Cybersecurity Act and the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act

New Jersey Democratic Senator, Frank Lautenberg has helped introduce two new pieces of anti-gun legislation. Lautenberg authored two bills in the past attempting to close the “gunshow loophole” and the “Terror Gap.” He was co-sponsor of the Brady Law and wants the Assault Weapons Ban reinstated. Senator Lautenberg says, “The American people demand and deserve strong, common-sense laws to prevent gun violence.”

The Cybersecurity Act

On Thursday, July 26, 2012, the Senate passed an 84-11 vote to move the Cybersecruity Act forward. The Act is to help prevent cyber terrorism on America’s infrastructure such as water departments and our power grids. The Cybersecruity Act would make critical private industries meet security standards set down by the Department of Homeland Security. Soon after approval to move forward, so was the approval to allow the addition of amendments to the bill.

Along with Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer from California, Jack Reed from Rhode Island, Bob Menendez from New Jersey, Kirsten Gillibrand from New York, Chuck Schumer from New York, and Dianne Feinstein from California introduced S.A. 2575, a large capacity magazine ban, to the House of Representatives to be added to the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. The wording of the amendment does not define what high capacity means.

S.A. 2575 states, “Except as provided in clause (ii), it shall be unlawful for a person to transfer or possess a large capacity ammunition feeding device. Clause (i) shall not apply to the possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device otherwise lawfully possessed within the United States on or before the date of the enactment of this subsection. “ The vote to include S.A. 2575 on the Cybersecurity Act or not is expected next week. If S.A. 2575 gets included in the Cybersecurity Act, and the Cybersecurity Act passes, it will be illegal to produce new high capacity magazines. The White House has supported the Cybersecurity Act, stating, “The Administration strongly supports Senate passage of S. 3414, the Cybersecurity Act of 2012.”

The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act

Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York has joined Lautenberg in introducing the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, which would prevent online sales of ammunition and force dealers to report large sales of ammunition to local police. Lautenberg says, “If someone wants to purchase deadly ammunition, they should have to come face-to-face with the seller.” The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act would also restrict individual ammunition sales, requiring ammunition be purchased only through licensed dealers, force buyers to present photo ID at the time of purchase, ban online and mail order sales of ammunition, require dealers to keep records of all sales of ammunition, and require dealers to report people who buy more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in five days.

What do you think of these two anti-gun bills? Tell me in the comment section below.

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Comments (57)

  1. Draft a law that says the all LE has to comply with all gun laws as individuals with no special rights for them and theses laws will just go away.
    All this does is support the militarization of the po-po. How soon will our cities resemble early 60s Berlin?

  2. This a end run by the anti gun crowd to control guns.
    You can have all the guns you want, just can’t buy ammo to shoot them.
    This and Bloomberg’s state initives will blind side us.

  3. I cannot buy ammo locally for some of my firearms, no one within 100 miles sells those calibers. And when I stock up for my range trips, I usually buy by the thousand (in each of several different calibers). Buying at my local store would cost up to three times as much.

    Oh well, I had better place a lot more orders before these idiots make it illegal. Liberals make it so desirable to stock up on firearms and ammo.

  4. Hmmmm how many rounds did his magazine hold???? Oh thats right its 100 not 1000! 1 properly placed round could kill multiple people…1 round of 30-06 could kill 10 people lined up. Its all or none. leave things alone. My point is this restriction will only hurt law abiding citizens from buying at low prices and also prevent normal people from protecting themselves against their corrupt government and rioters when the government allows our economy to collapse. Boycott this bill and more irrelevant government control period!!!!

  5. I wonder if they ever stop to think about the economic destruction absurd “bans” like these will produce. All manufacture of “high Capacity” magazines will be forced to stop. Jobs will be lost, business’s closed, on-line retailers gone. That will be americans out of work, again. Not to mention the cost WE as tax payers will endure because of the ammuntion “bans” requirments. Forms will have to be created, call centers formed, and tons of useless paperwork will be needed. We will be paying the bill so no worries on they’re part. Responsible americans that own and enjoy firearms always seem to get the shit-end of the stick. Not that i need a 100 rd drum or to buy 5000 rounds at once, but, what about shooters that do? Competition shooters will burn thru 5000 rounds in days. I have shot rifles with high capacity magazines for 2 reasons. It was enjoyable and i spent less time reloading. The people that want these types of things to do harm to others WILL get them, legally or illegaly, they dont care. Our politicians are slowly but surely finding a way to take away our rights, freedoms, sports, lively hood, well, you get the point. They do not care what the effect of these new “bans” will be overall. I hope someday our elected officials realize they work for us. I hope someday we as americans realize they work for us. We pay those outlandish sallaries. What do they hope to gain from these new bans besides another stepping stone in dis-arming the “sheep” they assume us to be.

  6. Good points made by all the above. I just got my concealed carry last Saturday, and thru-out the class, I’d catch myself reflecting how ironic that the 2nd amendment should supercede the class I had to sit through. Why can’t all these criminally like minded folks just trade-in their firearms for Depleated Uranium CarHardts w/nonflamable ear plugs, and use IEDs. That would give them much leeway in weapon power, portability, be very concealable, and take the pressure off law abiding people who want to protect themselves, shoot and/or reload for sport or personal gratification, or hunt, whether for sport, or meat. When I was barely a teenager, I would walk or bike down the roads near my home many times with a Winchester model 42, and a Hi Standard HD Military, someimes an old Savage/Stevens .22 scoped auto loader w/nylon stock(don’t remember the model),and sometimes a Colt 1911 in.38 Super. I’d go down to the creek, and throw cans and bottles upstream, and fire away, standing on the old one lane wooden bridge, while leaning out against the iron rail each time a car would pass. I’d usually just wave at the approaching vehicles as they slowed to take the old rickety bridge.sometimes I’d wind up at a friends house for the afternoon, and just lay them on their bed while we’d watch TV, and raid the ice box. Boy, times here in Boomhower, I guess everywhere have certainly changed. Just a little here and there, over time. I used to take the 12 ft V bottom w/ 3hp West Bend motor, and go anywhere on the lake I wanted, from about 9 or 10 years old on. You can’t do that nowadays either. God help us all. Boomhower, Texas will never be the same.

  7. Talk about sneaky, they didn’t just put it in one time under S.A. 2575 but in fact 3 times!!! By Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. [NJ] under S.A. 2575 and also by Sen Leahy, Patrick J. [VT] under S.A. 2576 and S.A. 2577

  8. ILL hunter, I respect a person owning a gun/guns/small stock/large stock of ammo for their own reasons but don’t let them make this a debate about joy shooting skeet, sporting clays and or hunting. Keep your politicians on message about our right to bear arms. Stand firm in protecting your rights.

  9. I shoot trap, skeet and sporting clays. In an average weekend we can run through 400-500 rounds of shotgun ammo. I buy in bulk trying to keep the ever rising cost down under %.09/shot. It’s not possible anymore. These proposals will make it impossible at any price, making my shotguns expensive ornaments.The loss will trickle to the clay target manufacturer, the range operator, the ammo manu. the gas I use to drive and the tolls I pay to get there. Vote out incumbant, set term limits. Government has gone amuck. See what Texas did, Cruz will help change the Senate.Elect new conservative representatives and tell them what you expect. Support for the Constitution and decreased government spending.

  10. to see where we currently are re the State, check out youtubes:
    1 are we safer?
    2 a 4 or 5 part extended-version of above: frontline top secret america (its a washington post expose’, by a pulitzer prize winner, & a top-notch researcher)
    3 open carry a gun, don’t talk to a cop (basically 45 min lectures by a lawyer, & a cop-turned-lawyer on the SERIOUSNESS of ignoring “miranda”/ 5th amendment)
    all major heads-up to freedom-losing americans

  11. I would like to suggest that the Secrete Service & Capitol Police be limited to 10 rounds or less I mean why on earth would they need more then that. These Libs think that stopping the online purchase of ammo and requiring law enforcement notification if someone buys more than 1000 rounds in one week is going to stop some crazy wackadoodle from getting a bunch of ammo if they want they are terribly mistaken. The wack job will just either plan in advance and stock pile it 800 – 900 rounds at a time or go drive around from store to store and purchase less than 1K rounds from each place until they have the amount they want. Many criminals and wackos aren’t as stupid as Libs make them out to be. If someone is truly evil they are going to find a way to accomplish their evil deed whether or not it’s legal. Hell murder, rape, robbery, assault, kidnapping, and car jacking are all illegal but some how that hasn’t stopped those who are intent on committing these acts from committing them.

    Please call and or email your reps TODAY, I even emailed Obozo not that that’s really going to change his mind but I figured during an election he can’t hurt.

  12. “The American people demand and deserve strong, common-sense laws to prevent gun violence.”
    Which American people is he talking about? I’ve been telling them for years to get stuffed and they haven’t heard that? Also,laws stop nothing. They are just words that put an idea on paper. I’ve never seen a criminal stop because he was informed his behavior was “against the law”. On the other hand, I have seen many criminals go weak kneed and straight to tears when an actual penalty was sentenced for ignoring a law. Enforce the ones we have. There’s already enough. As in the other comments, it’s a control issue, horribly dressed up as a “safety” issue.
    Feinstein and Boxer were two of four reasons I moved away from my lovely beaches 15 years ago to start a family in a free state. I appreciate the fact that they group together in a pack formation. It makes it easier to keep an eye on their behavior and identify new recruits to their mental illness club.

  13. How is possible if your are in the military at the age of 18 and go to war you got the eighth to kill or 21 and drink all you want but the right to get weapons and ammo is impossible common give me a break

  14. They don’t seem to realize that large capacity is not a way to minimize fatalities. They want to take all arms away eventually. Next they will say single shot ( like muzzle loaders and small caliber ) are too dangerous. They government is VERY afraid of its’ citizens. This is not a safety or health issue, it’s a control of the people issue. That’s why I’m part of the American Constitution Party and running on that ticket locally (see web page).

  15. We need to put criminals in Jail, for the long haul. We need to make our streets safer. We need to reduce crime across the board.

    The best place to start is Washington D.C. – put ’em all away and repeal their moronic laws, and we’ll have all those good results I believe.

  16. The typical liberal mindset… “Stop gun crime by getting rid of these dangerous weapons.” Then of course they forget that there is a black market, and there is the fact that our border in the south is pretty much wide open because the Obama administration refuses to beef up security on the border, and instead covers it up with manufactured numbers and statements. So they ban assault weapons… and then they take it a step further and ban all other firearms and ammunition… Guess what: that open border means illegal, military grade weapons can be smuggled. And if someone is so determined to go on a shooting spree, then they’ll find a way to get to this new lucrative market for weapons, and turn up with assault rifles and machineguns that are even more deadlier than the ones they would’ve acquired on the civilian market, making mass shootings even worse because the shooter goes from shooting 100 rounds a minute to 550+ a minute. Meaning shootings like the one in Aurora, CO would be even more deadlier because since the shooter isn’t really aiming, and is just spraying lead, more people would get hit in a much shorter amount of time, and more people would die. All they’re doing is just making it harder for the law-abiding citizen to legally obtain firearms and ammunition. Just as some of those who have posted before me have said, it’s all about control and not public safety. Public safety has always been their excuse to take more power for themselves and will always be. We must remain vigilant in keeping the pressure up on Congress. Because the moment they know that we’ve turned a blind eye to them is the moment where they’ll ram a gun-ban straight through.

  17. I know I’m not the first to make this statement or one like it but outlawing anything; any weapon and or any ammunition will not keep the criminal from obtaining them. What part of this is so difficult to understand? A lot of collectors own all sorts of weapons. I believe it is their right to do so. Weapons do NOT kill people. BAD PEOPLE murder people. GOOD people only kill to protect themselves and or their families and homes. Thankfully this does not happen too often. Is any of this sinking in? All you have to do is to make sure that the BAD PEOPLE aren’t getting the weapons they are getting so easily, such as our government handing them over to Mexican drug cartels!!

  18. What a bunch of b.s. what happened in colorado was truly horrible but dont they think they should be worried about getting people jobs so they dont have resort to violence. I glad im all stocked up on ammo and reload my own so i dont have to worry about the feds taking it away.

  19. These guys that think they are safe from being gone, are not!they are walking on thin ice to hear it crack, If in fact, they keep pushing the way they are going, with gun control here, they will no longer hear the ice, This is a great nation and do not make it less, as we have pride in our nation, some that are trying to take us over that we know for sure…. God Bless America amen

  20. That’s why so many of us have stocked up before these morons decided to pass this!!
    And please remember these peoples names when their time for re-election comes up,vote them all out…

  21. So, we buy in lots smaller than 1000 rnds and purchase magazine rebuild kits.

    Or do like I plan and cast your own bullets and reload all the brass you’ve got.

  22. “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” — Rahm Emanuel

    Irish-7, I have always thought “conspiracy theories” but in fact, I just believe they are bottom feeders and strike so close to the crisis in order to advance their agenda. Either way, it show no class and in this case un-American, unconstitutional and down right shameful. We are being taken over by men and women that would have been hung for treason at the founding of our once great nation… Truth and sad.

  23. Most of the points that I wanted to make were spelled out above. Liberals just cannot let a tragedy go to waste. These morons that push for worthless gun control laws do more harm than good the average, law abiding citizen. I did not believe the initial conspiracy theorists that claimed the government used Holmes to enact more legislation, or start the process of confiscation, but I am beginning to wonder now. Worse than the politicians though, are the people dumb enough to believe them. How can anyone with more than a pea size brain, think that these measures will prevent crime? Good God, this country is in trouble!


    Keep educating yourselves and others. Why do we have the right in the first place. First they will take baby steps and make this about hunting and will convince people living in American that any sane person should ONLY have guns for sport with a lot of restrictions placed on them. Then they will take sport away. Keep your focus on the reason we are allowed to have guns in the first place.

  25. This will not do anything for someone of criminal mindset that is motivated. It gets exhausting ( and they know that) trying to spend all of our time opposing this junk. you would wait 5 days and could buy another 1k rounds.. James holmes killed 13 and injured 50 plus and he would have only needed 100 rounds.. Truth is, if he had not had a jamb many more would have died. If only one person would have been carrying this may have been stopped. Look at the statistics. Gun bans breed criminals and thats a fact…

  26. It is disappointing that they just don’t get it. People intent on doing harm will do harm. Most people have no desire to hurt innocent people like the Holmes guy did. These laws are arbitrary and capricious if you ask me & I can’t see them saving any lives… just hurting commerce, and making people pay a little more because they can’t buy in bulk via mail order. I cannot believe how different people see things. Religion, Guns, Abortion… it’s incredible. What ever happened to live & let live? You don’t like guns, don’t buy one… but why would you consider taking other’s rights away from them. 🙁

  27. No way can we give even an inch. Because inches turn into yards and then miles.
    We know the agenda of these evil people and it is total confiscation and thus total control.
    This must never happen!

    The 2nd Amendment, which protects us from a corrupt government like the one we now have, says that our right to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed.
    The very act of restricting the types of weapons, size of magazines, and amount of ammunition we can buy is clearly an infringement!
    And thus it is unconstitutional.

  28. This sneaky SOB is the same that had President Clinton pass the gun ban for anyone who was convicted of domestic violence back in 1996. This SOB needs to be voted out of office.He believes that anyone who possess a weapon is a threat.I bet his chicken shit ass carrys one for his protection.He needs to be shipped over to England if he wants no guns. This is why we seperated ourselves from the British.Go away Lautenberg, and live in the real world. Criminals don’t give a shit what laws you pass.That is why they are criminals,because they break laws like the ones you want to take away from those that should have the rights to protect themselves.He has been looking for any excuse to do this BS.

  29. I hate living in Ca. The only reason I`m still here is because my children & grandchildren live here. This is NOT the country I was raised in over the last 55 years. I would love it if we could get rid of Boxer and Feinstein BOTH in one fell swoop! This is the first step towards an occupied country. Imagine being occupied by our OWN Government. We CANNOT let this happen! We MUST NOT let this happen! Every senator that voted yes for this bill needs to be @#*%!@… or voted OUT of office. Like I said Ca. SUCKS! I can`t believe there are so many retarded liberals out here. I will likely move to Montana get some land and make a stand there! Our politicians are traitors with treasonist attitudes. There has to be a change or revolution is soon to follow.

  30. Really, the problem is we think logically, they don’t. They never believe that they are wrong, they think we are. When a shooting happens they automatically think it was one of us, they can’t see the crminal, just the gun owner. The only way to change this is to vote them out. November is just the beginning. Get rid of any of them that do not follow their oathof office.

  31. Give them an inch and they’ll use this bill to take a mile!
    what’s to stop them from saying anything holding more than 6 rounds is “high capacity”?
    and keeping records of those buying ammo is one step closer to a ban. It’s not right.

  32. I think that these obviously ignorant politicians need to just lay the hell off, the constitution exists for a reason and so does the 2nd amendment. The government is becoming more tyrannical every day, I own an AR and it is not uncommon to use several thousand rounds in a good weekend in the woods with friends, It is not going to stop any criminal from getting their hands on whatever weapons and amounts of ammo they want…. They are criminals… The government wants to regulate the average American citizen not the criminal, they want you to fear them. Every year they take more of our rights and demand more from us while making themselves less accountable to the laws they set. They want to have the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights abolished and control every part of every piece of our lives. THESE PEOPLE ARE THE WHOLE REASON THE 2ND AMENDMENT EXISTS… These are the people Americans need to defend against… This needs to end… I believe the time is nearing for true Americans to reassert their ownership of the United States, by force if necessary. ” MOLON LABE(Come and get ’em)

  33. They will never stop trying to infringe our second amendment rights,therefore we should never stop defending our rights as well.It is unbelievable that they think this bill will actually stop the gun violence in America should it become the law of the land(GOD FORBID).If they succeed in this ,next they will try to ban the ar type rifles all together indefinitely.I would like to remind everybody when columbine high school shooting occurred the so called assault weapon ban was still in place and it did not stop anything it than and it will never stop anything in the we need to show them in this upcoming election who the real boss is…

  34. This is just an effort to gain newspaper headlines to keep your name in the news so people think you are really doing something. Sad, the gun thing is just junk legislation that is really easy to avoid if one wants to buy ammo. Not to mention, some folks use several thousand rounds a week. The law was designed by some who are ignorant of the shooting sport. Sad cases of people saying they represent us.

  35. This is wrong. Someone should start a petition.

    If someone is methodically planning to commit an atrocity it doesn’t matter if they are going to buy their ammo at two-hundred rounds a day driving from store to store or if they’re going to buy it in a 20,000 round block delivered to one’s door. The ammo will still be bought. All that’s accomplished is you’ve inconvenienced the other law-abiding citizens by forcing them to drive to the store and the law-enforcement officers who have to process more paperwork. Same thing with high-capacity magazines.

  36. The people that sponsor these bills know that they won’t do a thing. They are just trying to fool people into thinking they are doing something.

  37. In ancient Japan, it was an offense punishable by death for a peasant to even lay a hand on a katana. They were weapons reserved for the rich and powerful, the samurai who served the whims of the local lords. Serfs that were caught with weapons would be executed as an example to the others.

    Our lawmakers see this as their ideal world, where only the rich and powerful have the weapons and the average person is stripped of everything except the clothes on his back. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So long as they do not control all of the weapons, they do not have absolute power. But they are trying desperately to take it. They want to control everything so badly, and they’re willing to lie, cheat, and kill to get their way. And they will not stop unless we show them that we will not let them do as they please, now or ever.

  38. I support having online security, and secure facilities such as water treatment and waste plants, but the ammunition and magazine bills are too much. The government truly does fear the people. When I buy a tin of ammo, I suddenly go on a list of people who are possible offenders in the eyes of the government. This is wrong, and it is a terror tactic as far as I am concerned. It’s not uncommon for me and my friends to burn up 1000+ rounds of ammo in a trip to the range. Since I never know when that will happen, I want to have some on hand.

  39. It sounds to me as if the senator is acting as if he is still a child. These laws do not stop a criminal.
    It seems as it is all an act of control, this has nothing to do with protecting the innocent.

  40. Those two pieces of legislation make me want to throw up.
    Luckily, as #3 jiminGA said, these laws have a snowballs chance of even being brought to a vote.

  41. I guess the next step is tracking all of us evil people who shoot NRA, USPSA, GSSF, IDPA, etc. as many of us tend to own full capacity magazines and buy a lot of ammo and reloading supplies at the best deals we can find and registering all of us. This sort of legislation is a joke. These people should have learned from the Brady Bill that all it does is drive up prices on scarce items while it does nothing to deter crime. Most criminals are not going to buy ammo online or in any other way which leaves a trace (ok, some of the ones who want to get caught or do not have a plan might but still). More political grandstanding after a tragic event which was caused more by the un-preparedness and parsimony of the theater owner than anything. Politicians would stop more crime by paying police officers better and encouraging theater and bar owners to have off duty police on duty for such events. Instead of turning the country into a mommy state (and oh yeah while you are at it why don’t all of the lawmakers pushing for this give up their armed body guards or make them carry only 10rd magazines) do something useful for a change.

  42. Point #1, All of the gun laws they pass only hurt legal gun owners like us!!! Point#2, The crooks can care less what is passed because they will get their guns and ammunition from the black market regardless. The real gun runners (The government)will make a ton of money (supply and demand.

  43. Chucky Boy Schumer is a joke. Hi is against gun, however, I have seen photographs of him on the range shooting. But, he is ABOVE everyone and is special. Well, isn’t that special. NOT. Just like that ding bat Feinstein, she has a CCW permit but it against guns. Just like Nanny Bloomberg – he wants all us “common folk” to be unarmed and at the whim of some dirtball. However, Nanny B, has his bodyguards and entourage of protection. All our politicians are a bunch of hypocrites and should be fired.

  44. This is a far more serious declaration of war on the Second Amendment than even the Brady Bill was. Rather than targeting a specific class of firearms, these bills seek to target both the ammunition and magazines that are necessary to operate ANY type of firearm (granted, various types of firearms don’t use external magazines, but the point remains valid). We have to actively fight both of these bills with everything that we’ve got. The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act will be easy for the NRA an other groups to target, but the Cybersecurity Act is extremely well camouflaged (can anyone tell me what firearms magazines have to do with cyber security?) it would be easy to pass if for no other reason than the rest of the act actually sounds beneficial. I don’t mean to sound like a doomsayer here, but things have officially become serious and we have to respond in kind, NOW.

  45. Whatever makes them feel better. It’s just like the prescription drug racket. People addicted to prescription painkillers work together to share their drugs and renew scripts with varying doctors in cycles that are undetected. Any person or group wanting to stockpile ammunition will easily do the same. Likewise, one will always be able to do their own mods or get ahold of someone else’s pre-ban high-cap mags if they really desire to do so. These bozos in Congress cannot possibly believe these Bills will be effective. They are show-boat’n to the masses before the election is all. Knee-jerk’n to the oldies such as the Brady Bill. Now on the off-chance they are just really bozos and believe they are making a difference, well then they need to be put out of office for being idiots. Actually in either case they have to go. Sorry for waffling a bit there! Hey do I qualify as a candidate for congress as a waffler?

  46. The problem in my opinion is that all these anti gun people have nothing better to do but just look at one tragedy and say see this is how every law abiding citizen that has a gun is going to turn out. Well thats just dumb look at our forefathers they did not take one incident and decide revolution, it was a course of many events that the americans of there time finally said enough. And it,s getting time once again for those of us who just try to do what were supposed to. Now please don,t misunderstand my comment and think that i,m saying go revolt,all i am saying is it,s time for us to start shuting down these B.S. bills. If we don,t then we in the end will give all our rights and guns and leave ourselves defenseless, therefore allowing anyone to just do as they please or we become a complete police state(no offence to any law or military personal)and let our congress and senators do all our thinking for us. A

  47. California tried the same shananigans about a year ago with AB 962 which would have outlawed mail order sales of “pistol ammunition”. Although it passed and was signed into law, it was challenged by the NRA and CRPA. A judge in San Diego later ruled it unconstitutionally vague. That was a close call but the author of that bill continues to assault 2nd amendment rights in CA and won’t be happy until California bans firearms altogether. Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are in lock step behind these heinous attacks on our freedoms in California. Like has been said before, as soon as there’s a shooting spree there is renewed effort to take guns away from those who didn’t do it. Aurora was a despicable and cowardly act. How different the story had a theater patron broken the law and CCW’d in the theater and fired upon James Holmes in self-defense thus averting or at the very least, reducing the scope of this awful tragedy.

  48. I have emailed both of my Senators asking them to vote against S.A. 2575 if Harry Reid even brings it to the floor (which he won’t). And since The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act is being introduced in the House which is controlled by Republicans it hasn’t got a snowball’s chance of even coming up for a vote.

    All this is proof positive that progressives still won’t let a crisis/tragedy go to waste, politicizing the act of one evil man.

    Gun/ammo control is about control, not guns and ammo.

  49. Suzanne, These two bills are just as stupid as the Brady Bill, a waste of time and a waste of law obiding shooter’s money. I find it ironic that those who introduce the bill are some of the biggest crooks in Washington stealing more money with their titles and breifcases than anyone ever did with a gun. We need to get everyone involved in this next election and get the ultra-liberal anti-gunners out of office. Once they succeed in banning guns, what’s next? Cars that go faster than 25 miles per hour, Chef’s knifes over 4 inches long, where will it end? The New York Mayor wants to ban Big Gulps! We need to end this panty waist approach to every problem with a ban and get people in Washington who understand our Constitution, and live by it; Vote a conservative ticket in November! Like the old Southern politican once said, “That’s opinion, should be yours”!

  50. Personally, I believe these politicians should take a reality pill. Does this jerkwad REALLY believe that if someone buys ammunition in person from a local dealer that it will prevent them from using the ammunition to do harm if that is their intent? Does he REALLY believe that if this law becomes a reality that a “smart” potential perpatrator will just reduce the amount of ammunition he/she purchases at a time in order to avoid being “reported”? Does this moron actually believe that LAW ABIDING citizens, in general, are out to pull off similar acts of violence? These people are so upside down in their thinking that they will never “get it”. I wish they would all just crawl back under the rocks that spawned them and leave the law abiding general public alone. Because trust me, if there ia a law on the books, there is a way to get around it, without actually breaking it.

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