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Which Colleges Allow Guns on Campus

Students can carry at the University of Utah. Reported sexual assault is 58 percent less than the national average.

In June 2015, Texas passed a law (S.B. 11) allowing concealed carry on Texas state colleges and universities. However, public institutions may still place restrictions on where guns are allowed, as well as allowing private schools to keep bans in place.

Recently, the Fort Worth-based private university, Texas Christian University announced it will join Rice University in remaining a gun-free zone. The state’s largest secondary institution—the University of Texas at Austin—has announced its intentions to remain as restrictive by implementing the new law which takes effect August 1, 2016.

Students can carry at the University of Utah. Reported sexual assault is 58 percent less than the national average.
Students can carry at the University of Utah where the reported sexual assault is 58 percent less than the national average.

Because of our personal interest in the topic, the Shooter’s Log has reported on these stories, as well as following developments on new laws introduced allowing campus carry, such as Florida’s H.B. 4001 and S.B. 68. Cheaper Than Dirt!’s home is Texas and many of our writers, contributors, customers, readers, and employees have college-aged children or will some day (too) soon be deciding which school is best and the safest for their kids.

One commenter, Anon E Mous on the article, “In Texas, TCU Opts Out of Campus Carry–Others May Follow,” suggested posting a webpage listing all the campuses in the United Sates that ban guns. But, unfortunately, the majority of the nearly 5,000 colleges and universities strictly prohibit guns anywhere on campus.

It is easier to list which schools and which states allow guns on campus.

According to Students for Concealed Carry, the following states do not allow guns on campus in any way:

  • Washington
  • Wyoming
  • New Mexico
  • Missouri
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Illinois
  • North Carolina
  • Maryland
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Rhode Island
  • Maryland
  • Maine
  • Washington D.C.

The following states allow guns in parking lots in locked vehicles only:

  • Nevada
  • Montana
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Arizona

The following states do not ban concealed carry on campus, but place heavy restrictions, require written permission from the university’s president, or let the school choose to opt out:

  • Oregon
  • California (good luck getting permission to carry on any California campus)
  • Kansas
  • North Dakota
  • Minnesota
  • Iowa
  • Alabama
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Virginia

States that allow concealed carry on campus:

  • Idaho
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Mississippi

The following is an incomplete list of schools, gathered from various websites, that allow students and visitors with concealed weapon permits to carry on campus in some form:


  • Central Oregon Community College
  • Chemeketa Community College
  • Clatsop Community College
  • Columbia Gorge Community College
  • Portland Community College
  • Umpqua Community College
  • Oregon Institute of Technology
  • University of Oregon
  • Western Oregon University
  • Clackamas Community College
  • Klamath Community College
  • Lane Community College
  • Linn-Benton Community College
  • Mt. Hood Community College
  • Oregon Coast Community College
  • Rogue Community College
  • Southwestern Oregon Community College
  • Tillamook Bay Community College
  • Treasure Valley Community College
  • Eastern Oregon College
  • Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Oregon State University
  • Portland State University
  • Southern Oregon University
  • Edmonds Community College
  • Bates Technical College
  • Shoreline Community College


  • University of Wisconsin
  • Blackhawk Technical College
  • Chippewa Valley Technical College
  • Fox Valley Technical College
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Lakeshore Technical College
  • Madison Area Technical College
  • Mid-State Technical College
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • Moraine Park Technical College
  • Nicolet Area Technical College
  • Northcentral Technical College
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
  • Waukesha County Technical College
  • Western Technical College
  • Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College


  • Colorado State University
  • Adams State University
  • Arapahoe Community College
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • Colorado Northwestern Community College
  • Colorado School of the Mines
  • Community College of Aurora
  • Community College of Denver
  • Fort Lewis College
  • Front Range Community College
  • Lamar Community College
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Morgan Community College
  • Northeastern Junior College
  • Otero Community College
  • Pikes Peak Community College
  • Pueblo Community College
  • Red Rocks Community College
  • Trinidad State Junior College
  • Trinidad State Junior College
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • University of Colorado at Denver
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • Western Colorado Community College
  • Western Colorado Community College
  • Western State Colorado University


  • Alcorn State University
  • Belhaven University
  • Blue Mountain College
  • Coahoma Community College
  • Copiah-Lincoln Community College
  • Delta State University
  • East Central Community College
  • East Mississippi Community College
  • Hinds Community College
  • Holmes Community College
  • Itawamba Community College
  • Jackson State University
  • Jones County Junior College
  • Meridian Community College
  • Millsaps College
  • Mississippi College
  • Mississippi Delta Community College
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
  • Mississippi State University
  • Mississippi University for Women
  • Mississippi Valley State University
  • Northeast Mississippi Community College
  • Northwest Mississippi Community College
  • Pearl River Community College
  • Reformed Theological Seminary
  • Rust College
  • Southeastern Baptist College
  • Southwest Mississippi Community College
  • Tougaloo College
  • University of Mississippi
  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • Wesley Biblical Seminary
  • William Carey University


  • College of Eastern Utah
  • Dixie State University
  • Salt Lake Community College
  • Snow College
  • Southern Utah University
  • University of Utah
  • Utah State University
  • Utah Valley University
  • Weber State University


Liberty University

As with all articles of this nature, the information provided is as correct as possible at the time of publication and is of course, fluid and constantly changing. Please consult each school before making a final decision regarding its campus carry policy.

If you know of any schools that allow guns on campus that are not listed here, please list them in the comment section.

For more on handgun carry on campus, read the following posts:


The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  1. In North Carolina, a person with a CCL -IS- allowed to have their firearm on any state school campus in a locked box designed for firearms in a locked vehicle. They may both un-holster and re-holster while standing at their vehicle for the purpose of complying with the lock-box requirement.

    Not that this is some sort of special treat … but it IS more liberal than mentioned above.

  2. Good idea to bring legal action against those that would inhibit second amendment rights, only problem is which do you start with???
    The other problem is that it takes boat loads of money to go to court !!!
    Best to just let the present regime run itself into the ground and hopefully the VOTERS will see the light and elect a real president that will make our country great again!!! If that does not happen we will end up being 3rd world lawless so the second and all amendments will be gone !!!

  3. Actually, any public business or institution which seeks to inhibit 2nd Amendment rights should be sued by anyone-or their families-who is injured or killed by a criminal because they were not allowed their right of self defense! Maybe a couple of cases like that would show them the light. NRA, ARE YOU LISTENING?

    1. RL You hit the nail on the head. I’ve been wondering when the first lawsuits will be filed. I work in a sitting duck zone and have told my loved ones if something like that would happen find the best sleazy lawyer you can and sue the hell out of the state government for which I am employed because I was not allowed to protect myself and denied my 2nd.

  4. Colleges that ban campus carry should be required to post “attend at your own risk signs all over the campus…at least give folks a heads up.

  5. The state of Texas has passed a bill and signed by the governor, which will allow for both concealed and open carry on public university campuses. Many campuses allow for concealed carry on the campus grounds, but not in classrooms. As an alumnus of one of these private universities I know this policy as fact, but many do not strictly enforce the policy unless a complaint has been filed. Private Universities will have the option to disallow the right to carry openly on their campuses. This will go into effect in January of 2016.

  6. Any school or university that does not allow a legal and licensed for concealed carry citizen the right to carry should have all of their state and federal funding revoked for the next twenty years. The only thing that gets a schools attention is when they loose money and students.
    I’ve never heard of jihad johnnie wanting to attack a group of people that he knew had the ability to defend themselves and send him to the afterlife without his virgins, but if these lame brained school officials want to turn themselves into soft targets of opportunity, then they should be liable for the consequences that they intail.

  7. Finally something gun related that Colorado hasn’t messed up. My daughter goes to CSU and I feel she is much safer than any school in California. I have met some of her friends that carry and I know they would help protect her from a dirtbag if the need should arise. With the knowledge that CSU is a concealed carry school most lowlifes would likely avoid the school all together and look for a less resistant target.

    1. That’s fine except your daughter should be able to defend herself & her friends too! If she were mine she would have a gun & know how to use it.

  8. Every state should be an open carry. If a nut job either domestic or jihadist will not come to a school,office ,mall or as iin San Bernardino CA your Christmas party and shoot the place up if he/she knows of and or sees a room half full of armed citizens they care cowards when facing the receiving end of a weapon slinging hot led.
    With that said even these cowards will kill the defenseless.
    So for those crybaby college kids demanding a “Safe space/zone” whete they dont gave to look at anorher race or gender for fear of getting their feelings hurt by some nonexistant “microagressions” reality check…..its behind the gun, not in front of it. Your FEELINGS don’t matter but your ability to circulate blood does.

    Command Masterchief USN RET
    5x combat veteran 1981-2011

  9. Take a look at Georgia’s semi-recent HB 60. It allows colleges to expressly allow carry, ie opt in. Update you article after looking it up.

  10. Just an FYI, Oklahoma law not only allows carry in your vehicle in parking lots (specific law protecting all parking lots no matter their location) but it is possible for the school to make its own policies on the matter as well as getting written permission from the president that must be carried on one’s person with their valid ID and handgun license while carrying on campus.

  11. Any state that has no law against concealed carry or simple carry…and allows any college or university to make it’s own rules, is in fact…violating the constitution.
    There is no fine print attached to the 2nd amendment. It doesn’t provide exceptions to the right to own and carry a firearm.
    Furthermore, any laws instigated and enforced by anyone other than those delegated to make laws, is also violating either the state or the federal constitution.
    We the people have allowed our government to rule over our civil behavior by general consent. We express that consent when we go to the voting booth and elect a representative. Only those to whom we have given such consent are acceptable as law makers.

    1. Another CPL, interested in Michigan’s status. It’d be so much better if I could actually park in my schools parking lot. I’m tired of asking why I park across the street in a farmers field.

    2. Get the Concealed Carry app for smart phones by Workman Publishing and stay up to date for all 50 states … it’s free.

  12. I live in Wisconsin and Northcentral Technical College does post no weapons. You can’t bring firearms conceal carry or not onto the campus. You can only keep them locked in your vehicle. So Northcentral Technical College DOES NOT allow carry on campus by students or visitors.

  13. And what can they do to you if you do carry a gun on campus. After all, a college is NOT a legal entity capable of prosecuting you. And, if you have a concealed weapon, how would they know unless you told them or you had to use it? In the latter case, you just defended your life, so who cares what they say?

    1. You’ve never been on a college campus have you? Most colleges have their own certified police departments staffed by certified LEOs – at least here in Georgia. And although I’m not opposed to Campus Carry, your last 2 sentences are idiotic at best.

  14. OOPS! When we moved my kid into the dorm, my wife and I were both carrying. I did NOT see any signs prohibiting firearms. We even asked the campus police about students who hunt. They told us “Keep their firearm locked in the trunk of their vehicle”.

  15. It’s worth adding that Mississippi State as well as Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College do not allow weapons on campus or in vehicles. It is even stated so on Mississippi State’s website that failure to follow their guidelines is a felony.

    1. Mississippi’s ENHANCED carry permit makes carry legal almost everywhere. The quite few exclusions include courtrooms in session, detention facilities, and police stations.

  16. Pennsylvania does not have any state laws against carrying on college campuses. It is up to the college to determine its own policy. Some state colleges do allow concealed carry in public spaces. In 2012 the laws in Pennsylvania changed regarding concealed carry. The state school systems had to make sure that they were not in conflict with the US and State constitutions and laws.

  17. While I love that you are doing this list, and I wish All schools would use the education they are supposedly teaching to learn why they should, I have to question your whole article when you list it as Eastern Oregon College when it has been Eastern Oregon University for many years now. But that’s a minor issue in itself. What can we do to get more schools to see how they Need to allow CCW on campus?

  18. In order to campus in Texas you will have to complete ALL the necessary steps to obtain a CHL/LTC. So, anyone doing so is far more secure than those who are fighting it. I don’t believe Professors, Administrators, Board Members, etc. are required to have their backgrounds checked at a federal and state level, including fingerprints. It’s almost laughable.

  19. It is worth noting that none of the schools in Colorado allow guns on campus voluntarily. They were required to do so by court order. I’d argue that there’s a difference between that and schools that do so by their own volition.

  20. Heres a math problem for the really smart professors …..check average law enforcement response times at your school and you can factor the number of potential dead in these “gun free zones”

    Any why is it that almost ALL crazy mental killer shooters choose schools for thier murders???
    Just sane enought to know no one can shoot back for at least 4-8 minutes.

  21. It’s amazing to me so see how many people just give up their RIGHTS.
    With the MUSLIMS committing TERROIST actions right here in the UNITED STATES. how can anyone feel safe when their out in public. people need to be prepared and armed, you never know where they’ll hit next.

    1. Agree 100%

      The sad thing is so many people willingly give up their rights on the erroneous supposition that the government will protect them Not only will the government NOT protect them it will put them at risk by bringing illegals and potential terrorists into the country and then disarming them./

  22. NC does permit “carrying” on public school campuses if locked in vehicle.

    “School grounds under G.S. § 14-269.2, except permittees can secure their handguns in their vehicle on school grounds. (Note: Private schools reserve the right to prohibit firearms altogether.)”

    As per the most current NC firearms laws found on website.

  23. Makes me glad I got both of my degrees at Utah schools. I carried every day, and so did a lot of my professors, especially at Utah State. What still baffles me is that even after all these major incidents, some students actually oppose concealed carry on campus. Go figure. You just can’t save some people from themselves, but that’s their right.

  24. Not many places of Higher Learning

    have learned about the U. S. Constitution.

    I guess one gives up their RIGHTS in order to learn ???

  25. I did my undergrad and graduate work in Utah. No drama there. We carried and we felt more secure because of it.

  26. I Joplin Missouri at mssu the only way you can have a gun on campus is if you’re going through police officer training. Just my two cents as a former student now KHP

  27. @ Suzanne Wiley.

    According to University of Utah’s own Record’s for 2014. Student Enrollment was 31,515 (~17,428 Male Students and ~14,087 Female Students). Sexual Assaults of Females was ~20% or 2,817 +/- 0.005% or 8.9386% of Student Population. And ~19 Male Students were Sexually Assaulted or 1.0902% of Male Student Population (0.0628…% of Total Student Population, +/- 0.005%). Still NOT a GREAT RATIO to be Bragging About, don’t you think?

    PS. Please Thank Ms. Chandra Mayeux for Answering my Question on the Glock G-21R .45 ACP Revolver, for me. I’d Appreciated…

    1. @Secundius

      You have to read between the lines on any statistic. Trust me on this, I have done years of Doctorate level research work. Just reading the numbers does not tell the whole story because many of these stats are not talking about violent attacks, they also include the person who was pressured at a party or after a date and caved in (which they shouldn’t have to do, BTW) and then reported it. Yes, I agree it was what is euphemistically called “date rape” which is just as messed up, but it was an assault by a stranger walking doe Old main Hill.

      No . . no one, and I mean NO ONE should ever take advantage of anyone. But i’m not sure what your point is in this. I was at the U of U during the Ted Bundy episode and sold CS tear gas sprayers (back when they were legal) to female students because i did not want any of them to be victimized, but I’m not sure what your comment is saying. The bottom line is that any of these students could get a permit, take some training, and be prepared to defend themselves. If they don’t choose to, then that is a very unfortunate thing but it is their choice.

    2. @ Mikial.

      Sir, In the Early 90’s, I worked in the City of Fairfax. Just Next to George Mason University. And I saw things there, that were simply “Appalling” to any Would-Be Parent sending their Child There…

    3. @Secundius

      Understood, and I can’t disagree with you on that particular university. The Liberal cesspits that call themselves centers of learning and enlightenment are little more than Liberal indoctrination camps. But that is not the U of U or really most of the Utah universities. Fairfax County Virginia is one of those cesspools I mentioned. Fairfax is the main reason we are saddled with McAuliff for a Governor and drek like we have for US Senators right now. Wealthy Liberals and welfare recipients. At least we maintain control of the state assembly.

  28. Arkansas allows concealed carry holders to keep their weapon in a locked car while in the parking lot of a school, daycare, public parking lots, or government offices. There are exceptions: Dept. of Corrections.

    Act 1078 as amended

    1. And just how useful is your gun locked in your car in some far distant university parking lot when some madman bursts into the classroom where you are sitting?

    2. I totally agree, like when friends of mine that also carry tell me they never have a round in the chamber.I tell them that they better hope that there car jacker or armed robber is understanding and patience enough to give them time to chamber a round so they can defend themselves or there families or be ready just to use your gun as a club.because that is about all the good it will do them in a emergency situation.

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