rebellion to a minimum, the US will make a deal with the UN about removing firearms from our homes and send our troops to other countries and instead send in foreign military members who will have absolutely no trouble taking our guns from us.

  14. Mr. Dolbee

    I am a firm NON-supporter of our troops and the illegal, immoral, unlawful war OF terror imposed by America on foreign countries.

    Helping Snipers Kill the Enemy …really? The enemy is within. It is within the psychopathic minds of those that have overthrown the government of the U.S. America is on the verge of civil war and economic collapse while you are fighting a war that doesn’t exist…wonderful!

    Not one troop who follows unlawful orders should be supported to do so. Not a single American troop should put himself in harms way to fight an illegitimate war. Troops who return home, many seriously injured, are often neglected by their “government”.

    Currently in America there is a “governmental” push to disarm the American public so they can turn the troops and the DHS on the public and slaughter us. Are you willing to follow those “orders”? The “government” (DHS) considers veterans terrorists, also. Learn both history and current events before sending out messages such as your last one.

    Support America in peace not perpetual war that enrich the bankers and enslaves Americans. Wise up!


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