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On the Third Day of Christmas, My True Love Prepared For a Disaster


What the heck is a WaterBOB, and why does everybody need one? Imagine a local emergency arises and a chemical spill contaminates the water supply. Perhaps a hurricane the size of Texas came barreling up the coast. Aside from causing massive damage on a biblical scale, it washed all that sewage up from the underground water system. Now sludge comes out of your pipes and you have to boil your water before you can drink it. I have better things to do with my time than watch water boil. This would be a bit more of a chore since the electrical service is probably off too. You might even find yourself standing in line for bottles of water at a local government distribution site. Watching people fight over a few bottles of water is not my idea of a good time. One bad day tangling with Mother Nature and society can go back to the Stone Age.

Now imagine you were one of the smart ones and filled up your WaterBOB just before the disaster. You now have 100 gallons of fresh clean drinking water right out of your bathtub for the next month. WaterBOBs are perfect for many situations, such as hurricanes, tropical or winter storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and of course, zombies. No standing in the handout line for you; you have everything you need for a bug-in scenario. Anytime there is a water main break or flood conditions, the public water supply may be contaminated and unsafe to use, but you took care of that with the WaterBOB.

Constructed of heavy-duty 10-mil food grade Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic, the WaterBOB follows and stays within U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines. Before a disaster hits, simply place the WaterBOB in any standard bathtub, attach the fill socket to the faucet, and fill the bladder to capacity. You will have 100 gallons of fresh water in about 20 minutes. Use the included siphon pump to dispense the water into jugs or pitchers. Purchasing and storing 100 one-gallon jugs in your home would take up an enormous amount of space; the WaterBOB simply takes up one of your bathtubs.

Manufacturers constructed the WaterBOB to store water up to four weeks. Make sure you fill it up in the bathtub. A full WaterBOB weighs over 830 pounds and will need the support of your tub. Other uses for the WaterBOB include RVs and campers for storage, and for homes and cabins in remote areas where it is hard to find fresh water.

Don’t get caught being thirsty during the next disaster, and fill those stockings with WaterBOBs today! And, on this third day of Christmas, my true love prepared for a disaster with… 3 WaterBOB’s 2 Cases of fruit and dessert MREs and… a Cheaper Than Dirt gift card!

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