Would Carry in Paris Have Made it ‘Much, Much Different?’

Donald Trump

During a political rally at an arena in Beaumont, Texas on Saturday afternoon, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the tough gun-control laws in Paris contributed to the death toll during terrorist attacks on Friday.

“You can say what you want, but if they had guns—if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry—it would have been a much, much different situation,” Trump said.

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Sale ends July 28, 2019

Is Trump right—would a lone concealed carrier at one of the venues have been able to stop teams of gunmen in Paris? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Is the debate truly whether or not 1 concealed carry person could take out a group of armed terrorist? Or is it that a group of armed citizens could make staging a terrorist attack like in Paris much much more difficult for the terrorist. If 10 or 20 people in the Paris theater were armed I don’t believe the terrorist could have shot reloaded shot reloaded and continued until out of ammunition. They would have been taking return fire and had to seek cover. Armed citizens would definitely changed the situation. We definitely need to do more with law enforcement as well, it is obviously now an all-out-war against Muslim extremist now all over the glove!

  2. I completely agree. As Charlie Hebdo stated, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. This applies to the tyranny of radical Islam or the tyranny of the gun-banning liberals.

  3. It’s not about whether they support Islam. It’s about whether they’re radicalized and support the perversion of radical Islam.

  4. Based on your numbers there are approximately 1,608,456.56
    Muslim’s in this country. Are you confident that so large a number does not include persons supporting Islam?

  5. Forget Paris. What about America, San Bernardino , California. Will Paris send help? We need to close the borders now. And take a look at all who enter. And if they won’t eat a Pulled Pork sandwich with cole slaw turn them away

    1. > Jacob Bratton <

      Your Luck, current Arab Population in America, is 0.00575% of total of about 321,691,311 people.

    2. Interesting. The last five comments forwarded to me wrt the question of whether or not have a CWP holder with a gun in the Paris massacre theater would have made a difference, seem to have little to do with the question.

      These comments were several individuals sparring or trying to show off heir intellect wrt to Islam and radicalization. My humble opinion is that whether or not an active shooter is Islamic or not has absolutely nothing to do with either the question posed nor the outcome.

      CWP holders have in fact made a difference in these situations in the past. The African mall shooters would have caused many more casualties but for the efforts of a handful of concealed carry individuals.

      Our mass media is trying their level best to insure that that info never reaches the ‘ol USA

    3. ALLEN DELANEY, you are correct. Doesn’t matter, at least not to me, a man’/person’s religion, color, race, or ideology, when he is shooting at me or at innocents, he is to be neutralized by any means necessary. A CCW carrier would have made a difference in Paris, or California, or anywhere else that some ‘nut-job’, religious fanatic, of disgruntled employee, takes it on him/themselves, to start killing innocents.

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