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Eric Hollen, a U.S. Army veteran and Paralympic athlete, competes in a 50-meter pistol competition.

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USA Shooting Team Member Profile: Eric Hollen

Hollen’s drive and determination helped him earn a spot on the USA Shooting Paralympics Team and the USA Shooting’s Paralympics Athlete of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011. He also made history in the 2012 IPC World Cup in Sydney by winning the highly sought slot for the Paralympics Games, making him the first U.S. Paralympics pistol shooter to qualify for the Games. Read more about this Special Forces soldier in this article.

Picture shows a 10.9 Day logo with red background and a USA Shooting team logo.

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10.9 Day Shoot for Excellence with the USA Shooting Team

The USA Shooting Team announces a new holiday all shooters can support—10.9 Day. On October 9, 2013, the USA Shooting Team declares this day and from this day forth for all us to “aim for excellence in all the shots you take in life.” Along with the announcement comes the unveiling of USA Shooting’s new logo and tagline—“Rio In Sight.”

Amanda Furrer USA Shooting Team Member

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USA Shooting Team Member Profile: Amanda Furrer

The past year has proven to be one full of accomplishments for Amanda Furrer. The 22-year-old Spokane, Washington native not only represented the United States at the 2012 London Olympic Games, she also wrapped up her degree at The Ohio State University. In addition, while 2012-2013 was a banner year for the young Furrer, the future looks brighter still for this shooting star.

Diamond Push Ups

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Seconds Will Get You Seconds

Srengthening your body’s secondary muscle groups, such as your shoulders, calves and hands, makes your shooting more gains seconds for your shooting and hunting activities. These exercises can be done without expensive gym memberships or special equipment, in your own home or back yard.

USA Shooting Team Member Rachael Schoenrock

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USA Shooting Team Member Profile: Rachael Schoenrock

Meet USA Shooting team’s Rachael Schoenrock, an 18 year old rifle and small bore shooter from Beatrice, Nebraska, whose goal is to shoot in the Olympics. She uses imagery and discipline to train and give her best for the Junior USA team and every competition she is part of and move her toward her goals.

Standing push-ups

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Getting in “Shooting Shape”

No, this is not gunny’s beloved Marine Corps. What we are talking about is your body’s core. Typically, we are talking about the core muscle groups and large muscles of the body that are the base for the majority of motion and movement. Your body is a marvelous machine that tries to perform each activity with the least amount of energy expenditure. These exercises will help you build a better base and allow you to develop a solid shooting and overall performance platform.

Top Shot All-Star Gary Quesenberry

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Top Shot All-Stars — Zip or Ship

In this episode, they brought back the Wheel of Fire challenge from TS3. This was a good display of skilled shooting, in challenging conditions, and now that only five remain, it really is coming down to the wire. Read this to learn who zipped and who shipped.

Sandra Uptagrafft — photo courtesy of USA Shooting

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USA Shooting Team Member Profile: Eric and Sandra Uptagrafft

You could say shooting is a family affair for Eric and Sandra Uptagrafft and shooting and marriage go hand in hand for this dynamic world-class shooting duo. One look at their resumes and it is easy to see these two share a love of the shooting sports and an obvious attraction to the thrill of elite levels of competition.