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Cheaper Than Dirt!, America’s leading outfitter of shooting, hunting, archery and water sports equipment and supplies, with over 100,000 offerings, proudly announces it will now offer new products from Rock River, Weatherby, Heritage, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and Winchester gun safes. To increase enthusiasm among current customers and create the impetus for curious new customers to check out Cheaper Than Dirt!’s e-commerce site, Cheaper Than Dirt! is launching a no purchase necessary sweepstakes. Stay tuned for soon-to-be released details! Speaking of value, Cheaper Than Dirt!’s newsletter—The Chronicle—and blog—The Shooter’s Log—provide much of the best editorial writing in the outdoor industry—and it is all free! Over 1.4 million opt-in subscribers receive The Chronicle on a weekly basis, and more than 1 million visitors enjoy the The Shooter’s Log each month. In the coming weeks, Cheaper Than Dirt! will announce new additions to its stable of award-winning authors—a sneak peak of just a few include David Codrea, Glen D. Zediker, Bryce M. Towsley and Robert Sadowski.

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A long-time gun rights activist and grassroots leader, David Codrea has been writing professionally on the subject of the right to keep and bear arms since 1999. Initially writing for GUNS & AMMO magazine, then moving on to HANDGUNS before spending the last eight years at GUNS, where he is a field editor producing the monthly “Rights Watch” column. Codrea was named Gun Rights Defender of the Month in April, 2007 by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for persuading the Bush administration to strike “collective rights” language from the Federal Register in an FAA ruling. In 2011, he was named “Journalist of the Year” by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work exposing the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gun walking” scandal, and was a co-recipient of Soldier of Fortune Magazine’s “2nd Amendment Freedom Fighter Award,” and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership’s “David and Goliath Award” for his work on that story.



Field Editor for the NRA’s American Rifleman, American Hunter and Shooting Illustrated, Bryce Towsley’s work appears in most of the firearms and hunting magazines currently published. He is the author of several hunting and gun books as well as the action and adventure novel, The 14th Reinstated. Towsley is a world-traveled hunter, competitive shooter and gunsmith. robert_sadowski_200


A contributing editor for Gun Tests and SHOT Business magazines, Robert Sadowski is also a contributor to Gun Hunter, Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, and Tactical Weapons. He is the author of the Shooter’s Bible—Guide to Combat Handguns and the Shooter’s Bible—Guide to Firearms Assembly, Disassembly and Cleaning. glen_zediker_200


A noted author, Glen Zediker’s top selling books include The Competitive AR15 Builder’s Guide, The Competitive AR15 Ultimate Technical Guide, Handloading for Competition, and Slings & Things.

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  1. This is not about the 10mm but more about our government. I had an ammo salesman tell me that the gov. is stocking up on 22 longs bullets. Do you have any idea why…they are up to no good. They lie to us and trying to take the 2nd amendment away. Do you think the new world order has any thing to do with trying to take our guns away maybe? Hell if they take the gun only the law breaking people will have a gun. They can just walk in your house and do what ever they want, stealing all your stuff, rape you children and wife or even rape you, please if you can tell me are we in trouble about losing our protection. I would appreciate any feed back you can give. Thank you and Im proud your doing what you do

  2. Since no one is contributing here, let me bring up the #1 topic on my mind right now, and see if any of the new writers can write about it. Bob Campbell wrote a Federal 10mm story a few days ago, but he didn’t open it up for comments.

    I own 2 10mm pistols. I was always confident I was buying pure, strong 10mm ammo because I usually stuck with name brands. Now, slowly I have come to realize that most of it isn’t near full strength. Apparently manufacturers took it upon themselves to water it down, making it similar in FPS to the shorter 40SW caliber.

    Why did manufacturers take it upon themselves to deprive 10mm owners from obtaining the performance they bought the gun for?

    Now I have to buy a shooting chronograph machine, buy a bunch of ammo, and find out who is stepping up to the plate. Hell I even bought
    Buffalo Bore last night. Sure I’ll have fun doing this testing, but still I’m PO’ed at what they have done with 10mm ammo.

    Quick comment about Hornady. Last night I had a box of Critical Duty in my hand. 1050 muzzle FPS!? Hello? I’m suppposed to appreciate this stuff just because you have a fancy brand name, and fancy box, and a little plastic plug in the hollow point? No, I’m not buying it.

    If you trace back in these blogs there’s a historical post where someone convinced me how good Critical Duty was, but that was the past. I have done some research. There’s a couple/few companies going up to 1300-1350 muzzle FPS, and if Hornady wants to print 1050 FPS on their box, hey,,,,,thanks but no thanks!

    My chronograph testing will tell me who the real players are in the 10mm market.

  3. Bill, I lost the notifications about 3 months ago. I had to sign up for some new posts, and keep clicking the notify boxes and the Confirm Follow emails, and things started coming back. I think they had a software glitch at some point many months ago.

    As far as this article goes, let’s see what these new guys bring to the table. I’m into technical/performance aspects of guns and calibers, but I try my hardest to get something from most articles.

  4. I don’t need to win anything, just wish that the Shooter’s Log was like it was up until a few months ago, where you could make a cooment, then see everyone else’s input, and be notified of new comments on the subject, well down the road. I used to get a lot of emails, stating; “New Comment”, but seldom see anything anymore. The format, or manner of doing things seemed to change overnight, and it has been missed. What has happened?

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