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A woodland sunset with the spooky evil glowing eyes of Jack O' Lanterns on the left of a wooden bench on halloween night.

Blades and Knives

Horror Movie Weapons

Horror movie fan and regular Shooter’s Log contributor, Suzanne wrote this post about infamous horror movie weapons in 2011. In “horror” of Halloween, she discusses melee weapons that repeatedly show up in the undead’s hands.

Blades and Knives

What Makes a Folding Knife Tactical?

Sales of tactical folding knives have swelled in the past few years. Hundreds of different models are being offered and it’s rare to see a major knife manufacturer that doesn’t offer some sort of knife in this category. But what makes a folding knife “tactical,” and are they popular for a good reason or is this just a dumb fad?

The man using whetstone to sharpening his pocket knife. Pocket knife care and maintenance concept.

Blades and Knives

Honing and Polishing a Blade

You’ve invested in great blades and keeping them sharp and at the ready is essential. Whether your kitchen knives or hunting knives, a blade won’t do you any good if you don’t maintain it. So check out this post on honing and polishing blades to keep them ready between sharpenings.

A sharp pocket knife on a tree stump and rope. Top.

Blades and Knives

The Hunting Knife

Your hunting knife is second only to your rifle or bow during hunting season. Check out this post for the details on which knife to carry too.