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Timney Triggers Adjustable Mosin Nagant Drop in Trigger 1.5 to 4 pounds 307

Gun Gear

Tackling Trigger Jobs — Top Tips for Triggers

Your trigger can have as much or more influence on shot placement than your sights—specifically, it will influence group size. But how much is too much trigger? What trigger weight is most desirable? What about the legal implications of a self-defense shooting with a light trigger? Read the entire article for answers to these questions and more!

Rob Leatham and Rob Pincus on the firing line

How To

Video: Assessing the Environment During a Self Defense Confrontation

In this video, Rob Latham and Rob Pincus discuss the differences between the assessment of a stage at a competition and a tactical situation. Common mistakes competition shooters habitually bring to a tactical situation, and the correct way to assess your situation during a confrontation. Are you making some of these mistakes? How many of these mistakes have you seen in live training classes or other online videos.

New Orelans underwater after Hurricane Katrina

Camping & Survival

What to Do with Firearms and Ammunition Affected by Flood Waters

You do not have to be a victim of a hurricane to experience the destructive effects of flooding. A broken pipe, ruptured water heater, or a sump pump that goes out during a storm is enough to do it in some areas. In any case, flooding and firearms are not only a bad mix, it can be a financial disaster. This leaves firearms owners who have seen their guns and stored ammunition submerged by flood waters wondering whether their firearms and ammunition can be salvaged and used safely. Fortunately, the National Shooting Sports Foundation and Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) have the answer.

1911 pistol on top of several shooting patches

Safety and Training

Training: Shooting Well — Shooting to Win

Most shooters advance quickly. They go from having difficulty controlling their shots to what they think is good shooting. If they do not have other shooters to gauge their accuracy by, they often have an overinflated idea of their own skills. A few rounds of IDPA competition will put things in perspective. It is tempting to get pretty good with the handgun and then empty the pistol into the target. Machine gunning a paper target is fun but it isn’t viable training, and you do not learn much.

NYCPD police scramble to answer a terror threat.

Safety and Training

Into the Mind: Lone Wolf Attacks

In this article, Bob Campbell looks at successes and difficulties of identifying the lone wolf, the dangers and responsibilities of the individual to be their own last line of defense. The danger of the lone wolf is grave and not likely to be solved soon or easily, but it is a threat the individual armed citizen is likely to face, address, and defeat.

Video cover of how to safely load and unload an AR-15 rifle

How To

NSSF: Safely Loading and Unloading the AR-15

Whether you already have an AR-15, or are simply doing a little research before heading to range for the first time, the following video from National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) AR-15 Administrative Load and Unload: Modern Sporting Rifle Tip demonstrates two different ways to safely load the AR-15. By following these simple instructions and heeding the lesson of head up, eyes up, gun up, you’ll enjoy and safe day which will start you down the path to earning the respect and trust of the shooter’s around you.

Breaking and Entering caught on film


Home During a Break In — How Will You React?

Is a home break in likely to go down the way you see it in the movies? Should you go all Rambo on the burglars and turn your home into the Ok Corral, or shelter in place in the closest closet? This article takes a look at items to consider when you realize an intruder is in your home.

Women shooting handguns at Gunsite.

How To

Gun Handling: Then, Now, and Tomorrow

Today, there are thousands of certified instructors across the country. All NRA instructors receive the same training. Their backgrounds, however, differ. You want to find an instructor that sweats pearls for his students. You must choose an instructor you feel comfortable with on a personal and professional basis. If you are simply going to get the paper, you have made a mistake that could get you killed in a gunfight.