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Two Cases Where CHL Holders Stopped Robberies

Crime Prevention Research Center

A guest post by Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., founder of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) recently found two cases within a couple of days where concealed-handgun-permit holders stopped robberies.

In the first case, one customer was killed, but without the permit holder in this case, multiple customers might have been killed. As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the first incident occurred in St. Louis on Tuesday night, December 2, 2014: … Police said three gunmen entered the bar about 10:55 p.m. Tuesday — one of them shooting into the ceiling as they came in — and ordered everyone to the floor. Wade ran toward the former police officer and shot him in the thigh.  The ex-officer, who worked for the department for several years in the 1970s and has a concealed-carry permit, fired back, shooting Wade in the eye and Davis in the shoulder, police said.  Another male customer, 73, was shot in the ankle and was in critical condition; a fourth male victim, 66, was released from the hospital after receiving treatment for two shots to his buttocks.  Davis and a third gunman, whose identity was unknown, fled in a stolen Mazda, investigators said. Police found the wounded Davis at a hospital; he claimed he had been shot at a different place. A manhunt continued for the third man….

Crime Prevention Research Center
The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) conducts academic-quality research on gun laws and their effects on crime and public safety.

The second incident occurred on Thursday, December 4, 2014 in Las Vegas and was reported by KTNV-13 Television: Las Vegas police arrested a man after he allegedly tried to a rob a Red Lobster restaurant on Thursday night.  A call was made to police around 9:45 p.m., reporting a man had entered the Red Lobster . . . near U.S. 95, with a handgun.  The man, who has now been identified as 28-year-old Dillon Webb, allegedly threatened customers and employees and took the drawer from a cash register.  Witnesses said the man ran out the back. A customer from the restaurant, attempting to flee the area, was confronted by the suspect in the parking lot. The customer, who was armed with a handgun fired one round. Webb reportedly dropped the drawer and ran…. Obviously, the narrative of the gun-control groups that CHL holders don’t stop crime is incorrect — anecdotally in these cases, of course. But the trend holds nationally as well, as I documented in a CPRC report in July, “Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States.” Between 2007 and the preliminary estimates for 2013, murder rates have fallen from 5.6 to 4.4 per 100,000 — a 22 percent drop in the murder rate at the same time that the percentage of the adult population with permits soared by 130 percent.

SLRule The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) is a research and education organization dedicated to conducting academic quality research on the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety; educating the public on the results of such research; and supporting other organizations, projects, and initiatives that are organized and operated for similar purposes. It has 501(C)(3) status, and does not accept donations from gun or ammunition makers or organizations such as the NRA.

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  1. I’m going out on a limb but I am quite sure there is a plethora of positive outcomes we never hear about related to a firearm fending off an incident. Good news often doesn’t travel and is not even reported whereas a bad incident is most always reported and grabbed by the media.

  2. There are many cases every month documented by local police and others and reported widely on numerous media outlets public and private.
    One only needs to look a little to find the truth and take off the blinders.

  3. Have you visited r/dgu? They archive all the weekly DGU’s. It would be nice if someone could roll up that data into a presentable format.

    1. Well as far as article i agree with you but it reminded me why i carry. In fact the day before thanksgiving i was sitting in my car and it was dark obviously, but as i sat in the dark in a full parking lot waiting on the return of my assistant shopper to run in and come back out, i was flaked from both sides of the rear. And this is where i saw what was happening and sat still and ready to react (both my windows were down too) i looked in the mirror and saw a nod and a wave and the one on passanger side rolled up on a bike and got his arm in the window and i got my glock out the holster and mid way up to the guy reaching in. At that point he jumped back out and waved the one on my left flank now at my trunk away. And as the one struggled to get his arm/head out of my car he managed to bump his head or arm and dropped a screw driver. And they rolled off on their bikes into to dark parking lot as fast as they could peddle.

      So carry always because criminals are going to carry with or wirhout laws weather it be guns knives or screwdrivers!

  4. All well and good, however be aware that nowadays if you shoot a person, even under self defense situations or during situations of crime prevention, chances are you’ll be forking out some serious money for a lawyer to prove that your life or somebody else’s life was in danger.

  5. In addition to these are the uncounted incidents of deterred crimes that go unreported by concealed permit holders every day.

    There is no doubt that robbery and physical assault type crimes have decreased in relation to the increase in gun owners overall.

    Even more interesting is the rising correlation to an increase in cybercrimes as thieves have taken to the Internet as a less dangerous means of crime.

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