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Dalton Gang Gun up for Auction!

What if you could own Billy the Kid’s Winchester 1873, or Wyatt Earp’s Colt Buntline Special? Holding a piece of history in your hands is an intriguing thing, and owning it is even better. Rock Island Auctions is giving everyone the opportunity to own a piece of history. Bob Dalton was the leader of the infamous Dalton Gang, a group of robbers and thieves that specialized in bank and train robberies in the old west. Next month on September 7-9, RIA is auctioning off his sidearm, which townspeople took from his hip when they killed him during a botched robbery attempt. The gun comes with an incredible amount of documentation including pictures, newspaper clippings, and other information surrounding the famous Coffeyville raid where several members of the Dalton Gang perished in the shootout.

The Colt Single Action Army has the serial number 147311 and Dalton had the gun sent directly from Colt using the alias A.E. Williams. The Dalton Gang wanted to outdo the James Gang and ordered a matching pair of Single Action Army pistols for each gang member complete with pearl grips and factory engraving. This reflected their flamboyant style since this level of panache was typical of the Dalton Gang. After the shootout, Bob Dalton’s pistol remained in Coffeyville at the Dalton Gang Museum for many years until recently when the owner made it available to private collectors. We are all waiting anxiously to see what this auction will bring in—if only I could find an extra 400 thousand bucks lying around!

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