CNN Poll Contains Bad News For Gun Controllers

A new poll recently released from CNN and ORC International makes it clear that a majority of Americans staunchly support their Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Question 2 in the poll got right to the meat of current gun-control efforts: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling gun policy?” 59% disapproved, down slightly from the 64% disapproval number for the question posed May 29 to June 1, 2014.CNN-Poll-Logo Respondents were asked in Question 13: “In your view, do existing laws make it too easy for people to buy guns, too difficult, or are they about right?” Half of respondents (49%) thought laws were “about right.” Another 10% responded that current laws make buying a gun “too difficult.” Combined, that means 59% of Americans are opposed to further restrictions on the Second Amendment.

The survey went on to ask in Question 14: “If gun control laws were changed so that more comprehensive background checks were put in place for all gun purchases, how likely do you think that they would… prevent those with mental health problems from buying guns.” In part A of the question, people could answer “extremely likely,” “very likely,” “somewhat likely,” and “not at all likely.” 56% answered that checks were not at all likely or were only somewhat likely to prevent such sales.

In part B of the question, the poll asked if background checks would prevent convicted criminals from buying guns. 58% thought that checks were not at all likely or only somewhat likely to restrict such sales.

And in part C of the question, 42% of respondents said it was extremely likely or very likely that tougher background checks would make it harder for law-abiding citizens without mental health problems to buy guns.

To conduct the poll, ORC International contacted 1,012 adult Americans by telephone September 4-8, 2015. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is +/-3 percentage points. The sample also included 930 interviews among registered voters. This sample included 612 interviews among landline respondents and 400 interviews among cell phone respondents.

Do these results line up with the opinions in your area?

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Comments (23)

  1. Here in Texas especially outside the major large cities restrictions on guns are viewed as a clear violation of the second amendment.

  2. We don’t need a more restrictive gun control policy … How about an idiot control policy…. I worked In the local gun store and I’m a gun collector never had an issue with the system…. There are rules to selling firearms to customers and every store follows them…. If a man or woman comes in to buy a gun…. You call in to get they’re number and they own child support the cops are on there way…. So how much more restrictive can you make buying a firearm…. Make every firearm a class 3 weapon wait 6 months and 3 days in a mental institution for a evaluation?

  3. As luck would have it, I’m a former felony prosecutor and an attorney. The reason no one has successfully gone after a poltician in court is a pesky ruling of the Supreme Court that says the court willl not deal with “political questions.” So the smart liberal attorneys say “turn the gun debate into a political question and insulate yourself from lawsuits.” Ask me what percentage of lawyers are liberal or law professors. Probably close to 85%. That tells the story.

  4. Let’s do a poll and ask Americans if they know that the murder rate in America has been on a steady decline for the last couple of decades. Or if they know that FBI statistics show that 90% of all gun related instances of self defense result in NO shots being fired. Our if they know that some of the most violent cities in America have the most strict gun control laws.

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