Dana Loesch Proclaims She’s an Armed Mom; Wants Other Moms to Speak Out

In this new hard-hitting commercial from the NRA, author and TV personality Dana Loesch lays out the position of moms who demand protection and their right to bear arms. The new ad first aired on Fox News 9/10/15.

In the ad, Loesch says gun-dismissive journalists bury positive gun stories: “If a mom puts a gun to the face of a home-invading thug, the story gets buried.” But Loesch says that media figures are more than happy to exploit tragedies in which unarmed women are victimized: “The cameras will be at the scene before the police.”

Is Loesch on target? Will her ad encourage other women to speak out for their gun rights?

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  1. I see Ms Loesch often on TV in various debates concerning gun rights, and issues concerning self defense. She is very knowledgeable and always destroys liberal retards efforts to demonize all gun owners.
    This NRA video, and another one featuring Navy SEAL Mark Luttrell are very well done, and I hope they are effective in enlisting new members and changing the perception by many citizens that guns are somehow inherently evil.

    1. That’s the smart way to do it, Monica.

      Maintain every advantage. If they don;t know you;re packing, you have already gotten the upper hand.

  2. She’s right. The Liberal tame media always calculates every story to advance the Liberal anti-gun agenda.

    People, male and female, have the right to protect themselves, but the Liberals, and their butt kissing media, want everyone to be a victim because that gives than and the government more power over them.

  3. In a week lets count how many responses are from women.

    Me? male.

    Next post down the page? I will be PC and not guess.

  4. I’ve seen the video and agree with her. Women are targeted by criminals more than men. Unfortunately, these crimes are horrific and have tragedic results.

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