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In today’s world, social media rules. The quickest and easiest way to get in touch or stay in touch with friends, public figures, or groups that interest you is by following them on any number of social media outlets. Want to know when a group is having an event? Check Facebook. Want to hear what a public figure thinks about a current event? Check Twitter. Want to watch an informative video about a product you just bought? Check YouTube. On the business side of things, more and more customer service actions are handled through social media sites. So, it is important to use these new channels to stay up-to-date in what is happening in the firearm community. The National Rifle Association has a vast presence on social media. The NRA’s multiple accounts fit into any niche you care about. If you are a hunter, but don’t want to hear all about legal mumbo-jumbo, you can follow NRA’s hunting profiles, but not the NRA-ILA. If you’re a woman, you can follow the NRA’s Womens’ Network to get information relevant to you.  And since it’s social media, you make the decisions on what content you get to read and respond to. Here is a list of all of the different NRA groups you can “Like” or “Follow” on Facebook or Twitter.

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Profile Picture NRA Niche Twitter Facebook Information and YouTube Channel
 Main NRA @NRA Facebook Main page for the National Rifle Association of America.
NRA Videos on YouTube
 NEWS NRA News @NRANews Facebook Your first source for Second Amendment news and Information.
NRA News on YouTube
NRAILA NRA-ILA @NRAILA The Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the lobbying arm of the National Rifle Association.
 Museum NRA Museum @NRAMuseum Facebook The NRA National Firearms Museum is home to finest firearms collection in the world & proudly exhibits America’s most significant firearms.
National Firearms Museum on YouTube
 NRA blog @NRABlog Facebook NRA’s official look at the education, training, competitions and Museum of America’s oldest civil rights organization.
NRABlog on YouTube
Clubs and Business Alliance NRA Clubs and Business Alliance @NRAClubs Official NRA Clubs & Associations / NRA Business Alliance
 Competitions NRA Competitions @NRACompShoot

Facebook NRA Competitive Shooting is at the forefront of shooting sports in the USA. Our programs sanctions over 11,000 tournaments and 50 championships.
NRA Competitions on YouTube
 NRAHQ NRA Headquarters  – Facebook One of the most technically advanced, user-friendly indoor shooting ranges in the country.
 Outdoor NRA Outdoors @NRAOutdoors Facebook This page is for NRA Members. We will highlight outfitters for both hunting and fishing, offer trip and apparel giveaways. Plus keep you updated on all the latest industry news.
NRA Outdoors on YouTube
 HunterServ NRA Hunter Services @NRAHunterSvcs Facebook When it comes to hunting and skills training, America’s millions of hunters have known for years where to go: The NRA.
Women NRA Women’s Network @NRAWomen Facebook the NRA Women’s Network
Duty NRA Life of Duty Network @NRA_LifeofDuty Facebook NRA Life of Duty serves and supports individuals who go to work protecting and defending the safety of the American people.
Life of Duty on YouTube
 Meetings NRA Annual Meetings @AnnualMeetings Facebook With over 550 exhibitors covering over 400,000 square feet of exhibit hall space, educational seminars, celebrities, and fun filled special events, bring the whole family.
 PVF NRA Political Victory Fund @nrapvf The National Rifle Association-Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) is NRA’s political action committee.
 Ring NRA Ring of Freedom @NRAROF The Ring of Freedom is the donor recognition society of the NRA. To learn more, visit

American Hunter


NRA Publications @NRA_Rifleman


American Rifleman

American Hunter

America’s 1st Freedom

American Rifleman is an official journal of the National Rifle Association, providing the latest in shooting news and firearms reviews.American Rifleman TV on YouTube
American Hunter offers expertise on how and where to hunt all types of North American game, and encourages readers to take advantage of the rich opportunities and to pass along the tradition to the next generation.America’s 1st Freedom is the official journal of the National Rifle Association that is focused on our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

All NRA Publications on YouTube

 Friends Friends of the NRA @FriendsofNRA Facebook Friends of NRA is an exciting grassroots fund-raising program that fosters community involvement, raises money and gives 100% of the net proceeds to qualified local, state and national programs.
Friends of NRA on YouTube
 SchoolShield NRA School Shield  – Facebook Led by Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson, the NRA is bringing all of its knowledge, dedication and resources to develop a model National School Shield Emergency Response Program for every school in America that wants it
 5b05b51b95cc624f7748cfd4773175c0 NRA Country  @NRACountry Facebook NRA Country is a vast community of hard-working Americans and popular music artists who celebrate freedom, love of country and an outdoor way of life.
NRA Country on YouTube
YHEC NRA Youth Hunter Education  – Facebook Since its inception in 1985, YHEC has reached more than 1.2 million youngsters, and YHEC programs thrive in 33 states and Candian provinces. Outside of conventional hunter safety classes, YHEC is the largest and longest running youth hunter education program in the country.


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Comments (5)

  1. Hi Scott,
    Yes, my comment was based on fact. I am a member of NRA and also a member of Facebook. The freedom that otherwise honorable groups take with my home wall just because I punched the “like” button was unparalleled. National Gun Association, NRA, several 2nd ammendment groups, and even the American Legion and other vets groups have completely taken over. Postings by my friends and family are far and few between, and I wade thru’ the spam just to catch up newswise. Anyone viewing my site now would consider me ‘over the top’ and not the ordinary laid back citizen. Yes, I’m very sure I’m on a list, if not many. After thinking about it, I would be far better off had I not joined the ‘social site’ even though I still like the other groups I belong to. Keeping your security high does not work on facebook as they keep changing the rules and it all starts up again. I don’t even like the person it makes me out to be… then I think perhaps it’s true??? Otherwise, I suppose it’s good if you really do think it’s an asset to your well being, and staying in touch with other folks. Personally, all the questions you suggested in the original post I find I can get better answers to, more factual,and faster if I just ask a question on Google Search… and it doesn’t put me on any lists at all. Or at least none that don’t get wiped out with my weekly PC maintenance. Just my 4 cent’s worth now. Mike with post #2 says it clearly. And I have to stand by my statement of Freedom, Guns, and Socialism not mixing (my kids and their kids love it). To me it’s like the old CB radio craze, only more risky, personal, and trashy. I’m sure you’ve seen signs of it yourself.
    Your CTD Blog/forum here is great, and I enjoy taking part in the things that interest me. eventhough I have hit your “like” button, you folks have not swamped my wall, or whatever it’s called now. You do a great job, but I don’t feel we will ‘always’ agree…
    Thanks, Roger

  2. Roger,

    In some ways, you are correct. By following or liking any of those groups, you are adding yourself to the list. But if you’re already an NRA member, you’re already on their list. If the government really wanted to track down the members on any list like that, they could go find the membership roles of the NRA, GOA, SAF, or any other of the many groups that gun owners join.

    As for signing up for a list of spam and other email advertising, your personal information would be safe from third parties due to the legal restrictions in place on the major social media sites. As long as you keep your profiles on a decently high privacy setting (which everyone should do anyway) your email, name, etc. will only be viewable by people you allow to view those things. If you were to follow the NRA on Twitter or Facebook, you would receive updates from them via Twitter or Facebook, not through your email.

    I understand your wariness when it comes to Social Media sites, and it is good to remain wary as too many people who aren’t as cautious end up in situations they don’t want to be in. Be sure to keep your privacy settings high and exercise discretion when entering any information on the internet.

  3. Although I am an NRA member I still have to question why are there only 4 million members if there are 100 million gun owners in this country?

  4. I can tell there was a lot of research and thought put into this article. Did the poster really think this over before listing all these social companies we mibght all respect. Because of that, I feel the need to explain what I know about these social sites, and what it will mean to you if you sign up. When you see the word “social”, it usually means just that. So when you sign up or ‘like’ any of these, your name automatically goes on a list with the organization as well as the social media (like Facebook)you are following the activity on. Hence, you have unknowingly input your name to a public source for a ton of spam and other email advertising. If that is not bad enough for you… You have also put yourself on a public list that would be the first place a government takeover group to look for the confiscation of your guns. Do you want to have your name on such a list??? Maybe you are the type that likes socialism, but remember socialism, freedom,and guns don’t mix.
    You may wish to think hard and heavy on this one.
    In fact, just by pointing this out, I’m betting it put me on a list or two also.
    Thank you, Roger

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