Cheaper Than Dirt! Shooter Patrick E. Kelley Named to Team Benelli

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Team Cheaper Than Dirt! member Patrick Kelley has also joined Benelli USA’s new 3-gun team, bringing his expertise with competition shotguns to help promote both shotgun manufacturer Benelli and firearm and ammunition retailer Cheaper Than Dirt!

From Benelli’s press release:

Benelli USA is pleased to announce the formation of Team Benelli, a veteran group of 3-gun shooters, all of who are top-placers in the sport.

These shooters rely on their Benelli shotguns for competing at the highest level on the national 3-gun competition circuit. Including men and women both, the Team Benelli shooters are:

  • Taran Butler, Hollywood, CA
  • Chris Sechiatano, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Julie Golob, Glasgow, MT
  • Jeff Cramblit, Huntsville, AL
  • Jansen Jones, Atlanta, GA
  • Patrick E. Kelley, Moses Lake, WA
  • Kurt Miller, Edmond, OK
  • Katie Harris, Taylorsville, GA
  • Jeremy Parker, Dixon, KY
  • Rob Romero, Atlanta, GA
  • Ben Fortin, Hopkinsville, KY
  • Jessie Abbate, McDonough, GA
  • Bryce Towsley, North Clarendon, VT

The competition involves different stages that incorporate practical shooting scenarios, requiring the use of rifle, handgun, and shotgun to engage multiple targets. It’s a game that shows a gun’s weakness quickly and that’s where Benellis have the advantage—the Inertia Driven® system guarantees ultimate reliability under the stresses of rapid firing and reloading.

Benelli USA’s Marketing and Communications VP Stephen McKelvain commented on the announcement, saying “3-Gun shooting competitions are dynamic, practical shooting events that provide a setting for quality brands like Benelli to prove their worth through superior performance. We’re really pleased to be involved in the 3-gun sport with a group of shooters, who are wonderful ambassadors for the shooting sports, the Benelli brand and the shooting industry as a whole.” With Butler, Miller, Kelley, and Cramblit, Benelli’s team compiles a tremendous amount of competitive experience and major match wins, while Romero, Sechiatano, Fortin, Parker and Jones are consistently top performers. Both Butler and Romero are past 3GN Shoot-Off winners as well.

Jesse Abbate is already a USPSA Multi-Gun Champion, while Golob’s entrance into 3-gun is highly anticipated. Junior shooter Katie Harris is fresh off a division and 3GN Team Event win at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, and is highly regarded as one of the most promising young competitors in 3-gun. With the debut of the Lady and Junior Shoot-Offs at the 3GN Championship, and a $5,000 prize from Cheaper Than Dirt, Benelli will be expected to challenge for those titles as well.

Several members of Team Benelli will be back in action this month at the DPMS-Bushnell Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun, a 3GN series points match, at the Rockcastle Shooting Center April 29-May 1 in Park City, Kentucky. Complete coverage of the match will be featured at

Cheaper Than Dirt is obviously proud to see our sponsored shooter continue to excel at the sport of 3-gun and look forward to his continued performance as a member of Team Cheaper Than Dirt along side Team Benelli.

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