Why I believe in Constitutional Carry

We all know that a criminal or someone who has criminal intent is not going to display their gun for all to see. That would be an immediate submission of guilt, would it not? It would not be very good for their element of surprise when they go to kill, rape, or rob someone. In fact, a criminal isn’t going to go through a concealed carry class to obtain a permit either. If they are a felon, they don’t even own the gun legally. Requiring law-abiding citizens to jump through hoops, pay hundreds of dollars, and take 8 to 10 hours worth of training is not going to stop bad people from owning, carrying, and using guns. Not to mention, those of us who can legally own a firearm should not have to re-earn a right we already have.

The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution gives us (who can legally own a firearm) the right to own firearms, however not to take away from State’s rights, each state is allowed to determine how and when someone can bear those firearms. The majority of states restrict how, when, and where you can carry firearms. Further, 45 states require some type of license or permit to carry a gun on your person. Illinois ignores the right to bear completely. Four states, Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, Wyoming, and parts of Montana allow those who can legally own guns to carry a gun on their person without a license or a permit. We call this type of carry, Constitutional or permitless carry.

Every state recognizes the right to defend yourself, and but almost every state restricts that right. If I pass a background check in the state of Texas to purchase a gun, I do not see how carrying that gun on my person, whether concealed or open, makes it any less safe than if I kept it strictly in my home.

I am no means an expert on Constitutional Law, but I do know we built our great country on declaring, demanding, fighting for, and protecting our liberty. The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports from December 31, 2011, there were eight million permits issued to U.S. citizens to carry a gun. Nearly half of Americans report owning a firearm. Benjamin Franklin said, “Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.” If they trust us to own them, they should trust us to carry them.

Though I have chosen extreme statics, you still cannot argue with the numbers. In 2003, when Colorado State University started allowing guns to be carried on campus, the school saw a 47% decrease in aggravated assault and robbery. On the other hand, when Chicago banned handguns in 1982, the city saw a 307% increase in aggravated assault and robbery.

Sadly, even someone who can legally own a gun can go off the deep end and commit heinous crimes with legally owned guns. I wish there was something we could do to prevent that from ever happening again, but we can’t. It is just the world we live in. Honestly, can any amount of training fully prepare you for every situation in which you would have to use a concealed handgun? No way. Because no amount of training will predict what emotions will happen. Would Constitutional Carry help prevent more innocents dying? I believe it would.

Do you believe in Constitutional Carry? Why or why not? Tell me in the comment section below.

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  1. In response to the author: A quote to start… you say:

    “however not to take away from State’s rights, each state is allowed to determine how and when someone can bear those firearms.”

    This is leftist propaganda

    Question: Where in the 2nd does it say the states have right/responsibility/ability or that it has been left to them to modify what the constitution says ? HUH?

    A STUPID EXAMPLE: the Constitution says we have the right to life, except by due process of law. Which simply means that if you are a real bad guy you can be executed you lose your right to life) when found guilty of some heinous crime. (and some states do use execution). What do you think would happen is some state passed a state law saying something stupid like: ” State police may shoot people in prison to maintain their skills by using live, running, moving targets” ? I’ll tell you what… In short order that state law would be held as UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the supreme court of the United States. I suggest all Americans READ our constitution.. (especially the Bill of Rights) the founding fathers were pretty smart people and most of what’s in there are restrictions on the government… what the government CANNOT do, what the government CANNOT infringe on. They just finished a long and costly war with a government that had NO regard for their own laws when it came to the colony of America, and they wrote this document to protect the people from the government. Actually, if you think about just how open the 2nd is, I constitutionally have the right to have an F-15 parked in my back yard along with an AI-Abrams ! LOL !!!

  2. I totally agree with you. Carrying is not a privelege, it’s a right, put into the Constitution by men who knew what government can become. I resent the fact that while the authorities can’t profile terrorists or criminals , they automatically profile gun owners, lumping us with the nut cases that are in the news. I honestly think the politicians are scared to death that at some point one of these guys is going to start shooting and an armed citizen is going to stop him with a well aimed shot. When that happens, their faulty reasoning goes right out the window. Keep up the fight.

  3. The gun issue is no problem! Our Constitution grants use the right to not only own firearms, but the right to form our own well organized Military! They considered it vital to maintain our state of freedom! Right now!-our beloved Mrs Clinton is trying to get the United Nations to take away our American rights to own guns! We can’t blame anyone other than ourselves for this threat. In fact, we’re the problem. We voted them in-in some cases over and over! All we need to do is get Obama out of Office and Mitt in. We must also be sure to get the a majority in the Senate, retire some others out of the House. Just be sure that we elect Strict Constructionist(check with the NRA for who they support)and remember this is the most critical election of our life time. Our next President will be replacing two or more Supreme Court Justices who must be approved by Congress! Get rid of all the cash you can afford and buy Silver! If Obama is re-elected,and the News Media is giving Obama a free ride to the White House,we must VOTE and make it count.I don’t want to appear a conspiracy nut but Obama is trying his best to crash America! I say this because no one could be so DUMB.We came from Rebels and are probably going to have to become Rebels. Our Freedoms are disappearing,and we are headed for a monetary crisis this nation may not survive. We are having the Military disarmed and we are the most hatted nation on Earth!All the trillions we have spent rebuilding other countries and only have two allies we can count on and Obama is stressing them to the breaking point. He is an Arab, and has no plans of helping Israel at this critical time.He is trying to secure his job and afraid of upsetting the Arabs!
    So be careful how you vote! Consider what I have said, your freedoms (away more than just guns), our dollar being printed so often that so a wheelbarrow of dollars won’t by a loaf of bread soon! Israel has counted on us, but we turn our backs as a Nuke is developed to use against us and Israel by a LARGE groups of Nations who will not hesitate to use them against their favorite enemies-the USA and Israel! May God’s will be done. I hope he will give us the right choice and the courage to vote our way back to prosperity and watch over us and the people of Israel. May God bless you, and may he bless America again!

    1. Why write a big comment? Obama is trying everything to disarm this county and it’s not for safety reasons. In 3rd world counties nobody owns guns except the bad guys and look what happens, if no one owns guns in this country well…… this says it all.

      “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

      Cesare Beccaria’s Essay on Crimes and Punishments
      18th Century Italian criminologist

  4. I believe that Constitutional carry is already provided in that document and any attempt to regulate or abridge that right is therefor, unconstitutional. I’ve read many of the comments about “the need for licensing to assure safe handling, etc.” I won’t argue that but will only ask a question. If the State of Colorado was a Constitutional carry state that forbid infringement of that right by ANY business and that had been the law there for say, 10 years, do you think the Aurora shooter would have even thought about doing what he did? If you go back and do the research, you will find that in almost every instance, mass shootings are done in so called “firearms free zones”. What that says to the perpetrator is “defenseless target rich environment”.

  5. I believe that Constitutional carry is already provided in that document and any attempt to regulate or abridge that right is therefor, unconstitutional. I’ve read many of the comments about “the need for licensing to assure safe handling, etc.” I won’t argue that but will only ask a question. If the State of Colorado was a Constitutional carry state that forbid infringement of that right by ANY business and that had been the law there for say, 10 years, do you think the Aurora shooter would have even thought about doing what he did?

  6. As with so many of our rights as granted by the Constitution, there are many, many people and organizations around the world that see those God given rights as an impediment to their desires. When a gold mine like the USA is populated with citizens that can protect themselves from criminal activity, they seethe in anger. “If only they couldn’t resist effectively, I (we) could enact our plan…”

    If that is hard to understand, just look at well over half the terra firma on this planet. Africa, China, North Korea, the list is endless. This assault on our ability to resist illegal action, whether by a robber, an insane murderer, or folks with political ambitions to install a dictatorial regime in this country is indicative of someone’s nefarious intent to rule with an iron fist. Nothing else makes any sense. The statistics overwhelmingly prove that armed citizens have a positive influence on crime. The accidental shooting statistics are infinitesimal compared to automobile accidents. Of course, there is no demand for “Car Control.”

    As with any society, there are numerous dupes that will support any ill-advised course of action. Gun Control is no exception. However, this continual Gun Control assault requires a tremendous amount of money. Where is that money coming from? Who stands to gain financially if we had a defenseless society? I think we all know that the vast majority of our elected officials are bought and paid for. When you can’t figure out why politicians do the stupid things they do, or adamantly refuse to do what everyone knows is the right course of action; just follow the Money Trail. Nothing else in Washington, DC matters except Money.

  7. I believe for one the second amendment word per word as the founding fathers meant it. And still again politicians always go through a need jerk reaction everytime something happens. I saw a story this morning about a guy slashing at people with a knife. They want to ban knives from that I am sure. In a nut shell I am law abiding. I have the right to defend my self ,family and maybe those around me. During a call I know of once I timed police response to a situation. Guess what 20 mins. It is not the police dept fault. It is time and distance with the number of officers in an area. In my my area I have the greatest respect for them as some I know personally. Also my Sherrifs dept in my and neighoring counties hartilly in endorse legal carry. Our crime rate has been on a steady decline due to the work of my Sherriff Dept and concealed carry I am certain.


  8. If you are not a convicted felon you should be allowed to carry openly or concealed. There should be no fees (taxes) to carry. I like the idea of a class for people who want to carry kind of like a hunter education class to help people understand basic safety rules, criminal and civil liabilities. Unfortunately our society has changed from a people familiar with firearms to one that their only firearms education is TV or movies (like people needing to be shot more than once to stop them because a gunshot does not throw people 20 feet when shot). Without a basis of reality too many people would have their guns used against them because their first shot didn’t “blow them away” and the bad guy continued acting aggresively. True, if someone had been armed the Aurora movie theater shooter may have given up but don’t forget he was wearing body armor and protective gear. Would someone without some basic training know how to react to that situation? Instead you would have people shooting blindly and, likely, people victims of friendly fire. Don’t forget, common sense isn’t so common anymore.

    Maybe Israel and a few other countries who require their young adults to join the military have the right idea. Everyone would have some basic training and, in the event an organized armed revolutin becomes a necessity, everyone would have standard training that would enable them to be organized and able to resist. The the government would be more interested in protecting the rights of the people than pursuing personal agendas.

  9. I just spent the best part of an hour making what I felt were good comments and ideas for protecting our Second Amendment rights to keep and “BEAR” firearms, but because I entered my physical address in the box labelled “mail” rather than my e-mail, my comments were deleted. You might want to put the “E” in front of the label “Mail” for those of us who still consider mail as associated with a physical address. Yah, I’m 61 years of age, but still feel I have some valuable ideas. I am not willing to start over and try to remember and retype it all for another hour, but if you find it, I would appreciate your publishing it. I feel it would open some eyes about our deteriorating rights. Thanks

  10. Greg,

    Ok. You’re more in the know that I am, that’s for sure. 😉

    I’m just glad that the UN Arms Trade Treaty got shot down. That would have opened a major can of worms.

    Our whole political system is a farce. As long as these idiots are catering to big money interests instead of the needs of The People the cards will always be stacked against us.

  11. Voice, the fact that while the Supremes used both the Heller case (District of Columbia Et al. v. Heller,) and the McDonald case (McDonald v. Chicago) to uphold an individuals right to KBA, they in no way modified the the collective right of “a well ordered militia”, or as you put it “armed individuals to organize and work together, as in a militia”, to KBA as well. In fact, if you go back to U.S. v. Miller (1939), their last ruling on the “collectivity” issue, the law of the land is now not “either/or”, but “both/and”. Having said that, I still don’t trust them. We are only 1 vote away from a marxist majority and after the obamacare decision, I question whether Roberts can be counted as a conservative or strict constructionist.

  12. Greg,

    I understood you. The thing I was pointing out was the part about militias. The way they are trying to say that a group doesn’t have a right to be armed gives me the impression that they don’t want armed individuals to organize and work together, as in a militia. The Second Amendment starts off by stipulating that “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,” which is implying that it would be advantageous if we organize and cooperate in order to protect our freedoms. In a way what the Supreme Court said regarding the Second Amendment not pertaining to groups is moot. Since we all have the right to bear arms the Supreme Court doesn’t have the authority to take our ‘individual’ right to bear arms away if some of us decide to organize and form a militia. I get the feeling they fear an organized rebellion. A well coordinated group is much more effective than a disorganized rabble of individuals. Against a disorganized rabble the government can simply rationalize any violent actions they take as ‘Riot Control’. Against a well organized militia that is working to prevent violations of free rights any unprovoked violent actions become aggressive provocations, which would make them look like bullies. Our government already has a bad reputation in the eyes of the world, and I don’t mean the foreign governments who they pay off for support.

  13. @ Voice of reason – I think you misunderstood the first part of my post. The Supremes, in one of their rare moments of lucidity said that the 2nd amendment DOES apply to the individual right to KBA, therefore, validating the concept of Constitutional carry. Of course, marxist city & state administrations (Chicago, Massachusetts) are still thumbing their collective noses at the Constitution in this as well as many other ways. And I agree that the Supremes have done a wonderful job of dumping on our rights. It started in the 60’s when they kicked God out of the public school system and was further fueled by Roe v. Wade, when they decided legalized murder of unborn children was a civilized practice. The examples are too numerous to list. One can only hope it isn’t too late to turn this “freight train heading for a cliff” federal government of ours around before we all go over the edge with it.

  14. 2 things – again with the whole education idea…. What is it about “right” that people don’t understand??? When something is a PRIVILEGE it comes with restrictions, conditions, etc. – i.e. driving a car. When something is a RIGHT, no one else gets to tell me how I should/should not do it!! That’s what parents are for, not the government!! Do you also want the government to mandate a religion course so that everyone is educated on which religion to choose?? Or how about a government regulated class on what people should say? OF COURSE NOT!! But freedom of religion, freedom of speech are the EXACT SAME as freedom to own and carry firearms!! The government should have absolutely no say in how I use or don’t use my rights. We are, obviously, part of the problem!! We don’t even understand the definition of “RIGHT” compared to “PRIVILEGE”!!

    The other thing, I’ve now seen a couple of comments using the phrase “God-given rights.” Owning a firearm is most certainly NOT a God-given right. Nevermind the fact that firearms had yet to be invented until a couple thousand years after the Bible was written…. Do people really think that God cares if someone owns a gun or not?!?! That’s insane. Anyone that mentions gun-ownership and God together, immediately stop listening to that person because they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. They for sure don’t have any knowledge about the Bible. God does not favor America, in spite of what many people believe. The same Jesus who told people to “turn the other cheek” would probably not tell people, “two to the chest, one to the head. No, Jesus was not defenseless and weak, nor would He expect His followers to be. But let’s not stick a gun in His hand just to justify the one in ours. In fact, it’s best to leave God out of the firearm discussion altogether. At least by those of us who are honest and genuine in our approach to this debate.

  15. The problem w/ constitutional carry is that it allows any Tom, Dick, and Harry to pack a gun even if they know nothing about how to use it. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for it and hope to see the socialist bastions of injustice and oppression (CA, IL, NY, etc.) forced to acknowledge our God given rights. My concern is that the number of people who don’t know jack about weapons will get one and think they are invincible. Once upon a time EVERYONE had a gun. It kept them fed, alive and, most importantly, free. Children learned how to shoot from their parents and in turn taught their children. Nowadays, sadly, children learn about guns from Hollywood. Guns are not the problem. The breakdown of society is. If constitutional carry comes about, I would also want to see shooting programs in all the schools and treated like any other subject. This type of thing will help to dispell the B.S. that is pushed out by the media about how to use guns and ensure that as many people as possible aquire at least some knowlegdge about firearms and respect for the responsibility that comes with it without having to have a whole liscensing system.

  16. Greg,

    The Second Amendment states:

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    There it is in black and white. If the Supreme Court wants to deny it then they are overstepping their authority. It just goes to show you that these pompous bozos think they can crap all over our rights, as set forth by the Constitution, and we’ll just have to live with it. It’s bad enough that they’ve allowed the state governments the right to effectively negate the above amendment, putting most of us at the mercy of criminals who don’t believe the law applies to them. Neither the police nor our military are in a position to provide adequate protection for us so we need to protect ourselves. What the idiot bureaucrats think we should do is pure nonsense when applied to a real world defense situation.

    As far as Civil law goes, well that’s just one big circus these days.

    I get your point but it’s this very type of situation that will bring our society down.

    ‘Nuff said.

  17. I agree with those who’ve said the 2nd amendment guarantees our God given right to keep and bear arms. The Supremes issued a ruling (2010, I think) that the 2nd amendment DOES apply to the individual right, not “group” rights, i.e., a militia. Having said that, I would warn my fellow law-abiding citizens to be aware that there are public officials, district attorneys, mayors, etc., that will use any possible excuse to prosecute someone for having the nerve to defend themselves with a firearm. If you are forced to defend yourself, make sure it is a “good shoot”. Don’t be like the idiot in OK a couple of years ago that walked up to the wounded perp lying on the floor and capped him with 3 or 4 more shots. The court standard for the use of lethal force is what a “reasonable person would do in similar circumstances”. Obviously, the preceding example was not reasonable. Also, be aware that if you use lethal force, the perp and or his/her survivors can bring suit against you in civil (as opposed to criminal) court for what’s called “wrongful death” or injury. Depending on where you live, juries can (and have) awarded large sums to the plaintiffs and your homeowners insurance doesn’t not/will not cover that. Even defending against such a lawsuit can cost over $100,000. I’m not saying don’t use firearms, just wanting all to know the risks of using lethal force. A wise person once said “forewarned is forearmed.” Hope this helps someone out there.

  18. I think your 2nd Amendment picture at the top of this page will be my next tattoo. I served in the USMC for 29 years and had two deployments to Iraq. I firmly believe in the right to protect my family and myself, and I also watch out for my neighbors. I bought my daughter a .22 pink Cricket and she is learning to use it. She will learn to be so safe with the weapon (and others) that Ted Nugent would be proud. Thank you for your article.

  19. I live in NY. I am not a felon, no criminal record, Afghan Vet, I’ve run ranges, qualified with the M249, M16 and M4. I won’t waist my time on a pistol permint in this state. So I carry a knife and buy shotguns. This state government is garabage. My wife has all the same credentials except she went to Iraq, applied for a carry and conceal and got a sportsman permit. Which means she can only carry it if she’s hunting or camping. When traveling with it, gun locked over there, and ammo locked over there. What a joke. She’s from South Dakota too, she’s furious. We are all walking victims and the cops are always late.

  20. RE: Comment #150… Jack… congratulations on becoming a US citizen!!… I too am on the path of citizenship and will be swearing my allegiance hopefully sometime in the fall of this year… I’ve been a permanent resident of the State of Michigan for 11 years now and a CCW holder and self defense firearms instructor for 10 of those!

  21. I too am from Texas and agree with Texas’ CC permit process. It is fairly stingent as compared to many states. I believe that if every state had practices such as Texas for CC that carriers, whether concealled or open, would be more educated and hopefully wiser and proficient. In my work I have traveled to many states which do not recognize Texas CC permits, but this is due mainly to Texas not accepting theirs. The reason for Texas not accepting other states is due to others are much less stringent than Texas. Many states more or less just pay a fee and they have a permit.
    It is my firm belief that a person that wants to carry a firearm should be as educated about the law and the consiquences of excessive use of force.
    I am am for a nation wide carry permitting process, but there needs to be a process.

  22. I have just recently taken advantage of two of the rights guaranteed me by the constitution and bill of rights. I began carrying a firearm and I voted, both for the first time. I just became a citizen this year. I also took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. For those who paid attention in history class, I wonder what the “Minutemen” would say about the concept of constitutional carry? It is not only a right, but an obligation! I swore to keep it!

  23. I completely agree with Constitutional Carry as it was created with the intent to protect. To this day that is what it will continue to do. Everyday we (citizens) strive to protect ourselves, our families, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens. Some people choose different ways to protect as they are not familiar with any type of fire power. However, my family and I are strong believers of of guns of all sorts. The Colorado shooting was horrific and my condolences to those effected. However, I strongly believe if just one person was carring that day in that theater, everyone would have walked out alive. That’s all it takes is one person to stand up to a ‘bad guy’ and simply say, “Yeah, I have one too. The question is I protect, what do you do?” If that gunman had a gun of any sort pointed at him, point blank (because someone stood up behind him and defended everyone in that theater), he would have never let a round off. On the off chance he didn’t care about living or dying, he would’ve been the only one leaving in a bag. I cannot stand how this government feels that everything we have and everything the founding father’s had worked for is lost. I personally feel that the anything above the State Governors should be removed from office and started over. This country was ‘Created by the people, for the people.’ Is that wat we have today? Yes, we have SOME personal property but not really. We may own our guns, but Uncle Sam restricts what we can have, how much we can have. Ammo prices have gone through the roof so that it is nearly immpossible to purchase. We may own our homes and property where they sit, but for the rest of your life you have to pay the government for it. That’s not ownership in my book, that’s a loan or borrowing. Once you “own” something you no longer pay for it. End of story. Are you willing to purchase a car and pay for it the rest of your life? Your loan is paid off, all you have is insurance and plate renewal. But wait, you still have to pay $100 a month to the company/person you purchased it from. I DON’T THINK SO. Any way you look at things Uncle Sam get’s paid. Our ecomony sucks so bad and its not the peoples’ fault. They talk about lay off’s and businesses going under, why can’t the cabinet, or anyone beyond the State Governors, and the president cut 10% of their salaries a year to put into the National Debt. Or even to the people. Our Government only cares how they’re going to get paid. Simply look at how our government handles natural disasters. We dropped everyhing to get help to Japan withing 24 hrs. It too a WEEK to get water and food to Hurrican Katrina victims. I can continue to go on and on about how I Disapprove of our government, but I don’t want to. I simply want to make it clear that I fully believe in our 2cd Amendment, and will until I die. These criminals think twice about robbery, assults, etc because they don’t know who is carring or who is not. I can tell you I will be one to carry. I will be getting my CCW before this year ends. I am looking into a Taurus or S&W 9mm, or .380. I like the feel and balence in my small hands. I know I can remain in control of either caliber and beable to defend when necessary. My fiance and I have been and the range alot and I cannot wait to go again. Thanks for listening to my ranting… lol 🙂

  24. My opinion on this is that those of us who carry responsibly should not be penalized for our actions. I be leave the constitution was written to protect the criminals not the innocent .
    whats the purpose of having a permit when we american cannot practice our rite to bear arms and protect our families from criminal , murderers and terrorist .

  25. This is an extremely difficult subject. My opinion on this is that those of us who carry responsibly should not be penalized for our actions. I’ve heard several stories in my lifetime about carrying a concealed carry. And those who do carry concealed are penalized more for violations then those who illegally carry concealed. Think about it, you have a concealed carry, you carry on you everywhere you go, you follow the law to the letter. You are on a school ground or some public event, a cop see’s your concealed carry and you loose your gun, you loose your permit, and you go to jail. You don’t have a permit and carry concealed, you loose your gun and walk away with a slap on the wrist. Criminals carry guns all the time yet are constantly allowed to walk free while us who are responsible adults carry and get penalized heavily for any such violation. A fellow concealed carry permit owner spotted a cop walking out of a coffee house and asked the cop what the law was for concealed carry, the cop went into detail what he thought the law was. His fellow officer came up and told the first officer that he was wrong and that the law was completely different, a 3rd cop appears and tells the first 2 officers that they were both wrong…. concealed carry permit or constitutional carry doesn’t matter, you’re screwed either way just because you are a law abiding citizen. In my opinion, constitutional carry or concealed carry would have stopped the tragic Colorado incident with less fatality. But the person who stopped the shooter would have been sent to jail either way and deemed out of the letter of the law. This incident could have gone 2 ways, the way it went allows for a push on a looser concealed carry restraint while if someone had stopped it, people would say we need a stricter concealed carry law and the person who stopped it was a killer….. that’s how our country was built. Half scream war, while the other half scream peace. In today’s society, more people scream peace until an incident like in Colorado occurs then they ask why didn’t anyone stop him. It’s a sad world we live in my fellow patriots, we fight for our rights, we fight for our freedom, we fight for the innocent, and then get dumped on when we do.

  26. In your article, you said:

    “The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution gives us (who can legally own a firearm) the right to own firearms”

    NO – the 2nd Amendment does not GIVE us anything. It protects the right that we already have. If our Bill of Rights GIVES us anything, then it can be taken away. The Bill of Rights PROTECTS rights we already have.

  27. I have a driver’s license in the state in which I reside. I also have a concealed carry permit in that same state. My carry permit is only valid in my home state. I cannot go into other bordering states, except for one, that will honor my carry permit. However, my driver’s license lets me drive a motor vehicle in all 50 states and even Canada and Mexico. If my home state recognizes that I am law-abiding citizen and I am eligible to carry a concealed firearm then I should also be able to carry in any other state without question, just as I am able to drive a motor vehicle in any other state without question.

  28. i’ve seen alot of dumbass comments on here. the 2nd amendment is very specific and doesn’t take a genius to understand. we all have the right to own any weapon we want for survival and to overthrow a tyrannical government if needed. (wich is long overdue)i believe everybody should openly or concealed carry without any permits/registrations on their own choosing. as long as your a u.s. citizen you have this right, felon or not. the problem is we are not strict enough on criminals who abuse this right and we definitely are not doing jack shit about stopping corrupt government officials. what happened to “the land of the free and the home of the brave? now it’s just bitches and snitches. it seems everyone is to busy fighting each other about their views and not doing shit to stop our corrupt democracy (more liberal form of communism) from taking away our rights and freedom for the past hundred years. we also shouldn’t have to register anything we own because this just adds more taxes and regulations plus gives them a list of who to confiscate from just like what happened to the british. the only reason they make these fraudulent laws is because they’re scared we will stand up and they want to conquer us before it’s too late for them to control everything in our daily lives. we need to become the republic we were intended to be. we need to control our government, not them controlling us. we’ve all become slaves to society.

  29. I think that the Second amedment is all anyone should need,the permit to carry is in violation of that and is just another way for our Government to pick our already empty pockets. If you take away guns from the law abiding and good people then only criminals have them. Many situations can be prevented if you are allowed to carry in any business, it is just common sense and our right. I know men and women of all ages (21-75) whom carry, and practice regularly. That right is anywhere you are, protect your family, loved ones and property and your self ! If you do not like to carry then dont, maybe you will be lucky and the business you are in or at will allow people to carry and someone will save you, after all what business has the right to tell you you can not protect the ones you love or even a perfect stranger… Some business will be sued over this – as well they should be.

  30. I spent 11 years in the U.S. Army. I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign AND domestic. One of the first things that Hitler did, was take away the peoples guns. Stalin did this too. One of the reasons that Japan never invaded the United States during WWII… They knew everybody had guns. Guns are the reason we won the Revolutionary War and why we’ve never been invaded (except by illegal aliens). I would love to see Constitutional carry in this country. There was less crime in the “old west”… the crooks were scared of getting shot because “everybody” carried a gun. I do believe that to carry, there should be some training required. It would be safer that way but the Constitution does NOT make that ruling. It gives EVERYONE the RIGHT to “Bear Arms.” It puts NO limitations on what, when, where, why or any other such thing. The only people that gun laws hurt are the law abiding citizens, the criminals already don’t care about the law and will still carry whatever they are already carrying.

  31. we have to pay for and take a test for a drivers licence because thats a privilige. why is it that we have to pay for and be restricted when its a right to own and bear arms. florida resident and ccl holder, and member of NRA.

  32. I still say if 40 people were packing in that theater they could have blowed the asshole away and stopped the killings.
    This kind of stuff is why I pack a gun.
    I was beat almost to death when I was 17 for no reason by 5 men at a closed gas station
    just getting a soda pop in 1973. If I had a gun at that time I may not had that problem.
    So my wife and I dont hang with big crouds ect, Kinda like your Navy Seal You guys know.
    I know a few my self and got the same asdvice from him.
    Be careful !

  33. YES! As so many have stated, it is our right and privilege, and awesome responsibility not to be taken lightly. Time and again it has been proven that the mere presence of a gun changes the outcome of the situation. I do not have a policemen riding around on my back, but I can have a sidearm with me 24/7!

  34. I strongly oppose unqualified carry. My state lacks class for permit & is thus seldom recognized. Trained shooters are a deterent to violence; untrained people with guns are a nightmare. More training, more permits I’d very much like.
    former Marine, retired cop. I’ve seen more problems over the years with improper storage, no gun records kept, children with gun access, gun in bars or parties with alcohol, felons, dopers, alcoholics, mentally ill & dishonorably discharged individuals than I’ve seen, in my modest experience, guns solve. & yes, my brother-in-law was shot & killed, my oldest boy shot, both by dopers, the 2nd a convicted felon, deported alien.
    China, Cuba, Switzerland & Israel send their soldiers home with weapons. I’d like that, too. But it does not mean that we are any more or less free.

  35. I absolutely believe in Constitutional Carry. I lived in Chicago for 15 years (left there in 1981 just before the gun ban), and would not move back there for anything due to their rediculous anti-gun laws. You would think those lame brains would wake up to the reality of the world around them and recognize their “no-gun” zone is only being followed by the law abiding citizens. The crooks and thugs love those laws! They never have to worry about anyone opposing them. To think that the police are the ones to handle these law breakers is simply to be totally naive. As good as the police may be, and I salute and honor them in all ways,they cannot respond to gun wielding thugs or dangerous situations in the split seconds needed when something occurs. That is why responsibile and trained citizens need to arm themselves so they can protect themselves and their families if needed.

    I live in Georgia, and we have more freedom to carry concealed with permits that ever before. There are very few restrictions, and even those should be removed. “No-gun zones” simply do not work…ask the families of those from the most recent tragedy in Colorado. I will carry concealed now and in the future regardless of the law. If our government decides to pass laws denying me the right to carry concealed, then that’s when I become a law-breaker. I will not let the government determine my right to defend myself and my family.

  36. “Frankly, I feel requiring one to demonstrate a basic level of proficiency with a firearm before granting permission to carry is no less reasonable than requiring a demonstration of proficiency to obtain permission to operate a motor vehicle.”

    As I said above – this is on the exact same side of the argument as those that wish to remove guns from people’s hands completely. I know you think it’s not, but that’s probably because you think you understand the argument more than you really do. Again, driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Find driving, or owning and operating a motor vehicle anywhere in the Constitution, and then you can use this argument. There is absolutely nothing about proficiency in the 2nd Amendment. By your own logic, are people given a proficiency test before being allowed to speak freely? Or before choosing a religion and then practicing it? NO! Because those things (freedom of speech and practicing a religion) are RIGHTS, not privileges!! And according to the writers of that Constitution, people have the exact same right to own and bear a firearm as they do to speak. In the argument of gun rights, it HAS to be admitted – ANY restrictions or conditions placed upon owning and carrying a firearm is AGAINST what the Constitution says. If you can’t/won’t admit that, then you may as well be claiming that the earth is flat. It has just as much logic and reason.

  37. Frankly, I feel requiring one to demonstrate a basic level of proficiency with a firearm before granting permission to carry is no less reasonable than requiring a demonstration of proficiency to obtain permission to operate a motor vehicle. That doesn’t imply a requirement to take a course, but rather to demonstrate competence. My Dad taught me to drive, but I still had to prove my competence to the state DMV. That seemed reasonable at the time and seems reasonable today. Why not the same policy for firearms? To continue the analogy, my CT drivers license is honored throughout the 50 states. shouldn’t my carry permit be as well?
    I have a carry permit in Connecticut, and the process, to my mind, is backwards. (CT is a “should issue” permit state. There are no restrictions that I know of on magazine capacity, etc. so that much is good.) CT residents are required to take the NRA pistol course and then to apply to our local police department for background check. But at no time are we required to demonstrate the ability to load, handle, and fire a weapon safely and accurately. (Don’t kid yourself that the NRA class does that. NO ONE fails the open book safety test and while you must fire a weapon to pass the test, you don’t actually have to hit a target to do so.)
    There are worst stat practices. A women taking a Front Sight class with me told me that in her state — I think it was Washington, but I could be mistaken — you simply have to pay your local PE a nominal fee and they hand you a CC permit — not background check, course, training, or anything. She got her carry permit to spite Rosie O’Donnell, never having touched a gun before and never having had any desire to. Once she had the permit she bought a gun. Only then did she realise she had better learn how to use it. Hence Front sight. But there was no requirement or even suggestion that she should from her local PE. Is that really what some of you folks want?

  38. I live in Los Angeles, CA. Need I say more. They absolutely restrict CCW permits. At one point I did have a CCW permit. However, it was issued in another county in CA. I knew the Sheriff of this county and he authorized the issuance based on passing a background check, taking a written exam and passing a firing test at the range, which I totally agree with.

    It amazes me that the general public thinks restricting weapons access to law abiding citizens will somehow restrict criminals access to weapons. As a person previously commented, one only has to look at Chicago to see what a dismal failure restricting weapons has been in that city.

    As one of my friends said concerning the Aurora travesty…the problem was that there was no one to shoot back.

  39. Since my state (Maryland)strictly limits my constitutional rights, I am forced to “carry illegally” under the state law. I take the approach that I would prefer to be alive and in violation than to risk becoming a victim due to laws that were put in place by politicians with agendas that I have not voted for and do not support. I’ll risk the penalties for illegal carry until such time as the government will acknowledge that police simply cannot be everywhere at once and cannot respond in a timely manner to all violent crime.

  40. I live in the great “Lone Star State”.I had a concealed carry permit,but let it lapse.I’m also a fed.worker ,which means I absolutely cannot carry concealed or otherwise on a military installation.
    The process in Texas is not hassle free,but do-able.Being retired military and a small arms instructer to boot ,I find carrying a side arm a burden,but worth it for the security.I would be in control of my own destiny and not some lunatic or punk.
    I believe a constitutional carry,federally mandated,would help alleviate a lot of criminal activity.
    I find it unsettling that my employers/superiors give guns and powerfull automobiles to 20-30 year old sailors with little or no training and will not even consider allowing a retired veteran employee with decades of experience to carry.
    Just as an aside,how many of you know that the Navy is the only branch of the military service that has no as in “0” specialized rating for military police.The men and women that serve as a security force for our land bases in the continental U.S.are all augmentees.
    Ah,but the root of my unease.
    Further,those of you who can carry,should excercise that right ,but train diligently and have situational awareness everywhere you go.FW

  41. I ABSOLUTELY believe in Constitutional carry. I live in Florida and while the process to legally own a gun is not overly complicated, the process was taking up to 6 months. I do not agree with the required classes, fees and restrictions on where we can carry. I believe that many States are using the process to creat more government jobs and revenue for the State. The Constitution is very clear and States that do not recognize our rights are in direct violation of the Constitution. There should not be the debates about our rights as set forth in the Constitution. We have a bunch of Liberal, Blue-Blood politicians and tree huggers that put thier own agendas before the rights and liberties of others. If you don’t believe in carrying guns, THEN DON’T and leave the rest of the Patriotic, freedom loving real Americans alone.

  42. I completely support the 2nd amandment! I went through the proper channels in the state of michigan to obtain a CPL. it wasn’t that bad but was expensive. the criminals dont bother paying to carry their handguns, only us law abiding citizens do. I am 28 yrs old, i dont carry my pistol because i fear for my life every moment, i carry because the founders intended us to be able to and allowed us this freedom. Also i carry to protect myself and my family from being a victim. like anyone else that carries responsibly, posessing without the intention of ever having to use it. thats what the range is for. on a side note: THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE VETERANS AND THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT TO MAINTAIN OUR FREEDOMS!

  43. I carried every day for 12 years when I lived in Indiana (Ft Wayne). I absolutely support Constitutional Carry, the 2d Amendment is all I need to carry a firearm. By that same measure, I shall carry weapons in kind least I am ever called upon by my country for a national emergency or invasion. US Army 1972-84.

  44. I ABSOLUTELY support, 100%, Constitutional carry. It is EXACTLY in line with the 2nd Amendment. We don’t need a license to exercise any other Amendment. Imagine the government imposing a license requirement to the 1st Amendment. That same government could then determine when you’re allowed to speak or what religion you’re allowed to practice. The 2nd Amendment is no different. According to the Constitution, as written and until changed, the goverenment has NO AUTHORITY to restrict the bearing of arms. Since they’re incapable of keeping them from criminals or stopping crime, it is IMMORAL to restrict the law-abiding of society from a common sense method of self-defense. The protection of God-given life we’re ALL guaranteed as stated in the Declaration Of Independence. Since the criminals NEVER care what the law says anyway, ALWAYS do what they want, and police are NEVER present when violent crime occurs (or in the case of Aurora, CO they are and it doesn’t matter anyway), Constitutional Carry is the ONLY proper, moral, Constitutionally aligned and common sense law that should be the standard in all 50 states.

  45. I believe in the constitutional right to carry. A criminal can easily get a gun in a few minutes a law abiding citizen sometimes weeks with restrictions.I am angered by the NC requirement that you must get 3 citizens to say you are of good moral character just to purchase a handgun. what the heck does that mean. Do I have to go to your church to qualify ? Rifles can be purchased by the dozens with no documentation from private citizens almost anywhere. Restrictions do not work, If I or any crazy wants a gun it can be obtained easily with no government knowledge. Restrictions allow criminals to carry and put up barriers to law abiding citizens.

  46. I believe in the Constiutional Carry. But why do citizens have to carry assault weapons and call them hunting rifles? We saw how gun-free zones worked. Everyone should be allowed to carry a hand gun with them anytime. With the exception of bars. ( Drunks don’t use sommon sense.) I carry a gun everywhere I go, except when I’m drinking. However I also carry non-lethal weapons when I drink. I recommend everyone who carries or not be more aware of their surroundings evaluate all options open to them. Remember the gun is the last resort. Read the seven rules of Gun Ownership before you buy a gun, then if you are willing to taking on the responsibilities and risks, then buy the best gun you can and practice, practice, practice.

  47. My concern with Constitutional Carry is that anytime the Federal Government gets involved with state to state issues the state usually loses. I don’t want law makers that far away making a law that affects my rights as a citizen of this country and of my state. Someone said earlier that we in Texas had it right with 10 hours of class room training and then range time. A friend of mine is a casual biker and will take a long road trip once or twice a year. He inevitably gets challenged by younger bikers trying to make a name or get in the gang. He wanted his CHL so he could just flash a gun at them and get them to back off. Once he took the 10 hours of classroom his whole attitude changed. He knows he has a right to stand his ground, but has decided that if the same thing occurs during other road trips he will simply leave the area. If he is given no other option then he will draw the gun. Must different that what he thought he could do and what he should do. Like most CHL holders I know the attitude changes. No more angry driver or road rage. If someone cuts me off, so be it. This is Austin and if everyone acted on road rage incidents the traffic would thin rapidly. Just not worth the problems that drawing would incur. No one is any more courteous than before, my attitude changed.

  48. I am a 70 year old retired law enforcent officer. I have been a city police officer, a county deputy sheriff, a military policeman, a chief of police, and finally a U.S. Customs Officer. I don’t care in any way what the liberal people think, or believe. Take away our guns and only the criminals will be armed. I firmly believe in constitutional carry laws. When you give the states the power to limit our constituional rights, you give them the authority to take away our rights (guns). I live in Arizona (Thank God for our Govenor) and our guns and rigts are safe, for now. During WWII, Japan decided not to invade the United States because every household here was armed, or at least most of them. The Japanese knew they would have to fight a fully armed populace. So invasion was out of the question. Ask anyone from Europe how it felt to be unarmed when Germany invaded. I know that is not the issue today, but being armed has kept us safe, and now we are dealing with hordes of armed gang members. Narcotic cartels that would dearly love to see all of us unarmed. Muggers, home invasions, etc are all faced with an armed public. Take away our guns??? Are you people out of your supposedly educated minds?? Take it from a Veteran and lifetime law enforcement person. We need our weapons, and not just some. Any thing we can get to be as well armed as the criminals.

  49. I live in Texas – and it’s not quite the Wild West, gun slingin’ state that some people tend to think it is. In fact, concealed carry became an option not too long ago. And several states are much more lenient on gun owners/carriers than TX is. But, having said that, I’ll take our laws and provisions over those of Illinois any day.

    I want to comment on some of you that compare gun ownership to driving and/or wanting to mandate some sort of training for carry. I agree with the idea that some folks can’t be trusted with a WATER pistol, much less one with real bullets! Problem is, it’s anti-Constitutional. As for driving, that’s a privilege, not a Constitutional right. So the government can put as many conditions and stipulations as they want to on it. The 2nd Amendment is the RIGHT (not privilege) to keep and bear arms. Not JUST keep or own, but also BEAR – or carry. And while I would agree that some folks just should not be anywhere near a gun, it is their right. But that’s the same argument for Freedom of Speech as well – some people are too dumb or too ignorant to be allowed to open their mouth and speak, nevertheless, they have the right to. So either we agree with the Constitution the way it was written and intended by the original men who wrote it and allow every citizen the right to keep and bear arms or else we do not believe in the 2nd Amendment the way it was written and intended. We’re more liberal and gracious when it comes to stripping people of their rights, or, rather, trying to CONTROL those “rights.” In that scenario, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we’re saying that owning and carrying a gun is a privilege rather than a right. And with privileges come conditions. And we simply believe in fewer conditions than anti-gun folks. Make no mistake, though, if we believe in conditional ownership and/or carry, we are on the same side of the argument as those we think we oppose!!

  50. I agree with constitutional carry for the most part. I mean, again, we all should know this rhetorical question, since when do criminals obey laws? A criminal is not going to not carry a firearm on him simply because he can’t get a concealed/carry permit. He/She is just going to do it anyways. As a LEO I’ve heard a lot of people (fellow officers and gov. officials) consider driving (i.e. traveling) a privilege due to the fact that the state issues you a license and they can take it away. And, with people having to have permits to carry period, it potentially and very likely sets the precedence that carrying is a privilege rather than a right.

    To be fair, I think at the most, one should need a permit for concealed carry, but open carry (i.e. in plain-view) should not require a permit whatsoever and it should be stated in law very clearly that citizens should not be harassed by Police (or any other official) for carrying openly. However, if Police see someone they’ve arrested before for a violent crime carrying openly, that would give the police the ability to check them out, and if they’re violating the law (i.e. felon carrying gun,) they would be arrested again right then and there. Also, not all states require training as part of their conceal carry permit issue process. Some it’s simply a background check. However with Constitutional Carry OPENLY, people without the training (in the states that require training) could only carry openly. So people with permits and without could carry openly. However, if there’s someone who’s not the brightest carrying a firearm, you will see it and know it and maybe stay away from said person. Just an idea.

  51. I wish we lived in a world where all could enjoy Constitutional Carry. Some states like Vermont do, but they’re rural and people mind their own business, behave discretely, and generally understand guns. The benefit of “shall issue” concealed carry is that (1) it screens out the really bad apples who can’t pass a background check as well as the mentally ill types who fear any “authorities” looking too closely at them, (2) provides a minimal level of training, and (3) offers some reassurance to a nervous public that weapons carriers are responsible people. “Constitutional carry” does none of the above, and the first mass shooting in a constitutional carry state is likely to result in the loss of many of our prior gains. We have a right to own and carry, but out of respect for our fellow citizens (whose votes can determine the future of our gun rights), we also have an obligation to ensure reasonable screening and training of those who do. As a young law student researching the 2nd Amendment, I found that our founders had both a strong conviction that citizens should own arms and also a strong concern over “promiscuous carrying of deadly weapons” by those who were likely to cause trouble. Shall issue concealed carry strikes the proper balance between both reasonable concerns. “Constitutional carry,” at least in highly populated states, doesn’t.

  52. I believe in Constitutional Carry. The only way to take this country back is to make bad guys fear the public. Know that no American will stand down to people taking advantage of US. Know that if you take what is not earned you doubled your work load watching your back. We can no longer stand by and let our rights be violated by people who have no morals of conscience. We must let no one stand alone in time of need.
    Help us help ourselves. Be Trained, Be Prepared, Be Honorable. Be American.
    Thank you to all who stand for FREEDOM!

  53. Yes i believe in constitutional carry and in the great state of louisiana , after nov 6, that wil be exactly what it is. We will be editing our current constitution which will take away the power of anyone including government to restrict where you can carry a gun in this state. It will be a constitutional right. I already have a cc permit and i never leave home without it. Senate bill 303.

  54. Yes i believe in constitutional carry and in the great state of louisiana , after nov 6, that wil be exactly what it is. We will be editing our current constitution which will take away the power of anyone including government to restrict where you can carry a gun in this state. It will be a constitutional right. I already have a cc permit and i never leave home without it.

  55. I agree with you for the most part, but not all. I taught Constitutional Law for many years, am a former Law Enforcement Officer, Court Officer, Law School Graduate with a Master’s in Criminal Law. I have CHLs in various states, but not the one I just moved to. I believe State CHL laws are illegal, but I am one person and feel compelled to go along, as do most of you like minded folks.

    My reasoning is: The 10th Amendement, States Rights, do not allow a State to regulate the Bill of Rights, which covers the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution, including the 2nd. If your analysis would be right, you would be saying a State can regulate your Free Speech and what you can and cannot say, etc.
    A Constitutional Right to carry has NO limitations on it except the handful the Supreme Court has handed down -Felon, Mental, etc.

    I feel sorry for the Commenter who said his child support problems keeps him from carrying. It should not be so. That was a knee jerk reaction by States to a complex issue.

  56. Its very simple …SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ….. not by permit only or concealed only or open carry only . Its the right of the people to protect not just themselves but defend against tryanical government peroid .

  57. First let me say both my wife and I have CCPs and practice, compete, have studied the law well and take this very seriously. My issue with the concept of legal guns in public places can be seen almost every day at public ranges; #1 a complete lack of respect for firearms (and other people) #2 the disinclination to read, understand and practice the 4 rules of gun safety (and the posted range rules), #3 no understanding of even the basics (E.G. how to grip a pistol properly).

    For anyone that falls in the above category, there is no chance in hell that the weapon will be deployed properly and effectively in a high stress/active shooter situation.

    So while I am a participating advocate (not an expert), the proliferation of CC indicates that a well designed proficiency test might not be a bad thing.

  58. In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania openly carrying a handgun is legal without a permit except in major urban areas light Philadelphia and Pittsburg. A state issued License To Carry Firearms, which currently requires two character references, only pertains to Concealed Carry and carry of a loaded firearm within a motor vehicle, a restriction that to me seems completely ridiculous. If you can carry a loaded firearm in full view of the public then why should you have to unload it and store the ammo in a locked box before driving your car? Are they that worried about ‘road rage’? Or maybe it has to do with certain corrupt State Police officers who are paranoid about getting shot by law abiding motorists who they pull over under false pretenses. That sounds about right. 😉

    Even though open carry is legal I’ve never seen anyone actually doing it. There’s a lot of debate as to why but I think the main reasons are that it would make everyone else nervous and that it’s so easy to get an LTCF here that anyone who really wants to carry will just go that route and carry concealed. If I were to openly carry my 9mm in town I would not be at all surprised if I was stopped and questioned by local law enforcement, strictly as a deterrent to the practice. They would probably just suggest that I apply for an LTCF and carry concealed if I feel that strongly about legally carrying a firearm in public.

    Crime is not very common in the boonies where I live but I have seen a tiny rise in it within the past few years. My favorite bar just up the road got burglarized recently, which has prompted me to keep my 12ga. loaded and ready at all times. I don’t think it will be too long before people here start walking around town with ‘irons’ hanging from their belts, and I’LL BE ONE OF ‘EM!!

    BTW, have any of you ever considered that the reason politicians don’t want the general population to freely possess firearms may be that they know we will eventually get tired of their corruption and start taking OUR country back by force?

    “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  59. I live in the NW state of Oregon,here you are allowed to conceal/carry by permit and a training class.The class can be waived if you have prior military service.The permit is issued after a $65 fee and a clean background check.The background check is run while you wait,if passed,then a photo for your permit is taken and you are issued the permit.The permit is renewable every 5 years for a fee of $50.The train class cost/price varies, but it is not free.The training class teaches you on where you can and cannot carry.They teach how to handle your weapon of choice.They also teach you some insight on how to legally handle yourself if there is a need to draw your weapon.How to deal with law inforcement if questioned when carrying.Here you do not have to tell law inforcement you are carrying concealed,but they do recommend you do,but legally you do not have too.Personnally I do not tell them.Law inforcement here, has a bad habit of mis-quoting the law and doing their best to scare you from carrying.Thus the reason I do not tell them squat when asked.I also believe we should have a right to bear arms 24/7,anywhere we go or live and with out permits or fee’s.The permit requirement invades our privacy,the permit fee keeps those/government who wish to track us in power.I conceal carry everytime I walk out the door of my home.I have always had a weapon with me legally and illegally (states where can not have a weapon).My proir military service opened my mind and eye’s to the real world.To date I have never had to draw my weapon to use,came close only once.35 plus years of carrying and will continue doing so until death do us part.

  60. I believe in constitutional carry. Laws should be focused on criminals who carry. Penalties should be very severe for criminals with guns. I recently read an article telling the percentage change in completion of violent crimes when law abiding citizens who carry used there weapon. It was amazing.

  61. I am known as a Strict Constructionist or a Conservative these days. I believe in the Constitution just as I believe in the Old Testament of the Bible-they are both timeless. There is a reason the Constitution is as timeless as the Bible. They were both written by men, being inspired and guided by the Spirit of God!
    Yes! Our founders were VERY frightened that they could be guiding us to destruction from England’s King from whom they were seeking Freedom! When they met to plan and plot, they opened with reverent prayer to God and asked for guidance. Not only did they get guidance but the Spirit of God gave them the key to keep our Freedom for ages by inspiring the writing of the Constuition.
    The 2Nd Amendment was added to assure that not only each and every individual could personally owned guns to help insure no one could take our FREEDOM, but also the right for Citizens to form their own Military. No one has pursued this but the Founders wanted us to be able to take back our country in case some one would be King or otherwise threaten our Freedom.
    I urge each and every one of you to fight for our Constitution. Each President and elected Representative are sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution, but many of them want to have the Constitution rewritten. They say it is out of date! Most of the same people don’t believe in the Old Testament either.
    It is our duty to vote, but it is also our duty to know what and who we are voting for or against.
    PLEASE DONT’T VOTE IF YOU ARE DEAD! I know it can be a challenge to train pets, but try to stop them from voting also as they very likely not aware of the issues!
    Also demand your State Pepresentives to require a photo ID to vote! Encourage a vote for this in your State! This election will be stolen as sure as shooting unless we get lucky!
    Above that PLEASE join the National Rifle Association. They have become our first line of defense to the 2Nd Amendment by acting as a watch dog and supporting candidates that believe in our Constutional Right to Bear Arms with a great rate of sucess! However they must have money to accomplish this and even if you don’t like guns look at them as Protectors of our Constitution because when our original constitution is gone(Written by the Holy Spirit), we will loose the Great Blessing God has given this Nation, and we will watch- unarmed and unable to act- as our Freedom is replaced by a Military Government.
    Remember, Freedom is up to you! When Ben Franklin was asked what they had given us for a Government, he reply: ” A Republic Madam, if you can keep it!”.
    May God Bless you and God Bless America!

  62. Response to Shannon’s comment who said, “And I don’t believe military, former military, cops or private security are any more qualified to carry a gun than any other citizen”. But in fact they are. You have insinuated that a qualification course is somehow unnecessary. I really don’t think you mean that. I would love to see how comfortable you would feel knowing that all the police officers responding to your child’s school for an active shooter were never made to qualify in any kind of shooting course. Likewise, try your comfort level during emergencies such as Katrina as the National Guard troops armed with M4s run around without any formal qualifications. I think your opinion would change drastically. You said some of the best shooters you’ve seen do it for fun. Is this in contrast to the worst you’ve seen do it for real? My point is, what have you seen? Until you’ve seen these “best shooters” under real fire, with something other than a tin can or paper target trying to shoot back at them… well you just really don’t know how good anyone really is do you? So the next best thing is constant training and qualifications. Military and Police endure drill after drill that stress them out under all kinds of situations as training adversaries come at them with the same goal of winning in mind. The have war games with other nations and million dollar training with equipment and professional trainers that you could never duplicate at your local range “for fun”. So all I meant was that if a qualification course were required for someone to get a permit, then law enforcement and military have already been through a sufficient amount of training to be allowed to by-pass this one step. Check your own state’s laws and you will find they agree with me. Though Arizona allows constitutional carry, they also still allow a CCW permit. Military and Law Enforcement by-pass the requirement for the class and range. All they have to do is show proof and they only pat for the permit and fingerprinting.

  63. Yes, I’m a firm believer in Constitutional carry. You mentioned that states can restrict gun rights. As my understanding of the Constitution goes, specifically the Bill of Rights, what is enumerated in the first 9 Amendments are specific rights that neither the federal or state governments can infringe upon, and the 10th specifies remaining rights are up to the states (which many say are like abortion, marriage, etc.). Such that, no state can enact their own laws infringing free speech, religion, etc. But here, for the 2nd Amendment, there seems to be a double standard. On top of that, even though the 2nd Amendment specifies there can be no infringement, the federal government does so anyway. Can you or anyone else tell me why for either of these? Thank you.

  64. I want to say something to all those who insist on a government training requirement to carry. I was trained, to good effect, by my father and my grandfather, from the time is was a small child playing with toy guns, which my father would punish me for pointing at my sister. My father also insisted I take a game and fish hunting safety class before going into the field. I Constitutional Carry here in Arizona very often and before they passed that law, a couple years ago, I carried Openly often eating lunch at fast food restaurants with a Glock on my hip. Responsibility is not taught in a government approved class, if it was a public school education would certify its graduates responsibility. No, responsibility is best imparted to us by our parents, our family; just as character, morals, and American values are best passed down from the generations before us. Yet, perhaps those who were less well equipped by there upbringing to responsibly own and carry a gun ought to seek training. And I see no need to denigrate the training imparted by a father to his son as inferior, or to insist that those who need training get might only get if from government approved sources.

  65. I live in Arizona and I can tell you that Constitutional Carry (permitless carry) would never have come about if we Arizonans had not had, permitless, Open Carry for years first. The concealed carry movement around the country has been focused on shall issue permit statutes, the next step that needs to be taken to secure 2nd amendment rights across the many states is to push for Open Carry. After the law allows any legal gun owner to walk around in public with a gun on there hip it seem a small step to allow those same people to conceal those gun with out a permit. Also open carry is a great comfort to hunters who are already bearing there arms openly in the field. To me the right to carry openly without shame is the very heart of the 2nd amendment.

  66. Illinois is the only state without conceal carry. You have to have a firearm owners id card to even own or have a firearm in your possession.the same for ammo. to me its unconstitutional. you have to pay $10 for 10 years, just to be able to exercise your right. the biggest problem to conceal carry is the peoples republic of Chicago.
    if we could really be illinois, we could have conceal carry.

  67. Yes, I want Constitutional Carry in Texas. I was raised with guns and I am VERY familiar with all the gun safety rules. SO, instead of requiring the 10-hour class, how about a test? If I pass, no class needed. If I fail, take the class first.

  68. Our 2ND amendment is our RIGHT, not something our government, state or city,can infringe on, yet they have.
    our government is not in our control as they have chiseled away at our liberty’s.Think about this, do we have less liberty today, than we had 25 years ago? A sorry trend indeed.
    Randy B. U.S.ARMY combat eng. vet.

  69. I live in the state of NY.I have my carry permit.But we just had a new law passed that we can only have no more then 10 rounds in any gun.

  70. I live in NJ, and legally own a few different guns. I practice with them and I am a responsible practioner. Alas, NJ is a “may issue” state, and truthfully that means “will not issue.” So if, in the unlikely but real chance that I was put in a life and death situation, I would have no real recourse at self-defense as our founding fathers tried to guaranty. I could very well wind up dead because NJ is clearly denying my constitutional right to “have AND BEAR.” I hope this is just an academic thought exercize, but even so I feel absolutely violated by NJ. On the other hand, NJ makes up for that with a roughly 10% personal income tax rate, 7% sales taxes and the highest property taxes of any state in the country! When my livelihood allows, I will move to a more freedom protecting state. (See Atlas Shrugged.) In the meantime I will carry pepper spray and vote against Democrats at every turn.

    One additional point I would make, is that I would be willing to trade a strict (but guaranteed) licensing arrangement nationally, where those willing to carry had to prove the knowledge and proficiency needed to carry via testing, etc. I know that is not necessarily agreed to by everyone (NRA), but there are idiots out there, and I have no problem keeping guns from someone who can’t prove proficiency with them. I don’t want people who can’t pass their driver test driving either.

  71. I live in Calif. We have just had our open carry right taken away, and it takes an act of God to get a CCW permit unless you are Law enforcement, or prove you are a target for robbery due to your employement. I’ve always believed in the constituitional right to carry openly, Also CCW permits shoud not be that hard to aquire to the law abbiding public, Look at Arizona for the last 25 years.

  72. I strongly believe in Constitutional Carry we shouldn’t have to have a permit saying we can carry one to protect ourselves
    I only wish we had it in Tennessee

  73. I believe it CCW. But I live in a state that does not allow this. It is the only state in the union that does not allow some form of CCW. I think most people would know which state this is. People have the right to protect themselves both on the street and the home and thier loved ones and personnel property. Every American should do whatever they can, whether they live in the state or not, to protect every American’s right to do so. For surely we will hang together or hang separately.

  74. No I do NOT believe in “CON-stitutional Carry” I already have that right that I was BORN a SOVEREIGN with. The CON-stitution doesn’t grant me anything, it merely recognizes SOME of the SOVEREIGN rights that I’m already born with. The CON-stitution is merely a social contract in which neither of us have signed nor are a party to. The CON-stitution is a piece of paper only for the CORPORATE ENTITIES to abide by such as the corporation known as the United States of America and its sub divisions. If you’re unfamiliar with the difference between Admiralty Law versus Common Law then watch how easy it is to assert your RIGHTS when you know how to.

  75. Yes I believe in constituitional carry. Unfortunately we live in a world that where deterence is more effective than reason and respect.

  76. I am a retired police officr from Michigan, I moved back to California and found that I have to justify “The Need ” for a CCW in the state of california, My unstricted ccw permit from Michigan is and always will be “NO GOOD” in California and I will need to go through the “Process” to see if I have a “NEED” for a ccw in the state.

    California is only one of a couple states that does not accept permits from another state, civilian, or retired police officer.

    Pretty sad state of afairs, I grew up here and it was at one time a good place to live, but I’m really thinking about moving to Arizona.

    We need to pressure the powers to be and let them know “Gun owners vote just like everybody else.

  77. Call me an extremist, but I believe that the right to protect myself or anyone else comes before ANY law.
    ANY restriction on be ability to achieve MY idea of safety is NOT constitutional. NO legal citizen should have to PAY to exercise a God given right. Please don’t start with the reasonable BS. Gun control has NOTHING to do with guns. If someone legal wants to carry an M16 or an AK47 downtown (true assault rifles) I don’t care and am NOT scared, I have done the research and understand how much trouble it is to obtain a FERERAL licence to even own either one, both of witch are true assault rifles.
    It sickens me to hear and see so many politicians deceitfully trying to push the idea that banning scary guns or gun parts will reduce insanity or violent crime. NO law will force the criminal or crazy mind to obey ANY law. The mindless repetition of outright lies by some politicians amaze me. They live by emotion without any contact and outright denial of facts or common sense. I don’t want someone with a tenuous at best grasp of reality claiming to want to protect me by taking my God given rights away in the name of safety they can’t produce without completely destroying our constitution and creating a complete police state. Witch won’t stop violent crime either. We already have “constitutional carry” it’s called the second amendment.

  78. OK, LOOK. I want to protect my family any way I can wheather or not I use a gun or a shovel. Both can put you in the ground. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 if thats how things turn out.

    I have been associated with some form of law enforcement for most of my life and I am well aware of the laws. Here is something to think about.

    Guns don’t kill people, people with guns or shovels, or ice picks, or BB bats, or golf clubs, or cars, or drugs, or sling shots do. The key word is, people.

    Get a handle on that, a gun is just another tool. People will do what they will laws or not. I will protect my family any way I can and use whatever methods.

    Gun carry, HELL YES.

  79. & very well said in comment #86 Mr, Zimmerman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better!!!!

  80. I agree fully with constitutional carry! We the people have that right if we’re not felons & eligible, so why should it cost us several hundreds of dollars to protect our person, families & all we’ve worked for(It’s enough of an investment in the weapon & ammo)!!! 20 years mandatory prison time w/o the chance of parole if one uses their weapon in the commission of a crime!!! Guarantee y’all,”If more sane people were armed, the crazies would get off way fewer rounds!!!!”

  81. MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Here is a thought for Illinois, There is a FOID card system here and all Law adiding Citizens have one. So Have the Legislature pass a Law that states : Anyone with a FOID card (VALID) will pay a $50.00 fee for a period of Five(5)years and be issued a CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT, this will allow the Lawful to be part of this Century and also deter Crime while giving the State some revenue for it’s bottom line,and to help pat a few more State Police to assist new aplicants with the FOID and Concealled Carry Permits. Great Idea, that I seriously Doubt any Politican will embrace because it makes PERFECT SENSE.!!!!

  82. MY FELLOW AMERICANS: 1.the University of Colorado in it’s wisdom allows ceocealed carry Yet a movie theater is a Gun Free zone,to the victoms Families I AM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS, Please use Your Brains and do not let there sacrifice go for Nothing “DEMAND CONCEALED CARRY FOR COLORADO”. 2.I was born and raised in the city of Chicago,it was a Great place to grow up prior to the Idiots in the Mayors Office(thats anyone after Richard J. Daley)I am forever a U.S.Marine,and was a Special Agent for 17yrs, I carried a weapon all the time ,never shot anyone,yet so many situations were avoided just from visual knowledge that I had this weapon, For those who have had History class in school the Gun act of 1968 is almost word for word of the Hitler gun ban just before He took over all of Germany(CONFISCATION)3.The Constitution,the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights,are Our Forefathers Legacy and the Men,Women and even Children that have DIED FOR THEM,should not be Dis-Honored.! These documents GIVE US SPECIFIC RIGHTS,that cannot be INFRINGED and assures Us the Rights to Self Preservation from all tyranical Governments,We Have the Duty and Responsibility to remove OUT OF CONTROL Governments,Traitors and Enemies Foreign or Domestic from Our Shores this includes the United Nations from Our Soil,as well as the Traitors from Our elected bodies in Our Government. And People for all those Anti-gun Twits,HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE THESE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.? THEY WERE GIVEN TO YOU FROM THE USE OF “G U N S ” not Sticks and Stones……….WAKE UP AMERICA. INVESTIGATE THOSE IN OFFICE,Check their voting records,those who have not lived up to Their “OATHS of OFFICE” get them out,from the smallest city and towns to the Highest Office,”GET THEM OUT” THEY are TRAITORS to the CONSTITUTION and Our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS.!!!!!!!! SEMPER-FI

  83. I believe that ALL states should have the constitional right to carry. When I lived in Washington State it was easy to get a permit pay for your fingerprints and you recieved your permit in the mail within 30 days.
    Going through a class isn’t a bad idea,however I was an Infantry Drill Sgt. and have forgot more than they probably know here in Texas. but I’ll pay my $70.00 (veterans reduced rate) and sleep through the stupid class and go waste some ammo (maybe they’ll let me shoot the course blindfolded):)

  84. I live in crime capitol “California” and all gun control here did was guaranty all criminals that they are safe to approach/strongarm/rape at bus stops/knife etc. as long as you are out of your home! The prisons got so full the released over 50,000 felon inmates back into the public without parole! California has a budget shortfall and bigger than military corrupted police forces taking billions of tax payer money to function. Gun control+policed gov=obvious failure! Criminals come from all over the united states to gun controlled states with unarmed citizens!

  85. I have both a concealed carry permit from Maryland and Florida due to my travel. My profession allowed me to get a ccp in Maryland which is hard for the average period. Think that everyone without a police record should be able to get a permit.

  86. Right you are sir. If that theater had been filled with men and women who had their sidearm on their person that man might have had time to pull out his gun end get a shot or two off. The fact is that he would have been dead before he ever shot even a handful of people. This catastrophe is a direc result of the Government conditioning us that it is strange to Carry a gun.
    Now every news cast you hear about the refer to people with “hundreds” or “Thousands” of rounds of ammunition as if having a lot of ammunition makes you suspect.
    If you have ever been to a government building and seen the people herded through the scanners like cattle you see the governments stance……… If you have a gun you are a criminal in that place. Their premise is that if there is a gun on your person you are going to use it to commit a crime therefore having the Gun is a crime.
    If we don’t fix this country fast it may be too late. The reports from Aurora show us that the Peopleknow the solution to that problem. Gun sales are up some 40%+ since the shooting. It is time to take the country back from tyranny!!!!!

  87. When James Bond was asked why he carried a gun he replied, “I have a slight inferiority complex”.
    Well I’m not 007 but if I am forced to fight I like the odds to be ‘even-Steven’ or as close as I can get to it. While not licensed to kill I am licensed to carry and believe licensure is beneficial due to the time, effort, and expense involved in getting one helps restrict legal carry mostly to serious minded adults.

    One four-year study by the Texas Crime Commission found CCW permit holders were 13 times less likely to commit a crime, any crime, than the rest of the population. Fact is the number one reason CCW permits are confiscated is for the offense of DUI – Driving Under the Influence of alcohol…not because the permit holder misused his firearm. It is my contention the CCW crowd is the most law-abiding group of people in America.

    Freedom to defend myself and family from attack is at the core of basic human rights. Enumerated by our forefathers in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution it is the cornerstone on which our other freedoms rely. Without it I doubt there would be a First Amendment for very long.

    If the SHTF I definitely want to be ready to deliver my, ‘…bricks through a plate-glass window.’, a LOT of bricks. The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives me the legal right to do so.

  88. I don’t agree with the “disallow” section of CCW laws where a business can “opt out” of the law. If the state passes the law that says they approve of a pereson to carry their weapon concealed, then why doesn’t that supercede a licensed business from following the state law. And really, whether permit or not how is the business giong to know if a customer has a CONCEALED (carry permit) weapon or a illegally carried concealed weapon? So as happened in Aurora, the business by disallowing permitted carriers had no legally carried permitted weapons inside the theater but they had a mass of illegally carried weapons and it was those weapons that were used, and used freely without recourse by the victims who obeyed the law prescribed by the CCW permit regulations. Think, “what if” a CCW permit holder did bring a weapon into that theater that night and stopped the Joker in his tracks after the first victim or two dropped? That saviour would HAVE TO be prosecuted. I say HAVE TO because if not then that would open the door open for every CCW permit holder to ignore that law also.

  89. I personally am a firm believer in constitutional carry, having said that, I can see the point of view for state permits as well. Next time you go to a gun show look around you and ask yourself if you want some of these people carrying a firearm around. Next time you are at the gun store and you overhear a conversation of one guy telling his friend that you can shoot .308 winchester out of a .30-06 rifle, do you want him carrying a gun with no kind of training or supervision? I would rather have the states offer affordable basic handgun training and a permit system available to ANYONE and EVERYONE who passes and applies for that permit. I currently live here in San Diego California and it is nearly impossible to get a carry permit unless you are in fear for your life, rich, or a corrupt liberal politician. The average citizen who is willing to take a reasonable training course will never be able to attain a permit under current California law in this city. I would like to be able to carry and for my fellow citizens to carry, but we do need some kind of standard training to help educate the less educated in the firearms field and help weed out some of those that I personally wouldn’t trust with a pellet gun.
    Joseph US ARMY INFANTRY 1987-1991

  90. Yes, ME should loosen up the easy carry laws it has. If more folks in Aurora, CO had been armed, less would have been shot.

  91. I live in Texas. I work as a Commissioned Security Officer. This occupation license allowes me to carry a “handgun” in plan view while in uniform. I also poses the Texas CHL. So I have the ability to carry a weapon both ways. I would not be confortable seeing citizens carrying a weapon openly. Almost non uniform holsters are “high security”. Unless the person is goig to be super vigulant ALL the time which no one is going to do because they are going to have other things on thier mind. Thats how people are. Getting back to uniform open carry we have to be aware of the ever present possibility of someone trying to disarm you. And I use a high security holster while on duty in uniform. I use the same holster the Houston Police and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office are issued. It would be very easy for a bad guy to walk up behind someone carrying a weapon openly to walk up behind then and simply take the weapon from them. Or walking up behind then and using his finger and push it into their back simulating a weapon and then disarming them. If someone goes into a business to commet a robbery, they have no way of knowing if there is a armed person inside. Sadly most of the time there is not. I fee that more armed citizens not less is a better way of addressing these types of shooting like in Auroa. AS for me everywhere, all the time, without exception is my rule. We have all herd about being tried by twelve then be carried by six. Hers is another. Here lies (your name) the deadest law biding citizen in the cementery. Not me, Not ever. Go woth God my friends…..

  92. I live in florida but before I moved to florida I lived in New York . In New York your not allowed to carry a gun or have one in your home . I hated the idea of not having a gun to protect your family or your property , if someone decides to envade your home or try to hurt one of family what can you do . The crime rate in New York is always rising and your always in fear of stray bullets flying because of the drugs and people hating what you have . In Florida at least you have the option to have a piece of mind and defend your and protect your family .

  93. We only need to go back to the 1800’s, I dont think they refered to their rifles
    and Pistols as Constitutional Carry, but they did and they needed to in most cases, just as we need to now. If you have ten or fifteen armed citizens in a bank doing legitimate business, how many bank robberies do you think would take place? Would the criminals be detered?

  94. I do favor constitutional carry, but have no problem with requirements by individual states to demonstrate (via a class or test or whatever) that you are capable of exercising good judgement, at least absent the impairing affect of raging adrenalin in an actual situation. Where is the harm in a requirement like that? What underscored that for me was a statement in an email widely distributed by NAGR immediately after news of the Aurora, CO incident, first vilifying gun control advocates for using “the blood of innocents” to support their arguments, then turning around in the next paragraph to rant about theater owners disallowing patrons from carrying concealed weapons into their theaters for protection. REALLY? So because I have a concealed carry permit, I should be able to return fire in a crowded theater? Somebody didn’t think that through in my opinion. Cliche or not, rights require responsibility and issues like this sometimes get so heated the rationale required to exercise that responsibility is sacrificed for the sake of argument. What would happen in a crisis situation? Lets try to keep cool heads and clear thinking in this debate and deal with real issues and concerns.

  95. I am 61 & a native born Californian (Northern). In this case I am used to a lot of bureaucratic restriction. The idea of outright Constitutional Carry seem like a foolhardy approach to this issue. I think a reasonable class with some level of proficiency check is acceptable. However, in California the issue of a CCP is totally up to the local police. As you can imagine this is totally corrupt. You pretty much have to be friend or family of the sheriff. The cost is prohibitive and the entire process must be repeated every 2 years. The upshot is that California in practice does not issue CCP’s in any significant amount. It would be so great if we could get some national standard that would throttle these nanny state bureaucrats. Until then anyone in California does not have 2nd amendment rights.

  96. I do want Constitutional Carry in the United States of America, the more people
    carrying then the robberies, rapes and other crimes will decrease. I believe anyone that can pass a background check to purchase should be able to carry,
    I think there should be some training for persons buying and carrying. As a CHL holder in Texas, I have training and do carry.

  97. Being a former resident of Vermont I can speak a few things about Constitutional Carry. That form of “permit” carry has its benefits and downfalls like any other system. Buying a new firearm is easy to do. Fill out a 4473, wait 10-15 minutes and walk out with it. Can even throw it on your belt (because open carry is legal too) or conceal it right on your 21st birthday if you wanted to. Since there is no class or training associated with the purchase, you get the crowd of people who play way too many shooter games. While visiting my favorite gun shop in Waterbury, VT I witnessed a 20-something male buy his first handgun (A Glock no less), load it, twirl it on his finger in the trigger guard, holster it and walk out of the store. Do I agree with some level of training in order to carry? Of course. Whether that is a course taught by a competent person, DD214 military form, or LE credentials. I have taught many people how to fire weapons safely, from children to Law Enforcement officers. I start every class with “The only thing more dangerous than a trained person with a firearm, is an untrained person.”

    I have also lived in New York State. Where depending on the county, you have a lower chance of obtaining a carry permit than Illinois. Which is why I barely consider that a carry state. It was easier getting my CCW permit in my home state now than just picking up the application for a CCW in NY.

    Now I live in Alabama. CCW paperwork is like a 4473 to buy. Background check, no training course. Just $20 and you walk out with it.

  98. I understand the concern for concealed carry and why they want you to have a permit for it. But I do not understand or agree with needing a permit to carry a gun. My state (IN) doesn’t have restrictions on long arms only handguns.


    No, constitutional carry does NOT scare innocent people… it only scares unreasonably stupid people that assume a person with a gun is dangerous to them. Think about it for a second… since when did you last see a criminal that wore his firearm in a manner that allowed you to know he was armed before he came up and stuck it in someones face?
    Besides that point, your statement insinuates that anyone with a gun is somehow not an innocent person??? Care to explain??
    Finally, “Constitutional Carry” does not mean openly carried firearms… although those with the right to constitutional carry may elect to open carry, it simply means being armed as dictated by the second amendment – with Zero infringements from restrictive government gun control laws that do nothing to reduce crime and only serve to allow a tyrannical, out of control government to disarm the people at will thus guaranteeing outright tyranny against it’s people.


  101. I live in Illinois and wish for the day when we have a concealed/carry law. I believe in the right to bear arms and allowing people to have weapons will decrease crime, not increase it. I am a veteran and swore to defend the constitution which includes the right to bear arms. God bless America!

  102. I believe that anyone should be able to carry without a permit as long as they aren’t felons or have a history of violent misdemeanors. But I do agree with people being required to pass a weapons competency class. As a person without a proper knowledge of how to handle a weapon and a knowledge of when to use it is just as dangerous as some street thug trying to look tough. I carry as often as possible and I go to the range on a regular basis and I’m teaching my wife and daughters to be competent with their weapons. When criminals begin to realize there are more than just the cops out there who are capable of “taking care of business” they’ll think twice about who they target. And honestly, people can’t always count on the cops, they can’t be everywhere and many of my friends who carry are better shots than some cops I know. I can outshoot my best friend, an officer of 15 yrs.

  103. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    There are no other valid laws on firearms or any other weapon within the United States.

    That includes convicted felons. Yup, thats right, no one who is not under an active conviction can be denied the right of self defense. Also note that it says to keep and bear arms, that means carrying anytime, any place and any “arm”.

    The founders new exactly what they were saying and really di dmean what they said. That includes all of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Just because we are no longer able to understand plain language english doesn’t mean thye did not.


  104. I live in South Carolina. I have a concealed carry permit and carry everyday in every place I can legally carry. I don’t worry about different weapons or different holsters. I carry a Glock 21 (.45) in a paddle holster. Fast and easy to reach. When I enter a place where I can’t carry, such a church, I just lock my weapon in the glove compartment and then lock my car.

  105. The author is horribly misinformed.

    The Constitution is a contract that defines and enumerates the limited authorities and limited responsibilities delegated by the Sovereign Citizens to the federal government.

    The Bill of Rights was a response to Citizen reservations about the Constitution and it’s failure to be sufficiently specific about the limitations on government; and was required in order to garner ratification of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights enumerates the “unalienable rights” over which government is denied authority; and specifically denies the government any authority to assume any authorities or responsibilities not so enumerated.. The 14th Amendment extends these prohibitions to State and Local government.

    There is no government entity in America with any lawful or moral authority to infringe the right of the People to keep and bear arms.

    Gun violence is not the result of having too many, or the wrong kind of guns in circulation: it is the result of having too few good people bearing arms. Most gun violence is perpetrated by cowards incapable of acting unless they believe their intended victims are defenseless. Anyone that believes gun control laws prevent criminals from being armed is a fool.

    In any gun massacre, had even one of the victims been armed and trained the massacre would have been prevented. Remember the great hero Jeff May, armed with a pencil, stopped the massacre at Red Lake High School in 2005.

    The government has no authority to demand any training as a pre-condition of concealed carry (that they have no lawful authority to infringe), but they would be well served to make low cost or free weapons handling and use training available to all citizens.

    The entire focus on gun control is idiotic. If perpetrating a crime with a gun was a capital offense (the victims are put in fear for their lives) the least possible result would be to cure armed crime recidivism, and it might make the cowards think twice before resorting to gun violence. Armed response to gun violence is protected self-defense.

    As the author aptly notes, when there is a probability that an intended victim might be armed the cowardly criminal looks for more vulnerable victims and easier pickins.

  106. When I moved into Vermont several years ago, I visited a State Police office to inquire about state gun laws. The officer explained, “It’s very simple, sir. We don’t have any.”. Vermont is in all other ways the most “liberal” state. Go figure.


  108. I was in Chicago one night walking down State St. A bum looking healthy and fit came up to me and he said he needed $20 bucks to help get his car fixed. He pointed toward a high rise and said “it’s right over there”. I was in a good mode and put my arm around his shoulder and said he was intelligent and would find a way to get it fixed. My hand, over his shoulder, hit the butt of an auto in a shoulder holster. I’m really glad that law abiding citizens in Chicago aren’t allowed to carry but everyone else is.

  109. Texans,

    My fellow Texans, who now have or plan to obtain a concealed carry permit. I urge you to email or otherwise contact your senator/representative and encourage them to construct and pass a bill, allowing concealed carry citizens to be able to carry open (Constitutional carry) if they so choose.

  110. It is sad that when a tragedy like the Colorodo Massacre occurs all the gun control fanatics come out of the wood work demanding stronger gun laws. it is too bad none of them were in that theater to see what it is like to be a defenseless casualty. Until you can predict when a nut will snap it is time to loosen concealed carry restrictions. Compare this to the story earlier last week where a 71 year old man stopped an armed robbery at an internet cafe in Florida by two hoodies. A few well instructed armed civilians can indeed stop wackos from taking innocent lives.

    A few years ago medical professionals were able to commit and observe mentally unstable individuals. As a result of ACLU suits and new privacy laws people who should be in a mental instituion or out patient treatment are walking around withoiut restriction. This is the area that needs strengthening.

  111. I believe that if I pass all required processes to have and carry a concealed firearm in my state, I should be able to carry that weapon in any other US state without worring about being arrested or harrased by the authorities whomever they may be.It is my right to bear arms and I don’t believe the constitution as written, had any limitations over which borders you might legally pass over or not pass over. Criminals will always have guns, just ask them, they fear the armed public more than the law, and they will tell you so. I personally am not going to depend on some one to protect me in a crisis. I will do this myself. Constitutional carry should be the number one change to Concealed carry law.

  112. I believe that the men that started our country would still feel the same way today that they felt when they made the 2nd Amendment. No matter how many rules or restrictions we put on firearms people will always find a way to break the rules. At least if we make it legal for people maybe they will at least take the time to register the weapons they own. I’d rather have a better kept list of who owns what rather than having a vague idea. People carry firearms all the time whether legal or not. Its just one more way to restrict our citizens. I do not believe that many people have bad intentions. Also if I had bad intentions I’d be a lot more considerate of what my plans are knowing that people carry and I’d have less of a chance to get away safely. I think many others would think the same way. While on active duty we had many classes on how to be safe with weapons. I suggest we make weapons easier to get but raise the education and awareness.

  113. I am a 63 year old born American None Felon ! I Know Right from Wrong ! I`ve lived it and breathed it all my life ! The 2nd Amendment is my gun permit. That being said , I own a LOTA Firearms , Shoot Many Thousands of rounds of ammo down range every year @ my controled gun range I have belong to for many years . I can aford to do this because I have bought and paid for my own equipment to load my own custom ammo for over 40 years . That being said , I and a LOT” of others , don`t need anyone dictating” We need reguler training to carry and use my Consealed Weapon . I shoot many diff. weapons with a lot of people I know every week @ my gun range , including All Kinds Of Armed Forces People” that do the same thing for the same reasons , as well as regular citizens I see there like my self , and we all shoot and practis using our weapons for a NUMBER diff. of reason . That being said , That`s what Most of the Hundred`s of people that belong to our range are there for , to learn to use there weapons Safely and very well”. That being said from what I`ve seen , Most people like to train them self`s Pretty Reguarly. There`s a reason for that . They don`t need a the Government sticking there noses in and mandateing there training with there firearms . Most do a FINE Job of it on there own , from what I`ve seen @ our range . Most all of them follow the range ruels to a T” Also , and we have Range our officers there to make sure everyone is being safe and following the ruels , which they don`t have to inforce very much , with the exception of a few New people to firearms shooting that forget or don`t remember all the range safty ruels , but quickly abide by them when confronted by one of the safety people or another shooter next to them , because None” of us want`s to see somebody hurt” at our range , and ESP: our New” to firearm shooter . We have an Exlent” Safety record there and want to keep it that way . That being said , I belive most people are pretty self motivated and want to do learn and do things right on there own . That`s why there there practicing , and learing the handeling of there firearms . I`ve Always” believed in Constitutional Carry” , Open Or Consealed , unless you live in a Commie dictating State like California , or New York , or Illinois”….. Where You sheepy people have to Bow Down to your dictators , your every move .

  114. I live in Ga and recently my weapons permit renewal went to electronic prints on contract with UPS stores. I found out that bedsides the county where you are permited the DHS also gets a copy of those electronic prints. My orginal was a 2 week period for GBI to check you back to birth place and it cost about $15 in the 80’s. This was the same even when moving to another county and the renewal was $15 or less until 2010 when the renewal including the electronic printing went up to over $90 good for 5 years as it was before. The difference is that DHS now has my prints as a weapons permit holder on file. I am a Viet vet Marine so the feds already have my prints since 1964 but now they have essentially proof that I own at least one weapon. This is tatamount to gun registration through the back door. Gun registration “for safety of the public” is the same thing that Hitler did in 1935 with the statement that “Now we will be the envy of every other nation in the world since we will be the safest place on earth”. And then in 37 confiscated all those registered weapons and intitated WWII and the gas ovens. Only those who did NOT register (ie criminals) maintained their hold on weapons and only those who followed the laws had them confiscated. Also, far too many Americans have the idea that the founders used the 2nd of the bill of rights to insure ownership of firearms for hunting etc…when it was as a deterant to govt becoming dictatorial and forcing the law abiding population to succumb to “runaway govt”, the worst fear of our founders. Reason is they knew that firearm ownership and knowledge of their use was one of the major reason that the colonists were able to revolt against abusive rule and allow this nation of freedom from such to come about. This is what abusive, dictatorial, and elitest govt officials and bureaucrats are afraid of. Not the criminal acts against each other. That they could truely care less about things like Aurora unless they can use those acts to disarm the general law abiding public for their “OWN SAFETY”. Which is a lie. Everytime we elect an official who is out to disarm us we are electing a potential dictator. They, those types of officials, think we are stupid and have not the sense to protect or handle our daily problems without their direction and everytime we elect one of that ideology we prove them right. Has the “Land of the free, and the Home of the Brave” become a nation of bleating sheep? Is that what we really want for the greatest nation ever to come about on earth? let law enforcement handle crime, YES, but they are geared to handle crime AFTER the fact, NOT PREVENTION.

  115. The 2nd Amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It doesn’t say the government can then rent that right to us. In so doing, the government is infringing on the right. It isn’t a priviledge so it can’t be revoked. It’s a natural(common sense)right to survive. It’s understood that if you don’t participate in your own defense, you will be harvested. Arms make defense against larger or multiple oponents possible. Recognizing a right then prohibiting the means, voids the right. It is chicanery and an insult to common sense.

  116. Several good comments here. I see many military people are standing up.
    I live in the great state of Washington. I openly carry a pistol at all times. I carry at home, to the grocery store, even in my bank. We have a strong State Constitution and very good(pro) gun laws. In the many years that I have lived in Washington, only the LEOs get upset with our form of self defense. Some city LEOs have the “us against them” attitude, but most believe in the Law and will support it. We recently had an Open Carry Picnic here in Bellingham. Over thirty five ARMED and not dangerous people eating (hot)dogs and burgers. We even held a few public safety classes and we were VERY well received by the public (almost sixty at the safety classes). We do need a CPL to carry loaded in a vehicle. This forces quite a few people to unload and reload getting in and out of a vehicle. We will fix that. Constitutional carry should be nationwide. Law enforcement are first responders, getting there after the ambulance at times. ” When seconds count, the police are only minutes away”.

  117. Some of the folks commenting on this topic are using the driver’s license requirement to operate a vehicle on a public road to justify the requirement to have a pistol permit/license. I could not disagree more with that argument. To be clear, the Second Amendment to the Constitution does not give us a right to “keep and Bear arms.” What it does is remind our government that it is a preexisting right that shall not be infringed. Therefore, the right existed before the founding of our nation. So in that context, there is no constitutional right to own or operate a vehicle — it is a privilege. For that reason, it is totally appropriate to license an individual who seeks to drive a car. For those who believe it wrong for the civilian population to be permitted to carry a firearm, it is important to note that your opinion is important. However, it does not trump our Constitution. It is advised that you seek to amend the Constitution. Good luck in that endeavor, your going to need loads of it.

  118. I think the statistics speak for themselves. When people have the right to defend themslves, criminals think twice before acting. Where the people are disarmed, criminals have easy targets. It’s not complicated.

    Last I heard, there were about 60 million gun owners in America. The night of the Colorado shooting, only one of them acted badly. 59,999,999 of those gun owners did nothing wrong that night. Punish the wrong-doer, leave the rest alone. DUH.

    Why is this so hard for some people?….

  119. America has been heading down a road of lost rights and freedoms for many years now. You have to ask yourself how long before the next civil war comes? How are we going to deal with a government that is getting to big for it’s breeches? We are citizens of a nation that was founded on individual freedom and God given freedom. We have to stand for what’s right, and defend our own freedoms. Carrying a gun in this nation is a right and privelege at the same time. The government would have you to think that they are doing good for the people by creating more gun control laws, and taking guns away or restricting gun ownership to a small few. That’s a bunch of horse crap if I ever heard it. they are taking gun rights and twisting them to mean something that is evil to the everyday citizen, while our own government pedals guns to the drug cartels, and then they want to take the right to carry firearms away from the everyday citizen, but then we have the shootings like what happened in Aurora, CO. Tell me what do you think would have happened had someone who had a concealed carry license, and their sidearm with them in that theatre, what would have transpired would it had been different? I think so, but then knowing the governemnt they would have tried to prosecute that person or person’s for murder , and would not have thought that it was used to save lives. Well that’s a risk I would have taken personally. We have to stand up against the government grab tactics, and stand up for our nation and stop the big government takeover of this nation before it’s too late. This nation has been fought for, for 275+ years to be a free nation, and we need to preserve it as such. God Bless the USA.

  120. America has been heading down a road of lost rights and freedoms for many years now. You have to ask yourseklf how long before the next civil war comes? How are we going to deal with a government that is getting to big for it’s breeches? We are citizens of a nation that was founded on individual freedom and God given freedom. We have to stand for what’s right, and defend our own freedoms. Carrying a gun in this nation is a right and privelege at the same time. The government would have you to think that they are doing good for the people by creating more gun control laws, and taking guns away or restricting gun ownership to a small few. That’s a bunch of horse crap if I ever heard it. they are taking gun rights and twisting them to mean something that is evil to the everyday citizen, while our own government pedals guns to the drug cartels, and then they want to take the right to carry firearms away from the everyday citizen, but then we have the shootings like what happened in Aurora, CO. Tell me what do you think would have happened had someone who had a concealed carry license, and their sidearm with them in that theatre, what would have transpired would it had been different? I think so, but then knowing the governemnt they would have tried to prosecute that person or person’s for murder , and would not have thought that it was used to save lives. Well that’s a risk I would have taken personally. We have to stand up against the government grab tactics, and stand up for our nation and stop the big government takeover of this nation before it’s too late. This nation has been fought for, for 275+ years to be a free nation, and we need to preserve it as such. God Bless the USA.

  121. America has been heading down a road of lost rights and freedoms for many years now. You have to ask yourseklf how long before the next civil war comes? How are we going to deal with a government that is getting to big for it’s breeches? We are citizens of a nation that was founbded on individual freedom and God given freedom. We have to stand for what’s right, and defend our own freedoms. Carrying a gun in this nation is a right and privelege at the same time. The government would have you to think that they are doing good for the people by creating more gun control laws, and taking guns away or restricting gun ownership to a small few. That’s a bunch of horse crap if I ever heard it. they are taking gun rights and twisting them to mean something that is evil to the everyday citizen, while our own government pedals guns to the drug cartels, and then they want to take the right to carry firearms away from the everyday citizen, but then we have the shootings like what happened in Aurora, CO. Tell me what do you think would have happened had someone who had a concealed carry license, and their sidearm with them in that theatre, what would have transpired would it had been different? I think so, but then knowing the governemnt they would have tried to prosecute that person or person’s for murder , and would not have thought that it was used to save lives. Well that’s a risk I would have taken personally. We have to stand up against the government grab tactics, and stand up for our nation and stop the big government takeover of this nation before it’s too late. This nation has been fought for, for 275+ years to be a free nation, and we need to preserve it as such. God Bless the USA.

  122. America has been heading down a road of lost rights and freedoms for many years now. You have to ask yourseklf how long before the next civil war comes? How are we going to deal with a government that is getting to big for it’s breeches? We are citizens of a nation that was founbded on individual freedom and God given freedom. We have to stand for what’s right, and defend our own freedoms. Carrying a gun in this nation is a right and privelege at the same time. The government would have you to think that they are doing good for the people by creating more gun control laws, and taking guns away or restricting gun ownership to a small few. That’s a bunch of horse crap if I ever heard it. they are taking gun rights and twisting them to mean something that is evil to the everyday citizen, while our own government pedals guns to the drug cartels, and then they want to take the right to carry firearms away from the everyday citizen, but then we have the shootings like what happened in Aurora, CO. Tell me what do you think would have happened had someone who had a concealed carry license, and their sidearm with them in that theatre, what would have transpired would it had been different? I think so, but then knowing the governemnt they would have tried to prosecute that person or person’s for murder , and would not have thought that it was used to save lives. Well that’s a risk I would have taken personally. We have to stand up against the government grab tactics, and stand up for our nation and stop the big government takeover of this nation before it’s too late. This nation has been fought for for 275+ years to be a free nation, and we need to preserve it as such. God Bless the USA.

  123. We have a constitutional right to carry. If a concealed carry owner been at the threatre the joker may have been dropped in his tracks and innocent people would have lived.
    Besides that the 2nd ammmendment was crafted to keep the government in check. A government turned to tyranny is the reason why the right to keep and bear arms was a keystone of the constitution. a semi auto 7.62 is no match to a goverment that owns a full auto, the liberal anti gun talking heads has no idea what heavy weapons or assault weopons really are.
    I am giving as much extra money to the NRA as I can afford. My father and his fathers father and on all were members of the NRA they knew it was very important to be a memeber.


  124. We have a constitutional right to carry. If a concealed carry owner been at the threatre the joker may have been dropped in his tracks and innocent people would have lived.
    Besides that the 2nd ammmendment was crafted to keep the government in check. A government turned to tyranny is the reason why the right to keep and bear arms was a keystone of the constitution. a semi auto 7.62 is no match to a goverment that owns a full auto, the liberal anti gun talking heads has no idea what heavy weopone or assault weopons really are.
    I am giving as much extra money to the NRA as I can afford. My father and his fathers father and on all were members of the NRA they knew it was very important to be a memeber.


  125. I believe some form of registration and qualification is necessary .States wiith little or no licensing or requirement to purchase add to the illegal flow of weapons across state lines . I am New York resident who holds a pistol permit since 1977 an am a license armed guard as well . Quite frankly all the laws we get jamed with here will not stop this from continuing .We need a uniform and fair system for all states to follow as well a respect for licensed and qulified persons that will allow state to state carry . Also if business will not allow armed patrons to protect themselves they should provide a level of security tha can effectively function to protect the people or be held liable for the results .Cameras don’t stop an action they only record it for the media frenzy . I am an NRA member and think that they should step up to engineer something that will work ! We need to stand together of go down in shame .

  126. I agree with Constitutional Carry. I also think that training is a necessity. Use of retention holsters is wise. It is not a bad idea to have some training in situational awareness also. There are a lot of normal people who just don’t have the brains to be trusted, although they would have the right to carry a weapon. The problem is that once an element of control by the government is established, that control is always abused and misused. So it seems to me that Constitutional Carry is the only alternative.

  127. I absolutely believe in constitutional carry in Texas. Everyone should write their Texas Representative and Texas State Senator today. Visit to determine your Representative and Senator, then use the online form to send them an email. Also, the Governor, Rick Perry and LT. Governor David Dewhurst should get an email from you as well. At the local precinct conventions you should have your say there and hopefully have them pass a resolution supporting constitutional carry. Otherwise law abiding Texas citizens should have every right to carry a weapon without going through the hoops of a bureaucracy.

  128. Yes I do believe in self defense, and the right to carry a gun open or concealed. I also believe that right should be granted to all LAW Biding citizens. The criminals carry weapons they don’t care of some law and they will use those weapons on you if they see fit. Our Governmental agencies fear of chaos and accidental shootings in the face of panic, hey it happens already but it’s caused by individuals meaning to harm or kill. We The People need to take back our country and govern ourselves. We must hold our elected officials responsible for all their actions. Lets get back to right is right and fair is fair. Thank You.

  129. Yes we should have open or concelled cary nationwide and every citizen over 18 should be trained in safe operation and be armed . criminals should be given automatic 20 years with no parole for using firearms in commission of a crime

  130. before the constituion existed,the citizen was the only source of manpower for a defence force.PERIOD. as time went on,freedom from England was FOUGHT/WON.The constituion was written to ensure that we would always be FREE fron oppressive governments.Our own and others.citizens became militas,militas became armies [ojt].If the ability to defend oneself,home,country,vanishes SO DOES FREEDOM! ALL FREEDOMS! The “right”[!!]to carry is a RESPONSIBILITY [!]of a COUNTRY OF FREE PEOPLE to defend themselves, their families,FRIENDS,NEIGHBORS,COUNTRY. When the RESPOND-ABILITY vanishes freedom soon follows.PROOF?? Look at the members of the U.N.!!How many free peoples nations do you see?? TWO!!!! ONLY TWO!! DON’T LET IT BECOME ONE! then NONE!!that is the ultimate goal of ALL OPPRESSORS!!! USN VET ’61-’65 JUST A GUY, NOT A HERO.IF IT WASEN’T FOR”JUST US FOLKS”NOBODY WOULD BE ABLE TO FREELY TALK ABOUT IT!!! now i’m old,who is going to carry on,THE FLAG, THE COUNTRY,FREEDOM???????

  131. I Agree with everything you have said. I live outside chicago and every day there is a new shooting death in the news. I think that all the dirt bags in america have moved to chicago and or Illinois because they know we are easy defensless victims. This makes me sick, I am almost afraid to take my friends who are visiting from out of town to the city. I find it sad that good law abiding people must live in fear in chicago and the state of Illinois. God bless america and the 2nd amendment ( even though it doesnt exist around here )

  132. I am an expatriate Briton – I spent most of my young life in Wales, UK and after enlisting in the UK armed forces, another 10 years in England, UK. I can attest to the effects of disarming the general public and have seen the dramatic increase in violence at the hands of armed felons that occurs when a citizens right of self defense is removed.
    Having lived in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan for the last 11 years, I can say wholeheartedly that I support constitutional carry and I urge every American to fight for that right… I saw what happened to my country after the politicians disarmed us and it was not a pretty sight… DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN HERE!!

    That all being said… I also have to say that I believe that ALL citizens taking the responsibility for their own protection and the protection of their families seriously, owe it to themselves to train and train hard… I am a concealed carry defensive firearms instructor and I see all manner of people who do carry, that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Now please don’t misunderstand what I am saying here… I do not believe that government controlled ore mandated training and qualification should be part of the package, rather I mean that if you carry a gun for self defense, you had better learn how to fight with it and without it. Too many people think that a firearm is some sort of magical talisman that will get them out of trouble simply by waving it around. Unfortunately there are way too many people running around with the notion that “I have a gun so I am safe” when in reality, without proper defensive skills training and the proper mindset to go along with it, many are nothing more than armed victims waiting to happen. I incorporate into my training a quick two minute exercise that clearly highlights that fact. So I guess what I am saying is this… YES we should all have the right to constitutional carry but you should also train to a level of competence that will ensure your survival if unfortunate enough to find yourself present during a lethal force encounter.

  133. I happen to be lucky…I live in New York City. As far as I know New York City is a part of New York State but if you have a state carry permit it is not good in New York City…I guess Bloomberg made this his own empire city/state lol. I am all for the right to own a firearm. In New York City you can own a rifle or pistol but fees are sky high and you can be refused for any reason like the color of your hair or eyes. To me this action by the city infringes on the right granted me under the Second Amendment.

    As to Constitutional carry I am all for it…remember that you have the right to carry and the right not to carry. LET ME DECIDE !!!!

  134. As both an Air Force Veteran and a Law Enforcement Veteran I have served this Great Country and it’s Constitution. I now feel the Politicians are no longer Serving the People, but rather their own personal agendas. Buy either directly or indirectly subjugating the Second Amendment…Example.. the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. It was an attempted “End Run” around our Constitutional Rights. I believe that “Any Law Abiding Individual” should be allowed to own and carry a firearm.. Many have forgotten our forefathers who took up arms against the British. The Minutemen we common citizens who took up their own arms to fight for the freedoms we all now enjoy…. Hence the Second Amendment for the right to keep and bare arms….to protect this Country from our Enemies both Foreign and Domestic…. All Americans Should Own and Carry

  135. I’ve moved from a very anti-gun state (Illinois) to a pro-gun state (Florida) to a Constitutional Carry state (Arizona). Every time I moved, I got freer and safer. Look at the crime rates in Chicago, Miami and Phoenix. I was leery of letting people carry without any permitting process, but it hasn’t turned out to be a negative at all, and I don’t hear of any more gun accidents than when I lived in IL or FL. To all the previous posters who want a training requirement, just trust your fellow citizens who want to carry openly or concealed. And I don’t believe military, former military, cops or private security are any more qualified to carry a gun than any other citizen. That path leads back to the same old “us vs. them” police state.

    The hands down best shooters I’ve ever seen were people who shot guns for fun.

  136. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

    By “well regulated” they mean regulation firearms, military grade. By “free state” they are not inferring that the states governing body needs protection from itself, but that the people have the right to protect themselves from a tyrannical governing body. The right of the people” and “shall not be infringed” I believe are obvious to all.

    The Tenth Amendment sums it up: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    This not only attests to the right of the people to keep and bear arms by observing that the United States does not have the power to strip a citizen of their inherent right to keep and bear arms, but also reiterates that it is prohibited for the United States and the States to do so. Reaffirming that the right is reserved by the people.

    On a final note the Fourteenth Amendment was never properly ratified. But rather it was forced upon the State especially the Southern States.

  137. I am at the point where I can move anywhere. Anyone have any ideas of the BEST state to move where my God given and constitutional rights to both own and carry a defensive weapon are not, and will not, be violated? I am open to moving anywhere withing about a year.

    Rev. Dave

  138. “…shall not be infringed.” Hell yes, I believe in Constitutional Carry! The Founders wrote the Second Amendment with the clear meaning that there shall be NO LAWS restricting the possession or use of firearms. You may have your personal interpretation and think there is something as ridiculous as “reasonable restrictions” on firearms, but you would be wrong. The Second Amendment is clear, and anybody who truly studies the intent of the Founders in the context of the time and through the lens of the Federalist Papers, if honest, will agree that the intention of the 2nd was that regular, everyday ordinary citizens should be free to possess, carry and use state-of-art firearms as they saw fit – to hunt, to defend themselves from harm and to overthrow a tyrannical government should it be necessary. If you don’t believe that, you are uninformed and you are basing your argument on your limited knowledge and on your “feelings” about the issue. There is nothing “unsafe” about allowing citizens free carry. Arizona doesn’t require ANY permits or licensing to carry open or concealed. There is NO EVIDENCE that this has created an unsafe society in AZ. In fact, just the opposite is true. And if you don’t like it, TFB! This is what the Founders intended – man up! There is NO LOGICAL argument against the carry of firearms by law abiding citizens. The only people that oppose it are criminals that want to harm you, politicians that want to control your every breath and neurotic pussies.

  139. beg to differ– the intent of the founding fathers was clear, undeniable: nationwide well regulated militias (not “militia groups”), are the only way to insure that individual citizens can continue to keep&bear arms; which is the only thing that will insure that the other rights will remain in place; & that potential tyrants, invaders, criminals, even stupid assholes among us, will be discouraged from doing their thing, being the way they’re inclined to be; & now it is undeniable that law enforcement across the US has gotten very much out of control; whose control? OUR control! why, the very idea of law enforcement answering to the public has become completely absurd, as THEY are organized into well regulated militias (fully militarized), & not us. the founding fathers wouldn’t believe it–or would they calmly say: “we warned you; you ignored our well-regulated-militia-admonition.”. WE are now living in a full-blown surveillance State, probably stupidly awaiting the coming police State

  140. May I point out a small problem with this otherwise good article? The author says, “The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution gives us … the right to own firearms.” In reality, the Constitution acknowledges that we have the right to keep and bear arms (with or without the Constitution) and then prohibits the federal government from infringing that right. We must be careful to always remember that the Constitution was written to establish a government that would respect and preserve our rights, not to grant or withhold rights.

  141. Our various levels of Government learned long, long ago that they must control the citizens in order to be able to affect their goals on society. A populace that can defend themselves against a government that “steps across the line” in their actions is good for citizens; bad for politicians.

    Having said that, look at all the various and sundry laws, policies, and procedures in effect that either prohibit or inhibit our right to self-defense. You can be allowed to defend yourself if you pay a remarkable high fee to acquire a license, pay to go to a class instructing you on how to carry, wait until Hell freezes over to obtain the license, etc… This procedure, in effect, brick walls the majority of citizens from exercising their right to carry. Call it, “Legislation by process.” This gives the elected an arguable out when the issue comes up from a constituents.

    We have allowed this incremental encroachment against our God Given rights in this Nation for far too many decades. In some instances since the Civil War era. Now we find ourselves backed against the wall by the sheer magnitude of the government and the regulatory nightmare. The Federal Government, according to the Constitution, can only do those things clearly articulated in the Constitution as being their purview. All other issues devolve to the individual States. This allows people to move out of States that are too restrictive. Basically, vote with your feet. However, when the Federal Government inflicts mandates on the entire nation, you’re out of luck.

  142. Blunt and to the point, I think it’s pathetic that this is even a topic. We all know there was a law written years ago that establishes our rights regarding this issue. It’s called the Second Amendment. We have always had the right to own fire arms, personal carry, and/or have one in our homes. It angers me that we ever allowed this law to become convoluted and subject to the scrutiny of weak minded social lemmings. The millions that are wasted each year fighting in courts for rights we know we already should have simply disgusts me.

    Now that is off my chest, I have to say that unfortunately with all the bozo-tards or sociopathic killers out there, that we must maintain some system of checks prior to purchases. However, it must be as non evasive as possible, and not intended to be used as a way of tracking legitimate gun owners. As for permits/licenses, well we require people to have one to drive, hunt, or fish, so I suppose that may not be a bad idea to ensure some level of training for the aforementioned bozo-tards. However, the military, armed security, and police should be exempt from the training and be allowed to go straight to getting the permit. I live in a state that allows this.

  143. I absolutely believe in Constitutional Carry! It clearly matches the intent of our constitution and our God-given obligation to self-defense.

    We need to return to being a country of personal responsibility. Having a “training requirement” flies in the face of personal responsibility. No other God-given, unalienable rights have “training requirements”! With that being said, people should (not must) get all of the training that they can. We never know what enemies we may face and the better prepared we are, the better the outcome is likely to be.

  144. Check your second sentence. I believe you meant to say admission, not submission. When I lived in Virginia in the 80s they also had a constitutional carry provision. I made use of it one time after shooting up an old car out in the woods with a friend and then going into a convenience store for a cold drink. My pistol was right out there in the open for all to see and no one freaked out. I was also active duty military at the time. Personally, I also have a problem with registering all my guns. Because, as you know, only non-felons will ever register their guns. And by so doing, we provide the government an extensive list of people with guns. They may use that list one day to swoop in on us and confiscate our guns, since we seem to become more socialist by the day. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for the crooks. Anyway, the way I look at it, my right to bear arms includes constitutional carry AND concealed in all 50 states, as I choose.

  145. I absolutely believe in Constitutional Carry! Everyone should! More guns being carried by more law-abiding citizens reduces crime by removing criminals from the earth immediately (they will never perpetrate another crime if fatally shot at the scene and time of the crime, also saving many taxpayer dollars), and it discourages other criminals because of the fear of being shot. Governments do NOT have the right to limit our ability to keep and bear arms. We had that right before the USA was even created and the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution merely protects that God-given, unalienable, natural right from infringement by our government. Everyone should carry all the time, regardless of what the government says or tries to do.

  146. i believe in constitutional carry. the second amendment says “keep and bear arms”. does not say anything about a permit or haveing to be concealed. that being said, if you are going to carry you should get some training on how to use it safely.

  147. Im a retired combat veteran with 2 tours to Iraq. I live in West Virigina, where its legal to open carry, and you need a permit to conceal carry. I open carry even though I did take the civilian class. I scare many people when they see me with my weapon, as surprisingly the majority of my state, does not understand our laws. I have spent my time since retirement informing people, and have taught a few people basic handgun tactics to protect themselves in close. I only teach them how to hold, aim, and where to aim. I am not a certified NRA instructor for CCP. I tell them who to go too after they have some familiarization to get a conceal carry permit. I say all this in that I agree that there should be a Constitutional Carry law, but it should be similar to Texas, and WV conceal class. You are taught the laws, get some scare stories to give you the seriousness of the situation, then you demonstrate your ability to handle with a qualification class. You have proven you know how to handle, and behave with your weapon. I dont believe just anyone should have one. As a veteran I agree wiht an earlier remark as well. Just becuase I no longer wear my uniform, I still hold to my oath, and that is part of why I carry, the other part is it is my right. I will not watch this country I have bled for become one of the nations we have fought against. Theodore Roosevelt once said that all american men(and women) should know how to use a firearm. I paraphrased but that is the basic remark. THank you for this soapbox time, and for reading.

  148. Texas is, in my opinion, the best state to live in for carrying as well as personal rights when someone has broken into your place. Not perfect, but better than any place I’ve heard. I’d need more information, however, before I could come to a conclusion about Constitutional carry. The reason is simple. Laws vary widely from state to state. Not just in the area of carrying a handgun but also in what use of a handgun is acceptable. I believe training in these areas is appropriate. In addition, there are many people who would just scare me if they carried a handgun just because of the kind of people they are. While I thing people like myself can handle a handgun without a problem some others need to know some basics. Our laws have become so convoluted and our population is, in some cases, no unfamiliar with handguns that, sadly, I believe some form of training is necessary.

  149. I live in Chicago, Il. If you don’t know, carrying in this state is a big no-no. They just allow the permission to own a handgun in your home, but only one is allowed to be operational at atime. It’s not working. The murder rate continues to climb. People are now getting beat and robbed in the heart of the downtown area. The gun control laws are not stopping the violence in this city. I think its time for our politicians to rethink this strategy. At least give the law abiding citizens a chance to defend themselves. Because right now we are just easy targets.

  150. “Sadly, even someone who can legally own a gun can go off the deep end and commit heinous crimes with legally owned guns. I wish there was something we could do to prevent that from ever happening again, but we can’t. It is just the world we live in.”

    The same can be said of knives, baseball bats, cars, and countless other things. With the exception of cars, none of the other things (unless there’s something I couldn’t think of) are regulated on who can use it. Considering moving to Wyoming or Arizona…

  151. I think those who choose to carry, whether concealed or open should be allowed to do so. At the same time, I think it is the owner’s responsibility to get the training to use a (potentially) deadly tool safely and effectively. If people are not willing to get the necessary training, then they should not carry as they are a danger to the rest of us. But then I also think cell phones should not be used while driving and we all know how well that works out.

  152. I truly believe in Constitutional carry. Having served in the Armed (Special) Forces for 20+ years, working as an Embassy Attache, training Embassy personnel and carrying concealed all over Central/South America and Europe. I have seen first hand the advantages and disadvantages of this situation. I believe that every AMERICAN that can legally posses a firearm may carry it concealed, and protect ones self and property with in the laws of their state of residence.

    I disagree with Suzanne on this point. I have a brother that is a Commander on a police force in a major city in the North West. The whole department wishes more people would carry. It is a known fact that dialing 911 will not save life or property 99% of the time. I believe that ALL retired Military are as Suzanne puts it “OBLIGATED” to carry as a continuation of service to their country and to protect the 2nd Amendment. Remember we are sworn to protect the United States from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Just because we retired does not mean we stopped caring or protecting.

    I believe there should be a National Right to Carry. As your drivers license is good all across America so should you carry permit be. A standardized training class for all 50 states for all carry permit holders. Not even trained military except specialty occupations are trained to a level as high or higher that civilian law enforcement. But those that can prove they are trained should step up, get certified and help train those who wish to carry and be proficient.

  153. Suzanne,

    I do firmly beleive in Constitutional Ownership(it is not just a Right but more importantly, an OBLIGATION), but not Constitutional Carry. Haveing both a Military and Law Enforcement background, I understand the need to have at least minimally qualified citizens carrying loaded firearms in public.

    You have the right to own most any vehical you choose(without a license),drive it on your own property and can even load it up and take it to various tracks, drag/nascar/off-road/etc and other non-restricted areas. But to drive it on a public roadway, you have to be licensed, thus demonstrating at least minimal qualification to handle the vehical properly.

    I believe we should treat firearms similarly, in that you can own most any weapon, shoot it on your property(depending on population density, etc. of course) and take it to ranges, private/public and other non restricted areas for target shooting/training, official and unofficial. But, like an automobile, you should have to be licensed to carry it loaded in public, either open or concealed. Thus demonstrateing that you have at least minimal qualifications to handle it properly.

    I do believe that price of Licenseing should be just enough to cover the cost of the background check and printing. And that the cost of initial training be minimal, so that carriers may be more likely to go on for more advanced training.

    I am VERY fond of Arizona’s initial Concealed Carry Licenseing in that “If you can legally own the weapon, you can legally carry it concealed.”, or open in such case. While I am a supporter of the Castle Doctrine and its extension to the personal vehicle, we must realize that the vehicle is a crossover point between private and public. And while I understand the need for the law-abiding citizen to carry in their vehicle, knowing that the situation could become VERY public, VERY quickly, I would prefer vehicular carriers be licensed as well.

    While it may seem like it, we really don’t allow just any idiot to drive on our public roadways, and I believe that we should not allow just any idiot to carry a loaded firearm in public as well. And until we have Mandatory Firearms Education in ALL of our schools(which I am in STRONG favor of) we need to know that those carrying deadly weapons amongst us, have at least a minimal level of training.

    Thank you for the chance to explain my stance,

    PS- I am not in favor of any form of Weapon Registration as, historiclly speaking, it has ALWAYS led to Confiscation, Oppression and Genocide. Those nations who have presently enacted Confiscation, are in but the earliest stages of Oppression. We shall see what follows.

  154. Hi, Everyone yes I believe we should be able to carry, but only the upright citizens of this country, no felonies, no crazy people, just good old upright folk, I wish all states were like some of these states that can carry their gun on the outside like in the western era, now that would be awesome, and a lot more people would not get messed with or robbed ijs. P.S. I think if you catch up with your child support and have a 0 owen balance you can get your CHL then.

  155. I’ve got to admit that I’m not a big believer in the ability/right to carry a firearm without some instruction. In Texas, it’s a 10 hour class & a range qualification (which is crazily easy). I think there’s a real benefit to the class to at least help convey the seriousness of the situation and bring up some of the issues that may arise. Being a shall issue state, I think Texas got it pretty right by having a small requirement to at least get someone STARTED on the path of understanding the gravity. I know far too many yahoos that would carry and would be a complete idiot that perhaps would benefit from the small requirement that Texas uses. If you pay attention in the class, you’ll pass. The range qualification is really just to make sure you know how to handle your weapon (the shooting part is an almost impossible thing to fail).

  156. Suzanne, I live in Nevada and getting a permit to carry is quite easy, a few hours and a couple of hundred bucks is all. Also except for Clark County (Las Vegas) a resident can legally have a loaded concealed handgun in their vehicle. The State considers your vehicle an extention of your home. As a result we have less crime because one never knows who is carrying a weapon in their car. But as you stated, if this nation can trust it’s citizens to legally own a firearm, they should have the right and trust to carry one, concealed or on their hip if they choose without a permit.

    Right now, Chicago is having a terrible time with gun related deaths and crime. The result of their gun laws for law obiding citizens. They wish to give radical groups the right to help police their streets instead of allowing their citizens to arm themselves and defend themselves. Unbelieveable!

    This next national election is most likely the most important election in our lifetime. If this country does not change the current administration and get this country back on a road that our founders intended, we stand a very big chance of losing it. Ultra-Liberals will not understand that until it’s too late, and then who will they turn to? Americans need to take an intrest and make their stand in November.

  157. I live in Georgia and have a weapons permit. It allows either open or concealed carry, but most opt for concealed carry. The process is simple: fill out a form, pay $75, get photographed and fingerprinted, and if one passes the NICS check you get a temporary permit (the formal permit arrives in a few days by mail). The permit must be renewed every five years. If you have a valid permit you can buy a gun without undergoing the NICS screening again.

    GA has a few restrictions where you cannot carry: government buildings, churches and bars. But if your church is OK with carrying, so is Georgia. Any business can forbid guns and ask you to leave, but armed citizens usually avoid those businesses to their detriment.

    It’s been reported that there are over 400,000 people in Georgia with weapons permits but that’s pretty old information. I would guess there are many more, given our devolving society and economy.

  158. I think Vermont got it right over 100 years ago. Every time someone makes a horrific prediction related to concealed carry I point out Vermont. Ask them why we haven’t read about their scenario happening there – it isn’t like there hasn’t been time for it to happen. It took a while but Alaska and Arizona have figured it out too. No permit required. Carrying if you are a felon is illegal.

    That said, if one insists on having a carry permit, Pennsylvania has it as close to right as it gets. Fill out the form, pay less than thirty bux, you have the permit in a couple of weeks. No classes, and the questions on the form are the exact same ones answered when purchasing a handgun.

    Buying a handgun in PA is a piece of cake if you are a resident and pass the phone call background check. Walk in, select handgun, fill out form, wait a few minutes while dealer makes the call, pay the bill, walk out with new gun, or guns. There is no restriction on multiple handgun sales. My wife walked into the store, said to the clerk, “I want to buy some guns.” She bought a 6″ 686 to be her home defense weapon and a 6″ S&W Model 17 in .22LR to be her high volume practice gun. I was there to make sure the guns were good and the price was right, but the choice was all hers.

    What concerns me more is how few people who have permits actually carry as their default state. I do, every day every place it’s legal. My wife doesn’t, though she has both the PA and Utah permits like I do. Of my dozen or so friends who have a permit, only one other carries every day, one about half the time, the rest don’t bother.

    The reasons for the low carry percentage are doubtless complex, but the variation inlaws from state to state, the difficulty of what to do with the gun if one frequents places carry isn’t permitted, and the inconvenience of managing and hiding the gun take dedication. Not many have the will to follow up and actually carry every day every place it’s legal. To do so requires, at least in my case, 3 different sized carry pistols and a bunch of holsters. It also requires being willing to turn around and walk away from businesses with no weapons signs (there aren’t many in PA).

    I’m in favor of a Federal version of the Vermont law, along with a paragraph that makes businesses that say no weapons responsible for the safety of customers they have disarmed. Ln other words if they require you to disarm, you can sue if you are injured as a result of an assault you couldn’t defend against because you were disarmed.

  159. Sir,I have been told that I could not have a cch.I am not a felon.I buy guns over the counter.I am a trained Master Gunsmith.The fact is I could not pay my child support thus falling behind.I am also a vetran. Over 1 year in Viet-Nam.I also 100% Disabled from Viet-Nam.Sence I have commited no felonies I belive my Constitional rights have been violated. Johel Coward

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