CCRKBA Wants Gay Marriage Ruling to Open Door to National CCW Recognition

Colored map showing which states accept out-of-state concealed carry permits

Following last week’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that requires all states to recognize same-sex marriages, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) said the same principle should apply to nationwide recognition of concealed carry licenses and permits from all other states.

“State drivers’ licenses are universally recognized, and with this high court ruling, same-sex marriage must now be recognized in all 50 states as well,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “It not only stands to reason, but common sense demands, that the concealed carry licenses held by more than 11 million citizens across the country should now be valid in every state, without question.” Obergefell v. Hodges is a landmark United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case decided in late June. In Obergefell, the court held that the recognition and provision of same-sex marriage is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Colored map showing which states accept out-of-state concealed carry permits
Concealed Carry reciprocity is all over the map. CCRKBA says a recent Supreme Court ruling should make reciprocity mandatory under the gay-marriage decision in Obergefell.

In contrast, SCOTUS has declined to review several gun cases in which cities, stands, and other courts have infringed the enumerated right in the 2nd Amendment. Most recently, the court denied certiorari in the case of Jackson v. City and County of San Francisco, letting stand San Francisco regulations that guns in the home had to be kept in lockboxes unless they were about to be used in self-defense.

Many states recognize concealed-carry permits or licenses from other states, but some states do not. For example, see our coverage of Shaneen Allen in New Jersey here and here. The Pennsylvania mom had to be pardoned by Gov. Chris Christie because she crossed a bridge from one state to the other, and was honest about having a firearm when quizzed by a police officer during a traffic stop.

Gottlieb added that no right is more profound than the right of self-preservation. Under the Constitution, all citizens should be able to exercise the right of self-defense anywhere in the country.

“We’re talking about law-abiding citizens who have gone through background checks, and in many cases, state-mandated training programs,” Gottlieb added. “To continue treating their Second Amendment rights as a second-class privilege seems unconscionable after the ruling in [Obergefell.]”

Some attorneys say no way the ruling could be used to mandate concealed carry reciprocity. What do you think? Share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. In the 80,s this was all predicted but written off as paranoia. I’d rather have my guns and not need them than to need them and not have them. Yes the constitution and FREEDOM mandates that cc permits be recognized in all fifty states just like drivers licenses.

    It’s all about FREEDOM but this point is forgotten. Gun controllers are always bribing politicians to take away our rights and force their beliefs on us. I have never lobbied or bribed a politician to force people to own or use guns nor would I. They and we should have the FREEDOM to choose. To eliminate the choice ELIMINATES FREEDOM. As time goes we all pay more and more for less and less freedom. Thus TYRANNY grows like a fungus so slow it’s not noticed till it’s too late????

  2. Gay marriage was an equal protection issue. The government can refuse to give legal rights to some people while giving them to others without a compelling interest. Concealed carry reciprocity raises issues under the 2nd Amendment and the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution, but not equal protection. CCRKBA arguing the gay marriage ruling is somehow related to concealed carry reciprocity shows a lack of understanding and in know way advances the cause of a national standard for issuing CCLs that must be recognized in every state. Only a federal statute will accomplish the goal.

  3. I live in the Peoples Republic of Communist Taxachuesetts! Our gun laws are some of the worst in the country. Some gun co.’s refuse to even try to sell their product here because the laws are so unclear!! Do you think criminals care or know the gun laws? All these laws do is punish law abiding citizens who want to be able to protect their family and/or themselves! Fortunately, we have a new Gov. who is about to address just what is wrong with our laws. We have a chance at having the best gun laws!! FINALLY

  4. Article IV Section 1 of the US Constitution states that “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State”. The only reason that hasn’t been mentioned in Supreme Court decisions (such as regarding gay marriage) is because of its direct applicability to the issue of concealed carry…

  5. If the LGBT people can be granted their rights under the 14th amendment
    for all 50 states, then why can’t the law abiding citizens with a CHL be granted their rights under the 2nd amendment for ALL 50 states.

  6. I have argued this point for many years. While I agree with States having certain powers of the law, the 2nd amendment shouldn’t be one of them, as it applies to the United States of America, not just Illinois, New York and California!

    1. Right on!! The concealed carry should b honored in all 50 states so people who have them can carry across state lines without worry of breaking the next states laws. It needs to be universal just like drivers license.

  7. How about giving some explanation of the different colors of the states and what they mean. the legion below the map is so small you can’t read it.

  8. The safety of our citizens are at stake, i have held a concealed carry permit since 1977 and never once had to pull a gun out of holster, i feel much safer when i carry and respect gun laws. I think it is time for our government to issue a nationwide permit to those who have permits and worry more about the criminals who have guns. They could issue right on state drivers licenses and when the police pull you over, they would already know that you carry. Lawful citizens are being punished by crossing a state line and being unlawful..this is supposed to be the land of the free… Tell your Government you want the freedom to carry and protect yourself.. And punish those severely who use guns unlawfully…

    1. Exactly , great idea, all the info is on the dl. Don’t even need to raise taxes or create a new one for this. The funding is already there and if anything this would reduce expense and actually make it cheaper. Instead if printing and maintaining 2 separate documents it’s reduced to one document.

  9. Makes me admire the guts of our Founding Fathers even more.We should view the current crop of politicians in the same light as Jefferson,Adams and Washington saw King George.

    1. “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of TYRANNY.”

      James Madison, Federalist Paper 47

  10. I live in Massachusetts. We have some of the hardest firearms laws. Between background checks, mandatory classes, and convincing the local authority that you are sane so they will give you a restricted license and then state restrictions on the types of firearms we can own. Then to have to apply for an out of state license from Utah so I can carry in 30 other states. And still have to apply for an out of state license for Maine just so I can travel on vacation. I would still have to worry about crossing thru New York or New Jersey to leave New England.
    Other states won’t recognize Massachusetts licenses because Massachusetts won’t recognize other states licenses.
    Massachusetts requires loaded chamber indicators on all pistols and require manufacturers to submit “specimen” firearms for the state to approve. Some manufacturers won’t submit because that is thousands of dollars worth of there product and every other state allows their sale.
    Tell me that is fair!

    1. KG, I’m sorry you have to go through all that crap, and no, it isn’t fair.

      My advice is simple . . . Move.

      I grew up in upstate New York, and there is not enough money in America to get me to live there again. I have lived in Utah and now in Virginia where gun ownership is respected.

    2. Dito, I moved from upstate NY to NC. Best thing I have ever done. I hope I never have to live under those laws again.

    3. Change out your politicians. Organize. You want change? Work at it harder than the left. Good luck.

    4. Identical to the letter to the laws of the Socialist State of Kalifornii. Last year, the CA Supreme Court ruled that people applying for CCW here no longer had to provide a valid and provable reason beyond personal defense . Our illustrious AG illegally appealed that decision, and while several Top Cops in CA now issue without requiring “just cause”, the sheriff of my county still will not issue because he is awaiting final determination from the appeal. CA. also has a “Roster of handguns certified for sale”. If you want a particular handgun…specifically concealable ones, and it is not on this State approved list, a dealer cannot legally sell it to you. And just like MA, every handgun that a MFR wants to sell has to be submitted to the state for a “drop test”, and must pass that test. Furthermore, ANY change made to that same model, even if it is just the color of the finish means that SAME GUN has to be resubmitted and the fee paid once again, even if it was just done yesterday. Consequently, in a few years, CA residents wont even be able to buy handguns because the mfr’s are refusing to pay the state for their stupidity. The dictatorship of CA is happy as can be because they are removing guns from the residents here by attrition.
      Like you, I live in a non-reciprocal state. I could get a CCW from AZ easier than I can get one in my own county, but it would be worthless to me as far as travelling, because most of my travel is through NV, OR, WA, and AZ. The license from AZ is not recognized in any of those states, so I have to become a temporary criminal if I want to carry while travelling.

  11. Moreover, the whole point of the Bill of Rights is to protect Fundamental Individual Rights against state and municipal infringements via the Forteenth Amendment. States rights must yield to Individual Rights period!

  12. When it comes right down to it, the government (state and federal) oversteps its bounds any time they try to limit the Constitution or dictate certain things to the individual. Article Four clearly states that it is the “supreme law of the land.” That means that no entity has the authority to infringe on it. Nevertheless, these abuses happen.

    The Fourth Amendment protects us from illegal search and seizure, yet Liberal governments in cities such as New York practice “Stop and Frisk” at will, and people all over are duped into allowing police to search their cars without probable cause.

    The Second Amendment is constantly under attack, we all see that every day.

    Also, certain groups, generally Liberal democrats, try to stifle Freedom of Speech by using agencies like the IRS to punish any group that disagrees with them.

    I’m sure some people are going to be upset by my next comment, but that’s not my problem. As we Conservatives, Libertarians and “moderate’ Democrats decry these abuses, and abuses they are, I ask you this. Where in the Constitution does the government have any right to dictate who can and can not marry? Other than the protection of individuals who cannot protect themselves such as children and the mentally handicapped, how does any government have the authority to mandate what is a legal marriage? Just like trying to regulate what two consenting adults do behind closed doors in their bedroom, trying to regulate which consenting adults can marry, or whether or not a lawful citizen can own a gun without the permission of the state are infringements on the rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

    Some will say the our belief in God is under attack, but Thomas Jefferson said:

    “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State.”

    Consequently, trying to use any religious reasoning to determine who can marry is a violation of our rights. Gays, lesbians, and polygamists are protected under the Constitution, but like the First, Second, and Fourth Amendment we, the people, have allowed that right to be controlled and modified.

    No, I’m not gay and I’m married to only one wonderful woman, but if any of you come back arguing about my sexuality then you are missing the point. We either believe in the Constitution or we don’t. If we start supporting the parts we like, and slamming the ones we don’t, we’re just as bad as the Libs.

    We have to stand firm on all the protections of the Constitution. Once we do that, and stop fighting among ourselves, we will be able to hold the state and federal governments accountable.

    1. Best non-gun comment (at least directly) I’ve seen on this here blog. Sad that it’ll fall on the deaf ears of those who are okay with imposing laws , “morality,” and religion on others–as long as it’s THEIRS.

      This is why we need the NRA…and the ACLU.

  13. Article IV Section 2.
    2.1 The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.
    Coupled with the plain language here. All CC permits are demanded. Under article 14 we do not enjoy equal protection of the law and it breaks the interstate commerce clause. Our rights our infringed as soon as a State enacts a Gun Law. Federal Law is contained in the second Amendment. We should enjoin a massive class action case all the way to SCOTUS

    1. We should suggest this to the NRA and NAGR. They have the money and the attorneys to pursue this. Aren’t we all dues paying member with the right so members to request action?

  14. One day we will have to Spill our Blood again. To Rid the Evil In Our Land ! Chose God or Satan if you chose Satan HAVE a SAFE trip to hell.!

  15. I think we just need to find a gay transgender person who was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon to protect themselves from all us bigots and then maybe we could get nationwide recognition until then I wish it would but it wont happen.

  16. How about the inequity of out of state big game licenses fees, not to mention oos hunter chances to be drawn in high demand gmu’s? Seems like the court opened a Pandora’s box concerning states vs national rights. Should we “nationalize” everything, another slippery slope? db

    1. I think something that would send an otherwise law abiding citizen to jail by simply crossing from one state to another should be nationalized.

    2. It is already Nationalized. It is called the Second Ammendment. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO keep and BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

      The courts, for decades, have decided to ignore the parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights that they want to ignore.

      Here in Michigan, there is a bill being introduced that would require students to actually read the Constitution and Bill of Rights instead of just being taught someone’s interpretation of it. See

    3. It would be useful to make all politicians read it also. Then rate them on whether they adhere to it and fire them if they don’t.
      Oh wait…We already do that! Its called voting. Doesn’t seem to work well lately.

    4. License fees are strictly within the purview of the individual states because the permissions that hunting licenses grant are not transferable across state lines.

  17. I live in the beautiful state of New Jersey. I was taught at a young age how to properly handle firearms. Firearms were a major influence on my life teaching me respect, restraint, and patience to name a few. Over the years I’ve seen more and more of our gun rights thrown to the wayside. The right to protect ourselves and our families from people that wish to harm us is something that should be carved in stone, not something that should be decided by the leaders of our state.

    1. Why don’t they teach firearms safety in schools? The Libs are totally against abstinence when it come to sex, but want to force abstinence on everyone in regards to firearms. In their minds it is OK to teach safe sex but not firearms safety. Doesn’t make sense to me.


    1. “I guess some groups have more rights than other groups..”

      “All of the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

      ~George Orwell, Animal Farm

  18. Alan Gottlieb is correct, but progressive people like D. Feinstein argue without logic. I see reciprocity in the same boat as suppressors. It’ll all make for a good argument however. If Lynch ends up on the SCOTUS we will never see unless we have a hard right President with Congress behind. Why any State would fear a CCL from another makes zero sense. But as we all know, as with suppressors, this has nothing to do with facts, rationale and intelligent logic.

  19. I have practiced law in Washington State since 1990. The Second Amendment guarantees a stronger individual right that should guarantee concealed carry nation wide than any “right” to marry. Marriage is not an enumerated right. Bearing arms is. So it is time for nation wide carry rights to be defended by the courts.

    1. “enumerated right” implies a right specifically defined and granted to an entity – granted rights can be ungranted – the Bill of Rights protects unalienable rights that are not to be infringed – we have the rights without grant by the government

    2. @ Archangel,

      I really like the concept behind your perception for the definition of an “enumerated right”.

      If it were correct, which it is not, it would be a very tidy way of explaining such things. However, the real definition of an “enumerated right” is simply to mean it has been formally written down or codified by a legally recognized entity or body of government.

      More specifically, all rights as listed in the Constitution, without regard to whether it was a granted right or an unalienable right, are all considered enumerated simply because they were written down.

  20. Never going to happen here in California. We have our own constitution and our leaders believe it holds more power than the Federal version. This is why illegal aliens are let out in SF to murder young women. We don’t follow Federal laws here and the Feds don’t make us.

  21. I am in love with my freedoms and we have been together since I became an adult. During my 60 years of life in this country, I have lived in a dozen or more states, from Hawaii to New Hampshire, Calif. to Florida, even Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia.My dad taught us 4 kids to treat guns with respect and care, and it did not escape our notice that that is the way he treated Mom, too. (But they were old-fashioned hetereo “breeders”, thank God, otherwise we would not be here to celebrate.) So I think that for the same reasons, my legal relationship with my pistols and rifles should transfer into any state in which I choose to travel.

  22. Washington is a “Shall Issue” state, but with our political situation I’m not sure if that will last forever. Fortunately, since the better half and I travel in a motorhome, Utah offers a course and upon completion they issue you a CPL. That gives us 36 state coverage due to reciprocity. National reciprocity is the only way to go, but with the current situation in DC it will never fly, the Supreme Court included. The Obama appointees plus Kennedy make that less than a done deal.

    1. Live west of Seattle, what will happen in WA is scary thought. Progressive’s in I-5 corridor and billionaire influence is making a mess of things. Gottlieb is right, but people like Feinstein are willing say the 2A is not a Right.

  23. Here, in Arizona, CWPs are not needed. Any adult that is not restricted from possessing a gun, can carry concealed. If the constitution was followed, it would be that way everywhere in America.

  24. A National CCW would be wonderful, but really, some states look at CCWs as a States Right Issue and get very touchy about it. Anyway, the majority of states will recognize CCWs from other states. There are a few holdouts. In most cases, if a state doesn’t recognize your state’s CCW, It’s easy enough to get one from a state that will be recognized by the ‘hold out’ states. Arizona, for example, is almost universally accepted in most states. Proof of a CCW from your home state, passport size photos and the require fee, will get you a license from AZ through the mail.

    1. States consider it a “states right” issue solely so they can decide to abridge your US Constitutionally protected rights in contravention to the provisions of the constitution that expressly prevent both federal and state governments from infringing

  25. This court and this government is so schizophrenic that they will rule that just because a right exists in one matter that it doesn’t mean that it exists in other matters. Precedent obviously means very little to the current court.

  26. How much do we want the feds in our business?

    A national reciprocity puts the feds in to state permit records. Is that a good thing? It’s time to really think things over before jumping in with both feet. There are only a handful of states with no reciprocity at this point. Most states have some type whether full or restricted. Concealed Carry issues have been going well at the state level in recent years without a federal mandate.

    Pushing our legislators and legislatures at the state level can solve the problems. It doesn’t happen overnight. Neither did restrictions. I for one want no fed involvement and as little government involvement as possible. Less work for me in the long run..

    1. EdH, I hear what you’re saying, but I live in Virginia, which is very gun friendly.

      But I have to go into Maryland and DC for work, which are not. If I inadvertently take my legal CC gun into one of those states because i miss an interstate exit, and for some reason they catch me, I will go to jail. My job will be gone and I will have a criminal record without ever doing anything wrong.

      Places like DC and Maryland are virtually Nazi fiefdoms where the police and the politicians will destroy your life over nothing, even though there are gangstas carrying guns everywhere.

      If my driver’s license is recognized in all 50 states because they know i passed whatever tests were required to get it, why shouldn’t my concealed carry permit be?

    2. I’d prefer to see a nationwide constitutional carry. This would make things simpler all around.

      It would take the decision out of everyone’s hands but the individual.

    3. “If my driver’s license is recognized in all 50 states because they know i passed whatever tests were required to get it, why shouldn’t my concealed carry permit be?”

      That makes sense because there’s a consistent baseline of training and testing to get a driver’s license, but there’s not for a CCW. For instance, in VA, you had to have x hours of classroom instruction and pass a test (in addition to having a clean record).
      Here in PA, I had to have a clean record, nothing more (it’s the ultimate Shall Issue state). I didn’t have to prove that I knew ONE thing about guns or the laws regarding CCW (I learned on my own because I needed to know the boundaries of legal liability, etc).
      And, honestly, it’s too lenient. If I was in The People’s Republic of MD I would put more value on a VA CCW license (and Ohio is more stringent than VA…). I know I do.
      While I know and agree with what you’re saying conceptually, the realities are that all CCWs aren’t created equal. And I’m totally leaving non-resident licenses that states like Arizona offer out of this.

    4. First off, you cannot get a CCW in Maryland unless you carry large sums of money. They will not issue you a permit in order to protect yourself.

      Second, I have no problem with a standardized qualification requirement, and I’ll take whatever class the Feds decide to make me jump through the hoops, but I ask you, does every state have a standardized driver’s test requirement? Each does their own thing.

      But, in the end, the Constitution guarantees not just the right to own a weapon, but the right to “bear arms.” Any entity that tries to deny any lawful citizen that right is violating the Constitution, and the SCOTUS running clearly says a right cannot be infringed.

    5. Every state has different requirements for drivers license as well but every state recognizes the other states.

      Reciprocity is what we want, not being a felon for driving across the bridge from Philly to NJ.

    6. Well here is my beef , I have a commercial Class A license ( Federal License )with endorsements for Doubles, Triples , Tankers and Haz Mat . I have a Concealed Weapon Permit in my Primary resident state of Florida and I am a Viet Nam Vet with an Honorable Discharge. and a retired NYC Firefighter ,( and in NYC Firefighters are “Peace Officers”) and I was a member of the FDNY Rifle and Revolver Assoc. So whats their excuse ? it’s BS that’s what ! Fact is I and anyone else should need nothing more than no criminal record , be at least 21 yrs old with a valid CCW permit from ANY state .

    7. It does NOT put the feds into those records anymore than it does marriage licenses – national reciprocity merely requires all states to honor licenses granted by any other state – feds aren’t really involved other than it’s a cross country mandate

  27. I predicted this natural progression back when the bakers first refused to make a cake for a gay wedding. I said it would be the silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud over America. I am glad to see it gaining momentum from somewhere other than my forum comments.

    1. And you were right.

      Feels good, doesn’t it? This is an example of the Wizard’s Third law (for those of you who read fantasy). that being the law of unintended consequences. So let’s take advantage of it.

    2. Then, still well done!

      You should read the books. Plenty of cool sh!@ and gratuitous violence.

    3. Very good. I’m impressed, and correct. I stand corrected. 🙂

      The third is passion rules reason. Which is the Liberals mantra.

      Still, let’s take advantage of what we’ve been given.

  28. Soon after the SC ruling, the President gave a speech in which he clearly stated that, in his opinion, it was only fair that those licensed to marry in one state, be recognized in all.

    The first thing that came to my mind that he had made a good case that those licensed to carry in one state, be recognized in all.

  29. You can’t trust any cop anywhere. You never know which one is the jerk, and there are plenty of them. You’re only kidding yourself if you think most of them are nice guys.

    1. Most of us are nice guys. Just like most non-police are nice guys too. There are some assholes out there though. There always are. Even on internet forums.

    2. REBart, the truth be told, I have run into very few jerk cops in my life, to include 7 years as a probation officer.

      I’m always polite, even when one pulled me over the other day because my window tinting was too dark. After talking to him for a few minutes . . no ticket. Another time a long time ago (I only get pulled over about once in every 10 years) when I was clearly speeding, after talking to him for a few minutes, he said “You just passed the attitude test” and let me go without a ticket.

      I guess I’m just saying that I agree there are some jerk cops out there, just like there are jerk Army officers, jerk clerks at the DMV, jerk garbage collectors and jerk everything else, it’s just that cops are more high profile so we hear about it more. But most of them are just regular people doing a very difficult and stressful job.

      Be decent and most will recognize and appreciate it. And if any truly try to railroad you, take it to an attorney, the court, and the media and you will get justice. But if they’re just a little gruff with you, well, deal with it and chock it up to a regular person having a rough day.

  30. Never in my lifetime did I ever imagine there’d be a day that two such completely dissimilar and unrelated issues would ever cross paths to make for such robust conversation.

    Nevertheless, at the rate this country is swirling down the toilet, we stand a better chance of gaining the right to legally marry our pets before we would ever be allowed to carry equally in all 50 states.

    1. Well put!

      Although completely true, your comment made me laugh out loud.

      My perspective as a Libertarian is that the government oversteps its bounds in so many ways, and whether I personally agree with the ruling or not, the Constitution is the Constitution, and if they’re going to make a big deal and rulings about issues like this, then let’s use it to our advantage because we are not going to change it.

  31. I hunt in Pennsylvania occasionally, and have to pass thru a 25 mile stretch of Maryland.

    On several occasions I have written to the Maryland Attorney General’s office asking how I could legally transport my firearms thru this 25 mile stretch. I could not get a guarantee that If I had them locked and stored in a particular manner that I could get thru the state unmolested by the highway patrol.

    The best they would say was that if I was stopped by the police, it would be up to them as to whether or not to prefer charges.

    I referenced the federal law which says that if you are traveling with firearms and can legally possess them where you live and at your destination, you can legally transport them thru any state. To which I was told that that federal law could only be used as a mitigating defense in Maryland, but was not a guarantee of no prosecution.

    1. Sad, isn’t it? That a law abiding citizen obeying the law of the land has to be afraid to simply drive from point A to point B?

    2. “The best they would say was that if I was stopped by the police, it would be up to them as to whether or not to prefer charges.”

      That was fundamentally the same answer I got from the Maryland State Police when I asked them about transiting MD between PA and W.Va or VA (both of which have reciprocity with PA) even given having it locked in a lockbox.
      I don’t think I’d want to risk going to a) going to trial in Montgomery County and/or b) bankrupting myself in the process.
      Sadly, they win this round.

    3. Sadly, the best idea is to take the long way around through W.Va. to VA. You’ll be welcome here, Brother. We have fought long and hard to keep VA a gun friendly state.

    4. Yeah, I used to live in Springfield. Spent too much time and money at the Dulles and Dale City gun shows, but that was back in the “one gun every 30 days” days so the “not as gun friendly as they are now” state saved me from myself.

    5. 😉

      I know what you mean.

      Before we got the law changed, you could buy as many handguns as you wanted if you had a CPP, and now you can even without one. And to make it worse, my wife loves guns as much as I do, so we spend WAY too much money at gun shows.

    6. I just did the same thing to avoid Chicago on a trip from NC to MN and back.

      It’s called a “boycott”. I spent exactly zero money in Illinois. I bought no gas, no food, no motel rooms … not so much as a condom.

      It cost me about 300 miles … but it was worth it.

    7. Luckily in NC, you can just place the loaded gun on the seat next to you and you are not breaking any laws 🙂 However if you conceal it on your person without a CCW, then you are in trouble.

  32. Interesting theory. I hope it flies. I have a Pennsylvania CCW and have to assiduously avoid going into the People’s Republic of Maryland (a mere 1/2 mile away) carrying.

    1. I hear ya’.

      I live in Virginia and have to go to Maryland for work, and it sucks. I feel completely vulnerable in the land of Baltimore gangs and criminals where only the welfare bums have guns.

    2. Mikial this comment from you kinda surprised me. I know you have your military experience in the Middle East, yet look what kind of country we have here, where someone like you has to worry about going into Baltimore. I feel for you, and I’m glad I live in AZ. When I have to drive through the high crime areas, I’m in more of a “ready state” than when I’m in other areas.

      On a side note, I didn’t realize Baltimore was that bad. Of course I’ve seen the news recently, but I thought normally it was not a hot spot for crime and violence. That was just my false perception I guess.

    3. ss1, there is a feeling in most of Maryland, and especially in places like Baltimore. I had a high profile client there a couple of years ago that I had to try to design a security system to protect in a place where honest citizens could not carry a weapon to protect themselves, but every two bit punk on the street was carrying.

      They didn’t have the capital to pay armed guards, so I had to try to develop physical security mitigation like sally port style entryways and security doors that would hopefully hold off an incursion long enough for the police to arrive.

      It’s a sad world where people have to be afraid because they are not allowed to defend themselves. Be thankful you live in a state that respects the right of the individual to protect themselves. Virginia is great, but DC and Maryland are both states filled with victims because the government can’t protect them and will not allow them to protect themselves.

    4. BTW Mikial, I sent you 2 messages with an important update on the “Reader’s Choice: Top AR-15s of 2015” article, where you and I were discussing DPMS extractors.

    5. @Mikial:

      I’ll just keep it simple and send it here. I wanted to get back to you on the DPMS extractor advice you gave me.

      I never tested my AR-10 again after superficially cleaning it. Instead I called DPMS customer service and discovered they have a new, SPRINGLESS GEN2 extractor upgrade that fits my GEN1. Yesterday I installed it myself, including taking apart and cleaning an AR bolt for the first time. I manually extracted 1 cartridge at home, but will test it this weekend at range.

      I had a link that got edited out by CTD, so just Google “dpms LR-308 extractor upgrade kit”, and where I bought it will come to the top, with a clear photo of what this springless concept looks like.

      What do you think about this upgrade kit?

    6. It looks good from what I can tell. The elimination of a conventional spring in favor of a elastomer extractor is an interesting approach. I think DPMS recognizes that they have a weak extractor problem. I suggest trying it and seeing what happens. What else can you do at this point. I don’t think there’s any danger to you, just the chance of a failure to extract.

      I have owned two DPMS, and frankly I will not own another unless I can be assured they have re-engineered to eliminate this problem. Both my DPMS have has extractor issues. The first was an old Brady era that i figured was just an isolated incident, but when i bought a newer one and had to eventually replace the upper with a new one from CTD, I decided to cut my losses and go over to M&P’s.

      Please let me know how the upgrade kit works. A .308 has a lot more horsepower than a 5.56, and a lot more pressure on the case when it ignites.

    7. @Mikial:

      I just wanted to get back to you and say that my elastomer extractor worked perfectly with 64 rounds. All this time I had thought occasional jams were just part of owning an AR-10, until it got much worse. Now I have a much more reliable and fun gun.

      Thanks for helping me with the entire DPMS extractor issue, and have a great 4th Of July!

    8. If somewhere = big city, then somewhere = bad crime rates.

      The exceptions are few and there are none within 500 miles of the east coast. Not sure how to score California …

  33. The SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage is a victory for the 2nd A.

    If the laws of the land cannot degrade the rights guaranteed under the Constitution for marriage, then the precedent is set that they cannot degrade the 2nd Amendment.

    Instead of Conservatives complaining over something that is a fait accompli, use it to further a true cause.

  34. If we’re lucky enough to have the Supreme Court rule favorably on Right To Carry, I wonder which color or colors the White House will be lit up with that night? The rainbow colors were amazing, doncha think?

  35. Why not? Why not ignore the Constitution MORE, as long as it gets you something you want, right?

    You can’t say on one hand that the Constitution guarantees you a right, and then ask the federal government. Violate the Constitution by imposing “universal reciprocity”.

    1. Should say:

      You can’t say on one hand that the Constitution guarantees you a right, and then ask the federal government to violate the Constitution by imposing “universal reciprocity”.

  36. Wouldn’t we all like to see that. But I can’t see New Jersey of ever letting that fly here. Law or not. They’d start by saying sure you can but 1st you need to pass our fire arms saftey corse. Sign here and we’ll get back to you in 6-8 months. Oh? just passing thru?? Then just get in touch with every police department you’ll be traveling through to let them know the time and roads you’ll be using. And please don’t vary from your planned rout or risk the full rath of our justise department.. .

  37. Makes absolute perfect sense. If the courts can involve themselves and force their interpretation of marriage on everyone…something that is not a right, then they should find judgement of reciprocity for all 50 states an easy decision, because the right to bear arms is a right.

    1. The right to marry whomever you choose is indeed a right, but it is not specifically mentioned in the US Constitution. However, the right to keep and bear arms is. That said, we ought to go beyond nationwide reciprocity for permits, and allow “Vermont carry” everywhere. Whether it is likely to happen or not, it is the right thing to do. Like the slogan goes, what part of “shall not be infringed” do folks not understand?

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