Colt M.A.R.C. LE901 Rifle and Magpul M-LOK Now Available

Black AR-15 style rifle in .308 Winchester made by Colt.

This week’s featured new products from Cheaper Than Dirt! include innovative firearms from Colt and Franklin Armory, as well as a limited run of vintage Beretta 90 Series handguns.

  • Colt introduces its first commercially available rifle chambered in .308 Winchester.
  • Franklin Armory presents the world’s first gas-operated rimfire rifle.
  • Beretta makes a limited edition run of the Beretta 92G with decocker and the 92FS Brigadier with heavy slide and removable front sight.
  • Magpul ships more of its M-LOK mounting system accessories.
  • HC3R’s Tactical Pack holds 545 rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammo for your Ruger 10/22.

Colt M.A.R.C. LE-901-16SE

Colt’s LE901 series of rifles is its first commercially available rifles chambered in 7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester. Each one is modular, with a monolithic upper receiver machined from a solid piece of aluminum. With a conversion kit and any Colt upper receiver, the M.A.R.C. LE-901-16SE will quickly and easily convert to shoot .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO. The LE901-16SE has a 16-inch chrome-lined, free-floating heavy barrel with a 1:12-inch twist, bayonet lug and flash hider. The controls on the LE901 are ambidextrous and it features a VLTOR buttstock and folding iron sights—the front sight is lockable. It operates from a direct gas impingement system. The rifle measures 37.5 overall extended and collapsed it is 34.24 inches long. It weighs 8.42 pounds unloaded and the extra weight helps lessen recoil when shooting the rifle in .223 Remington. It uses 20 or 25-round Magpul PMags.

Franklin Armory F17-L .17 WSM Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifle

Franklin Armory, a firearms manufacturer specializing in developing legal firearms compatible with the more gun-restrictive states has produced the world’s first gas-operated rimfire rifle. Called the F17, Franklin Armory along with Osprey Defense developed a custom-designed gas piston system, bolt carrier group and magazine for this AR-15 style rifle to shoot .17 Winchester Super Magnum. The custom-designed gas system with rotating locking bolt is based on and very similar to Eugene Stoner’s original AR-15 design. The F17-L has a 20-inch bull barrel with 1 in 9 twist and a salt bath nitride chamber, bore and finish. Franklin Armory builds its proprietary Libertas upper and lower receivers from billet 7075-T6 aluminum. The rifle also features a free float handguard, forward assist, custom-tuned trigger, ERGO grip and Magpul MOE stock. Since the rifle is build on a tradition AR-15 platform, you may add many aftermarket AR-15 parts and accessories.” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>AR-15 parts and accessories. The F17-L uses a 10-round magazine, with Franklin Armory currently developing a 20-round magazine for the future.

Limited Edition Beretta 92G and 92FS Brigadier

In honor of Beretta’s century of making semiautomatic pistols and 30 years of producing the 90 Series model M9, it released two limited edition models of the legendary 90 series of pistols, the 92G and 92FS Brigadier. The 92G has a decocker in the spring-loaded safety, while the 92FS Brigadier has a heavy slide, which reduces recoil and removable front sight. These additional features on the limited edition Beretta 92 pistols are vintage features desired by many. Both the Beretta 92G and 92FS Brigadier 9mm pistols share the same basic features—a double/single-action trigger, 4.9-inch barrel, 15-round magazine, forged aircraft aluminum alloy frame, a 3-dot sight system and an 8.5-inch overall length. With the 92FS Brigadier’s heavier slide, it weighs 34.4 ounces unloaded, while the 92G weighs 33.3 ounces.

Magpul M-LOK MVG Vertical Grip

Magpul’s M-LOK system is a new way of mounting optics, lights and other accessories in the “negative spaces” on your rifle—in the precise location you need them. Just like the KeyMod handguard and mounting platform, Magpul makes the M-LOK—Modular Lock system—a “free licensed platform” so any manufacturer may make handguards, rails and other accessories. Magpul currently makes an M-LOK handguard in black, gray or FDE, rails and a few accessories like these vertical grips in either black or FDE. To mount the new Magpul M-LOK MVG vertical grip, you do not need a rail; however, you will need the M-LOK handguard. These short vertical grips, constructed of heavy-duty polymer have a “TSP” texture designed specifically for the “thumb brake method” of shooting. Alternatively, you may use the vertical grip as a traditional foregrip on you AR-15. The M-LOL MVG is made in the United States and includes all necessary hardware to mount the grip on your rifle.

Ruger 10/22 HC3R™ Tactical Pack

The HC3 R tactical pack is a convenient field or range pack that holds 545 rounds of ammunition for your Ruger 10/22. It includes the HC3R magazine, five stripper clips with caps, a speedloader, three takedown tools and a carrying case. The carrying case’s high density EVA closed cell foam padding is die cut to fit all the accessories inside securely. The case has an adjustable shoulder strap and additional handle. Inside the lid of the case is a zippered pocket to store targets, a pen, earplugs or other small range essentials. Underneath the foam padding is six pockets designed to hold 50 round boxes of .22 Long Rifle ammo. The HC3R Ruger 10/22 magazine holds 20 rounds, with an ammo pocket that holds an additional 20 rounds to load once the mag is empty. The thumb-assist and removable stripper clip makes loading the magazine comfortable and quick. It is constructed of high-impact composite resin, stainless fasteners and has stainless steel feed lips.

What do you think of the new rail systems? Have you tried the KeyMod or M-LOK yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.


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