Last Chance to View Coming Products at NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

If you’re attending the 2015 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville, today is your last chance to check out some new firearms and accessories that may not be available at retail quite yet. Here are a few quick videos on interesting rifles, pistols, shotguns, and cleaning accessories from Springfield, Weatherby, Otis, and Mossberg that are worth checking out in person at the show.

Springfield Range Officer Compact 9mm

This competition-grade 1911 conceals better than a full-sized pistol, so the carrier gets the precision of a competition pistol in a small and straightforward configuration.

Weatherby Element Semiauto Shotgun

The new Element semiauto shotgun combines Weatherby’s signature style, fit and finish with a new “inertia operated” action.

Otis Star Chamber Cleaner

This tool quickly and effectively cleans the star chamber in just a few twists. It features a scraper to remove fouling build-up and felt pads to pick up the fouling loosened by the scraper.

Mossberg Blaze 47

Mossberg’s newly engineered line of lightweight and easy-handling Blaze autoloading rimfire rifles replicate the look and feel of the widely popular AK-47 rifle. These fun-to-shoot 22 LR autoloaders feature a polymer receiver and are available with fixed-length wood stocks or adjustable black synthetic stocks. Both wood-stocked and synthetic versions are available with optional 10 or 25-round magazines.

Weatherby Orion O/U Shotgun

Orion over/under shotguns return to the Weatherby product line with field-proven performance and a classically handsome look. The new Orion over/under shotguns come in 12 gauge with a 26- or 28-inch barrel and three-inch chambers. Each weighs approximately seven pounds.

Mossberg Blaze .22 LR

The latest member of the Mossberg rimfire family is the innovative polymer-receiver, American-made Blaze 22LR autoloading rifle. This lightweight and easy-handling rimfire is available in four finishes with choice of adjustable rifle sights, barrel-mounted rail or in Scoped Combo packages featuring Dead Ringer Monteria Green Dot sights.

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