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On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My True Love Stored Some Hardware

Need a place to stash your handguns on a long trip? Maybe you have limited closet space and need something to lock your guns up. With the help of a padlock, you can keep unwanted hands off your hardware while keeping your guns dry and clean in storage. Full sized steel safes are excellent, but you can’t exactly throw them in the back seat every time you run to the store.

Under The Seat Handgun Case
Under the Seat Handgun Case

These cases don’t just fit under the seat, you can fit them almost anywhere! This case is perfect for throwing a couple handguns in to take to the range, or to your next hunting adventure. This ultra-thin case is small enough to slide behind a dresser or other piece of furniture, while keeping your guns safe from burglars or other prying eyes. Don’t get caught with your guns out in the open. Guns left in open air have a tendency to rust over time. Always store your firearms in a dry place, and keep them well oiled. A well-oiled gun in a proper case will last for a lifetime, and at this price, there is no reason not to let all your handguns have a home of their own. The plastic injected molded case holds two full-sized handguns with accessories. The case features an over-sized handle, secure latches, egg crate-style foam, and slide locks with holes for a pad lock, to secure your handgun. Inside case measures 14×8.5 inches and weighs just over a pound.

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