SHOT 2012: CCI Quiet-22 Shoot Without Hearing Protection

CCI Quiet 22

CCI has unveiled a new .22 Long Rifle cartridge that is reported to register only 68Db at shooters ear. That’s actually quieter than some of our daily activities, like driving down the highway and the annoying buzz of our alarm clocks.

CCI Quiet 22
CCI Quiet 22

Though it is safe to use in semi-autos, it is designed more specifically for bolt-action and single-shot rifles. The new round, Quiet-22 mimics the .22 Short with a 40-grain lead round nose bullet and a muzzle velocity of 710 fps. It is accurate out to 50 yards and has a 75% reduced noise rate than a standard .22 LR round.

The American Rifleman editors shot the CCI Quiet-22 at the 2012 SHOT Show Media Day at the Range without hearing protection! A .22 LR cartridge with such a small noise report is perfect for stealth-like pest control, training, teaching new shooters who are afraid of noise, and for areas where noise from firearms is a concern.

I can just imagine what it is like to shoot suppressed. Right now it’s hard to find, so if you get some, let me know and we’ll head out to the range!

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-quiet plinking round in 22-caliber LR rifles
  • 75% reduction in perceived noise of standard velocity .22 LR
  • Standard CCI .22 LR case
  • Excellent accuracy and low velocity (710 feet per second)
  • Better performance than an air rifle with similar noise levels
  • No hearing protection required
  • Great for backyard plinking and youth shooting
  • Ideal for legal shooting areas where noise may be a concern

Have you shot CCI’s Quiet-22 ammunition? Tell about it in the comment section.


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Comments (19)

  1. 1) These will not cycle any semi auto gun without some serious modifications.
    2) CB shorts ARE NOT quieter than the .22 quiets, for a simple reason. The chambers are different. As you fire the CB short through a LR chambered gun. There is not a good gas seal, for that short amount of time before the bullet hits the rifling. I have not done ballistic testing to verify if you may be loosing some power in the retrospect as well. However, I am assuming there is some.
    The factors become very apparent when using a bolt gun with a can. Out of my marlin with a 16 inch barrel and a cheap .22 suppressor. All you hear is the hammer drop and the impact of the bullet itself. It is literally a lot more quiet than a bb gun.

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  3. The remington CBee ammo, contrary to what todd would have you believe, is excellent ammo & extremely accurate. Havent had a chance to shoot this new cci quoet-22 yet but I am looking forward to it.

  4. A suppressor does make much of a difference…. by not much I mean it is nowhere near as dramatic as regular. 22LR suppressed. I would guesstimate maybe 5db reduction when I had the chance to okay with it. It just doesn’t have the blast that would need a suppressor. You still hear the mechanism over the …shot end of story. This may also be due to a 5.5″bbl but I also swapped out recoil springs to a much lighter one…. buckmark… and the suppressor does help it cycle.more reliably but from the shooter’s ear the difference is negligible. And frankly I have a pellet rifle that is louder than this unsuppressed. It does however make my buckmark dirtier if I use a can with it so save the can for standard loads, this stuff just does better without one.

  5. I am very happy that CCI came out with this round, My business is varmit control and many clients, though they now live in rural areas, are uncomfortable with the sound of a standard .22, yes I do use traps however there are time when a particular rascal I am after lifts his little head, and goodnight, thank you CCI.

  6. I recently discovered this ammo while looking for .22lr to quietly hunt ground squirrels close to a ranch house, horses and cattle. This ammo is much more accurate in my Marlin Glenfield 25 bolt rifle I believe due to the 40gr vs 29 gr bullet. A HUGE difference and the downrange smack inside 50yds can almost be felt.

    One doesn’t use .22Short in a LR chamber because it fouls the front of the chamber not occupied by the front of the LR case and can make extraction a pain. It’s also problematic because the bullet must make the longer “jump” to the rifling affecting accuracy.

    Overall, this IS a significant change to the 29gr CB Long especially in the accuracy department. It is now definitely my “go to” quiet .22LR ammo.

  7. “The difference is the bullet weight. The CB Long carries a 29 grain bullet. The new CCI Quiet-22 carries a standard 40 grain bullet.” This is true, but also the added 11 grains of bullet weight makes this round longer than the CB Long so that the overall length of this round is the same as the overall length of the .22LR round and therefore will feed more reliably from the magazine of a gun made to shoot .22LR (which in most cases can not even feed the shorter CB Long). But even though the CCI Quiet-22 will feed properly, it will however because of its low power, still have problems in cycling the action of most semi-autos. In my experience the only auto loading gun chambered in .22LR that handles under powered ammo well enough to complete its cycle is the Beretta Neos. This is due to the Beretta Neos having a smaller slide (less mass) and softer recoil springs that together requires less energy to cycle the action. I have not had a chance to try out this new ammo from CCI but will guess that it will cycle the Neos but not most other semi autos. Hope this helps your understanding.

  8. The difference is the bullet weight. The CB Long carries a 29 grain bullet. The new CCI Quiet-22 carries a standard 40 grain bullet.

  9. What is the difference between the cb long and this ammo then??? both are 710 ft per second and same dimensions? Does anyone know the difference? is it the weight or noise level?

  10. Easy Todd, you’re right it will not cycle most autos but it will still work. For instance I can use it (or 22 long) in my Ruger Mark II semi auto, I just have to cycle the bolt manually. A 22 short on the other hand is not compatible.

  11. Do you guys not get it? A .22 short requires different rifling to be accurate. CCI’s current “CB” is a .22 long (and also short), not long rifle. Long rifle is much more compatible with more guns. And the .22 LR CB that Remington makes is fair, at best. But, don’t think for a second this ammo will cycle a semi-auto. It is designed for bolt and lever guns, period. I’m glad CCI finally brought this to market, but it is a niche product that some of you obviously don’t understand.

  12. It better work decently in autos, otherwise it isn’t significantly different from the .22 long CB round they’ve been selling for years.

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