On the Second Day of Christmas, My True Love Practiced for Top Shot

If you want to be Top Shot one day, you’d better start throwing tomahawks now. These tricky devils have been the downfall of many a class-A pistol champion who had never tried throwing one before. Your friends at CheaperThanDirt! are here to save you from embarrassment with a special deal on throwing tomahawks. During the 12 Days of Christmas sale, you get two throwing tomahawks for $30, with a limit of four per order.

The design of these tomahawks replicates the weight and dimensions of the units issued to our troops during the Vietnam War. They were mostly used to chop through the dense jungle and help build defensive fortifications. I was unable to find any confirmed instances of tomahawks thrown in combat in Vietnam, but maybe it did happen during some “Black Ops.” You gamers know what I mean. These tomahawks feature a hardwood handle and 440 stainless steel axe head painted black. The axe side of the head measures 7 1/2-inches wide, and the opposite side is a sharp pick. Overall these tomahawks are 12 5/8-inches tall.

Here’s the part where you’re expecting a little line at the bottom stating “intended for display only” or something like that. Nope! These tomahawks are not intended for hanging on the wall, they are intended to be thrown! They aren’t engraved with fancy designs or nickel-plated to look pretty, but they are balanced perfectly for throwing. Its harder than it looks, so start out with a wider wooden backstop than you think you need; old pallets work great. If the handle hits first and the tomahawk doesn’t stick, it can bounce back farther than you think, so start out with about 10 yards between you and your target. Put your hand at the bottom of the handle, focus on where you want to hit, and bring your arm straight back. Then throw overhand moving your arm quickly forward as straight as you can! Once you have a consistent throw, you can adjust your distance carefully until the tomahawk sticks perfectly every time.  Now comes the part where you bet your friends you can get it to stick “the first time.” The fix is in, and beverages for tomorrow night are on them! The 440 stainless head can be sharpened over and over again until your tomahawk skills are unbeatable. By the time you are invited to appear on Top Shot, you’ll be the go-to-guy for the tomahawk stage!

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  1. ha the title is hilarious. my bf is so into tomahawks it is ridiculous. he even made a website all about them. (i think i linked to it in my name) hes got like seven and we have a wall covered with them. i got him one for christmas two different years

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