Crosman Airguns and Airsoft Not Just for Kids

Crosman airsoft and air rifles introduced many new products for 2012 at the SHOT Show. In fact, there is something for everyone from the serious air rifle hunter, the competitor, to the young girl just getting started, and even for those of you training for the zombie apocalypse. Here are my favorites:

Desert Rose Lever Action BB Gun

The Desert Rose lever-action BB gun is a great way to introduce young ladies into the shooting sports. It has a pink hardwood stock, metal receiver and a cross bolt safety. The Desert Rose only weighs 2.75 and will up to 700 .177 caliber BBs, so she will have plenty of fun without having to stop and reload all the time. It is perfect for target shooting, plinking, and for teaching safe firearms handling.

U.S. Marine Corps Task Force ST6 Airsoft Kit

In 2011, Crosman received a licensing agreement with the United States Marine Corps to design and make U.S. Marine Corps branded airsoft gun. For 2012, Crosman releases 22 new products under the U.S. Marine Corps branded line. These airsoft guns are for players to engage in real like, military-style skirmishes. Airsoft is also popular for training purposes. What better way to train than with U.S. Marine Corps branded products? The KT03 Task Force 6 package, one of the new products for 2012 includes a rifle that shoots full or semi auto, a spring-powered, single-shot pistol, and a holster. The airsoft rifle holds 500 plastic BBs and shoots up to 200 fps. All the U.S. Marine Corps airsoft guns include dog tags that have a secret code that unlocks a network of other airsoft players and a special introduction to the Marine Corps.

CenterPoint ActionCam

CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors optics have two new ActionCams that mount to any air gun or air soft gun. They offer full color video at 720 DVI and audio with a variable field of view. The ActionCam allows you to record all the action and then play it back on either a MAC or PC computer. It has a 2.5 hours recording time with a 4G memory card and includes a rechargeable battery. The ActionCam weighs less than five ounces, adding little bulk to your gun. As they say, “if there is no picture, it didn’t happen.” Now you will have proof of everything!

Zombie Fun Kit

It should come as no surprise that I love the Zombie Fun Kit.  The kit includes:

  • Four airsoft pistols
  • BBs
  • Safety glasses
  • 16 targets
  • Target trap

Use the Zombie Fun Kit for training or just for fun with the family or friends.

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  1. Or, if you want airsoft guns that can last for more than a weekend, do some research, spend some money, and have some fun. I put hundreds of thousands of rounds through my Marui G36 before I had a failure, and that can easily be replaced.

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