Dallas Mayor Wants NRA to Find Another City for 2018 Convention

147th Annual NRA convention logo

Due to recent national events, the pro tem mayor of Dallas said the National Rifle Association should move its annual convention from Dallas to somewhere else, believing, “It’s not appropriate for the group to meet in Dallas in May because there’s so much gun violence in the United States.” 147th Annual NRA convention logo During a recent news conference, Mayor pro tem Dwaine Caraway said, “It is a tough call when you ask the NRA to reconsider coming to Dallas, but it is putting all citizens first, and getting them to come to the table and elected officials to come to the table and to address this madness now.” Continuing Caraway said, “At the end of the day, we need to connect the dots. The NRA needs to step up to the plate, and they need to show leadership.” Currently, the 147th annual meeting of the NRA is scheduled for May 4-6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. Moving an event of that size would be a monumental task considering the 80,000+ expected attendees and hundreds of vendors. According to reports, Dallas would lose out on about $40 million worth of tourism and related money that would be generated by the NRA convention.

Mayor Caraway’s declaration is somewhat out of character for Texas’ firearm friendly reputation. However, times may be changing. Two years ago at the NRA Convention, candidate Trump promised he would never go against the Second Amendment. Last year at the convention, President Trump promised the “eight-year assault” on gun owners was over, adding “You [gun owners] have a true friend and champion in the White House.” However, in the past week, President Trump has directed Attorneys General Jeff Sessions to ban bump fire stocks, and stated he would support enhanced background checks.

Pro tem Mayor Caraway, represents Dallas’ fourth council district
Mayor pro tem Dwaine Caraway
Pro tem Mayor Caraway, who represents Dallas’ fourth council district, said he supports the Second Amendment but also wanted tighter rules for assault-style rifles. How that melds with telling the NRA it needs to holds its convention elsewhere is beyond most. How that fits with Dallas has been a head scratcher to many as well.

Sale ends July 21, 2019

Sale ends July 21, 2019

“We should not allow people to possess assault rifles and weapons,” Caraway said Monday. “While we are worrying about terrorists, we’re living in a terrorist society amongst us Americans today,” said Caraway.

NRA Response

An NRA spokesman rebuffed Caraway’s calls, stating the NRA had no intention of moving its 2018 convention. “No politician anywhere can tell the NRA not to come to their city,” Andrew Arulanandam of the NRA told local ABC affiliate WFAA. “Dallas, like every American city and community, is populated by NRA members.

“Our members work in fire stations and police departments. They save lives in local hospitals and own businesses in communities, urban and rural, throughout this country.”

Are you surprised at the Dallas politician’s remarks? Is President Trump justified in his remarks or reneging on his past promises? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. We need to repeal the gun free school zones law
    We need to hire armed guards for the schools
    That will stop school shootings
    Gun control will do nothing to prevent future school shootings

    1. Almost all major cities of a certain population density are liberal strongholds. The trick is to have enough rural population to offset these areas. I live in MD. The liberals seized power a while back. We don’t have enough rural population to change things. The Two most populous counties and the City of Baltimore have dictated politics for the State forever but the radicalization of the Dem. Party is relatively recent. As other areas in the state become more densely populated they too will turn liberal.

    2. This country is headed in the wrong direction FAST, we’ll be like Europe if something don’t change soon and I’m beginning to think this is what the system wants!

  2. I believe that the Annual Corporate meeting is part of the Convention. This cannot be canceled due to Federal Law. That is why while the general convention in Denver after Columbine was canceled, the annual meeting was still held, and misrepresented by the fat guy in his fake documentary. This ‘official’ does not have the power to force this, so it is all grandstanding; like so many others.

  3. Actually, most people do not understand what the “comprehensive background check system” that the Democrats want is not a background check on every sale. What they want is a background check along with a federal registration document so they can track every weapon in the nation at all times. This is what they do in countries ran by tyrants. The bizarre thing about our country is that we have an individual right of self defense. If you go back and read the 4 Democratic justices on the Supreme Court in Heller argued that the constitution did NOT give Individuals the right of self defense. People actually think the Constitution gave them the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. Wrong, never mentioned in the Constitution, dare you to find it, it was in the Declaration of Independence, which did not give any rights to anybody, just a declaration in writing that told the British to kiss off that we were rebelling and would seek those freedoms by force, with guns and killing which we as a group of militants did. We killed a bunch of them just to get away so we could later create our own form of government, which we wrote down in a document later called the Constitution. What the gun ban is about is chiseling away at the individual right of self protection. If you have a hoard of gangsters attack your house, your little 9mm is not a match for multiple attackers. I am not a fan of AR rifles. you said you had an AR, but did not even specify caliber. I suppose you are aware that they now make that gun in 66 different “hunting” calibers. Like 243, 308, 17 HMR, etc. You knew that right? And also, that for a decade now the ARs have been the single favorite for hog and coyote hunting in most states that have a hog problem. Just saying, the background checks are already required for 100% of all new guns, and are required for 100% of all guns transferred across a state line. It is already a felony for you to give a gun to your grandson if he lives in another state, unless you go through a dealer. What they want to do is make it a crime for you to give your son or daughter any gun, unless you take them down and have a background check ran on them and then have both your child and that gun put into a federal tracking database that will also be linked or cross checked with private medical records. You may recall, that is exactly what Joe Biden, said, that in an police call they could check and know exactly what guns were in your house and exactly what medications everybody in that house were prescribed. He called it officer safety, because if the house showed an AR at that address and something like prozac or xanex, they could automatically send a swat team. That speech was about 2 weeks after Newtown. Do you really want your medical records and gun records on line for your local cops to access? Just saying, what they propose is pretty bizarre. That is why all those progun groups sound so goofy, people like you do not understand what is really in their proposal. FYI I have never given a dime to the NRA, however, I am gong to do so this year, and scrap my other charitable donations. Because it really does matter.

    1. Thank you OldGringo. I’m sure it was an illuminating comment for many people and a true representation of what is to come if liberal anti-gun grabbers are given an inch in compromise or even their version of “common sense”. I would only add that regulating a gun or really anything based on it’s aesthetics (plastic parts) is foolish, absurd and unsustainable. It is devised to open the door for further limitations, period. It’s not even about what the AR is used for or “public safety”. Thanks to Obamacare, the government now has access to your medical records by design. How they are used and misused and/or lost is something they don’t want you to question. Finally, as a Life Member of the NRA, thank you for your donation and hopefully a membership. We are not fighting for our guns here, we are fighting for all our freedoms that are unique to this experiment called America. Because we know, and history has proven, that once you lose one right you are destined to lose them all and once that happens don’t think a change in presidents will get any of them back.

  4. The NRA is/was the best friend gun owners have.I add the was because their inability to move away from issues that most people in this country (including many gun owners) support they are in danger of becoming irrelevant. I am thinking specifically of things like bump stocks and background checks. Wake up, smell the coffee and read the polls. The majority of americans (the same ones that will elect the next congress) are getting sick of seeing their kids killed in school shootings (and all the other mass shootings). I own an ar-15 and want to keep it. The NRA is not helping.

    1. Roy, the NRA is just about your only hope for keeping your AR-15; and for allowing similar “assault” rifles to be sold to others. If you’re not an NRA member you’d best sign up as soon as you finish reading my reply. Rasmussen reported just today that only 33% of voting citizens “attribute the [Parkland] deaths to a lack of adequate gun control.” Just because a few left-fringe folks are shrill does not mean that they’re numerous.

    2. I second what Jim said. But will go further and say that it isn’t about keeping your AR. It’s about keeping all your semi-automatic guns, in the near term and all your guns if anti-gun liberals are given an inch in compromise. NO ONE wants to see more shootings or more kids dying but banning anything has never worked for it’s intended purposes and it usually has opened the door for greater loss of life in the case of guns. Read OldGringo’s post if you want to know about the background check issue. We all want to keep guns out of the hands of bad people. The poll that says that 97% of people want background checks is actually true but it didn’t inform of current system or define what “universal” meant to the liberal pollsters, i.e. criminalizing lending to family, inheritance, and private sales. The NRA and GOA stand strong on protecting your personal right as it was written, meaning no infringements but they have already compromised in backing the NICS system exactly because of the shared goal of keeping guns out the hands of prohibited persons, even knowing the liberals would try and expand on that list, which they have, i.e. domestic violence misdemeanors, etc. The NRA is helping you more than you know.

  5. There was a time when the differences of opinion, the desire for freedom and fair representation was a very sticky and dangerous subject! It was called the American Revolution and “We The People” were now becoming a Nation. If you don’t believe in all that has been done and all the rights we have protected by the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and all the millions who fought and died for those same freedoms! You are free to leave because of all those very same reasons!
    Fire the bum!

  6. Don’t go where you’re not wanted. Move the convention. Somewhere like Houston will be happy to help make the massive changes necessary.

    Be sure and give the reason for the move as the Mayor’s request.

    After loosing the city $40 million in revenue, you can deal with the new mayor next year.

    1. I’m with You Joe. Money talks. And for all the companies dumping the NRA brand They wont see any of my dollars. Its horrible what has happened at these schools, I cant even imagine going through that but not caused by law abiding gun owners.

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