Check Out Kahr Gen2 Premium Pistols at NRA

Kahr Arms pistol with compensated barrel

Kahr’s new Gen2 Premium pistols made their début at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and according to a company announcement, you can actually put your hands on some in Booth #2049 at the NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville.
The Gen2 Premium pistols will be offered in 12 models, four-barrel lengths and three calibers including 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. MSRP on the new series will range from $976 to $1668.  The new designs are sleeker, have tighter tolerances and include a lot of upgrades:

Kahr Arms pistol with compensated barrel
Kahr’s new Gen2 Premium will be available in 9mm and .45 ACP
• Shortened trigger stroke • Integrated trigger safety • Accessory rail • Front slide serrations on 5- and 6-inch-barrel models • 6-inch compensated barrel model • Leupold Deltapoint Red Dot mount with tall target sights on 5-inch-barrel models • Leupold Deltapoint Red Dot optic included with 6-inch-barrel models • TRUGLO TFX Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night sights standard on 3.5-inch and 4-inch-barrel models • Safe-Cam striker-fired action • Double recoil spring system • Redesigned magazine base and grip • Slide machined from the highest-quality stainless steel available for firearms • Serial tag on grip frame • Ergonomic single-stack grip frame • Three magazines and a lockable, hard, polymer case ship with each gun.

  Kahr’s new Gen2 Premium will be available in 9mm and .45 ACP in July/August 2015 and .40 S&W in December 2015.

Do you own and shoot Kahrs? Do these new features look interesting to you? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. When I called Kahr last week to ask them if they could give me the specs on one of these new pistols they very rudeley said “NO. I find their people who answer the phone to be very unfriendly.

  2. After reading the glowing reviews, some years back I bought one of Kahr’s then-new P9 pistols; that was a mistake. The pistol had problems with slide lock, trigger pin walkout, chatter marks in the barrel, and striker actuation that repeated trips back to the factory didn’t fix. Over the next year, postings on various bulletin boards showed me I wasn’t alone. To their credit, Kahr ultimately replaced the pistol – but not wanting to continue my unwitting Beta Test, I immediately traded the unfired replacement for a Glock 26. Although the G26 isn’t as neat a package, it WORKS every time. This experience soured me on Kahr pistols, so I won’t be spending $1k or more on another.

    1. I’ve heard that Kahr pistols require considerable break-in before they function reliably. That seems like more of a design flaw to me if that’s the case. My two Glock 34’s and my Glock 26 have been 100% reliable straight out of the box. 1500 flawless rounds and counting…
      The new Kahr does look pretty slick though.

  3. I carried a Kahr 9 as a back up to my duty guns for several years prior to retirement. I bought it used nearly 20 years ago. Qualifications were a breeze. When I retired I qualified with it to get my CCW permit and it outshot everything in the class. I traded it a few years ago for a used P9 and continue to qualify with it yearly for retired officer qualifications. I had one slide stop issue with the P9 which Kahr fixed and returned at no charge. I am a Kahr advocate. I doubt I would have much use for the Gen2 pistols however.

  4. I’ve got a Kahr CW9 that I’ve never had a problem with. If you base your opinions on what other folks write about on the internet, you probably are very limited in your ability to think. Go shoot a Kahr and decide for yourself if it’s up to, or better than your ability.

  5. I absolutely love and trust my 2 kahrs. I own a cw380 and the K9. The K9 is my hands down absolute favorite. No break in period at all, and in full disclosure – the only (3) malfunctions it has EVER had were premature lock back of the slide (all with federal aluminum)…. It’s been FLAWLESS with everything else in the 800 rounds down range. The cw380 had a couple issues in the break in. There were about 10 FTF’s – but all were encountered by my shooting partner. I attribute them with limp wristing. In my shooting of it I’ve had 1 stove pipe in (nearly) 1000 rounds. These guns are FAR underrated. I’m now in the market for either a cm40 or cm9, the jury’s still out for me.

    As far as this new line goes, I really have no use for it. I’m not a competition shooter. Now if they made a k45 or a k380 I’d be all in! Their steel framed pistols are among, if not the best, semi autos on the market in my opinion.

  6. I don’t know who has been giving poor quality reviews on Kahrs but I strongly disagree! I bought a K40 about 10 years and I have never had an issue with it after over 1,000 rounds. I have tried to get it to jam, shooting limp wrist, rapid firing… nothing has caused it to fail! 2 years ago I bought a CW45 and have has the same excellent results. I will definitely be interested in their Gen 2.

  7. I like my Kahr 9mm. I wish Kahr would release a .45 acp with a steel frame. (If I want a plastic gun, I can buy a Glock.). My K-9 is a great gun but I have lost confidence in the 9mm cartridge.

    (.. and, by the way, after purchase support from Kahr was wonderful.)

  8. I have owned 3 Kahr’s for many years. A K9, a CM9 and an E9. I have never had an issue with any of them. The CM9 is my carry pistol and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  9. My EDC is a Kahr CW40. After a hundred or so rounds of break in and a trip back to Kahr for adjustment of the ejector, it has been flawless. Eats FMJ and JHP from 155 to 180 grains. Light and compact enough to carry easily, big enough to control, and reasonably comfortable and accurate enough to shoot well. My CW-9 BUG has had no problems at all.

  10. Here is another manufacturer that has set a price that is out of reach of many shooters in the current economy. While KAHR makes very nice firearms, these “new” pistols are just not worth the MSRP.

  11. Dang, that’s ugly. I’m not impressed with what I’ve heard from friends, bloggers and local gun shop / range owners’ accounts of Kahr’s quality and service either. This may be the Pontiac Aztec of the 2015 Shot Show. I’m sure there’s stiff competition.

    I can definitely think of things I’d be more likely to spend $950-$1300 plus tax on. Like two glocks, or a nice 1911, or a used M1A…all with lifetime warranties from companies who have a reputation for honoring them and providing good service in a reasonable amount of time, vs Kahr’s 5 year warranty and…

  12. I sure hope these new Kahr pistols are better than the current models. For years i have Read 100’s of forum comments from people who have had problems with their Kahr pistols. I have always liked Kahr pistols, but i could never get myself to buy one just because of the poor quality control they seem to have. I dont want to buy a problem, especially in a gun that is going to be used for personal defense. Their are a lot of other similar guns out there that are much more reliable. The Kahr’s even feel cheap, even the internals.

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