Pueblo Freedon & Rights Instrumental in Colorado Recall Elections

Earlier this year Colorado politicians voted in favor of sweeping new anti-gun legislation in spite of overwhelming public support to the contrary. I was one of the many Second Amendment supporters at the capitol building when the new anti-gun bills were in the Judicial Committee and the legislators were listening to public testimony both for and against the new gun control legislation.

Pueblo Freedom & Rights Several Colorado sheriffs spoke out in opposition to the new legislation as well a representative from the National Sheriffs Association. The public opposition to the proposed gun control bills was so overwhelming that at one point Congressman Daniel Kagan asked everyone in the room to stand up if they were against the new bills because there simply was not enough time for everyone against the legislation to testify before the committee. When he did so, 90 percent of the room stood up to show their opposition to the proposed gun control bills.

In spite of the obvious overwhelming public opposition, many legislators voted in favor of the anti-2nd Amendment legislation with blatant contempt for what their constituents clearly wanted. This prompted Colorado’s first ever recall election of Colorado’s State Senator John Morse (Democrat, representing Colorado Springs and Senate leader) and State Senator Angela Giron (Democrat representing Pueblo). The recall election was officially on September 10 but early voting began several days early and was very robust on both sides of the 2nd Amendment.

According to El Paso County Sherriff Terry Maketa Senator Morse told his caucus not to answer phone calls or emails from his constituents expressing their pro-2nd Amendment objections to the recent anti-gun legislation. With this level of disregard for his constituents, it is no wonder there was a grassroots recall movement in his district. Most of the money raised by pro-2nd Amendment donors went to the Colorado Springs recall effort against Colorado State Senate President John Morse. Many felt this was because if they could only financially put their weight behind one of the two recall races, that the recall of Sen. Morse in Colorado Springs was the most important, some because of his being the Senate President and others because they felt it was more plausible to win. There were several grassroots organizations behind the recalls, most notably of which is Tim Knight, Founder of the “Basic Freedom Defense Fund” and who the Denver Post called the “father” of the recalls.

Similar refusal to listen to their pro-gun constituents in a Pueblo town hall meeting by Senator Angela Giron led Victor Head and five other average guys (one is a plumber, another is an electrician, etc.) to get together and start “Pueblo Freedom and” to recall Senator Giron. On September 4, Colonel Robert K. Brown (Founder of Soldier Of Fortune magazine) and I met with Victor Head, of “” along with former 82nd Airborne paratrooper Jim Brown and others who are behind the grassroots recall effort in Pueblo. They have mobilized a very impressive army of local volunteers who are donating their time to the recall effort. We both were very impressed by the level of commitment of these “average Joe” kind of guys and the stellar effort they are putting forward in the recall effort. At the same time we were very impressed with them, the prevailing opinion going into the recall election was that Pueblo’s attempt to recall Senator Giron was not as “winnable” as the recall in Colorado Springs of Senator Morse, and we were frustrated that this was resulting in fewer donations to the recall effort of Senator Giron.

Jerry Kraus; Victor Head, founder of Pueblo Freedom & Rights shaking hands with Colonel Robert K. Brown.
Jerry Kraus; Victor Head, founder of Pueblo Freedom & Rights, shaking hands with Colonel Robert K. Brown, founder of Soldier of Fortune magazine. Victor was a major force behind the Sen. Giron recall effort.

According to the Denver Post, “Proponents of the recall have raised about $540,000, while opponents have collected nearly $3 million. Much of the cash has come from out of state.” The far left wing liberal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $350,000 in an attempt to force his anti-2nd Amendment agenda on Colorado’s voters. The NRA countered with a donation of $360,000 to the recall effort to counter Bloomberg’s attempt to buy elections in Colorado.

At the closing of the recall elections on September 10, 17,845 people voted in the Senator Morse recall in Colorado Springs and Senator Morse lost with 50.96 percent of voters voting to recall Senator Morse. Although I don’t share Senator Morse’s anti-2nd Amendment, sentiments I was shocked I agreed with one thing he said in his concession speech “The highest rank in a democracy is citizen, not Senate President…” In Pueblo, long thought to be a Democrat haven, 34,556 people voted to retain Senator Giron with 44% voting and 56% voting to recall her. Senator Giron losing the recall election by an amazing 12% shocked everyone closely watching this race! Senator Giron said in her concession speech “I’m a little perplexed, but this is what I know: I know that I have not one iota of regret from what I voted on.” If she is “perplexed,” many Colorado gun owners I talked to suggest she reread the 2nd Amendment and the definition of the word “Infringed”! Sen. Lois Tochtrop, an Adams County Democrat and longtime Second Amendment activist that opposed five of the seven anti-gun bills said, “I feel like all these gun bills have done — to quote the last words in the movie ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ — is to awaken a sleeping giant…” This first ever recall election over gun rights in Colorado sends a clear nationwide message to the anti-2nd Amendment liberals like NYC Mayor Bloomberg that you can’t always buy elections by spending vastly more money than the other side – and never under estimate the resolve of the American gun owners…

What do you think of the Colorado recall election? Do you support the Pueblo Freedom & Rights group? Tell us in the comment section.


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  1. As a citizen of Colorado for many years, I lament how the State has gotten so liberal with disgusting laws (marijuana, gun control, gay marriage)enacted by this majority of voters. For the first time, I’m embarrassed to say I’m from Colorado.

    Our Democrat legislators have been wooed by the rich California entertainment industry and the New York bottomless-pit money machine (Bloomberg). Finally, some hard working conservative voters have stepped up to the plate to say “We’re not going to take it anymore”.

    After the Senate recall elections were successful, Colorado governor Hickenlooper (aka ChickenPooper), went on the news saying he “was forced to vote for gun control by the majority Dem. Legislature”. He is a disgrace and a liar as everyone knew he was in Bloomberg’s deep pocket. He and his limp-wrist clak of supporters are the next targets for recall.

  2. As a California gun owner and shooting enthusiast, I thinks it’s absolutely awesome what Colorado voters have accomplished.

  3. Maryland has a retired Secret Service agent running for office and he’s pro-gun NOT pro gun-control. As he said in a speech recently “This isn’t about gun control, it’s about People Control” and he’s dead on. I applaud Colorado and I’ve volunteered to help this mans campaign in any way possible. He’s the first person in my memory that actually speaks with common sense, who lay’s out the games that are played politically at the state and federal levels and what has to be done to stop it and get it back in the hands of the people. I’ve not heard if a recall law has been discussed but I personally plan to bombard the News Papers in this area encouraging people to get it on the ballot for a statewide vote. Like in Colorado, it can begin with one or two people who understand what’s really going on and who obviously pay attention to what their elected officials are up too. Hopefully I can find a few other folks in Maryland who are willing to work to create what has been created in Colorado. The more we promote recalls, the more states who’s voters vote them into law, the more likely it is that neighboring states will follow suit. In Maryland, I don’t think we’ve had fresh blood elected to either the Congress or Senate since Dutch Ruppersburger from Baltimore County. He’s a good man with a good track record of listening to his constituents and I pray that he has voted pro-second amendment. I haven’t pulled up his voting record but I will. If he is pro second amendment, then he’s a good ally to have. If he isn’t then it’s unfortunate because that tells me that the Washington political powers have ruined him and he would have to go as well. Dan Bongino is the retired Secret Service agent running for office who is pro-second amendment and he’s laid his integrity out there for everyone to see. Hopefully he will retain that integrity and be a powerful ally for us pro-second amendment citizens in Maryland.

    Until we make some progress, I send congrats to the voters in Colorado. Though the margins could have been a little wider in Morse’s case, the recall still worked as it should and that means that Democracy has once again overcome serious threats from those who would take away our freedoms for the agenda of the state and federal elected hierarchy. One last point for consideration: Why would we possibly want to sign a NATO document guaranteeing what essentially is the elimination of our ability to protect our freedoms? Here’s one more: Recently I heard a minister speak who mentioned a new religion that’s sure to come before we know it. It’s called (and excuse the incorrect spelling) “Chrislam.” It’s frightening to think that our lives will depend on who we choose to worship, God or Allah. This isn’t so far fetched folks. We have had millions of people killed for their beliefs, from Biblical times through today. Those of us who believe in Christianity are infidels and in today’s interpretation of the teaching of the Koran, we are nothing more than targets. Give that some thought. I pray that the speaker was wrong but he put forth a lot of information that adds up. Scary, scary times.

    1. PEOPLE CONTROL … that is all it is, could not have been better said! People are tired of being what to do … period.

  4. Not only do I fully support these recall efforts, but I also will continue to contribute to any and all recall efforts of all politicians in any state of federal position. We have several boxes to utilize in our efforts to retain our rights (though it should never be necessary): The ballot box, the soap box and we all know the last… It is great to see such efforts on behalf of patriots nationwide to back each other up when needed. I am sure the need will rise again, just like the need for 2 million motorcyclists to rally on DC. Keep up the momentum!

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