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Cheaper Than Dirt! Gift Guide: Fiocchi .45 ACP Ammo

blue box of .45 ACP ammo made by Fiocchi

Ahhh… the 1911 and the .45 ACP—love it, or love it. There’s really no argument. Mastering the 1911 takes practice. Maintaining proficiency takes practice. For the new and old shooter alike, what could be better than ammo for Christmas? (Okay, another 1911, but that’s on another list…)

blue box of .45 ACP ammo made by Fiocchi
Fiocchi .45 ACP Pistol Shooting Dynamics Full Metal Jacket, 230-Grain, 860 fps, 50-round Box

Fiocchi’s Shooting Dynamics brand of .45 ACP ammo has a 230-grain full metal jacket bullet for training, practice, and target shooting. It has a muzzle velocity of 830 feet per second and muzzle energy of 390-foot pounds. Loaded in new and reloadable brass cases, this .45 ACP ammo comes in a box of 50 rounds.

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  1. I have used Fiocchi .45, .380, 9mm, and .556. I like it. The price is right, shoots clean, and fairly accurate. it’s an Italian company, but most of the Fiocchi sold in the U.S. is made in Missouri. I too shoot Gold Dots for self defense, but for target practice, I like shooting it. I did buy 1,000 rounds of .556 soft tip about a month ago and am holding on to it for self defense. I don’t know if I’m making a mistake there or not, I would like to hear from others on their opinion

  2. I’ve shot Fiocchi and it works fine. Really, on the average pistol range, when someone is shooting to hone their personal target acquisition and sight alignment skills, inexpensive ammo is fine. In truth, I’ve shot many USPSA meets with Wolf ammo.

    We’re talking combat range engagements here, with street quality pistols. I guess there are probably a few people who carry their ultra-customized pistols with them EDC, but most of us carry just plain old OTS pistols with a few modifications (I have a 4 pound trigger on my Glock), so why not shoot with the ammo most of us can afford?

    Yeah, i load my EDC ( and my wife’s) with HTP, but in the end, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed with military grade FMJ ammo.

  3. Never heard of this ammo maker Fiocchi. Carrying 45 semi auto Glocks I carry only Gold Dot 230 Gr GDHP But their are so many gun makers now a days, i guess someone would have to make more ammo.

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