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You Might Be A Prepper

Camping & Survival

You Might be a Prepper if …

Prepping for some folks can either be an occasional hobby or a full blown attempt to be prepared for anything that comes their way. Whatever category you may fall into, we hope you did not stash your sense of humor in an airtight container in some underground bunker in some undisclosed location.

Picture shows a silver emergency blanket folded up.

Camping & Survival

Uncommon Uses for the Common Emergency Blanket

Cheap, lightweight, space-saving, and multi-use are just of the few words we could use to describe this item. However, possibly the most important word associated with this item could be life-saving. The item I am referring to is the inexpensive, Mylar emergency blanket.

Picture shows a man standing at a barbeque grill in the rain with a large umbrella. A tent with a pop up sun shade is in the background.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: 10 Camping Hacks and Shortcuts

Camping is supposed to be simple, right? Getting back to nature, turning off the electronics and cooking over an open fire. Do you find yourself packing in more stuff than you should for a weekend in the woods? These 10 camping tips, hacks and shortcuts will help you save time, space and money. Read on for some great ideas, including a foolproof plan to prevent rain from ruining your weekend to a creative new spin on S’mores.

Young hunter with rifle on bipod in woods

Camping & Survival

Tips for Preventing Lyme Disease

There are several manufacturers manufacturing insect repellent-infused clothing for hunters. Some examples are RynoSkin, Elimitick, and Insect Shield. Ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes that come into contact with the clothing are dead in short order.

Picture shows a red straw burned at one end to close the hole.

Camping & Survival

Quick Camping Tip: Compact Spice Containers

Everything you pack in, you should bring out. This is good camping code. When you pack up your camping gear, you need to think about total weight and space. These extremely compact containers made from plastic drinking straws are quick, easy and cheap to make and hold everything from sugar for your coffee to an emergency fishing kit.