Cheaper Than Dirt! Gift Guide: MAXXTech 9mm 115-grain FMJ

MAXXTech 9mm ammunition

Oh, please Santa please! I have been goo… Well, let’s not worry too much about details. I really, really want some 9mm—a lot of 9mm! According to Santa’s elves, “The 9mm is the world’s most popular and widely used military, law enforcement and self-defense handgun cartridge.” The popularity of this cartridge can be attributed to the widely held conviction that it is effective in self-defense use. Its low cost and wide availability contribute to the caliber’s continuing popularity.

Blah, blah, blah! We all know what the 9mm is about; I want ammo to shoot and so do you. Fortunately, Cheaper Than Dirt! has the deal to keep your 9mm shooting all day long without making a serious dent in your ammo supply or wallet. MAXXTech Ammo, loaded by POBJEDA Technology out of Goražde, Bosnia is not exactly a household name, but it does go Bang! every time it is supposed to. Just in case you are interested, POBJEDA has a 60-year tradition of manufacturing ammunition. In other words, they have the technology and expertise to load premium ammunition better, and at a lower cost, than other names you know.

MAXXTech’s 9mm load features a real deal 115-grain Full Metal Jacket projectile, not the standard bi-metal jacketed bullet at this price. It is boxer primed and made with new brass, making this offering the ideal choice for any shooter, regardless whether you want to go out plinking, practicing, or target shooting.

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  1. This company also makes .22 ammo, as most of us are probably aware. What you might not know is that that same .22 ammo was imported for a short time about two years ago under the brand “Euro Plink” – no joke. (This is verified by the same headstamp seen on the Euro Plink and Maxxtech cases.)

    The ammo was sold by the 200 count in sealed poly bags. I bought three bags for for around $20 each. Well, you get what you pay for. The first bag shot clean and true with no failures. The second bag had so many random case ruptures and fire on feeding that I had had to stop after 60 rounds or risk ruining my 10/22 and injury. I dropped off the remaining ammo at a local gun store for disposal and a warning not to try to use or resell it.

    Bottom line (for me anyway), I run far and fast from ANY ammo that comes from the POBJEDA plant.

  2. Maxx Tech is not brass, it’s zink coated steel case. No thanks. My practice ammo of choice for 9mm anyway, is Lawman. Brass case, good companion to Gold Dot, which is my 9mm carry ammo. I have used Tulammo “Brass Tech”. I don’t mind shooting it. Brass Tech seems like pretty good ammo. The steel cased stuff might be ok ammo too. I just choose not to shoot it. I have too much trouble with the regular steel Tulammo.

    1. @indiana steve

      I hear you. I don’t know what gun you are shooting, but I know some guns have problems with certain types of lower end ammo. My wife and I shoot a lot. She shoots a Beretta and I shoot a Glock. Her Beretta will pretty much digest anything, and my Glock certainly will. I admit that many other guns, especially 1911s won’t.

      But, as I said above, this is a great price (I just bought a thousand rounds for her which will last her a couple of months. I shoot a .45 and go through a lot of Tulammo) and the secret to performing under pressure is muscle memory. So, as such, this is a worthwhile deal. Of course, I may be really out in left field here, because if you can afford more expensive practice ammo, then I envy you. 😉

    2. @mikial.

      I have a Glock 19 that won’t eject it. I have 4 other 9mm’s that just doesn’t really like it. The only 9mm I have that will shoot it ok is a Hi-Point 995 carbine. I sold 400 rounds of the regular Tulammo steel case for $7 a box just to get rid of it. I have not tried it in any other caliber.

    3. Wow, that’s unusual. As Russian ammo goes, Tulammo isn’t as good as say, Wolf, but I use it a lot. In truth, almost all the practice ammo I’ve shot through my G21 since 2003 when I bought it has been inexpensive Russian steel cased ammo, and I’ve never had a hiccup with the exception of twice when the ammo failed to ignite, probably due to bad primers. It’s all dirty, but I like to clean my guns.

      My wife doesn’t like the Tul as much for practice as Wolf because it’s a little hotter and dirtier, so there’s more recoil and more sparks when you shoot it.

      At any rate, I’m not doubting you at all. And as with everything gun related, we all go with what works best for us. I shoot a lot, so I generally go with pretty inexpensive target ammo and stick to BTP for our EDC rounds.

    4. I just got back from the range. I had 45 rounds of Tulammo left that I didn’t sell so I thought I would try them again, Wouldn’t you know it, my 19 ate them fine this time. I did have a little trouble with them in my Diamindback DB9 though. That’s a different story altogether though.I just recently got it back from Diamondback. The rear frame rail broke on it. Took them 12 weeks get it back to me. Before it broke, I always had trouble with that gun. Big piece of Cr*@. Wouldn’t feed, trigger wouldn’t reset. Since I got it back, put about 70 rounds through it without a problem. Ran 24 rounds of the Tul today with 3 ftf’s. Don’t know what to think about the gun now. Don’t know what to think about the Tulammo now. Maybe I jumped the gun talking so bad about it and selling it so cheap. Oh well, maybe I’ll try it again sometime. I have a question about the Tech Maxx. Is it the same as regular Tulammo, or is it any different ?

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