The Changing Face of Gun Culture

The face of America’s gun culture is changing. Since the first election of President Obama, more and more Americans are purchasing guns. An October 2011 Gallup poll reports nearly half of Americans have at least one gun in the home. The same report states that support for a handgun ban is at an all-time low. Women’s gun ownership is the highest it has ever been. In just 10 years, female firearm ownership has doubled. The number of women reporting as having hunted shows a 5.4 percent increase since 2008. Even 40 percent of Democrats polled by Gallup say they own a firearm. Gun owners no longer look like white, 50-plus-year-old men. Women, minorities and younger people are taking up shooting and gun ownership  in record numbers.

Unfortunately, there are people out there with an ill pre-conceived notion of what a gun owner looks like. In an editorial on, Christopher Evans wrote about attending a gun show. Here are some of the choice phrases he used describing who he saw:

  • “Well-fed white guys with semiautomatic [sic] assault rifles slung over both shoulders”
  • “… A staging site for a ragtag militia.”
  • “White males, beards, skinheads, a touch of camo and leather.”
  • “One dealer, a weathered old guy who looks like he took one too many shots to the head…”

If you had never attended a gun show before, Evans paints a frightening picture. Those of us who attend gun shows know this is not what it looks like. In my experience, be it at a gun show, shooting clinic or class, or a full auto shoot, like any mass gathering people from all walks of life are there. Sure I’ve seen militia types, but I’ve also seen groups of women, families, minorities, tourists from Australia, young and old people alike.

Richard L. Johnson describes this changing face as, “In today’s gun culture, there are many more women, a broader mix of races and a wider range of backgrounds. Instead of being a clean-cut poster child of the 1950s many gun owners are bikers or body art enthusiasts covered with tattoos.  Others are fashion conscious while others still are computer nerds.  Members of the new gun generation range in age from teens to retirees.” I was raised down South in the country. Everyone was a gun owner—whether you hunted, kept a rifle for predators, shot targets with a pistol or just kept granddaddy’s shotgun. I was never aware that gun ownership held a stereotype until I was older. It saddens me to read Evan’s editorial. I thought we were past the days of judging a book by its cover. After all, I do come from the generation in which we made expressing ourselves through tattoos and facial piercings the norm.

I’ve been pigeonholed before. I dated a biker years ago. My parents were appalled that I was running around to biker bars. I had to remind them that Harley Davidson motorcycles weren’t cheap and I wasn’t running around with a bunch of one-percenters—like criminals. We rode with doctors, lawyers, school teachers, college students and veterans. Harley Davidson owners are much like gun owners; they could be anybody, and are. When I first started working at Cheaper Than Dirt, I found myself having to defend the gun culture the same way I defended biker culture, but not anymore. In fact, plenty of friends—uninterested in guns before—are now asking me to take them shooting.

I’m not exactly sure where the stereotype of what a firearm owner looks like came from, but psychologists explain that stereotypes are a way for people to develop “in-groups” and “out-groups” in order to make sense of social order. We create “in-groups” by relating to people we think are like us and we create “out-groups” for people we think are different than us. Relating to these in-groups increases our self-esteem. We form opinions—usually negative—about people in the out-groups, regardless of those opinions being correct or incorrect. You may have heard that stereotypes come from a truth somewhere, but recently psychologists have found that we stereotype subconsciously or through quick encounters with another person. Cultural norms and the mass media perpetuate these stereotypes and essentially teach us to believe certain groups of people behave a certain way. Which is entirely untrue.

Firearms have a deep-rooted tradition in American culture and history—it’s not just the South either. From the first settlers in the East, to the pioneers to the West, firearms were a way we defended ourselves, our country and put food on the table. Learning to hunt was a rite-of-passage for young men, as it still continues today. However, more and more young women are being introduced to hunting as a rite-of-passage.  In fact, in 2011, only one of the top five states reporting the highest numbers of NICS checks was a southern state.

If  Gallup’s report is true, and 40 percent of Democrats report owning a firearm, doesn’t stereotyping work both ways? Some gun nuts could probably learn a lesson from Evans. Gun ownership is about liberty. Studies have found that to eliminate discrimination and the prejudice that stems from stereotypical thinking, groups working together toward a common goal tend to look more harmoniously toward groups that are different than themselves. In our case every gun owner, regardless of color, religion, age, or political affiliation should work towards preserving our 2nd Amendment rights. Judging a book by its cover hurts us all.

There is no better time than now to teach someone to shoot. The more we show our faces, the more the Evans’ of the world will realize that gun owners look just like him—except with an open mind and a kinder heart.

Have you been judged because you were a gun owner? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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  1. Not all gun owners are well-fed white guys. This is so true!!

    I don’t think there ever was a ‘typical’ gun owner not to mention a big shift that everyone is talking about. I’m NOT a Caucasian male-conservative by any means but I own several fireamrs & love shooting them. I think the media just focuses on what appears to be the ‘majority’ of gun ownership in America. And the corporations definitely focus on who buys the most firearms. I don’t think President Obama will ‘take’ away everyones firearms nor is he going to ‘rewirite’ the Constitution like some folks think. Will laws become more stringent, probably. They’re pretty tough now but if the laws were actually enforced more I think we’d be better off.

    1. It’s not a static situation. we fight all new restrictions as they ride on the backs of the last. Sooner or later the government will go full tyranny. Our job is to never let it get the chance. Obama may not be the one to do it, but the one who does it will take Obama’s actions one step further. Enforcing laws already enacted would be a great start, but they find that hard work like enforcing immigration laws. BTW, I find your handle very interesting. I wonder how often we are confused. I am a conservative Caucasian male.

  2. First I would like to say I don’t believe in any political party let alone any politician. There’s only so many times you can be shown the same pile of crap in a different wrapper until you see that it’s all the same thing; so on with my gun discrimination story. I live in Southern California and constantly have to hear about how having a gun is “evil” and “barbaric”; I even had someone remind me it wasn’t the “wild west”. In this instance my neighbor and I was talking and guns were brought up; once he found out that I owned firearms and keep them in the house with my family he said and I quote “How dare you put your children at risk for your hobby”. Later that month I had to chase off, with rubber buck shot, a stray pitbull that was in his back yard were his kids play. (I love all dogs so I didn’t want to kill it) I reminded him that in our area that dog could have easily been a mountain lion and that he would have had a harder time chasing it off with a rake. Fire arms are tools with a specific job, and any tool can kill you if misused. Tools are not to blame for there misuse, that responsibility belongs to the owner and operator of that tool. A firearm doesn’t shoot without someone there to squeeze the trigger.

  3. Better than “good” article, maybe darn good; for a woman.
    Just kidding.
    Family including grand children all know how to handle weaponry,great grand a little slow, then oldest just 2 1/2 and I know they will “possibly be taught, but not concerened if not.Been anti government types seen all my life but in past they were all americans not liberals or conservatives demos or repubs; and yes they were males, females and undecided as well.
    Been saying only thing that could save gun ownership in US was the entry of females, for over 20 years and finally old friends agreeing.
    Have known lots of ex military and hunting females all my life, got both in immediate familybut we are spots persons not political knobjobs.
    Welcome to all who enjoy weapinry or just need a tool for whatever need.
    Tired though of lies told to protect. Constitutional Rights by they who actually mean gun rights or privelege to own them.
    2nd does not defend your right to own a gun it defened the constitution.
    So why hidebehind the 2nd by men and now women because there is nothing left to argue over except owning steel and some with wood attached.
    Firearms do build character and characters but tired of all macho bs and glad some ladys as well as women now finding “enjoyment and some character fullfillment.
    At least all the female weapon holders I’ve ever met have had common sense and most more honest than the men.

  4. Billy, You know us white guys we just like to hold onto our guns, bibles and religion. And I’m pretty sure the gov’t doesnt allow idiots to own automatic weapons. AND there are at least 15,000 laws on the books controlling guns so isnt it funny that criminals are even getting guns and politicians are so intent on making it harder for law abiding citizen to own weapons.

  5. @DSLAM:::Amen! I’m neither lib nor conservative, but I seriously get tired of every gun-related article starting with “ever since Obama was elected…” Wake up, fools! Don’t you think it’s more than just a little coincidental or ironic that that when a Dem gets into office there’s a whole bunch of hysteria and hate talk because of a fear of guns being taken away? Is it because ALL Dems want to take you guns? No. It’s because the NRA is far right and knows it can scare you dunderheads into believing the Dem boogieman is going to take all your rights. The gun companies support the NRA in this because they’ll reap the immense profits from it after you all clamor in fear to buy up their guns and ammo. Think about it. America is the most armed to the teeth country in the world. Gun owners outnumber law enforcement in man power and number of guns possessed. The government isn’t going to take your guns any time soon. There will always be some kind of legislation barring assault weapons which makes sense since there are too many automatic weapons in the hands of idiots and criminals, and less responsible gun owners. Sadly, some people just shouldn’t own guns.

    1. Billy, you are just not aware of how intent the Dems are in seeing Americans disarmed.
      Google “The Communist Takeover Of
      America – 45 Declared Goals”
      with an open mind and see for yourself how many goals have been accomplished and who has been responsible. Can we say Progressive/Communist/Democrat? .

  6. DJ, I have always been a Republican and a firm believer the constitution. Even those pesky parts dems dont care for like freedom of speach and the right to keep and bare arms.

  7. D.B. my guess is that back them you would have been a democrat. It took Union General Sickles to reaffirm that the 2d amendment applied to blacks during reconstruction.

  8. – The NRA was for gun control when it meant keeping guns out of the hands of blacks George

    George you are so full of it. The democrats started gun control to keep blacks (slaves and freeman) from owning a gun to keep them from shooting whites. In some states blacks werent even allowed to own dogs for fear the black man would train it to attack whites. Get the koolaid IV drip out of your arm and read some hitory.

  9. The whole primise behind the article is stupid. The simple fact is most of the gun shows are held in middle clss non city urban area which, tend to be infested with white middle age people. The same middle aged people are at a stage in their life with the liquid disposible income to be able to drop a few thousand at a gun show which is why the shows go to places like that! People like this also have thoings in their homes thugs would like to take and as a typical middle aged man cant physically compete with a young man in most fights, a fire arm is a great equalizer. BTW – The sSecond Amendment isnt there to protect hunters rights its there to insure the people can defend themself from all enemies foriegn and domestic.

  10. Republicans in California eagerly supported increased gun control. Governor Reagan told reporters that afternoon that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.” He called guns a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” In a later press conference, Reagan said he didn’t “know of any sportsman who leaves his home with a gun to go out into the field to hunt or for target shooting who carries that gun loaded.” The Mulford Act, he said, “would work no hardship on the honest citizen.”

  11. The NRA was for gun control when it meant keeping guns out of the hands of blacks. They lost me when they endorsed Romney, the only candidate who had actually signed gun banning legislation. They teach the concealed carry class at the range where I shoot and I am seeing more and more minorities getting their permits.

  12. I’m not sure where you’re going to gun shows, but here in GA they are still, overwhelmingly middle age, white males. I do occasionally see minorities and women, but they are very much the exception to the rule. This is true regardless of the group organizing the event, the location and the price of entry.
    This is not to say that more minorities AREN’T becoming gun owners, but to present gun shows as some sort of United Colors of Benneton of firearms is more than a little dishonest. That photo of the three young people saying “No beards, skinheads, camo or leather in sight”, I’d wager good, hard-earned money that (1) they weren’t buying, just tourists, window shopping, and that if you’d pointed that camera in ANY other direction (or even EVERY other direction) in that building, there was PLENTY of white guys in camo. Probably there was skinhead (absolutely there were several there who espouse white supremacist ideology) and at least a couple of guys who imagine themselves the re-born Grizzly Adams, clad in buckskin breeches, wearing what they think are actual bear-claws around the necks or hat bands,

    Of these 2 obvious cases of exaggeration (Christopher Evans and CTD Suzanne’s) It’s sad to say that Evan’s is the more realistic. I say this as a blue-collar, white, middle age man, who owns more than 20 guns, and stockpiles a fair amount of ammo.

    I also have lots of tattoos, have a college education, and vote liberal more often than conservative. So, I fully understand that while trends ARE changing, they are far, far from achieving equality along racial or gender lines.

  13. I teach a Social Studies class in a public school; the course covers the Bill of Rights among many other topics. I am happy to say that my students carry a 95% average for the number of students who live in a home with firearms; the bulk of which are locked up in a safe. Add to it about 60% of my kids, boys and girls, hunt and target practice with their parents.

  14. I believe the reasons for the anti-gun mentality are easily explained and to a large degree really not that mean spirited. First, most pro-gunners live in rural areas where there are plenty of places to shoot while most anti-gunners live in metropolitan areas where there are comparatively far fewer places to shoot. The obvious result is that shooting is much more prevalent and therefore acceptable among those in rural areas than those in metropolitan areas because of simple logistics as opposed to some innate aversion to guns (of course not in all cases, but no doubt in many cases). The issue is then exaggerated because in entertainment (movies, tv shows, novels, etc.) where a gun is introduced in the story line, someone gets killed. That’s just basic story-telling. A story line with a gun where the main plot is just about someone going out target shooting would get boring pretty quickly for most people. But throw in a murder or a soldier action hero and it gets interesting. Additionally, any news story about a gun is nearly always about someone getting shot. So for the metropolitan (city dweller) the appearance of a gun in the news/entertainment media equals violence. After a while of this, a sort of anti-gun brainwashing occurs, whether intended or not. The problem looks like it is solving itself by rising gun ownership: rising prevalence of tv shows presenting shooting/hunting events helps counter the negative image by showing the sport as safe and enjoyable, also increased availability of shooting ranges in metropolitan areas, where people can go to see shooting as safe and enjoyable. It’s a self perpetuating effect, more gun owners equals more shows about shooting and more shooting ranges, which equals more gun owners. Gun owners supporting shooting shows and local shooting ranges can help the process along.

  15. The training that the NRA provides now has alternative vendors. In MA The Liberal Gun Club is now providing the basic firearms training course required in MA. Their course is approved by the Commonwealth for that purpose. LGC is offering similar instruction in other states as well. Go to and follow the link to courses.

    If you do a search, I suspect there are other alternatives to the NRA. This is not to say that the NRA does not do a fine job with firearm safty and training. They do and have done so for years. I belonged to the NRA as a junior from age 12 through high school. That NRA died in the 1990 when its leadership became extreje right wing with more than just a Second Amendment agenda. In fact, the NRA has paid lip service to this with an ad campaign to the effect that you may hate our political agenda, but join us just to protect your gun owner’s rights. Hogwash. They will never get a dime of my money directly if I can help it while they have the likes of LaPierre, Nugent and friends controling the board. I have at least a dozen friends who feel the same way who have given up their NRA memberships.

  16. Gee whiz, where do I begin. Well written article by the way. I think people tend to become encapsulated by sticking strictly to one position. Firearms and politics are two of these flashpoint topics. I could be labeled a bitter, white, firearm carrying, stick to my religion type by many I suppose. I don’t see it that way. I have traveled all around the world and have experienced the crushing effect on people by their governments and one of the truly amazing things about our country is at least we have a dialog. I tend to see it as getting the most out of life and what this country has to offer. I also tend to shy away from overly vocal one ways or the others. I have two Harleys. Also have two “others”. Enjoy them all. I was thrust into the firearms arena as a young man when I enlisted in the Marines. Thirty years later, almost my entire career was centered around firearms in some form or fashion; having been a small arms repairman, Ordnance Officer, Special Weapons Officer, firearms/ammunition designer, competitive marksman (still am). I teach CCW and about a half dozen other NRA certified courses (I don’t prefer the political or marketing side of the NRA but they do provide a critical service; firearms training and education), and am an avid ammunition hand loader. I don’t think this makes me a gun nut though, but I do like to be prepared. I try not to attend too many gun shows. Mostly because I have more technical knowledge about the items for sale than the sellers do and it results in hurt feelings sometimes (not mine). I do attend the Shot Show every year and have had very enjoyable interactions with the type of folks written about by the author and many of the commenters. I’ve encountered both pro and con thought processes about firearms ownership and use when teaching CCW classes. I’ve always asked people to rationally explain their likes and dislikes. More often than not, misperception is responsible. I have encountered a few staunchly anti-gun folks whose feelings were very strong but their arguments were very weak. Education is the key. The one thing I strongly criticize is the dumbing down of our children through the public education system. Lower standards so no one’s self esteem is hurt and brainwashing.

  17. The reality is that more and more politically centrist moderates are becoming firearms owners. The days of firearms owners being predominantly white males of right wing tendencies is over as the the November elections demonstrated regarding the national electorate demographic. The NRA has catered to the right wing nut cases with spokeseople like Ted Nugent. The reality is that the NRA membership is a miniscule segment of the gun owning populace and the NRA’s percentage of gun owners is ever shrinking.

    Firearms discussion boards that are dominated by the angry right wing white guys like calguns, northeastshooters, rugerforum and others are now so out of touch with gun owners and meaningful electoral politics that they have become parodies of themselves. The NRA represents only these folks sound and fury signifying nothing.

  18. Liberal/Progressive gun owner here, and proud of both. The first presidential campaign I donated to was Howard Dean. There is no ‘typical’ gun owner anymore, and I welcome the shift.

  19. I pretty much look like that young lady with the tattoos, and stretched lobes. Having an appearance like that and being a wicked firearms enthusiast, people don’t know how to label me. I am really glad to see more and more groups of people being open to, and embracing the idea of gun ownership. I believe this “shift” only helps better represent gun ownership.

  20. I am always trying to explain to gun shops and knife dealers that I am the one buying and not my husband.
    they forget that the way to get guys money is though the wife in most cases.
    I shoot just as good if not better then the hubby. both dealers and the media need to wake up and realize women and other minorities now becoming the face of gun owners.

    -Female shooter and proud responsible gun owner.

  21. I prefer to use the term ‘gun enthusiast’ when referring to my interest in firearms, as ‘gun nut’ is a pejorative. I do agree that politics needs to be taken out of the firearms industry. The Right bashes the Left, the Left bashes the Right and to what end?

    I’m a Democrat and I own guns. When I talk about guns with other gun owners I don’t have a giant ‘D’ stamped on my forehead nor do I ask someone’s party affiliation as a condition to have a friendly conversation about my hobby. Some of my in-laws are conservatives and they’re good people who happen to own guns. Likewise, I have liberal friends that are gun owners who are also good people. At the end of the day both conservatives and liberals do have a common interest, unfortunately, both can be blinded by so much divisive language and utter comtempt for one another it’s hard to move forward when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

  22. I am a die hard biker (patch wearer). I am a union electrician, i vote consetvative non felon but i get labeled as a radical nut job by some cause i own guns. I am not out to committ crimes but am told i am the type to most likely kill people for no reason. I read that the fastest growing segment of society that is committing terrible crimesis law enforcement. Makes me wonder.

  23. Interesting how something is always a problem when it’s dominated by white men but not a problem when it’s dominated by other groups. If I were to point out who runs the media I’d be branded as a racist but it’s okay for that group of people to brainwash society into hating me. Interesting times in which we live.

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.”- George Orwell

  24. There’s prejudice of both sides of the political fence. You’ve got your right wingnut type that believes every bit of illogical propaganda that faux news shovels down their collective throats about liberals being evil incarnate and knee-jerk reactionary leftists that take a shortcut to proper thinking and parrot every fear mongering bunch of crap that the likes of Sen. Fienstien vomits forth. It’s stupid and divisive. Firearms need to be removed from the political spectrum completely. They are a Constitutional and Civil right plain and simple. End of story. Besides, humanity needs to stand together and quit the petty squabbling over nonsense. We’re all stuck on this planet together so it’s way past time we accept that fact and deal with it.

  25. Seeing a skinny old white man walking down the street, they’ll never guess what a crazy old gun nut I could be. At least by the typical leftist, lib anti-gun rights ‘journalist’ judgement, anyway, cuz I own more than ‘one’ gun, which by the standards of ‘journalists’ is one too many.
    I find “liberal gun owners” to be a bafflement in contradictory mentality. You own firearms yourself, but support politics and politicians who are plainly anti-gun rights, constantly pushing for total gun control and disarming of the US population. At least that’s what the ‘general picture’ of liberals and their political views appear to be.

  26. – The NRA is more like the National Republican Association and it’s why I dont support them. I guess we need a liberal version of it.

    Its happened before. Usual names come to mind. The Nazi Party and Communist Party.

  27. The negative stereotype of older (angry) white males, militia types etc has been created by the anti gun crowd left. It is what they do to groups they don’t like and want to marginalize.

  28. “If you had never attended a gun show before, Evans paints a frightening picture…”

    I’d like to differ. There is NOTHING frightening about beards, camo, militias, or well-fed white guys. There is if you are effete and living in mommy’s basement doing blogs. If your only culture is from movies and TV it is scary. But those people are generally dedicated patriots and decent people. Skinheads and race-oriented groups or criminal organizations are undoubtable trouble.

  29. The difference between the people who identify with Republicans and those who identify with Democrats is like the difference between the same 5 course meal of corporate sponsored baloney sandwiches and if you finished up with a beer (D) or wine (R) for dessert.

    The sooner we get all these guys together be they Libertarian, Independent or Tea Party or whatever and help them to realize they have more in common then they can sooner get the (D) and (R) people who have still not had their eyes opened to join us in respecting one another’s rights and helping us move forward again without the baloney sandwiches.

  30. Well, I am white, 50 plus years old, ride a motorcycle, have a beard, have been called a religious nut (I am a minister) and am a PhD. I don’t know what category any of these life experiences place me in, but I know that I have always enjoyed shooting, hunting, browsing at gun stores and gun shows. Shooting is a way to release tension, calm your nerves, discipline your body and feed your family.
    My father began teaching me safety and etiquette with firearms at the age of four and those are some of the best memories of my life. Guns and shooting are like anything else in life. Learn a little about them, how they function and what they can do. Then go shooting. There are ranges where you can take classes and learn to shoot. It may just change your mind.
    I don’t care who the person next to me at the range is, their background, education, skin color, whether he or she is wearing leather, camo or Armani. I will stand shoulder to shoulder and shoot, practice and hone my skills. I will also stand shoulder to shoulder to defend our right to do just that.

  31. A well fed white guy im not . Im unemployed not getting unemployment .I get 151 dollars a month from the tax loving gun hating state of Illinois . Who just sent me a tax bill . Then my wife a 20 year air force vet is being taxed out the ass to they are taking over half her military retirement and disability. i wish i was well fed the only reason i have weapons is because of how close to east Saint Louis i live . come into my house and try to steal things im gunna shoot ya

  32. I’m a college educated 30 something male that considers himself an “other” (Asian/ European heritage) and am often labeled a ‘gun nut’ because I am heavily involved in educating and encouraging people into the gun ‘culture.’ I shoot because it is relaxing, it is a hobby that I can do well! I am very literate (even in guns) I’m not some mono-syllabic neanderthal that has no ambition other than overthrowing our government and killing countless defenseless creatures! I can carry a conversation about Dante just as well as Browning! I don’t think about how one bullet is so much more deadly than another, I don’t think about how many rounds I can put down range in x amount of seconds…. But, when I put together a sub- MOA group I feel a certain sense of pride, self-satisfaction in knowing that I am accomplishing a significant goal for myself.

  33. This may be extremely far fetched but has anyone besides me fathomed the idea that all this rukus being caused by obama administration is actually reverse psycology? Maybe they are trying to make the public leary about what “might happen” knowing that people will take percautions and arm themselves or plan for a disaster. Or, maybe it’s just time for gun manufacturers to get their profits up for a change. Call it spreading the wealth? It’s just my delirious opinion.

  34. While I don’t doubt that gun owners in various minorities or sub-cultures are on a definite increase, I think they are still very much the minority overall. Your stats don’t state what percentage overall. If you go from 1 out of a 100 to 2 out of 200 you can say that’s “double” but it’s kind of misleading.

    I am an Asian male in California with liberal/Democratic tendencies who likes and has guns and believes in self defense. I recently attended a rifle course at Front Sight (in Nevada). There were almost 50 students and except for a couple Asians and a couple women, the rest were white males. Just sayin’. (In the handgun courses you do see more women and teens with their husbands/fathers and occasionally an African American.)

    I also attend the Sacramento IDPA matches and again, out of 100 or so shooters I’ve seen one African American, maybe half a dozen or less women and maybe a dozen Asians. Again the rest are white males.

  35. I have been called a gun nut before and it is pretty much off the mark. My problem is I know how to do research and rememebr facts. So I know a lot about guns and am able to point out it out when people say stupid things about guns and crime based on oppinions contraru to facts. Because I speak up and point out the truth I get labeled a gun nut. When I was fist called a gun nut I owned 3 guns. I Sigp228 I got in 1998 the month I finnished my 3 year overseas tour, A min14 I got a couple years later and a 12 uage winchester 1300 agot a year after that. I hod not bough any guns in 8 years and own 1 pistol, 1 rifle and one shotgun but was a gun nut because I pointed out more crimes are stopped with a gun and without loss of life than there are crimes commited with a gun. We need to work very hard to educate the public and demolish the negative publicity the antigunners like to dish out. Because most people ar just plan iggnorant when it comes to guns, crime, and what happens when the governemnt takes your guns.

  36. Well I fall in the computer nerd category. Was intimidating buying the first one, but now I’m semi addicted. The gun shows were a little odd, I still haven’t gone back, and I prefer online shopping over instore.

    For some reason or another, I end up online doing most of my research anyways and if Im doing to research I might as well save a few bucks and order from here.

  37. I started out with a Hi Standard HD Military, a Colt Government 1911 in .45 ACP, a Colt government 1911 in .38Super, a Winchester Model 42, and a Winchester 94 half magazine in 25.35 w/ Marbles flip-up peep sight…………when I was 14. Long before any NICS or anything like that. That was in ’67. I’m now 60, and I was very much an adult when I had to start showing any ID, or signing anything to buy ammo or guns. Guess I’m a fat white guy, and I had it coming. If I had it all to live over again, I’d do it all the same. Only difference is that this time I’d also have a nice motorcycle.

  38. I fit the old man with a belly who owns many guns. I don’t broadcast what I have. But one guy asked me one day if he could have some boxes I had in the trash in front of my house for pick up. I said he could and anytime he saw one to help himself. One day he asked me if i knew of some trouble brewing. I wasn’t sure what he meant. From my empty boxes he learned I had guns and had ordered ammuntion through mail order. The boxes are marked with ‘ORD’ to identify that ordinace or ammuntion is inside! I told him in no uncertain terms if I was ever robbed, he would get a visit from the local police, that it was none of his business what I ordered. From that point on, I crush all boxes and tear them up and place them in plastic bags! No good deed is ever unpunished! See more and more young people and women at gun shows. I see more young and women at the range as well. Obama has created a whole new breed of gun owner!

  39. I recently tried to help a large organization I belong to with a fund raising model. MKP is a men’s support/help/learning organization. Many men consider themselves “enlightened”. But it has been substantially permeated with left/progressive leaning individuals. The fund raising model I presented was the NRA! I referred to the NRA as successful defender of Civil Rights since 1871. Boy, did I get blasted: “couldn’t you find an example less offensive than the NRA?”

    I think a good thing would be to start emphasizing that lawful firearms possession by responsible citizens, is, indeed, a “Civil Right”. If they want to make a big influence against violence, they could start with meaningful education in the schools, with living wage jobs available when kids graduate.

  40. Had to laugh at the Christopher Evans referance because a couple years ago while at a local gun show I spotted a skinheaded camo-wearing white male carrying two ammo cans and he had a SKS assault rifle slung over his shoulder.

    I’ve quit attending gun shows as the admission fee is now $8.

  41. Pointing fingers at any one gets 3 pointed back at your self, open your hand and see them.
    If you look at the preferred/recommended cloths to wear when riding Harley s or any motor cycle it’s leather because of the protection it provides.
    Owning a gun is a right by a law abiding citizen. It is a big industry that helps the job market that is being destroyed by the government and big business that send so many jobs overseas. Remember NAFTA?
    So if I own a gun I’m suppose to be some kind of shaved head, knuckle dragging, right wing, camo wearing freak? I have hair, a job, christian, and an independent voter. I own guns for hunting, shooting and protection against robbers gang members, intruders and the government which is my right under the 2nd Amendment.
    How about all of the shooting that the gangs are doing especially in cities like Chicago where Rahm Emanuel is Mayor in a state that o’bama is from.
    The gangs are not going to turn in their guns. How many yearly are killed by gang violence that the news and government and the black leaders ignore.
    Women should own and learn to shoot because of all of the predators that harm, rape and murder them by appalling numbers.
    Look to home before you go and try to cure the ills of the country.

  42. Well, I for one am tired of left wingers constantly bashing conservative gun owners as a bunch of low intelligence psychopathic wingnuts ready to conduct mass murder at the drop of a hat. Get off your high horse and stop the whining.

  43. It`s truely sad that there are still those out here who stereotype any sect of people. I am 55 years old and owned a Harley back when I was 20 and of course the crowd I rode with then looked much like the outlaws on the outside, but not on the inside. I suppose there will always be those that judge a book by the cover even if the wrapper is a generic brown. At the time back when I rode I had a cop friend that I used to run into at the shooting range in Cotate Ca. We would shoot together even though we were 180 degrees different looking. He LOOKED like a “cop”, and well I, LOOKED like a “biker” We grew up together so for us it was no biggy, but when my friends showed up, or his friends showed up we shot at different sides of the range. Kind of unfortunate, but that`s just how it goes sometimes. Thanks for the article!

  44. Hopefully, more of the rightwing will realize that there are liberal and Democrat gun owners and they can stop the constant bashing of liberals and liberal ideas and values. I’m so tired of hearing all of the insane rightwing conspiracy talk and Obama bashing. It ruins a lot of the pleasure of the sport. The NRA is more like the National Republican Association and it’s why I dont support them. I guess we need a liberal version of it.

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