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Black, stainless with gold barrel competition pistol

Competitive Shooting

STI’s New “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas” Pistols

STI’s new DVC Limited and Open pistols are an entirely new design based off the 2011 platform and are built specifically for competitive shooting. The “DVC” acronym for the new series is derived from “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas.” If your Latin is a little rusty, read the post to find out what that means.

Competitive Shooting

AR-15 Barrel-Twist Rates

A barrel-twist rate is expressed in a chain of numbers that reflects on how far down the barrel a bullet must travel to make one full rotation. To fully understand barrel twist, read this article.

Shooter racking slide of 1911 .45 pistol

Competitive Shooting

Immediate-Action Drills

The most sickening sound in a gunfight, or even on the shooting line during a competition, is click! If you should ever find yourself in such a situation and your mind races before quickly coming up with the solution, I am sorry to tell you but it is too late. Now is the time to prevent a disaster with this simple drill.

Box of CCI Velocitor Ammunition


Match-Grade .22 Ammunition

Accurate and devoid of recoil, the .22 is the best caliber for shooting fun. The subject of match-grade .22 comes up often, which inevitably leads to the question, “Is it worth it?” Choosing the right ammo for the job is essential and .22 match grade ammo is a high quality, consistent choice. Read this post to learn more about match grade .22 ammunition.

Ruger Vaquero

Competitive Shooting

Ruger Vaquero: The Single-Action Cowboy Gun

At times, you just need to go cowboy, and single-action revolvers are the best gun for feel, heft, accuracy and handling. While some say they are outdated, they sure get a lot of use. The Ruger Vaquero is a revolver any cowboy or cowgirl would love. Learn more about the Ruger Vaquero in The Shooter’s Log.

Cowboy Mounted Single Action Shooting

Competitive Shooting

Women Afield—Fun with Guns Cowboy Style

Have you ever secretly wish we had the guts to ride shotgun with a band of unscrupulous characters or wild enough to put on a corset and fishnet stockings as you anxiously await the return of your favorite cowboy after a long cattle drive. Chances are if you ever strapped on a hip holster then you have probably tried your hand at some fancy maneuvers with a pistol. Many of us are infatuated with the Old West which might help explain why one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world of shooting is Single Action or Cowboy Action shooting.