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What do you conceal carry?

Brown DM Bullard pancake holster with black gripped handgun on the hip of a man wearing gray pants and a tan-and-gray striped shirt.

Inquiring minds want to know, “What do you carry as your concealed weapon and why?” We all have our favorite handguns for everyday carry. What’s yours? Why do you carry what you do? Do you have a favorite holster? Take our short survey and tell us what works best for you when you conceal carry.

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  1. What ever it is im carrying that day I know ive shot several rounds through it recently…just too make sure that Im confident that it wont jam and I no its been sited in and the only problem will be the person on the other end…theres no sense in having or carrying a gun you’ve never shot…almost sounds like hes afraid of it

  2. Glock 17 with the grip shortened to G19 length (fits my hand better and hides a bit more). Glock 26 if the 17 is too big. S&W Shield if the 26 is too big. J-frame with a Barami grip if my clothes won’t support a holster. All carried appendix-style so my hand always knows where to go.
    I’m one of the rare folks without a drawer full of holsters – Fricke Archangel for the Glocks, PHLster Skeleton for the Shield, DeSantis Nemesis for the snub (that’s in the drawer since I discovered the Barami grip). I sold a Fobus years ago when I went to IWB carry. It helps that I’m not much of a dresser and have a high threshold of discomfort.

  3. I carry a Seecamp 32 in a waist belt cell phone type carrier. Since I live in Florida, it’s usually too hot and wear lite clothing to carry a much larger weapon.

  4. What gun I carry depends on how much clothing I’m wearing to be able to properly conceal it. Since I live in Florida, smaller is better.

    1. Ruger LCP .380 ACP – Shorts & T-shirt
    2. Walther PPS 9mm – Pants with untucked shirt
    3. Custom 1911 .45 ACP – Any jacket or coat

  5. I carry Glock 26 in a Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC Holster (I also have Beretta PX4 (full-frame) with OWB paddle holster – but, it’s too big for concealment). I chose the G26 over S&W M&P9c and SA XDm because it had the best feel, accuracy (in my hands), and trigger. I shoot IDPA monthly (for training – not awards).

  6. @Jay Andre

    Jay, you have just supplied a whole new definition to the phrase:
    “Dead man walking”
    That is possibly the most foolish statement made by a gun owner I have ever heard.

  7. I carry a pristine, unfired S&W Model 66-4 2 1/2″ with Badger finger groove grips. It’s in a Don Hume J.I.T. R.H black holster. The only time this gun will ever be fired, is in a deadly or lethal situation.

    1. @Jay Andre, How can you be sure that your gun will be reliable or that you will be able to have any accuracy if you haven’t fired your gun?

    2. Deadly & lethal are redundant. My guess is that your S&W will remain pristine and unfired even after a life or death situation if you have not practiced diligently with it. Take it out and run a few rounds through it at a local range, or buy a hand gun that you will actually use.

    3. Getting a fine gun with nice shaped “grips” and a tight black “holster” and not getting it “hot and dirty” Is like marring a supper model and NOT getting her “hot and dirty”. What is the point?!

      Buy some +p rounds and break her in.

    4. I will never spend money on a gun that I “respect” to much to fire. I take very good care of my guns.Still look 95% new after 40 years.But they are TOOLS not works of art. And when it all hits the fan THEY will have my back!

    5. Jay the model 66 is the first gun I carried as a police officer which I stll own! But I practiced with it and became proficiant with it and I really hope you become proficiant with yours. An untested firearm may be rock instead of weapon of protection when you go to defend yourself or family!

    6. Carry what you are comfortable with, and practice often, not just using FMJ’S. Your carry ammo should be what you use at the start or end of practice sessions after your fmj rounds. All weapons do not like to feed all ammo. The best time to find this out is at the range, not on the street.

    7. @Jay-I may have come on a little heavy. Sorry.
      The key word was “pristine”. It is fun to take a high end hand made work of art gun to the range and make the other guys jealous. But hopefully your carry gun will never be seen by anyone except you and your gun smith.You have to work it.

      If I have tickets to attend the Oscars I want to take a supper model.
      Tickets to a bar fight I am taking one of the fine young ladies from mixed martial arts.

    1. Carrying a handgun concealed isnt difficult. It is not difficult to conceal a good quality Government Model .45 and I have done so for 30 years, using Milt Sparks, D M Bullard and Wright Leatherworks, as well as Ted Blocker leather.
      It is the comfort factor that most are unwilling to accept. I use a first class saddle leather gun belt.
      My favorite carry gun is a Colt Series 70.
      sometimes a Springfield Mil Spec
      About half the time I carry a Colt Commander.
      On a truly humid day when I am lightly dressed, a SIG Ultra 1911 3 inch .45.
      All have been fired well over 1,000 rounds, minimum, some much more than that. I use D and L Sports and Wilson Combat magazines.
      I do not trust the little guns.


  8. The way the world appears to be heading , I feel it is necessary to protect my family and my rights. Being a veteran helps me to appreciate how the world works.

  9. Over the years I have carried a variety of to weapons for various reasons which the average person would not encounter.

    I have been in a “serpico” situation having uncovered illegal police “rogue” activities.

    As a result I was told “to watch my *ss, because I might” have an accident ”

    As a result I carried for several years 3 weapons on me at all times… A 357 snub nose on my hip… 25cal in my back & 22cal in my boot.

    Later on working in S. FL I carried a 9MM S&W semi…

    I did so because I worked Street gangs and had
    a “hit” placed on me me by one of the parents of 2 gang members I arrested.

    In addition there was 24 hour police protection placed on my home and family where I lived while an investigation was done resulting in the arrest of the father.

    In addition I also did 1st Life Felony cases involving child sexual cases.

    Needless to say, I seemed to “attract” a certain “element” of society on almost a daily basis that most never experience.

    But for me it was “just another “normal day”…

    So I always had a gun on me & the and I would usually carry 3 mags + the one in the weapon.

    After retiring due to a serious illness which left me paralyzed for 14 months I got rid of all my guns.

    I figured if nothing had happened to me by then I was good…. and if something where to happen I really didn’t care.

    I stayed away from guns for about 15 years… Had no use or desire to have them.

    However, with things the way they are now and at the urging of my wife I’ve started to “re-acquire some “toys for boys”…

    But I am one who believes in” never take a knife to a gunfight ” & never be outgunned…

    So I’ve added 9mm, 40cals, 380’s, 12 gauge & and finally the” go to ” AR15’s with sniper scopes …

    I’ve also have duplicates of all weapons and enough ammo to supply a small country.

    I am now trying to see how I can conceal an Abrams M1 on my hip.

    I think I’m about as good as I can be at the moment.

    Otherwise it’s just another day in Paradise…

    But should the SHTF, I think I’ll be in good shape…

    I’ve got other plans in the works that will enhance my personal security if needed including and 18″ thick “wall” for protection as well as other “surprise’s”…. should things get dicey.

    So over the years it’s been more or less” a work in progress ” for my personal protection….

    But that’s only because I am a” victim of my environment ” over the years…

    Others my be less” involved ” in their personal protection needs.

  10. I carry an S&W model 60 .357 mag. because its small, I stick it under a back brace. I have tried different holsters but this seems to be the most comfortable for me.

  11. — IMI Baby Desert Eagle Compact (all metal) .40
    — Springfield XD Compact .40
    — And last but not least, in a cross draw since 1971, my P-35 Browning Hi 9mm

    The where and when and what’s being worn determins the choice.

  12. RUGER LCR .357 in a soft leather IWB at 2.. and five more rnds on my opposite side at about a strip. So far it’s very comfortable and easy to access.

  13. “is that a gun in your pocket or you just happy to see me?” If you carry a NAA Mini You will never look too “happy”. Good for back up carry or boot gun. Not your #1.

  14. I really like both my full size 9mm XDm and compact Kel-Tec 9mm. Sometimes though if I need a pocket size then the Bond Arms 45/410 derringer is best.

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