Would Carry in Paris Have Made it ‘Much, Much Different?’

Donald Trump

During a political rally at an arena in Beaumont, Texas on Saturday afternoon, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said the tough gun-control laws in Paris contributed to the death toll during terrorist attacks on Friday.

“You can say what you want, but if they had guns—if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry—it would have been a much, much different situation,” Trump said.

Is Trump right—would a lone concealed carrier at one of the venues have been able to stop teams of gunmen in Paris? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Is the debate truly whether or not 1 concealed carry person could take out a group of armed terrorist? Or is it that a group of armed citizens could make staging a terrorist attack like in Paris much much more difficult for the terrorist. If 10 or 20 people in the Paris theater were armed I don’t believe the terrorist could have shot reloaded shot reloaded and continued until out of ammunition. They would have been taking return fire and had to seek cover. Armed citizens would definitely changed the situation. We definitely need to do more with law enforcement as well, it is obviously now an all-out-war against Muslim extremist now all over the glove!

  2. I completely agree. As Charlie Hebdo stated, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. This applies to the tyranny of radical Islam or the tyranny of the gun-banning liberals.

  3. It’s not about whether they support Islam. It’s about whether they’re radicalized and support the perversion of radical Islam.

  4. Based on your numbers there are approximately 1,608,456.56
    Muslim’s in this country. Are you confident that so large a number does not include persons supporting Islam?

  5. Forget Paris. What about America, San Bernardino , California. Will Paris send help? We need to close the borders now. And take a look at all who enter. And if they won’t eat a Pulled Pork sandwich with cole slaw turn them away

    1. > Jacob Bratton <

      Your Luck, current Arab Population in America, is 0.00575% of total of about 321,691,311 people.

    2. Interesting. The last five comments forwarded to me wrt the question of whether or not have a CWP holder with a gun in the Paris massacre theater would have made a difference, seem to have little to do with the question.

      These comments were several individuals sparring or trying to show off heir intellect wrt to Islam and radicalization. My humble opinion is that whether or not an active shooter is Islamic or not has absolutely nothing to do with either the question posed nor the outcome.

      CWP holders have in fact made a difference in these situations in the past. The African mall shooters would have caused many more casualties but for the efforts of a handful of concealed carry individuals.

      Our mass media is trying their level best to insure that that info never reaches the ‘ol USA

    3. ALLEN DELANEY, you are correct. Doesn’t matter, at least not to me, a man’/person’s religion, color, race, or ideology, when he is shooting at me or at innocents, he is to be neutralized by any means necessary. A CCW carrier would have made a difference in Paris, or California, or anywhere else that some ‘nut-job’, religious fanatic, of disgruntled employee, takes it on him/themselves, to start killing innocents.

  6. Clearly, even a couple of concealed carriers in the performance site in Paris COULD have made a difference. However, going after a couple of guys w full auto weapons requires a considerable amount of skill and luck to come out alive, With determination to do the right thing, however, you might have been able to take out part of the assailants. Even killing one would have reduced the carnage, even if you had to pay the ultimate price

    Allen DeLaney

  7. Since Latin is “Greek” to most of us. What was the purpose of a Latin quote? The purpose of this site is to communicate, not pontificate!

  8. Screw Paris! We have to worry about America now! Twin Towers, Chardon Ohio., San Bernardino, Ca., Going to the movies. We are not safe anymore,anywhere in our own country.Close the Border, double the Border guards. (S.T.K.) Shoot to Kill. Sorry but this is what it comes too!

  9. Oh, but this was Islam. Not the Islam many would like, but still Islam. It is now necessary for all to grasp the concept and nature of asymmetrical warfare. There is a branch of Islam that seeks to employ this form of warfare to exterminate the civilized West. To survive as a civilization we must learn to deal with terror is such a way that it is driven from earth.

  10. People another mass shooting today in Calif. And the shooter or shooters got away. Check your local news. Bet it was in a no gun zone! Lot’s of people (SHEEP) their. and now we can look forward to seeing Obama’s sad face on national TV tonight. Just talking about mass shootings and blaming Gun owners. Glad the end of his term is coming, maybe be can get someone in office who has BALL’s and will take action. But any action they take will hurt the legal gun owners of America. Only in Amwerica!

  11. robbing a 7-11 in comparison to slaying hundreds at will are two totally different crimes Smart man..and in my town people do stop that exact crime, 7-11 robberies lest the gunman kills the cashier and everyone around him…no people will not leave their house to go to a store to stop a robbery but if the concealed weapons man or woman is there at that time they do put a stop to it… And if you look closely at scenes of chaotic masses running from gunmen gone berserk at malls and stores and markets world wide, you can see a few men running towards the lunatic to end the rampage immediately…but not you dude…what could you do…what would you do… scream and run for your sissy life while the very few, prepared, brave, valiant men and women that are armed got to stop the madness.

    1. @ L.E.

      What if in the “Ensuing Shoot Out”, TEN Bystanders get Killed. And the Weight of YOU’RE Armament and Combat Knowledge, could have Mitigated Most of the Deaths. WOULD “YOU” HAVE JOINED THE FIGHT. Remember, when you have Two Opposing Forces in a Heated Combat Contest. It’s Difficult for a “Third” Party Force to Join the Combat Scene, Because the First Two Parties are going to wonder if your “Friend or Foe”.

  12. @Secundious
    More of the same: harassing raids that had nothing to do taking and holding territory. I guess you answered my question. It’s ‘stupid’

  13. Mr. S: You, as I suspect understand, are oversimplifying and leaving out some relevant details in the preceding centuries. In any case it doesn’t matter. What I typed is correct. The religion of Islam has been at war with itself since it’s genesis and still is today. Muslims have and are killing other Muslims in numbers no one else comes close to matching and all in the name of Allah.


    1. @ Bill Kennedy.

      Are you WILLING TO DIE FOR YOUR BELIEFS, SIR? ARE YOU!!. BECAUSE ISIL/ISIS, Doesn’t Give A Damn About Your Beliefs or ANYONE’S ELSE’S. THIS IS A “Death Culture”. How Many American’s DIED in WW2 Fighting a Death Culture like the Japanese or the Viet Cong…

    2. @ Bill Kennedy.

      ISLAM wasn’t founded until 632 AD. As I recall after the Fall of the Roman Empire, and the Rise of the Holy Roman Empire. The “Christians” had a Blood Bath Orgy of their own, trying to “Unifying the Christian Faith.

    3. 1 auc: Some 350 years or so before the first Crusade the Muslims gained control of the Christian Holy Land. For most of that time pilgrimage by Christians was tolerated and even encouraged. Think commerce and money. Then over a period of less than a century that changed and pilgrimage was prohibited and Christians attacked for any attempt.

      In the series of Crusades that followed over the next 200 hundred years both sides demonstrated, at times, remarkable chivalry and utter brutality. The Christians fought each other at least once and at times treated the occupants whose lands they were moving through as conquered people. This included Jews in what is now Germany.

      In any case the Muslims were far more aggressive over the period from their genesis until the end of the Crusades than the Christians and seized far more territory. Start with most of the Iberian peninsula taken by Muslims loosely characterized as Moors beginning in the early 700s.

      The point, again still again, that you and your uh… soul mate Secundius trollishly refuse to acknowledge is that Islam is and always has been at war with itself and they are at this moment.

      The blood letting between and among different Christian denominations ended centuries ago. It’s been a very long time since it consisted of more than finger wagging and name calling. Muslim kills Muslim today with as much ferocity as ever.


    4. @ Bill Kennedy.

      “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius” (“Kill them. For the Lord know who are his”) by Papal Legate and Cistercian Abbot Arnauld Amalric in 22 July 1209 at the Massacre at Beziers. Populated by Christians and Jews, NO MUSLIM’S AT ALL.


    5. Oh, yeah. Islam. That wonderful peaceful religion of Islam. The ones who want to wipe Israel off the map, who send children into crowds with bomb vests, who advocate killing innocent women, children and men.
      A Recent opinion survey indicates that up to 30% of Islamists favor violence for their cause. That’s the world we live in today, you fool. And our idiot president and his left wing cronies are still wavering on calling the SOCAL shootings ‘terrorism’.
      Did someone say ‘1984’?

    6. Secundius: As is obvious I’m not preaching to anyone. I’m pointing out what actually happened, then and now.

      Your translation is crude.

      If you’re going to troll this at least deal with what I said.

      You read 1auc’s mail? Funny how the syntax and tone of your posts are so similar.


    7. @ Bill Kennedy.

      Considering the Original King James Bible, was Written in “Latin” and Not “Old”, “Middle”, “Early Modern” or “Modern” English “Khoweth”…

    8. @secundius:
      How ignorant you are. The original scripture was recorded in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.
      King James is one translation into English commissioned by the Church of England in the 1600’s.
      Typical lib-tard shooting off his mouth about things he has no knowledge.

    9. @ Jim S.

      Then “YOU”, SIR. That the Latin Phrase Written, and Translate it into Each of the “Various” English Styles of: Indo-European English, Proto-Germanic English, West Germanic English, North Sea Germanic English, Anglo-Germanic English, Anglic, Old-English, Middle English, Early Modern English, Modern English and Lastly Americanized-English. HAVE FUN, Sir…

    10. @second
      Your writing style is as much of a non sequitur as your train of thought. The modern translations are from the original manuscripts.
      Like I said before, trying to reason with a lib-tard is like teaching a pig to sing: it’s way too much work and only annoys the pig.
      …and I’ve already invested too much time with you.
      Adios, Dummy.

    11. Jim S, the King James Bible, was translated from the ‘Latin’ Vulgate. The KJ became The Authorized Version of the Bible, only because King James made it a crime, punishable by death to own, read or pint any other
      version. And it was written in ‘High’ or Church English, that only members of the clergy spoke, as opposed to ‘low’ English, which the common folk, spoke. Not old, not middle, or such. Modern people seem to think that everyone went around, Thee-ing and Thou-ing each other to death. They didn’t.

  14. Well…yes and it’s obvious there were no Japanese on the ground in the US either. Your example seems kind of silly if what you’re trying to establish is the lack of effectiveness an armed population would have had in deterring a Japanese ground force in Cali, Oregon, or Washington.


  15. Secundius: I don’t think Morocco is relevant to what he said. He’s essentially correct and more important the Muslim world has been at war with itself from the very beginning and that continues today. Along the way any nearby religion felt their wrath as much for economic gain as religious differences.

    Tamerlane for example made the Crusaders on their worst day to the 3rd power look like Boy Scouts. The greatest killers of Muslims are other Muslims. Nobody is even close.

    When Pancho Villa attacked Columbus New Mexico he was driven away by the small US Cavalry contingent in conjunction with the locals. Villa’s losses were much greater than those of the Americans. The US didn’t have the capability to prevent entry into a vast area but the Mexicans didn’t have the capability to exploit it either with Villa’s effort being probably a good example of what their capabilities were. The Mexicans were further hampered by fighting among themselves.


    1. @ Bill Kennedy.

      Muslim’s, didn’t start the Crusades. Christian’s did, in 1054 AD by Emperor Alexios I of the Holy Roman Eastern Empire (Byzantine Empire) in Constantinople. By trying to take Jerusalem, a City Ruled by the Muslims for more than 350 years…

  16. @secundiuos:
    Really? Those examples are just harassing hit & run raids. Just like the balloon bombs.
    There were no foreign troops trying to invade and control territory in the US. That’s what the Japanese general was talking about.
    Are you that dishonest to forward an argument like that or just plain stupid?

    1. A little correction is needed here. It was ADMIRAL Yamamoto who uttered the words–” We would not invade continental United States, for there is a gun behind every blade of grass.” He wanted to fight us on there territory. As is what the Pacific War was all about…….

    2. @ Jim S.

      Really? What about the German Commando’s sent to the United States by U-Boat, or the U-Boat in the Hudson River and Mississippi River. One German Bomber got to within Sighting Range of New York City in WW2. Reread your History…

  17. Trump is FULL OF IT! There is NO DIRECT LINE OF VIEW from the Arab Quarter of Fort Lee, NJ. to the New York City Skyline and World Trade Center. The Skyline of Fort Lee City “Block the View”.

  18. A terrible ordeal in Paris. Not one single outlaw at a rock concert to stop the onslaught of insane violence. It takes a good person with a gun to stop a lunitic with a gun. In our country there are plenty of lawmen in the majority of public events. The soft gun free zones are the hunted prey, because those crazed fanatics bent on slaying the unarmed docile people are absolutely terrified to fight all the brave people who will fight.

  19. It can happen here! All the gun free zones will be there targets! If I was you all I would stay a long way away from these places! And by doing this you can send a message to all of Gun safe zones saying if you want me to come back here let me carry my weapon ! And just maybe we can save more lives! Remember two gunmen shot 97 people at that concert !

    1. Im sure if all carried guns that would not have made any difference to whats been happening all around by these selfless delusioned coward killers. I have no clue how terrorism acts like this can be avoided, possibly made it hard for them but to stop it I just don’t see how the police can stop some idiot who wanst to kill himself and others. I agree it can happen here for sure, not just in gun free zones either. I think everyone should have a gun at home and think laws are to strict for the public.

  20. The only thought I would have about people in the crowd being armed in paris is who would you shoot? if you were to see a gun and shoot wouldn’t there be more people shot? how does anybody identify a “terrorist” and would the bullets fired pass through the targets and create a friendly fire type incident? I think the thought of an armed society of people willing to actually stand up to take the shots would do more to the situation to deter any more of these types of attacks.

  21. Actually there have been attacks on police stations…..a station was attacked in Dallas Texas, and pipe bombs place all around the station house.
    Ultimately the gunman was shot by a police sniper.
    Most attacks here in the US are made by mentally ill people….but it would still be a good idea for people to own, train and carry a pistol for protection. We all know and accept, unfortunately, that in the future, at some point, there will be a terrorists attack again in the United States. It is up to each individual to decide if he or she wants to be armed or not!
    Do you want to be a “nail” or a “hammer” ?

  22. TRUMP had his chance to bear arms during the Viet Nam Era.
    He cowardly elected to manufacture a medical deferment by claiming to have a heel spur on his foot. When questioned by a reporter about which foot it was, he could not answer.
    TRUMP “Talks the Talk” but fails to “Walk the Walk”.

    1. Trump may talk the talk, but my concern is that he had liberal leanings before this race, and my fear is if elected may lean that way again.

    2. @ Sniper.

      Trump is for TRUMP. He has MANY Business Holdings that he’s Trying to Resolve. He’s HOPING, by being the President he can BULLY his way in Resolving Them…

    3. I”m unfamiliar with the heel spur story. It’s funny because I’ve been on active duty for 23 years and have two heel spurs and arthritis in my spine, but they haven’t seemed eager to put me out. I don’t care for Trump anyway, as I feel he has another agenda. The thing is I do agree with him with regard to Paris, and I still think Bill Cosby was funny.

  23. People who are able to defend themselves are always less likely to be victims. The cowardly terrorists who attacked defenseless French citizens wouldn’t have been as successful if there had been armed opponents among the targets of their attacks. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he’s right on this one!

  24. We only need to look within our own borders to see the truth of it. Mass shootings here only take place in “gun-free zones”, because the shooters know their victims are helpless. Has anyone ever noticed that these shooting never seem to happen at police stations?
    Would armed citizens have changed the outcome in Paris? We don’t know, but we do know that they would have at least had a choice in the matter. It would have also disrupted the shooters’ plans.

  25. Is Trump right—would a lone concealed carrier at one of the venues have been able to stop teams of gunmen in Paris? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.
    As for your statement, there were not teams of gunmen, there was maybe one or two at each site. As for a lone gunmen, if they were allowed to carry, there probably would have been more than one person to stop them.

  26. Even if a few people in that crowd had a weapon it could have made a difference. Not saying it would have, but a strong possibility that it could have saved some lives. If a larger group carried, it might have made a very big difference, or it might not have happened at all. By making even stronger gun laws in Europe, is going to turn it completely over ISIS.

  27. he will never be president,he has no clue,and he is an embarrassment to americas already screwed up political system, but he does have a point. the bad guys dont like it when victims return fire!

  28. Ever wonder why there are no school shootings in cities with strict gun laws like, Chicago, New York or Washington D.C.? Because the shooters know half of the class is armed! When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. Truer words were never written.

  29. We will never know the answer to Mr. Trump’s statement…easy speculate. Based on our own violent crime stats in gun free states/zones, I will err in aligning my thoughts and personal practices with our country’s founders and authors of the 2nd amendment. Becoming defenseless against “bullies” has never been a prudent position whether in the neighborhood or appeasement on the world scene. Against an enemy who is literally hell bent on our destruction, I will choose to improve the odds for me and my family by being armed, well trained and ever vigilant. It goes without saying that I will make every effort to NOT place myself and family in zones, cities, states or countries where only the criminals and terrorists are armed…

  30. France is sheep, they were to weak to protect there gun rights and now they are being slaughtered, I guess when they are overrun and taken over and surrender like usual they will call America to rescue them yet again.

  31. I used to live in the Communist State of New Jersey. Even just the procession of HOLLOW POINT AMMO is illegal. Even if you don’t have a gun!!. All the gun “carry guides” say not to bring a pistol there . Bring a long string and hang it from the bridge before entering and hope it is still there when you leave, was the actual quote!
    If a person is not a felon, isn’t committing a crime, and has a permit from ANY state, it shouldn’t be grounds for arrest. But then again, it is e Communist state of…..

  32. Every time there is a “what if” discussion on these types of occurrences, it’s almost always assumed that there would only be one good guy with a gun. If that’s the assumption, let’s get rid of all gun free zones, after all, we’re only talking about one guy. Successful or unsuccessful, everyone should be allowed to protect themselves. If they choose not to, at least that was their decision. For those who wish to, why take the decision away?

  33. In regards to first responders, I don’t have any personal experience with this but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much experience to determine whether there is a GUNFIGHT taking place or a perp shooting a bunch of folks. Using good judgement in a situation where there are good guys & bad guys is the responsibility of the responders… in my humble opinion.

  34. Very true. In this light, lets stop making fun and demonizing citizen militias. For once since George Washington’s Virginia Militia with so many other revolutionary heros, lets support training. It’s free to the public with very competent teachers. Lets stop bending knee with hand to heart to the military, and lend them a hand like the Constitution and signers had in mind.

  35. The CCW class I took, they talked a lot about getting into a shooting, if and when law enforcement comes lay your weapon down and hit the ground and arms out. When they come pointing there weapons at you than you can ID your self and hope they listen. Because if you are down and not a threat they are suppose to arrest you. But I would rather have tried to take out the shooters first.

  36. It’s a different mentality in Europe when it comes to weapons. The question assumes that the people are coming from an American history, and it’s just not like that there.
    That said, we should be asking if we are *able* to carry here in the US. The concert where the terrorists opened fire was of a band called Eagles of Death Metal, and if they played in the states they most likely would’ve played smaller theaters. A lot of those places have metal detectors, so you likely wouldn’t be able to carry here either.

  37. First off, Trump didn’t say a lone person with a concealed firearm would have stopped the terrorists. He said, “if they had guns”, meaning more than one of them. Could they have stopped them? Maybe, maybe not. But they deserve the right to try and defend themselves. I would rather go down in a gun fight than be executed helplessly. From what I know of people who carry concealed, they would have had a good chance of stopping the terrorists, even if they were outnumbered. Most people who carry concealed pursue training and practice regularly. Many are law enforcement, ex military, or avid hunters. What people don’t understand is that police are VERY RARELY present to stop a crime. Police are there to collect evidence, take reports, and make arrests if they can name a suspect. That is it. If you want protection, you need to do it yourself or be prepared to hire someone else to do it for you. People deserve the right to defend themselves.

  38. Anti-Gunners have done the research to prove that a single armed citizen, even with experience with weapons & proper training, cannot adequately eliminate a threat in time to prevent a devastating attack. And, they are absolutely right. If we look at some examples such as Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, the Columbine shootings; all of these tragic events occurred in/on properties which forbids the presence of firearms. Lets be honest people, they make easy targets to someone who is looking to do evil. Now lets take this in another direction… The U.S. Firearm owner statistic is around 70% minus those who “cant” carry a gun. Low side of 60% of armed citizens. Plug that statistic into an attack like Paris.

  39. Cowards that they are only pick soft targets because they know that if a portion of the people are armed then their chances for failure greatly increase.
    If I found my self in a mass shooting or other type of terror attack, I would be willing to put myself in harms way to help and protect as many people as I could, and pray that any other armed person would at least do the same. As for the first responders on the scene I hope that they would realize what is going on and exercise good judgment and use some common sense to figure out the perpetrator, I know that seems like alot to ask of an arriving officer, but almost all of them are seasoned enough to or. are able to spot the bad guys.

  40. I agree with Donald, where I used to live in Montana, most people carry, concealed permit or not. Montanan’s consider the 2nd Amendment as literal ” shall not be infringed on ” and most rural county sheriffs dont press the issue…they know that 99.9 percent of the population “will do the right thing” in a bad situation…that being said, crime is almost NIL or was in my county. It’s been proven in areas where there is high gun ownership per capita, crime of all types is low. The French, Brits, Aussies populations dont stand a chance. Waiting around for a cop with a gun to show up… almost NEVER works out for the victim or victims.

  41. My guess is that at the first sign of resistance by the ‘unarmed’ targets, they would disengage and as has been noted previously, their planning would probably have taken that into consideration in choice of venues.

  42. It might or might not of made a difference, it would depend on the situation where the CCW holder was in location to the terrorists. While the terrorists are your main concern, the 1st responders would be your next, they would shoot you on sight, if I was a 1st responder I would shoot an armed person in that situation as well. They are not going to know if you are a good guy or bad guy. realistically a CCW holder stays put and fires on any immediate threats to them.

  43. If civilians were allowed to carry handguns for personnel protection it would have made a difference,only if they were trained properly in handling the firearm that choose to carry.Just because you can own and carry a handgun,does not mean that you would be ready to use it when the time comes.A responsible person,I would hope,would go and seek out a good personel handgun defence course to at least be prepare to defend themselves without causing more harm to innocent bystanders.

  44. One warrior with skill can make a difference, ( look at Texas!) but realistically, probably would have more than one ccw in a large crowd. and they would probably have nod done the same style attack if they knew they wouldn’t have a soft target.

    1. @ Madjack.

      Yeah Right, The Difference between a Security Guard and a Police Officer, is. The Police can make ARRESTS, the Security Guard, CAN’T…

  45. What a coincidence… I was just at the range practicing head shots at 10-15 yards in case an active shooter is wearing body armor. My biggest worry in a situation like that is being mistakenly shot by another CHL holder or the police and not the actual shooter.

  46. Why do you say A LONE CONCEALED CARRY PERSON? It would most likely be MULTIPLE CONCEALED CARRY PEOPLE! The gunmen would initially hit people but when the return fire starts the amount of innocent people being slaughtered would diminish!

  47. I’m a resident of California and am ashamed of the liberal government in this state. I’ve carried for over 60 years (42 as a police officer and 20 retired) and am appalled at how this state has slowly eroded the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding gun hobbiets and hunters. I’m at the range a minimum of twice a month, and am proficient with firearms, yet I’m restricted from carrying at a baseball game. At my age I believe I need an equalizer to prevent becoming a victim. I hope the NRA is aware of what is happening in California and will take on some these ridiculous fire arm laws.

  48. Unfortunately, most sports venues prohibit carrying weapons into that arena. Generally, there are some armed guards visible and they would most likely be the first targets. I would hope that some guards in plain clothes are regularly on sight.
    In the Paris slaughter of civilians OUTSIDE any sports arenas, certainly an armed citizenry is a huge deterrent to anyone wishing to murder people. An example was the woman at a restaurant that would have been a victim except for the fact that a would be murderer’s weapon jammed. Had she been armed, she could have easily dropped that guy….possibly preventing anyone else from dying that night.
    We should beware that Democrats are now trying to link the sales to people on “watch lists” and thus want to register everyone. Once again, something that is not needed. If a person is suspected of having ties to terrorism, that person’s ability to buy a weapon is already curtailed. The question is why is that person walking about with the freedom to purchase a weapon in the first place?

  49. For my entire seventy-one years it has been my privilege to keep company with heroes – those who selflessly place themselves at risk for the benefit of others. I’m grateful for parents and mentors who led by example in teaching my siblings and me that we’re not here to simply endure the future in some desperately uneven contest but to persevere and use our God-given gifts and talents to change tomorrow for the good.

    I’m thankful that in 1961 I joined the United States Marines and learned that “Semper Fidelis” is more than a slogan. Rather, “Always Faithful” is a way of life. Lt Col Oliver L. North

  50. I’m all in favor of 2nd Amendment rights and concealed carry. As a NJ resident, state laws are NOT NRA-friendly and one’s right to defend oneself is severely limited. That having been said, in a full-on assault carried out by well-trained, well-armed terrorists is no match for an individual (or individuals) with CCW’s. What chance does a person have with a small, 3″ handgun, typical for concealment, against long rifles? What is the likelihood of eliminating a threat at a distance of 25 yards or more with a short barrel handgun? There is a greater chance of collateral damage and a high probability of drawing return fire from a far more accurate rifle once the element of surprise and position is lost. As long as there are “soft” targets and extremists motivated to kill indiscriminately, there is little hope of eliminating the threat here or anywhere else! God help us all if/when ISIS’ billions of dollars purchases a nuclear bomb or the expertise to build one. The killing of a couple of hundred civilians will seem like a non-event when compared to the mass destruction of a nuclear or dirty bomb set off in a densely populated area of the US. Armegedon may be sooner than we wish to believe! Doomsday preppers may be foretellers of the future!

    1. A friend and I used to regularly shoot a full size metallic pig at 100 yards, he with a 2″ Chief’s Special and I with 2″ Detective special. I would rather go down fighting, any chance is better than no chance. BTW my friend was living in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey before he wised up and moved out.

    2. hcarl4198. These attacks took place at under 20 yards, which is completely with in the rage of a small 3″ barreled weapon. One armed individual, with enough practice and range time, could have made a difference. And, if you carry a weapon, you should have practice and range time with that weapon. The greatest threat to life and limb, during these attacks, with the [presence of a person with a handgun] would have been the bombs. There is no defense against someone that is willing to die, just to kill you.

    3. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and can choose to carry or not. But, if I find myself in that unfortunate situation, I want the option to defend myself even if my chances of success are small. I’d rather have some chance and die fighting, than die as a lamb at a slaughter. As for potential collateral damage, there is a very good chance that those around me will die whether I defend myself or not once the shooter’s turns his fire their way (and it eventually will unless he is stopped or runs out of ammo). But, if I can draw his fire for a short time, perhaps others elsewhere would have a chance to get to safety and if I can keep his head down for at least a little while, perhaps I can buy some time for the good guys to get there. That has to be a better option then just cowering and waiting to die. You can choose that path, but you have no right to suggest that I have to do the same. One thing we do agree on is that as long as there are soft targets, these fanatics will continue to kill innocents and sooner or later, terrorist will eventually get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. And, when they do, they will not hesitate to use them. That is why we must destroy them now before they do, not coddle them as our current administration does.

  51. TRUMP IS RIGHT, God, Guns and guts made us free. God, Guns and Guts will keep us free. NOT the Prez., or anybody else can.

  52. Secudius, the Disqualification Act has got absolutely nothing to do with the US Constitution. The Act was passed by the Common Wealth of Massachusetts to pardon those involved in Shays Rebellion. Your statement is invalid. You can find an online picture of the original document.

    1. @ Joe.

      I’m aware of that, President George Washington first use it from 1787-1789. Today, in 2015 it known as the “Insolvency” Act of 1986. Every English, Former English, Commonwealth and the USA has a VERSION on the Act on there Constitutional Law Books…

  53. It is obvious to all of us that appreciate guns and the second amendment that 1 or more armed citizens would have reduced the death toll in Paris. If I’m in a crowd and see someone with an AK or other gun begin firing the first reaction would be to eliminate the killer. Our problem is the liberal pansies that are afraid of guns and wouldn’t shoot a killer about to shoot them. This is the type of person that wants us to lose our guns. We need to make them realize that they are lucky to have us. We don’t want to kill chicken and cattle and clean them to eat. We are lucky there are people that will do that for us. The pansies don’t want to shoot or have to protect their families from criminals or a bad government, so they are lucky to have us, but they don’t know it. We can bring many to our defense if we keep pushing those facts rather than just trying to justify the truth. Without the second amendment – all the others will fail.

  54. The America People are stupid listening to all this nonsense about ‘gun safety’. NO GUN, I ever owned went off by itself; License gun owners; lets license NEWS “REPORTERS”. Make them pass a couple of 8 hour exams on the US constitution; ETHICS; and ‘responsibility’ and see how they do; They need to pay a HEFTY fee for this license, and if they EVER print, speak or disseminate any falsehood that is PROVEN they are toast. They need to be made to fulfill their ‘Constitutional responsibility’ and NOT spew leftist propaganda.

  55. Here’s the problem in America, if you go to venues, whether they be sports or entertainment you will most likely go through a metal detector and/or be searched, so you are going to be unarmed. We have just been lucky in this country that some of those walking claymores have not found a way to slip past security. When they do it will be like Paris, shooting fish in a barrell.

    1. I agree. If we have gone to the trouble to go through the LEGAL PROCESS of getting a permit, we should be allowed to carry. Just as they check your license when you enter certain places, why not just check your permit?
      Too much research out there to do anything else.

  56. The world is getting scarier by the minute. We have such politically motivated gun laws attempting passage that are intended to deny us, the people, of personal safety. Our only REAL protection is in our holsters. It is a given that we shall be able to protect ourselves and other when necessary. If some jack-wagon wants a piece of me, he/she will get the surprise of their life – albeit a very shortened life. I would not hesitate to fire on such a person. you meet lethal force with lethal force. I feel that we are being aggressively stripped of our 2nd amendment rights that is a hidden agenda of our own government in an effort to subdue possible resistance of the populous to, what seems to me, a move to establish , at the least, a police state.
    Yah, I got on a soap box. but the 2nd amendment was written in as a safeguard to allow us regular people a means to protect ourselves form our own government. Gun control works – ask any dictator! Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and the list goes on and on –
    I carry and will until it’s pried from my cold, dead fingers.

  57. Its interesting that when the terrorists went to the stadium and found extra security because the president was there they blew themselves up outside instead of trying to reach their intended targets of the massed population inside! They are coward that will not attack anywhere there is armed resistance!

  58. This question is a hard call. The element of surprise can be overwhelming and any person. In the cafe if you got 10 seconds heads up maybe. In the rock concert lights loud music and where you were standing would make all the difference if you were able to carry and react. I think it’s a long shot to draw and shoot. The rath of a AK 47 and surprise attack can majorly decrease the chance of hitting an attacker. But yes. Carrying greatly improves the chance of survival but will not guarantee you can stop the result.

    1. Eddy,
      Absolutely correct. The randomness and quickness of the surprise attacks is devastating, I think your 10 seconds is rather short. You are out and about doing your daily routine and your mind is in that mode. It may take quite a while before the situation truly sinks in! Most people even armed ones I suspect do not run around in “combat” mode where the awareness level is exceptionally high. Your last sentence hits the nail on the head.

  59. Trump is correct! And the same for 9/11. The government is slowly but surely disarming us the people, we will eventually be forced to bowl either for the government or criminals unless we either start getting the right people in the government or take a stand!! So lets start voting for the people who will let us keep are constitutional rights.

  60. First let me say , I think that people should have the right to carry and at least up the odds of more people coming out alive and taking out the terrorist,.. What are the odds with a no carry policy ? Zero ! That said,..No !! After hearing several viewpoints of very credible people, that have significant training in anti- terror and/or years of military experience,.. I have to agree that if concealed carry were legal after Charlie Hebdo it would not have made a difference. For one,.. due to the mentality of the E.U. and the culture they have had for 50+ years that “Government will take care of you ” … not enough people would have been carrying to have made a significant difference. 2nd.,..look at the latest example here in America,.. there was a CCW holder there at that school in Umpqua Oregon,.. did he jump into the fray? No,…he got himself the heck out of there. How many of these bold statement makers on this page are gonna face up to a full auto AK fire with their Springfield XDS, S&W Shield or even Glock 19 ?? My guess is that very few would. Shock completely shuts down the reactionary reflex for about 2 minutes for the average person( Im not including anyone with military experience or war experience) and that’s the difference. It takes lots of training to be able to engage targets effectively when something like this happens, and the ordinary person is just not trained for such an event ! Some here might jump into the fight, but my guess is that for most talk is cheap and they would get themselves the hell outta there like those did in France…But Id rather everyone had a fighting chance than to be sitting ducks…

  61. Trump is right that their is less violence in states that have conceal and carry. But, he was wrong about Illinois. In the last two years Illinois has had conceal and carry and the killings are dropping along with sexual assaults, and robberies. The FBI keeps records that show this is true, but Obama, Clinton, and others still do not listen. Obama has tried over and over to take guns away and leave us unprotected. At the same time bringing ISIS into this country. Maybe that is his plan. I truly believe that he is 100% Muslim, because he isn’t Christian or American.

  62. This is a brave new world, had even one of those victims been armed they could have stopped the slaughter in France. This is a new world and if we don’t adapt to it our way will cease to exist. Anyone foolish enough to think that our military or police force can be everywhere at anytime is a fool. We need to arm ourselves and make a stand until help can arrive.

  63. Trump has it right. The only stipulation should be that citizens should have to take a safety training course and also prove that they have have the intelligence and ability to properly operate their firearms. Just like when we received our drivers license, each person should have to prove by oral, written and physical exam that the are trained and capable of the task at hand.

    Thank Ya Jesus and God Bless Texas!!!

  64. Many people would still be alive enjoy life and being with their families, is not for the lunacy gun control. Yet, the Brits have announced that all guns must be turned in. What stupidity. Poor, poor people.

  65. Our rights were endowed by our Creator , not by government. The Constitution was not so much about the rights we have as it was limiting overreach of government. Unfortunately the Left, and sadly some on the Right, still view themselves as our overseers. These are the same people who couldn’t launch a website but now want to tell us they can vet 200000 Syrian refugees!

    1. @ 9MMike.

      Last I Heard was 12,000 Syrian Refugee’s, NOT 200,000? Where did the 16.7 Fold Increase Come In?

  66. One person may not have been able to stop all or one of the gunmen but while the gunman is dealing with this one true patriot, other innocent people would have been able to escape.

  67. Unfortunately, Trump is right. look at crime rate in Australia and major U.S. cities wear they have severe gun restrictions. as a Vietnam era Marine Veteran I am ready for the terrorist game. If 2 families turned themselves in a Mexican border, How many terrorists DID NOT? The U.S. Gov’t may think the majority of it’s citizens are clueless , But, believe me we are not. we are more ready then the people running the states or federal govt.

  68. Well, considering the Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is doing his best to disarm Americans, import Radical Muslims, punish Christians, repeal the 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights, what would any INFORMED American think?

  69. Absolutely, people should have arms, thy do in Switzerland and they have safe cities .Our worse cities have the most restrictive gun laws and the most murder. I would feel much safer if I knew there were people with guns around where I was, at least one of them would stop a criminal shooter.

    1. @ Lou Flowers.

      In 2005, Registered Gun Owners in Switzerland was ~31%. By 2014, that had dropped to ~5.2% or ~420,000 guns from a population base of 8.08-Million People.

  70. I don’t frequent any large sporting events, state fairs or any other large target rich venue environments that preclude me from carrying my personal weapon with me. Leaving my weapon inside my vehicle is NOT a responsible option, to me. It all works out O.K. though. I save hundreds of dollars annually from not attending these venues and I find many other interesting things to do with my life.

    I don’t think I am under any illusions that I think I alone would make a difference in one of these type attacks. I only carry for my personal defense and of my family members who may be with me.

    Still, if I encountered a threatening scenario (either radical jihadists or just punks robbing a place, etc) I prefer to have my personal weapon on me. If I need it, fine. If I don’t, fine. I’m not anxious to have to shoot anyone. But if I’m in the situation where it comes down to it, I MUCH prefer having the option of defending myself and family members on equal terms.

    I carry my pocket knife with me everywhere I go, too. It is simply a tool that comes in handy for many things. Most of the time I never pull it out of my pocket, but it is there when i need it.

    I also carry insurance on my house. I’ve never needed it yet either… but that’s no reason not to have it and it will pay for itself if I ever do.

    I realize it is each individual state’s preference, but I think responsible people who are trained with their weapon and possess a license issued by their state of residence should be allowed to carry anywhere within the continental United States and their CCL be recognized and accepted by each state.

  71. Trump is right, if you can’t protect yourself, family people around you and anyone else you are set up as a sitting duck with no recourse except to cringe as your life is taken from you or you are injured or somebody else is in the same predicament due to the law. The police due an excellent job with what they have to work with but they can’t be there as the s**t hits the fan but you might be there and on your own until they get there. Be armed!! Be careful, Be safe, Be aware, Stay alive. ..Signed Nam Vet 67-68….God Bless America!!

  72. Since the attacks were so wide spread it would be hard to see the attacks being stopped by three or four armed citizens, some maybe but not all, having said that it’s still better to take out a few early on then later.
    Will the French allow their citizens to carry? Sorry, I’m laughing too hard to type. When have any of the EU countries really ever done the right best thing as far as their people owning guns?

    This I do know, our turn is coming, I carry and I keep something in my vehicles, I plan to start carrying an AR in my vehicles, when the time comes, and it will I don’t want to have to say I stood there with my dick in my hand, it’s my country and I will fight for her even if the asshole in the white house won’t or the congress critters.

    There is no winning against an enemy that wants to die, you can only kill them and then the next one and the next one until you get tire of it and simply nuke the bastards back to the stone age, Oh, they already are back in the stone age, well then back further. As some American General once said Nits make lice, in this cast he’s right except it’s not the people it’s the religion that needs to be wiped out, in all of history the Muslim religion has only brought war, death and suffering, it’s time to end it.

  73. Would it have made a large difference? Maybe. Mass shootings are very chaotic and abrupt. However, just one or two armed citizens shooting back at the assailants draws their fire away from the innocents and gives them time to flee while buying more time for police response. And just the prospect of unknown civilians being armed is a great deterrent to assailants even attacking an area in the first place.

  74. Of coarse Donald is right. I live in Jersey and we are sitting ducks. We have a State Government that is run by Demon-crats, and they are kept in power by blacks and the unions in the cities. ISIS can have a field day here. The only people allowed to have a concealed carry permit are our politicians, their big money contributors, and special friends and supporters. These scum bags brag about the fact that they have permits and we, the common man, isn’t allowed to have them.

    1. Your state governor is republican Chris Christie. When you trust any politicians, you’re setting yourself up to be backstabbed. Think about it. Trusting a politician. It sounds crazy because it is.

  75. It would not matter if a single armed citizen could take down a “team” of terrorists or not. The very fact that at least one person is armed at least gives some the chance of escape and living. It is better to die with a fighting chance than to be slaughtered having no chance at all.

  76. Going up against some crazy Jihadi is very low on my list of things to do, but way above encountering a situation like that unarmed and unable to respond at all.

  77. I am with Trump on this. If more people carried the bad guys would think twice about doing any of these horrible thing. I personally carry 24/7 and wish more people would.

    1. As of 2015, about 13,000,000 people nationwife have CCW. With an estimated 100,000,000 gun owners, that’s 13%. And growing…

  78. Yes, and hell yes, Trump is right. Nothing is going to absolutely stop these terrorist attacks, but having armed citizens will at least make the death toll smaller.

  79. Security should have been front line protection. i have never been to Paris but I have been told by family that lived there, street patrol do not carry side arms. i live in Texas and LEOs at concerts carry side arms. If it is an A list performer long guns are present and concealed well. paris has been un armed for awhile. More would have been killed by friendly fire.

    1. A lot of people always say friendly fire would have killed more. We don’t know that. Some CCW people I know are terrific shots, and have trained with professionals. Even if they hadn’t, the mere fact that someone or several people are returning fire could be enough to disrupt the terrorists plans. And that could be enough to allow more people to escape and survive.stop a determined terrorist team? Probably not, but several folk s returning fire would seriously disrupt any terrorist, forcing the murderers to concentrate on the return fire.

  80. I have to agree. A video shows the terrorists trying to shoot a woman in the head, but his gun jammed. If the people on the floor, or the shop owner had a gun, we could have watched a bullet to the head of a terrorist. There won’t be a next attack on helpless people if there could be someone who has a concealed carny weapon reruns fire. The cowards will go elsewhere. I agree with Trump and slipstick: gun free zone = free fire zone with a target rich environment — this has been proven by history.

  81. I’m with Trump those chickens are always gonna go for gun free zones and kill sitting ducks
    Trump For President

  82. I totally agree that if the people of Paris had weapons on them the death toll would have been half of what it was
    I carry 24/7 and no laws can overrule the 2nd amendment in my opinion
    I will not bow down to these gun control agendas that Obama and others want and hope more will do the same
    We have rights so defend them!!

  83. I believe all people should have the right to defend them self and their family. A firearm is the Equalizer. Here in Oklahoma we have Open/Concealed carry. I carry concealed IWB. If I were to see an active shooter I would engage them my self. However, what would concern me the most is if I would be mistaking by other law abiding armed people and or police as part of the threat and vice versa?. This could really get crazy if people don’t know who is who..

  84. In the theater there were some 1600 people drinking, taking who knows what drugs, listening to incredibly loud music, with flashing strobe lights. There were 3 gunmen. If there was 1 cow good guy, the chance of him being in a position close enough to do anything, with all the distractions, music, lights booze, drugs, people screaming, pushing, running, is very slim. If 10% of the people were carrying, that’s 160 people pulling there weapons, with the same distractions, starting to take shots. One good guy starts shooting, another sees him and thinks he’s another bad guy, and so on and so on. Maybe you get lucky and the 3 bad guys get shot early and the kaos subsides. Maybe not, and even more people get shot by shots missing their targets, or shots hitting targets that were actually good guys. Anything could happen.

    1. One more point is that, as far as I can tell, many sporting events, concerts, etc. are now set up to make us go through metal detectors and feel us up to make sure we’re not carrying.

      In other words, since we are now all potential terrorists, we too could be put in the same situation that occurred in Paris.

      But I’m sure our government will protect us.


  85. As everyone I read has stated armed citizens will make the terrorist pick other (easy) targets. People point to history. Recent history should make us take a stand. College Campus shootings even well trained servicemen at a recruiting station not allowed to carry. Survived combat tours killed on American soil. Not allowing carry is a political agenda. Responsible carry also requires us to to train and train and train

  86. France should adopt the laws of Maine. No permits required for open or CONCEALED carry. The way it’s going to be when the urbanites wake up!

  87. Would a lone CCW citizen have been able to stop/prevent the Paris slaughter (at any one of the sites)? Probably not as this was a coordinated attack involving several gunmen. A WELL TRAINED shootist might have been able to deflect the attention of a couple of the terrorists with well-placed shots IF he had been alert enough to see the situation developing (i.e. saw the guns just before they started shooting). Joe and/or Sally Citizen with their 2 inch barrelled .380s? Not so much!

  88. This is absurd. And how is Trump qualified to talk about guns? He has bodyguards for that. He makes us all look like nuts and fools meanwhile 30% of you support it.

    Most mass shootings occur in schools or private property where carry is prohibited by law or the property owner has the right to forbid concealed carry (eg. theaters and malls). Hell my local gun shop does not even allow entry with a concealed weapon even though they have a shooting range.

    And suppose you DID have your pistol. How good will YOU be against a fully automatic AK? Assuming you practice enough and get the opportunity, you MIGHT be able to kill ONE attacker before the others focus ON YOU!

    “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” Col. Jeff Cooper.

    “A handgun is merely a weapon used to fight your way back to your rifle” Boston’s Gun Bible

    And some of you need to get a life and give the political rant about Democrats a rest. Let’s debate intelligently with common sense arguments shall we? The mouth of some of you are your own worst enemy when it comes to keeping your right to bear.

  89. the terrorist may not have been so brasin if they thought someone in the areas may have a conceled wepon
    Thievs dont rob homes that they think someone may shoot them.

  90. People need to wise up. We’ve been fighting these people since the birth of our nation. Hence the ” Shores of Tripoli” line in the Marine hymn. They understand only one thing – Maniacal hatred of us. If only the terrorists would honor the guns free zones. Fat chance so we better arm up.

    1. @ Jay.

      Reread your History, SIR! Morocco (an Arab Nation), was the FIRST International Country to Recognize the Sovereignty of the United States of America! NOT FRANCE and/or ENGLAND…

  91. Yes, I whole heartedly believe it would have been a deterrent from the terrorists planing stages. Had they knew they were walking into a venue where there was no way of knowing if they were out gunned. If they decided to go anyway the damage would have been decreased. I hear tell terrorists taste like chicken??. Gun zones are safe zones.

  92. My parents spent hours convincing me there were no monsters under
    my bed or in the closet. It was true then but not today. There are monsters
    in Paris, Belgium, Mali, Australia, Canada and virtually everywhere. Monsters we know as terrorists who kill indiscremenently to spread their
    demented visions. These monsters are armed with illegal automatic
    militaty weapons and prey upon defenseless sheep who have been
    disarmed by Governments sworn to protect them. When will the idealists
    admitt that there will never be sufficient police or military to protect
    every venue, every day. Citizens should therefore be empowered to assume that role, to protect each other. How many concealed carry
    owners have already risked their lives to protect others when they could
    have merely defended themselves ? How many bodies do we have to count before governments wake up to the fact that citizens have to be the
    first line of defense in a dangerous world. I hope to live long enough to
    be able to beat our swords into plowshares, but that time is not now. Now
    is the time for citizens to come from their homes as they diid in Lexington
    and Concord to protect freedom. The second ammendment was written
    to insure the ability of citizens to defend their Country. It is time to fullfill
    the substance of that ammendment.

  93. Trump is so correct on this. Notice most mass shootings in the US are in gun free zones. If more people were packing there would be a lot less shootings. The democrats don’t want less shootings. They need more to promote their agenda. Gun safety isn’t their concern. Control over the population is.

    1. I agree.Concealed carry is not enough, however, because those who carry need to be trained in the proficient use of their preferred sidearm. I also believe that there is absolutely no logic to the idea that words on paper are going to deter terrorists and criminals. The lack of logic is what leads us to suspect that people control is the hidden agenda.

    2. “Gun safety isn’t their concern. Control over the population is.”

      …exactly correct, Jons…

  94. Once again, the cowards of ISIS have chosen gun free zones, or guns prohibited zones, for their killing fields. Can you imagine if the two women who the murderor stood over and pulled the trigger on twice, had had weapons of their own? They could have save other lives by taking out that one clown. Paris, NYC, Chicago, all have very restrictive gun laws. Paris has already been hit, so look out NYC and Chicago, here it comes. These clowns are probably already on our shores.

    1. Tom said: “Once again, the cowards of ISIS have chosen gun free zones …”

      Tom I think they chose locations with lots of people. I would not worry to much about guys carrying a 9mm handgun if I was with a group carrying automatic rifles, would you? People are dreaming with some of their “save the day” illusions. The real world is far different I think.

      I practice every month. Do I think that in a similar situation, I would have time to get out my little 9mm pf9 and take out a guy with a rifle who is already shooting at everyone including me? I’d like that chance but I’d say my chance of success is probably 20% or less.

      I do agree with you on one thing… we are next. Read about ISIS and learn who they are. They WANT us to send troops so they can frame this as America against ISLAM and get more followers. So they WILL provoke us soon. I hope we react smartly and cleverly, not like a predictable bonehead.

    2. No one wants to have someone shooting at them. These terrorists are as human as everyone and would flinch, duck, run for cover if someone with a 9mm were shooting at them. They are not 10 feet tall, invincible, battle hardened, steely eyed killers. They die just like anyone else hit in a vital area, as the Charlie Hebdo killers showed us. So, do ‘t go makingb them out to be supermen dismissing 9mm rounds hitting them or whizzing by their faces. And, yes, I would be concerned with someone shooting at me with any handgun caliber, even a pipsqueak little .22.

  95. I do not care about laws! I have shot since 4 years of age & carried since 14, enlisted for Army Infantry at 18, dad disabled WWII combat vet signed my enlistment papers, fought in W. Vietnam, Laos, N. Vietnam & China, came home & carry 24/7!

  96. Here in Mississippi in most public place citizens have the right to open carry with no permit. Also this is a “shall issue” state. A terrorist attack here could easily be met by probably more than one firearm in citizens hands. Also just about everybody carries in their vehicle. There is probably little chance those scumbags will choose this area to unleash an attack.

  97. As the 3 Americans on the French train proved, sudden unexpected resistance can overwhelm a terrorist who has not had time to shoot a “clear zone” around him (her) self.
    Once the shooting starts, only another gun in the hands of a citizen will have any chance of changing an otherwise grim outcome.

  98. A VERY GOOD CHANCE THEY COULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED IN THERE TRACKS !!!!! Ten to fifteen people could have done it easily
    many lives saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOU

  99. One the one hand, with weapons, the civilians could have shot back. Training cannot be overemphasized. With the possibility of body armor, accurate head shots would be required. When excited, and in one’s first firefight, rounds go everywhere. I know this from my first simmunitions training session. Saying all that, I don’t leave home without it and I drive and don’t fly. I’ll take care of the guy with the AK. The wench with the body bomb, that’s a whole other story.

  100. Trump is right up to a point. There probably would have been a few deaths from friendly fire. Some of the victims would still have been done in by the suicide bombs. However, I would bet that there would have been a lot fewer deaths from gunfire by the terrorists and most certainly folks wouldn’t have been lining up waiting to get shot one by one.

  101. Maybe, maybe not. We can say that armed citizens change the odds, but we can’t guarantee a particular difference or a specific outcome. Still, for my part, I’d rather be armed than not, as having some finite chance of self defense and stopping this kind of nonsense is much better than having no chance at all. Forcing others to be defenseless, as per Feinstein, Clinton, etc., is aiding and abetting the bad guys.

  102. Even if you are standing next to him when the bomb goes off, having a gun would help. I can have my gun out in a moment and at a few yds i cannot miss. And even if i dont have time to react at least i could have been there to stop him from shooting more ppl before he explodes. I dont really look at myself as heroic for being willing to defend myself and my land. I take it as a matter of course, and i have to question anyone who feels differently. Is the world so full of selfish cowards?

    I never thought being a father would change my perspective on everyone as a whole so much. Life is valuable, we must defend it.

    Even other social creatures in the wild will defend the pack with their lives.

  103. As nearly every concert venue or stadium I have ever been to prohibits concealed carry, it ends up being a pointless argument of whether it would have made a difference. As has been previously noted, if you carry there despite the signs, you become a criminal. Should such an event arise and you were able to neutralize the threat, then the adage of “better to be tried by twelve, than carried by six,” would come into play. And you MIGHT avoid prosecution for criminal charges. But then the wrongful death suits from the dirtbag’s family will kick in. Even if the jury finds in your favor, the cost in money and stress will be great.

    As ridiculous as it might sound, law suits on this matter need to be forthcoming. There is no protection for marriage, gay or otherwise in the Constitution and yet many good people have been prosecuted, sued and forced to participate in gay marriage based on discrimination of their Civil Rights violations. Well, our right to bear arms is absolutely specified in the Constitution and it is ti me that we ceased allowing business owners to discriminate against us. While they say we can do business elsewhere or leave or weapons in our cars (to be stolen by knowing thieves), they never tell gay people you can buy a cake elsewhere, get married in another county or the like. Our rights are being infringed and it is time we stood up. Does it not cause us great emotional distress to have to go to a large gathering and fear for the safety of ourselves and our families? Time to fight back and use the court’s own decisions against them to our benefit.

  104. Gun free zones are always easy for bad guys because they don’t care about laws. It is like shooting fish in a barrel and the good guys just have to sit and take it till some good guys with guns can come and try to make a difference. By that time lots of good folks get killed. I carry all the time. I won’t be found dead without an empty gun in my hand.

  105. I think armed citizens/security guards may have lowered the causality count. But with the terrorists heavy weapons (AK 47 and bombs) could not have eliminated the entire threat. However if I were in that situation I would like the opportunity to fight back in any way.

    1. @ Gretchen.

      Or just add to the Confusion? Couple Hundred Armed Citizen’s, Shooting At EVERY and ANY SOUND. Is just going to Drive Up the Casualty Rate…

  106. The entire political landscape of this country with the exception of one person is in the business of rhetoric and posturing. They are coming, they want to kill us. How will you personally defend yourself? Will you hope our politicians come to your rescue? Or do you think after your death they will, stand arm in arm, lay flowers, light candles and sing songs.
    Vote as if your life depends on it.

  107. I believe myself to be a good and reasonable person. I have always been a gun owner for sport and hunting but draw the line at assult weapons, machine guns, large ammunition drums and clips.
    I have never owned a pistol for self defense until the last couple of years. The world around us, in the US, Europe, Middle East, etc., is becomming more and more violent everyday and most likely will continue to increase in violence as our society becomes immune to what used to be the horrors of war, violence in schools, theaters, shoppy malls, and just about anywhere people gather. And overall the lack of respect for human life
    and the dignity of fellow citizens is going out the window. It is a much more dangerous world than ever and terriorism is on the rise and everywhere. The purpatrators will continue to shoot, blow up and kill our loved ones and friends if we allow it. It is terrible to think or say this but the only way to protect and stop the violence is to prepare and arm the typical citizen when the attack hits your community……and it is a sad state of affairs that it has come to this. If you were those poor murdered French citizens would you have wanted to at least had some kind of a firearm to fight back instead of being in a defenless group executed by people who do so without any guilt or conscious. You decide what you need to do to protect your family……pray or fight back!

    1. Hey Greg,

      I beleive in to-each-their-own, regarding personal life choices and what not. I do have to ask, regarding standard capacity magazines, how fast and profficient are you with mag changes or speed reloads if you have a revolver. Not a challenge, I just ask the question, because it may make someone realize that a 15 round magazine or a 20 round magazine could be the difference/advantage they would need to effectively protect oneself or others. Mag changes, while a shooter is engaging, are a combination of large and small motor skills. The most crucial point being the insertion of the mag without taking complete attention off of the threat. The threat is guaranteed to have a 15 round mag or more. I would want to have as even of a playing field as possible. I live in CA and with my training I can confidently state that I can get the job done with ten rounds, and mag change under preassure; however, I would want more, because even experts can faulter under said preassure. So, having a mag with 15-30 rounds is not at all unreasonable. In fact, it is reasonably prudent. When it comes to life, there shouldn’t be a legal argument/issue on how many bullets a magazine is capable of holding. If these mags are in the possession of law abiding citizens, it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

      Take care.

    2. Nobody who has ever been in a fire fight ever said, “I wish I had less ammo, or mags with less rounds.” Think about that.

  108. Thinking about it, yes if anyone were to fire back at these terrorists and they would be thinking they may get caught, and are told not to be taken alive and then they would not get their virgins as promise to them in their heaven. Then instead of getting caught they would blow them self up. Didn’t three of these towel heads blow them self up outside and did very little damage in Paris? I think the first blew him self up and the other two close by did the same thing. To bad that one female terrorists killer her self or was killed .She was at one time a party animal. Unheard of. Now she is just a dead animal.

  109. So is this how you justify that a conceal carry patron would have done nothin in light if the events that took place in Paris? You said it yourself, “no one knew where he was.” The guy was 307 feet up in a tower. Not even police could figure out where the guy was, nor could they accend fast enough to stop him from killing as they attempted to reach him. All sniper attacks are nearly impossible to detect, even to trained personnel. So, try again with your argument, and lets talk about how the MAJORITY of public mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones inside the US. Aurora CO, was a gun free theatre, no guns were allowed inside. It was posted at the door. VT, gun free zone; Sandy Hook, gun free zone; TN National Guard Armory, Soldiers not allowed to carry on post; TN recruiting center, gun free zone; Shooting at a mall in Portland OR, gun free zone; the Church shooting in SC, assumed no need to carry zone; Columbine, gun free zone; not to mention the multiple gun related murders committed by thugs and gangsters in CA, IL and NY – all with various firearm bans and hand binding gun laws that restrict the citizen’s ability to defend themselves – these laws do nothing to keep criminals from killing people, or terrorists from killing more. The ONLY thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The criminal/terrorist is not going to have a change of heart during the act to spare your life, or the lives of those you care about. So to do nothing, and dismiss it as “nothing anyone can do to help” is doing yourself, and your loved ones a disservice. You may as well pull the trigger yourself. Education is key! People need to be trained to carry concealed – trained to tespond to multiple types of situations, including sniper fire. This way, they could assist in having people around them take the appropriate action of getting behind cover and out of the open. Even in combat, a sniper is hard to detect, which is why it is a great psychological deterrent against the enemy. Laters.

  110. I’m so glad we have the second amendment in this country. Police can’t be everywhere and the world, because of weak weak leadership, is a more dangerous place than ever. Those people were sitting ducks. So much for their gun laws too.

  111. Sure did not help those people in Paris to NOT HAVE GUNS..Even if only a few had guns that would have helped stop it sooner than later.The bad guys don’t care about the laws. Hum…Best place for an attack. The place where no one has guns. Time for the world to wake up. Let everyone have guns to protect each other against the bad guy. It is only going to get worse in places that do not allow guns…

  112. People miss the number one benefit of having a carry law. Even people that do not have a CCL are in a better and safer position because of those laws. If you don’t know who is carrying you have to assume that everyone is carrying. Yes, Donald Trump hit the nail on the head. Former Interpol director stated and it is correct.

    Former Interpol Leader Says Best Strategy For Terrorism Is ‘Armed Citizenry’, Email Featured 46 Comments


    In the wake of the attack on Paris and the attempted attack in Germany we thought we’d remind you of what Former Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said back in 2013 (in the immediate aftermath of the Westgate Mall shooting in Nairobi, Kenya) about what is likely the best answer for responding to Muslim terrorism against “soft” (or civilian) targets.


    In an interview with ABC News, Noble said there are really only two choices for protecting open societies from attacks like the one on Westgate mall where so-called “soft targets” are hit: either create secure perimeters around the locations or allow civilians to carry their own guns to protect themselves.

    “Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem. One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.

  113. If I’m not in the shower, I’m carrying. Not because I’m paranoid, but because I am prepared. I also believe in staying out of so-called “Gun Free Zones.” If a business is posted “No Guns”, I go elsewhere, if possible.

  114. Keep in mind that even in gun-friendly, shall-issue states, many places (some restaurants, amusement parks, concert venues, shopping malls, movie theaters, etc.) still prohibit concealed carry. Terrorists and other mass killers can still find plenty of places where law-abiding citizens must voluntarily disarm, even if self-defense with a firearm is permitted on the other side of the door. If a permit holder chooses to carry in a known prohibited area, they cease to be law-abiding citizens. I suggest the 2A community put new emphasis on changing this discretionary policy for commercial property. It is one thing for a home-owner to prohibit firearms in their home since guests are individually invited. I’m not sure a business owner or landlord renting property to an organization who advertises and solicits traffic from the general public (see the venues listed above) has the right to decide which Constitutional rights their customers must surrender in order to patronize the facility or event.

    1. There are no such things as Constitutional Rights. Our rights come from our creator and we grant the government certain powers based on our rights.We can take those powers away or grant them new powers but the only power they have is what we the people grant them. The Bill of Rights do not grant us rights but are actually prohibitions against government interference (read Federalist 84).

      Private businesses are not government entities. The government has tried to control them by labeling them Public Accommodations, but that is only an attempt to turn every business into a quasi government entity that they can control. They use this to mandate that private business has to provide health care, retirement funds etc…

      If I want to open up a restaurant that only has orthodox jews as cooks, pre-op transvestites as wait staff and serves only black males between the ages of 24 and 48, I should be able to do so but my silent partner, the government will shut me down before the marketplace can decide if I should survive.

      When you come into my place of business you are my guest and it is no different than coming into my house. On the other hand if I disarm you I have an obligation to protect you from harm and you should be able to sue me if you are harmed due to my decisions. There should be massive lawsuits against any gun free zone that fails to protect their guests.

      For what its worth!

    2. Totally agree. Any business or entity that suspends a citizen’s right to carry should be sued for not providing first rate security to prevent mass killings.

    3. The most effective way for pro-gun customers to influence a business is to inform the manager that as long as he keeps his/her anti-firearm policy in place you will chose to spend your $$$ elsewhere and in addition plan to tell all you firearms owning friends of this stores policy.

  115. A individual with a gun at any venue would have had a real good chance at deterrence or even preventing any deaths at all. I would rather have a good chance than no chance at all if everyone had a gun then the only victims would have been the terrorist them selfs now thats my kinda odds

  116. I have a concealed carry permit and am a firm believer that everyone that can pass a background check and receive the proper training should be allowed to carry. I carry every day and I was trained to be more observant especially at venues that someone would consider a soft target. I was also trained that the use of deadly force may only be used when there is an actual threat of death or great bodily harm to myself or those around me. There is a reason that the insane bastards shoot up schools and cafes….there are no guns there, no way for people to defend themselves. Can you name one incidence where a police station was shot up? I’m sure that it has happened but the carnage was kept to a minimum. What happened in Paris could be construed as a direct result of France’s strict gun control laws. In the United States there are 200+ million people and 300+ million registered firearms. Just maybe that is the reason that the terrorists preferred weapon of choice here is an airplane. It will probably never happen, but, I would not hesitate to protect my family and friends with any means at my disposal. I just don’t want to have to do it with only a butter knife in my hand.

    1. US population is 315,000,000 +. Firearms in law abiding hands estimated at 300,000,000 +. There is no firearm registration in the USA, so far. Several police stations attacked, and with exception of the Blooming Grove, PA sniper shooting, all attackers were shot dead with minimum injury to police.

  117. Every state in the United States that allows conceal carry and open carry have the lowest crime rates. Most citizens have a firearm on their person or close by.

    If France were the same way, the outcome would have been much different.


    1. @ Robert Murphy.

      Yeah Right, If the 7-Eleven down the Street From You Get’s Robbed, Are You Going to Go to their Rescue? Most Likely Answer is NO…

  118. Without a doubt, concealed carry always makes a difference with these cowards. They always take the path of least resistance. It’s proven in our country, the states with the strictest gun laws have the most crime. Look at Baltimore, they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and have over 300 homicides on the books so far this year, closing in on an average of one per day. States where law abiding, responsible citizens carry guns have less problems. These cowards aren’t looking for a
    gunfight, their looking to win because they are the only ones with guns. I don’t understand how we became a nation of sheeple, expecting the police and government to protect us, because we are afraid to protect ourselves. The police normally show up in time to put up the yellow tape, not there fault they can’t be everywhere. Bottom line is, if you can’t protect yourself or be allowed to protect yourself, you end up like the a people of Paris, being shot like fish in a barrel.

  119. Of course armed citizens would have made a huge impact, but people today have been lied to by the MSM they cant think for themselves. ISIS
    would not try that in the South because we are free thinkers , and know you start shooting people , you will be out gunned. .Trump is Spot on about
    CCW . Cowards always go to Gun Free zones. Why has it not happened in a gun friendly city, or State.

  120. Unlike some of the other people who have commented already, I do conceal cary every single time I leave my house, and I have a CC permit. I am constantly on the alert for signs of trouble. It has happened aprox 1 hr drive from my home. Yes, I do believe if there had been a well trained civilian carrying in these areas where these incidents have taken place then there would be less deaths. Obviously, a single person with a CC would not have stopped them all, but if there were at least 5 or 6 then it definitely would have made a big difference. These guys just walk in these places so brazen and nonchalant, that they seem to have little or no tactical training. If a single CC holder were to be firing from cover, I believe these criminals would have backed away and chosen another place to kill people…..that is if they were not killed themselves. Our wonderful politicians still believe an inanimate object (guns, etc.) kills people. That’s impossible. Guns do not kill people. People kill people.

  121. I am in agreement with Lone Wolf. Those bastards that killed all of the people in Paris including one of our own citizens deserved to get some of their own medicine. Just think of the cafe shooter who had his gun jammed would have been taken out by a citizen with a handgun if their people could self arm.This kind of crap will go on forever if we give in to the loons and terrorists of the world.They always go after the soft targets to achieve their jehad. As the marines say kill them all let god sort them out.

  122. So does anybody think it’s a coincident’s that the further we get from are constitution the worst are country gets. These laws were put in place by far greater men than any of us could ever be. So far are freedom of speech has been stripped, ” Ask Ted N. About how he had to apologize to Obama about comments made “. Obama by himself is another case. It’s stated that a person must prove that they were BORN a US citizen. So in him not doing so it’s considered a hostile take over, and anyone who stood behind him is considered treason. We do not make deals with terrorist, except when it’s trading 4 Isis leaders for one trader. Let’s try and strip the country of their guns, why Mr. ” President ” is it to hard for Isis to take over if we are all armed? Who’s side are you on?

    1. @ Fingers Looie.

      The Federal Election Board at the time Obama applied as a Presidential Candidate were ALL President George W. Bush, Appointees (ALL REPUBLICANS). Obama’s application would have been denied, if he COULDN’T Prove he was a Natural Born American Citizen…

  123. Trump is correct. The areas that terrorists and criminals target are “soft” areas. Place where it is illegal to carry firearms. If there were resistance to their killing sprees, these areas would not be targeted

  124. One thing that is not being said in so far as the French Government and its membership in the European Union is this; up until the past decade or so, France had some of the best gun ownership laws in Europe if not the world. Under pressure from the EU, these gun laws and the ability for the average French Citizen to own firearms was fairly common and the policies were very much in favor of ownership for the personal protection of citizens. The French, from their horrible experience during World War II, knew that to disarm their own people was to make them less safe and subject to the type of attacks that they have experienced at the expense of their very Liberty. It was not until pressure from the EU Central Government that the French were literally forced to change their laws as to fall in line with the rest of the Gun Free Zone known as Western Europe. The French have reaped the whirlwind and this should be an example to all Americans that a disarmed public is a public at risk. Even a small chance to defend ones self is much better than not being able to do anything while your loved ones and fellow citizens are slaughtered. As any reasonable person well knows, when the public is disarmed, the only people who will have arms will be those up to no good, and a security/police force that in the very best of circumstances is still many, many minutes away. Crucial minutes that could save lives. To all those who will attack me here, do your own research and see how the laws and outlook of the Republic of France changed as I have stated, don’t be a know it all, check the facts and information that is out there and make an informed decision and stop throwing rocks at the people who are with you just to increase your ego. Do your due diligence and cut the rhetoric, we hear that enough on the Liberal Media. Just My opinion, and if you haven’t forgotten, I am allowed it, your please have your own, but please base it in fact not one liners from some add campaign. The people of America must remain armed, to protect ourselves from such attacks and an ever more intrusive Federal, and in many cases, State and Local governments. Thank You and God Bless and Keep America Safe.

  125. I, for one, want the ability to fight back. I may not be successful but I will not go down like a sheep. I do carry in that my life activities may take me in harms way at any moment (fire, EMS, EMA, 911). One comment mentioned bombs. They are a “one off”. Guns keep doing harm as long as the shooter can pull the trigger and move to new locations. Please never take away my ability to fight back.

  126. Trump is right in theory; obviously one terrorist shot right off the bat would have at least saved several lives. However, I believe that no matter what laws were in effect, the European serf mentality would prevail and they still wouldn’t arm themselves.

  127. I’m all for the right to be armed. I’m also an advocate for training. To tell the truth, a gun-free zone, other than a courthouse or federal building where they have you go through a scanner, has never concerned me. If a weapon is concealed who would know?
    On the other hand, here in America, there aren’t enough of us, armed and trained, to go around. Too many school and public shootings attest to that.
    If Europe had the same freedoms we do, the results would be the same. There are too many people willing to be sheep, here and there.
    For those who think it is hopeless to try to fight multiple assailants with AKs, remember that if you have a good shot at one, you can have his AK and the equation is changed considerably. Especially if you have experience shooting a rifle.

  128. I am a big CTD fan and live in Beaumont. Beaumont is Cajun Texas. We are waiting for such an idiot Don’t want one. But the prescription has been wrote. Waiting on the illness…just saying.

    “I pity the fool” – Mr. T

    1. @ Art.

      “Whose the Bigger Fool, the FOOL or the Fool that Follow’s the FOOL”?

      I Live in Northern Virginia. Near the “NRA” Headquarters, you Have A Virginia State Police Barrack’s, Fairfax County Police, Fairfax City Police, Vienna City Police and George Mason University Police. And yet there Combined Strength, CAN’T PREVENT ROBBERIES FROM OCCURING.


  130. When are people going to wake up! The Police can only protect you if they are right there at your side at that moment. And obviously the terrorist are not going to do anything with the police present. We have come to a point in time, that the only way to have protection is to protect ourselves. That means open or concealed carry.

  131. It is safe to say that a few concealed and carry fun owners would have made a difference. … Anyone that is not completely brainwashed by the “new world order” usurping politicians understands clearly. Hello!!
    As far as Trump… Yes I agree with him.
    And by the way, he made his own money.
    I carry legally and do not even think about my gun during day to day operations…. But by God I do have the right to defend when need be.
    Security guards with pepper sprays on college campuses sure cannot protect anything…. Same for armed police coming to the sight of a killing spree arriving way too late to make a difference.
    Wake up people ….. Do you not realize that the second amendment makes this country

  132. Taking responsibility for ones own safety is critical to survival. Would an armed citizen of Paris made any difference..who knows, but I’d be willing to bet if any of the victims had the opportunity to shoot back, they would have been willing to do so.

  133. I believe that some would have been able to save them selves and others had they been carrying . Nobody wants to have to go out and look for trouble , but its out there. That dosen’t mean you have to walk around with an M-16 or a AK 47, just have something!
    Trump is partially right!

  134. I get push back from ‘friend’ and ‘foe’ alike when I support “gun rights,” but then fail to link it to any of the common ‘ideologies.’ Trump, playing politician today, oversimplifies everything to ‘make points.’ That’s called gamesmanship. Dust off your Oija board and ask any of the Paris attack victims if they thought their deaths were a game.
    Trumps antics will come back to bite real Second Amendment supporters in a tender spot. By being linked to a politician, for today, who is easily made into a figure of ridicule and scorn, the entire ‘gun rights’ movement can thus be made to look ‘marginal’ and, this is the “more effective evil,” to quote BARs Glen Ford, deserving of “proper corrective interventions” by the “experts” running the present socio-political power structure.
    On the thesis that concealed carry Frenchmen and women could have countered some of the terror; well of course they could! Every crowd has both heroes and cowards in it. This begs the real question; why did these people decide to go out and kill in the first place? Remember, the word Terror is closely connected to the French Revolution. Indeed, Terror is a part of every revolutionary movement. The fear of the ruling elites is thus clear; someone is going to replace us, and probably kill us in the process. That period of Terror, in a general sense, is when, in my opinion, personal firearms will become necessary.
    Very few of us are going out to take on the Army, or National Guard,(although I’d bet that many Guard units will refuse to fire on their friends and neighbours,); simply too big a task. The function of the ‘well armed and regulated militia’ will be to maintain some semblance of normalcy while the society around cracks and degrades. Doom and gloom? Yes. With a ray of hope? Absolutely.

  135. More guns = less crime, statistics matter, opinions don’t., get trained in self protection with a gun and you have a much higher chance of survival instead of hoping someone else will protect or save you.
    It’s human nature at its most extreme level, terror = certain death, preparation = a better chance at life where you control the outcome.

  136. Imagine the scene but instead of zero return fire, 5% of the people in the theater were armed. That would have meant 50 active shooters against less than eight Muslims. With such an array of firepower the carnage could have been mitigated. Please, support Open Carry and liberal gun laws. Less regulation, greater safety.

  137. Look at how fast France put in Marshall law. They knew the attacks were coming already but use these attacks to put more controls in place. Regardless of what illegal laws our politicians try to put in place to take our guns, we must never give them up. Once America falls, there is no where else to hide, folks.

    1. @ Sandy.

      The Same Thing Happen When the World Trade Centers Came Down! ALL Air Traffic was Suspended, ALL Interstate Highways were Shut Down. It took ALMOST a Year before things went back the Normal…

  138. Trump was not suggesting a “lone concealed carry permit holder… if however even 1% of the crowd had been carrying then their would have been a markedly different outcome…

  139. We’ll never know and this is the point the progressives attack. But when you review the security camera footage at restaurant and hear of the concert where gunmen calmly walked around without challenge, it is a reasonable had they been challenged fewer people would have died.

  140. I`m not sure how much one concealed carry would have helped in this situation, BUT enough people concealed with a firearm definitely evens the odds. How can anyone deny that? It only makes common sense to even the simplest of minds that your chances of surviving an attack from small arms fire is a BUTTLOAD better than not having a firearm to protect yourself and others with. The anti-gun pee-ons can make up all the polls they want, lie about all the statistics, because that`s what they do, but I GUARANTEE YOU….if they were to come under fire from some crazed moron with a rifle, or pistol they would be making deals with the one above to become Republican if someone there was carrying concealed and would pull their piece and save them. GUARANTEED!!!!

  141. Anywhere people aren’t allowed to own and carry is a softer target than one with a well armed citizenry…just common sense.

  142. Former Texas conceal carry instructor here and conceal carry citizen. I ask myself these questions. Would have a conceal carry person or persons stop the explosives from detonating? Not likely. Most likely no. Would have a conceal carry person or persons stop the hostage taking and mass shooting? Possibly. That answer really lies in the individual(s) mindset, extensiveness and time behind training as well as conviction.
    We also have to look at the overall mindset of the French people when it comes to firearms. What is the percentage of those who are willing to responsibly own and use firearms? I guarantee they are an overwhelmingly small majority. If not non existent.
    So for Trump to say what he said is too broad of a brush stroke to paint on France. It is though, a terrible and painful learning experience that their leaders have to examine and eventually take the proper steps to ensure the citizenry’s safety down the line. I highly doubt they would ever adopt our rights and freedoms that we have here in the states. Sadly, IMHO, they will stay a soft target or become a police state. Only the future will tell.

  143. Of course a CCW firing back would make a difference. More than one CCW firing back would make a bigger difference. And a hundred CCWs firing back could have stopped the attacks. Remember, all the victims were UNARMED, and 130 died, and over 350 were injured. The police response arrived many minutes later, as they usually do. Not to denigrate the police, but they just aren’t around when TSHTF. So who was there? The public, the people. And they were all unarmed. That was the primary consideration for the terrorists picking those places in the first place. Had some people been able to return fire, the terrorists’ plans would have been disrupted enough to allow more people to escape and survive. Remember, the terrorists were attacking a place they knew to be a gun free zone, a shooting gallery full of penned up sheep. Had they started receiving return fire, their response would have been predictably panic, adrenaline, fight or flight, shoot wildly while running for cover, or just running away. While the media paints a picture of well trained, battle toughened professional killers, the terrorist actions at the restaurant suggest otherwise. The automatic fire from.outside the restaurant hitting the ceiling near the camera suggests poor fire discipline, as though he was high on adrenaline and unable to control muzzle rise. It wouldn’t have taken much to drive him info panic and turn tail if he started receiving return fire, when he WASN’T EXPECTING RETURN FIRE! Terrorists are human and feel the effects of adrenaline, fight or flight as others do. They are not the cold blooded professional killers image they seek to project, which they would have us see in our nightmares. So, YES, CCW returning fire would have made a difference.

  144. First off let me say that I’m tired of people talking about rights without taking about responsibilities. We have a right to bear arms and that right should be protected. In the same way if I choose to exercise that right I need to accept the responsibility to train, to carry responsibly and to keep those arms it off the hands off anyone unable or unwilling to accept the same responsibilities.

    So those running out to get permits should really think long and hard before carrying as every bullet they fire outside of the range or training has a lawyer attached to it.

    As for the outcome in France been different who knows, but if you have trained civilians, ex-military personnel as well, and private security able to carry. Casualties might have been diminished significantly. My .02

  145. everyone should have the option to defend them selves and family .yes they need to do a back ground check .i’m a army vet ,i believe in god and no one will ever get my guns ! i will be an outlaw ! i refuse to be left defense less !

  146. Trump is exactly right. The more guns carried by honest citizens, the safer I feel. My dad always carried a sidearm or long gun when we went hunting or fishing. One day he used a weapon to kill two copper head snakes under a john boat. Two shots. Deadly snakes dead. Don’t tell me carrying arms is a bad thing. Premature death is a bad thing. The French are now sheep. I choose not to be sheep. And yes, I am a marksman, and have never killed any human… so far.

  147. The left is consistently trying to undermine all protected amendments that they don’t like. We find college campuses, the hotbed of liberalism, challenging rights to free speech. Fragile little cupcakes, also known as students, find the truth or dissenting opinions create micro aggressions. They will fail when they get into the real world.

    Now we have Hillary Clinton challenging “stand your ground” stating that people who feel threatened in their homes should just call the police. She, like President Obama, will try to confiscate guns that many have for protection even though both of them have been protected for years by State Police or Secret Service.

    If the events in Paris taught us nothing it’s that an armed citizenry would have a chance against terrorists while a disarmed citizenry are nothing but targets for the slaughter.

  148. I am a little concerned that people still have the notion that any person carrying would be the cure for the terrorist attacks. I do however believe if we were allowed to carry, less terror attacks would be in the wide open. More of us shooting back, less safe zones for them.

  149. I agree with trump but I also agree with Glenn. Someone with a gun could have made the Paris attacks very different. But it would not stop terrorism. Incidentally, Trump might be right but he would make a terrible president.

  150. You have to be like the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared.” One never knows in todays society when some creep or scumbag type Islamic terrorist will decide to attack you or an area you might be in. Such as a Mall, theater ( they seem to be the hot item the last few years), or any other public place, restaurant, etc. I personally believe that every person has a right to protect his or her life as well as that of family and friends. I would extend that to shooting one of those bastards between the eyes should I be unfortunate enough to be in the location of their attempted horrible deed. I’ve had a weapon close at had for 62 years of my life and outside the military, never fired one in anger or need. I wouldn’t hurt anyone, but refuse to allow some crazy to injure myself or family.

    I’m with Trump all the way on the weapons thing. Anyone who can carry legally should do so. If the bad guys don’t know, their a lot more concerned about their safety and not as apt to proceed,

  151. I see so much confusion about our 2nd amendment. In 1769 General Gage had set a stamp tax upon the people in the colonies. Massachusetts and the people within wanted no part of this tax. For. In those days the Kings taxation was such that people had to work extra to pay these taxes. remember we had families then and a 86% marriage rate. How long does it take for people to forget that the government receives its power from the people not the people form its representatives.
    Any way Massachusetts formed Committees of information and safety so that they could support militias of that time. In the summer of 1769 1000 militiamen from those C.O.S. marched on General Gages court and told the general they would not pay those taxes. “LIke Hell” he said as he called out the Sgt at arms. but as those 250 armed soldiers set out to arrest those men they soon discovered that they were out numbered 4 to 1 at which time General gage yelled “Stand down we haven’t enough men to enforce this.
    Guns have a part of this nation for over 400 years 240 years as a nation. People have got accustomed to their freedoms but Governments are made by those who wish to control the actions of others. And today besides one other country in this world who can still have weapons The US leads in the amount as the people are the Army.

    You may hunt, you may go to the firing range to practice, but Guns are America and when we lose them you will see more Paris’s in this nation. So the man from Wisconsin who wants to hunt I give you that right to do so as best I can, for in me is the wish of 2 words for you and all of the people, and a promise if we all want those words.

    “Freedom and justice are only words; the actions of all the people will precipitate them and if we stand fast we will set the Stage for the world to see how strongly we feel them.”

    1. @ Quisno.

      The 2nd Amendment, DIDN’T EVEN EXIST in 1769. You were a “British” Subject until 1783, when then United States of America was Officially Recognized by the Rest of the World. And “STILL” It would be another EIGHT YEARS, Before there were a “BILL OF RIGHTS” in December 1791…

  152. What stops other countries from taking over America? It ‘s our military might, not the good will of other countries, it is just the way it is, I am so tired of hearing politicians with their gun control lies, like someone once commented, they don’t want to take away their guns, just yours and ours. The founding fathers understood this. We should all have the right to protect ourselves and our families, especially now that the world has so many more human beings than in the past. Having well trained police is a plus, but can’t take the place of each individual’ s right to protect themselves as there will never be enough officers to protect us all. It ‘s just the reality of the situation.

  153. Were it not for Texans with guns the Mexican (and further south) drug and crime cartels would own Texas and parts north!

  154. The SCOUS has decided that the police have no obligation to protect individuals. It’s up to individuals to protect themselves. Concealed carry is not for everyone but should be allowed for those that choose to do so and can demonstrate they are capable.. It may not stop an Islamic Terrorist with a bomb but may stop a domestic terrorist walking into a classroom intent on killing one at a time.

  155. Maybe concealed carry won’t stop terrorism, but it sure as hell might save a few more lives….As far as the Parisians carrying concealed….well they’ve had any defensive mentality bred out of them since ww2…

  156. As a firearms Instructor with significant experience training both civilians and professional Dignitary Protection personnel, I can tell you that even well trained personnel fail thier first exposure to force on force scenarios with simunitions.
    This training most closely simulates a real time gun fight.
    Many of them totally forget everything they’ve been taught and regress to “reaction” only mode.
    Thier failure is in thier primary WEAPON, which is the ability to use their MIND to stay in control and think about tactics AND getting the hits!
    A single concealed carry holder coming up against multiple assailants may make a difference, but may only be able to terminate one or two.
    PRIMARY RULE…. MOVEMENT AND GOOD USE OF COVER = SURVIVAL! A handgun against automatic weapons is not likely to fair very well.
    However, I am not saying to submit. Think, move and STAY IN THE FIGHT!!
    By the way, how much ammo do you routinely carry?
    I am now up to 50+ rounds in magazines on a daily basis.
    Don’t forget that flashlight. Could be a life saver.

    Travel Safe SHEEPDOGS!!

  157. The Mau-Mau terror insurrection in Africa was ended rather readily by arming as many potential victims as feasible .When more Mau-Mau than those they attacked died in the raids ,the insurrection collapsed .

    1. @ Dale Bailey.

      The last Mau-Mau Rebellion took place in 2007-2008. Their STILL ACTIVE.

  158. As a second amendment NRA member, we know that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. When terrorists shot the Charlie Hebdo office earlier this year, there was a picture of a Parisian policeman on the ground laying on his back with his hands outstretched. He was about to be executed by one of the terrorists. I showed the picture to my family and asked them what was wrong. They saw it immediately. He had no firearm in his hands. I know that I am not Rambo. My Glock sits on my hip. It is just another tool. I hope I die peacefully in my bed at 105. But if someone comes up to me with malice in their heart and a weapon in their hand, I promise you I will live or die with that Glock in my hand.

  159. Its funny that during World War II, Japanese Admiral Yamomoto, (who had attended College in the U.S.A.) made a comment that Japan should never invade the U.S. because there would be an American with a gun behind every blade of grass. Too bad that this is not the case now, due to our weak anti gun government administration and non existent, so called news media telling people how bad guns are. Our enemies know how weak and wimpy we are, they can attack us at any time. If you own a gun, learn how to use it, practice and get a carry permit, it may save your life or that of others Americans.

    1. @ George.

      In 1942, there were Three Manned Japanese Raids on USA Soil. First raid took place in 23 February 1942. Against Ellwood Oil Fields just outside Santa Barbara, CA. by Imperial Japanese Submarine I-17. Second raid was a Two Part Raid, First Part was the Shelling of Fort Stevens, OR. by I-25. Using a 5.7-inch (140mm/50-caliber) 3rd Year Type Naval Gun. Second Part of raid was by same Submarine, using a Yokosuka E14Y Floatplane Bomber. That Dropped Incendiary Bombs on National Forest in Brookings, OR. in oder to start a Panic. In ALL THREE CASES, there were Armed Americans about. Outcome, they Played NO PART in Repelling any of the ATTACK’S…

  160. An unarmed population will always become casualties in a terrorist attack. These morons who strive to disarm America and the rest of the world believe that there would be no reason for terrorist to attack unarmed people, therefore they do all they can to take our guns from us. It has been proven time and time again that armed people will stop an attack of any kind, whether it be a home invasion or a convenience store robbery. The armed public will, most of the time, come out on top. If the people of Paris had been armed, the death toll would not have been any where near the final total. The politicians need to give up the gun grab because the terrorists know full well that unarmed population areas are prime targets. The terrorists main objective in this world is to destroy all of the non believers of Islam, and they are willing to kill themselves in order to kill as many of us as they can in the process. Every person should be armed and taught how to shoot. We are at war, and the politicians need to understand this, otherwise we become slaves to terror.

  161. It might not have made a big difference, but at least the victims would have had a chance. As it was, they had no chance at all. And, according to news reports, some of the people at the concert escaped while the terrorists were reloading. If these people had had their own weapons, they might have been able to take out some of the terrorists while they were reloading.

  162. When politicians..more so everthing in their power to remove guns from law abiding people…as France did and America trys so hard to do.thisis what is left. Thugs murdering innocent people just fot fun.wake up world. We are under attack from parts of the world that hate us all because we are free and have a choice. Unelect the idiots in government. Elect people that want us to defend ourselfs. Buy a gun and take cover…and shoot down the murdering yellow cowards that want us dead or under their rules of terrorism.

    1. True fact, it is the fault of our government for all these crappy messes we are in now. But it is also our own fault for letting them have so much power as well. Like our so call Amendment, what good is it, when our government gave us all those so call rights many, many years ago. But when the government can just say, hey I do not like giving the American people those rights any more, so they just up and change it to what ever they want, when ever they want and we cannot do a thing about. What the hell happened to our true rights? The right to carry a gun? Like the 16th, the government shall not make the working man or women pay property taxes, but what happens? They just up and raise it to the point to where many people have had to up and leave their own homes, because they can no longer afford to pay such high taxes. We have no rights! All we have is the right to sit on our butts and watch these over paid useless politicians make up any rule they want and stick it to us. Any American person should be allowed to own, carry any time they want or feel threatened.

      And what or how is it that our so called protectors cannot take care of these terrorist before they let them in the country? Call a cop for help and guaranteed you are going to sit there and wait 6 or 8 hours, or longer and that is providing they show up at all. A true fact, it has happened to me a few times. Government does not care about us, as long as they are pocketing all that money, free this, free that, free cars and or anything else they want. As long as they get what they want, they will not care what happens to us!!! If our government would have never given all those other countries all our money, we’d likely all still be working, making a decent living. But no, they would as soon give it all to all those other 3rd world countries, instead of putting it back where it belongs, in our pockets. RIGHTS, we have none, all we have is what these politicians say we can have. America, yeah right. It is and has been long gone for a long time. Get some people in there who care about their own, then we would not be having all these problems.

      Sorry this wound up longer than I planned. I do apologize for that. Leave our guns alone, quit taking all our hard earned money and turn this back into a true AMERICA!!!

    2. Amen brother! I believe we all care about our country the same and will do whatever necessary to keep it ours and get it back to the way it was. Freedom is always challenged.

    3. Well said! Load up and get ready for the bastards. They’re already here along with the POS in office.

  163. I do not conceal carry, but it is deer hunting season in WI and it is something I enjoy as well as other hunting. Donald Trump’s comment on Paris is unrealistic in any society. How many people, young or old, go out on a Sat. night preparing for trouble? Should they? No. It will never make a difference for terrorists. If more guns are carried, they will turn to bombs if their shooters are killed. Concealed carry will not stop terrorism.

    1. The French police and military didn’t seem to have done a good job protecting the 130 dead and over 300 injured, now did they? They can’t be everywhere, I know, which is why if at least one person was able to fire back at the terrorist at the restaurant, less people may have died and the terrorist may have run off when his gun jammed. We’ll never know for sure, but it stands to reason that all those people died or were injured because no one was able to fight back.

    2. You, sir, are part of the problem. It is quite amusing how you put the hunting bit in there, to try and look tough and to appeal to both sides. So you would rather get shot empty handed than carry if you were at a movie and some zealot went off?

    3. Every time I leave the house I am under no illusions that some nutcase might try to use violence against innocent people because he has some sort of an agenda pushing him to kill them. A more direct answer to your question, yes I expect trouble when I leave the house and I am prepared for it. Newsflash, they ALREADY use bombs!

    4. If you had been in Paris at the theater, you would have really appreciated the people around you shooting back at the isis killers.

    5. I totally disagree…I do carry and don’t hunt.

      Carrying a handgun concealed will never stop terrorist, and yes I agree they will find other ways. That said, even if one person returned fire at the gun men in the concert hall, it would have caused them to duck and run, even if it was for only several second. That short period of time would have no doubt saved lives.

      Concealed carry will not stop terrorism, but undoubtedly could save lives……

    6. Of course it could make a difference, and at some probably will. How many people go out preparing for trouble? More than you think, and more in the future. Whether concealed carry can stop terrorism is not the issue. Fighting back and reducing an attack is. You are either a helpless target or you are not. No margin for debate there.

    7. Your comment about folks not going out looking for trouble is probably true. However, here in the USA with so many CCL holders, the aftermath of Paris and new terror strikes every other day somewhere in the rest of the world, you have to agree Trump is right to assume that if the same thing happened here there would be a few people shooting back at those who come to kill us. And it certainly would cause them to run or die for their cause. After all, how many times have you heard about them shooting up a place where the folks are allowed to keep and bear arms?

    8. I truly feel sorry for you Glenn. I feel sorry for you because you have no spirit, you see no hope, and in your mind, according to your comments, you are defeated already.

      Would one or two concealed carriers in Paris have changed things? Certainly. They may not have won the war but they certainly would have changed the dynamics of the situation.

      Glenn, I’ve served my country for nearly 35 years, under arms, in one manner or another. I also have a concealed permit, and I’m armed every time I leave my home. I have no delusions that I alone can save the world, but my conscience will not allow me to stand by and watch evil destroy innocents without at least trying to stop them.

      If citizens fight back with guns they’ll just start using bombs? Wake up. They already do. You can choose to be a perfect victim and lay down for them but I choose not to. I believe my fellow citizens deserve that same choice.

      I cannot imagine living as a man who will just tuck tail and lay down instead of trying to fight back.

    9. To Glenn, please by all means keep your ideas away from everyone around you. Americans need to stand up, shoot someone that kills another innocent instead of locking them behind bars costing tax payers a minium of $40 a day. The thought of terrioist bringing anything over to our soul is scary with every stand from a civilian though sparks a desire from others and that is the key.

    10. It won’t stop terrorism, but it will make a huge difference if people are allowed to be armed and able to defend themselves. I never leave home without a gun, unless Im going to work only because I’m not allowed. You never expect to get into a car accident, but you have seatbelts and airbags. I could go on and on. It takes armed good people to kill bad people who are trying to shoot and kill innocent people. If someone is trying to shoot and kill me or my family I at least want a chance to fight back.

    11. I agree “Concealed carry will not stop terrorism”… but it will surely put a permanent kink in the heinous plans of many a would-be offender, as well as potentially saving lives.
      No, we know that most young folks at a venue such as the Bataclan probably wouldn’t be “carrying” (or even allowed to, most likely), but many of those sitting in/around/outside of cafes and restaurants or other businesses might have… and there would have been some nasty surprises for the dirtbags who otherwise thought they had free reign to kill unimpeded.

    12. I would rather be legally equipped to defend myself, and if necessary go down fighting, rather than be an rabid terrorist’s victim.

    13. The intention is not to stop terrorism but to reduce the casualties of a situation where someone armed open fire on a group… events like that can not be stoped but if someone was armed and could have returned fire against the guy holding the kalashnikov we will not be counting 40 civilians killed…

    14. @ Glen Each and every one of us is responsible for our own safety. If we don’t we are irresponsible!!

      We have the unalienable right to self protect ourselves but the politically correct faction does all it can to demonize those who exercise this right even going so far as labeling us PARANOID!!

      I don’t know about you but I have seen more violence in the past 7 years than I have seen two decades previous,

      When the SHTF to think I care about whether or not I am in compliance with some non-constitutional administrative ruling will be the least of my concerns, I will be focused on center mass, maintaining fire discipline, and assessing immediate threat vectors!

      Let me make one thing perfectly clear, yes I am a Christian, and yes I carry a gun. One might think I carry a gun because I don’t trust God. Well you would be wrong. I have complete faith in my Lord; it’s an oppressive government that believes it has the right to dictate what I can and cannot have, can and cannot think or say, can and cannot eat or drink etc., I have no trust in!

      ”Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”

      “Taking my gun away because I might shoot someone is like cutting my tongue out because I might yell `Fire!’ in a crowded theater.”

      “The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” -Samuel Adams

    15. I carry but as Glenn noted, NOT in those kinds of social situations. And I agree that it doesn’t make sense.
      Consider the situation where, say, a dozen of those club patrons were carrying and started shooting at the terrorists. Does any reasonable person not see the potential confusion between the good guys versus the bad guys? When the police arrive and all those persons are shooting, does any reasonable person think the police will be able to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys?
      I have asked this of my LEO friends they unanimously hope they never enter such a situation because, in their words, THEY are likely to kill some innocent people as well.

  164. I truly believe that it would have made a big difference why can’t people see that we have to be responsible for our own safety I get so piss ed off when I here people that think that law enforcement is going to protect them when they don’t get involved Intel after someone is murdered, raped ,robed and thats true over 90 percent of the time what’s there motto to serve and protect give me a break we need to protect ourselves and each other if people in Paris would have been packing a consealed weapon things would have been much different

    1. I live in the desert twenty mins from boarder. One tell me how law enforcement could help me if a drug runner and or isis came in my house with me home. Oh I forgot I’m 18 miles from town.
      Reality check. I will act legally and leathally.
      Now all you city slickers what are you going to do? Ask the robber to wait til the cops get their?
      P.S.I have the mentality to do it if I’m hurt again.

    2. Yes, I agree with Trump, armed citizens will always make a difference. The knowledge of there presents is likely to prevent trouble from ever happening.

    3. Gun control absolutely contributed to this attack. Not one of these traitors in Washington have learned one basic lesson from history. Guess they’re to interested in stuffing their pockets with coins from anyone coming down the pike including our life long enemies.
      No-one seems to remember the war with Japan when one of their top commanders was asked why they didn’t invade after Pearl He answered it was because every bush had a man behind it with a gun. How do you fight that?
      My daughter- grand daughter raped the day before her thirteenth b-day and two baby boys were beat to death with a hammer in southern Illinois. Now let’s ban hammers or pass a law that says no-one that you need a permit and no-one under 21 can touch one.
      Think it would be better to punish the criminals instead of patting them on the buns feeding them and their family forever.

      Oh tea —the excrement in Illinois are going to release the puke after all he was only 16 at the time and didn’t know what he was doing even though he’d been in trouble many times before – was under two life sentences for murdering FIVE HUMANS . Then to top the whole thing his MOMMY washes his clothes goes to the house and steals my daughters money and anything else of value. She of course was never charged with anything. A Gun could’ve stopped him. THANK YOU ILLINOIS PUKES !!!

  165. Any American, who can LEGALLY carry, should get their training, get their license/permit. Purchase a firearm, go to the range and learn YOUR weapon.

    With this in mind your are okay to carry, legally. Even if you do NOT want to carry your firearm on a daily basis, you will have it!

    Remember, “It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it”!

    Donald Trump possesses a CWP in one of the toughest cities to have one. He carries a firearm.

    Getting to the point, politics can change anytime, if these usually two-faced politicians hold true to form they will reverse their stance on protecting ourselves. However, you will have a firearm, states will NOT allow the Fed’s to tell them how to regulate their gun laws.

    Canada was attacked, very tight gun restriction. No civilians had firearms to even try to stop the killer. Here, in the U.S.A. if any of the people I know are threatened or their families or a third party by a terrorist, they will shoot to kill the sob in a New York Minute! I am not going to be killed or my family will not be killed unless I have been killed.

    Terrorism works on fear. If you are helpless to defend yourself or family you will be living in fear. If is a comfortable feeling just knowing I can protect myself an family. I am NO hero, they are all in Arlington or some other cemetery.

    Hopefully, there will be no Paris type situation here in America. If it does happen armed Americans will do what they can.

    GOD Bless America!

    1. @ Walter Miner.

      As a “Presidential Candidate”, Donald Trump gets US Secret Service Protection. I DOUBT VERY MUCH, that a Secret Service Detail would ALLOW Donald Trump to carry a Hand Gun for Personal Protection. In an Actual Gun Fight, Donald Trump would be MORE of a HINDRANCE than an ASSET…

  166. I agree with Trump! If one person in that audience had been CC, Lives could have been saved! Unarmed people in a venue like that concert or restaurant are sitting ducks. Gun free zones are sure fire advertising that, perps. will not be confronted with any resistance. Therefore, “Easy Picking!” If I had been at either of those places, I would have not thought twice about using my gun to defend and remove that threat to human life. I’m not a hero, it’s just my second nature to protect the defenseless or right a wrong in progress!

  167. I have a concealed to carry and I go to the range once a month to keep sharp. I had an incident where I was in a store when a person came in to rob it with a pistol. I looked down the barrel and saw that it was a bb gun. I asked him which gun works better his or mine? He dropped the pistol and laid on the floor. It worked this time ,may not work every time, but I would rather be armed than not.

  168. of course he’s right – the people of Paris were sheep available for slaughter with no means of defense – some armed citizens might not have totally prevented it but could have helped to cut it short – the bombs are hard to protect against – if people are willing to blow themselves up the only defense is to get the hell away from them

  169. While I do believe 100% in the Second Amendment, Could 1 CC have stopped the whole mess?? No!! Several armed citizens may have prevented many deaths!! And foiled a nasty plot!! I’m a firm believer in the simple fact that Armed people are CITIZENS!!! Unarmed people are SUBJECTS!!!!! At the mercy of the Gov and Whoever else!!!! If it takes my life to insure the safety of my loved ones then so be it!!! I’ll go in a pile of brass and my head held high knowing I did all I could to keep them safe!!! Gob Bless America!!!! Semper Fi!!!

  170. Mr. Trump is 100% absolutely correct in his assumption. A good guy with a legally owned firearm, specially several good guys would have made the outcome different, innocent lives could have been saved.

  171. If you carry off duty and are not willing to engage people during a mass casualty incident, then you are nothing but a sheep. I will gladly guve my life for my fellow american…..without second thought.

  172. An armed person could have made a difference, but an unarmed person didn’t have a chance. I’m former Marine, I carry, and I’ll do my best to defend myself and take out an active shooter.

  173. Folks, I don’t think we should take this comment literally, I think what Mr. Trump was attempting to convey is that if the Parisians were armed like we are in America, that the terrorist would not have been nearly as successful and may have picked a different venue for their mayhem…. such as a school, or government facility. They a no-gun zones and have been the predominant choice of shooters and terrorist in the US thus far.

    A single citizen with a pistol would not be much of a challenge to a group of terrorist, but 30 or 40 folks pointing guns at them and shooting is a totally different scenario for them now isn’t it?

  174. Well, this is on par with the shootings here in the Homeland. All of them have been in gun free zones – soft targets. I would say that thise at risk will be in California, Illinois, New York and Maryland. Super strick gun laws in those locations. Lots of sitting ducks; however, if these state governments got their heads out of their asses, they could lift some if the restrictions on the US Citizens residing in their states. Equal Constitutional Rights for all, nation wide.

  175. I believe he is right, criminals attack areas where they know is going to be the lease resistance. They are cowards and don’t want to be shot or killed except my themselves.
    I think that if there is just one CC person at any of these shooting and that CC person was willing to defend himself and the lives of others even if it meant being shot and killed then YES I think there would be a difference in these shootings.
    This shows that no matter how strong the gun laws are the criminals will away’s have the weapons that these anti-gun people want to take away from us law abiding citizens. This needs to be a message to all the anti-gun and gun free zones in are county, that all this does is create a target and a place for these cowards to pick on people that no longer have the right to defend themselves because a government says so. It is everyone’s God given right to defend there lives from one that is trying to take it, there lives and the lives of other also.

  176. It would have made a world of difference. Not permitting people to own and carry legally is a death sentence. Guns are a very useful tool. In the right hands at the right time. Lives can be saved. What happened in Paris is a shame. The disgusting people that arranged and perpetrated this awful catastrophe should be put in a locked building and done the same way. Eye for an eye.

  177. Unfortunate young men shooting innocent civilians tend to make me angry. Bad guys with AK-47s are definitely not going to like me when I am angry. I will draw my weapon and take them down until they are all down or I am out of ammo. Or dead. It has to be that way.

    Retired SF, combat tours in places I don’t want to think about. If you are going to carry a gun, you had better be ready to use it. If not, then perhaps you better leave the gun at home.


  178. Frankly, I don’t think it would have maid any difference! Someone Posted that they wore a Level IV Bullet Proof Vest in WDC, And NOBODY Noticed!! Someone WILLING TO DIE and Wearing A Packed Vest similar to a Level IV Vest could “Easily” maneuver amongst the Populist, and NEVER get a Second Glance by that Populist. And ONCE that Bomb Is Detonated, Whether or Not you were CCW. Wouldn’t have made a Bit Difference in the “Long” and/or “Short Run”. And most People that AREN’T Military Trained, are going to REACT Defensively to an Offensive Threat (RUN LIKE HELL). So, having a CCW may be a GREAT Peace of Mind to the Wearer, it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to/for Anyone Else. Your First Instinct is to PROTECT Yourself and Your Family/Friends, Strangers aren’t going to matter to you in ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM. “It’s One Thing to Act Heroic, It Quite Another Thing Too Be Heroic”…

    1. Mr. S: If you’ll look at all the places where terror attacks like this have taken place much and perhaps most of the killing has been done with firearms. That holds true from Beslan to Mumbai to Mali and all points in between.

      Numerous attempts have been thwarted in Israel by armed citizens and a couple apparently involved explosive vests. No, obviously, it’s no guarantee of success and nobody says it is. It is a big improvement over what you are proposing which seems to be hopeless death.

      This incident and all the others offer evidence that the folks that carry them out are not the superbly trained suicidal assassins they are frequently held up to be


    2. @Secundius.
      I have to agree with you. There are many ccw’s that have training, and may have been able to do something. Their are many,many more that are not trained and would either sit there and crap themselves or go off guns a blazing. These terrorists are ready to die. I can’t believe that any of them thought they would get out alive. They don’t strap on explosive vests thinking they will survive that. They will not run after the 1st pop of return gun fire. They want their virgins.

  179. You may have heard the phrase they can “take my gun from my cold dead hands” That the life I live. I will die by it as well. I served my country where as all Obama has ever done is TAKE from it. Today we have too many TAKERS and not enough GIVERS>

    1. Secund, you’re so focused on the self immolating bomb vests. The terrorists also used AK 47s to shoot, kill and wound hundreds of people. I guess you’re admitting defeat on the suicide bombers, and totally giving up on the AK 47 shooters. You lost your situational awareness on your single minded focus on the bombs.

  180. I can not speak for everyone, I am a CCW and carry every day, If and when we are attacked on American soil I would think that every CCW should react to protect themselves and others that are in harms way, isn’t it why we decided to carry concealed so no one would know we are. I also believe if law enforcement is not there to protect the innocent then we as CCW should do to the best we possibly can even if that means you may lay your life for another.

    1. @ Grim Reaper.

      And what would you have done, SIR? Slap a Velcro Patch on your Back with the Banner “CCW”. To let Police know you were one of the GOOD GUY’S…

  181. I can’t say whether someone with a pistol would have stopped them. But, I am certain he or she would have made one hell of a difference.

    1. Yes. Terrorists are human, and would have reacted to the return fire like anyone would – duck, seek cover, fire wildly, run. The return fire would disrupt the calm, slow, aimed fire, and turned the tables on them, alliwing m I re people to escape and survive.

  182. Very rare to find a concealed carry here in NJ. But yes, I believe it would have changed the outcome in Paris as it would in any of these recent shootings. And not so amazingly the European Commission and our President want more stringent gun control. Absolutely the most asinine thing I have heard of. Why don’t they just go to the next ISIS Board Meeting or street gang get together and tell them to turn in their weapons

  183. Trump definitely nailed it, had those citizens had guns it would still be many of the people killed walking around and being thankful for being able to protect themselves. Gun laws are in place to allow the government more control of the populations in the cities, states and countries where these laws are enacted. Guns are good people are bad, if someone starts mowing citizens down with cars are we going to have car control, no the people mowing citizens down with cars will be punished. That’s the way it should be, taking the bad people from behind the wheel, then do the same for guns.

  184. I agree with Mr. Trump. When you are unarmed, you are at the mercy of the bad guys – and they usually have no mercy. Instead of cowering in a corner or under a table hoping that the bad guy doesn’t notice you, you need to go on the offensive. You’re probably going to be shot, or killed, so you might as well go out on your feet. As a retired military cop, I have total respect for the law but remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  185. Wolves are the same whether two legs or four. They hunt where targets are easiest and harm to them comes last. Schools are good to have laws prohibiting weapons, but it’s also a target rich environment for bad guys.
    This we now TOO well.
    Might Paris be the same? We’ll never know.
    But the crime rate stats sure do favor the areas where legal ownership is held in high esteem. The exact reverse is true of the locations where the laws are the most strict. PLUS: the laws are almost 100% against the law abiding people anyway!! The criminals don’t care, period!!!
    It’s back to the wolf theory!!

  186. My first point is this: No one with any degree of intelligence can say that citizens being armed that day would have for sure saved lives. Second point: legally armed citizens would have had a CHANCE to make a difference. Third point: Disarming law abiding citizens does NOT keep guns out of the hands of the criminals. PERIOD

  187. I’m sure the outcome would have been different if that occurred in America… But who knows how it could have ended had it happened in a “gun free zone”… I have CCW but respect gun free zones with trepidation… Your guess…

  188. I believe that all gun owners who are willing should be vetted by the government then trained by the government in anti terrorist tactics then given a full carry permit. Americans need to stop the denial and realize that we are at war!

    After WW2 when the Japanese surrendered they were asked why they never invaded the California cost, There reply was that there would be an American hiding behind every blade of grass with a firearm. We are our countries best defense. So why are they trying to disarm us?

    In Switzerland every able citizen is trained and given a military rifle and ammunition that they keep in a locker at home.

  189. I understand now that I have but a single purpose for my existence, and that is to ensure the success of my family no matter how great or minor. I am willing lay down my life for their survival, but I won’t lay down without an all American pit bull level of fight. Animals are the most dangerous when they can’t run away.

  190. Would that many Jewish people perished at the hands of the Nazi If they would have been armed?Maybe the Jewish people don’t believe in Guns, but if they would have been armed? Why didn’t the Japanese come on in the west coast and try to take over the U.S.? To many house holds had guns? We going to set here and let our Government take our guns, because the bad guys will turn their guns in also. Who really believes that? If I were carrying at the time the attack happened, fine cover return fire. I believe that any one with known mental problems should not be allowed a gun, another can of worms, whose mentally stable and who isn’t, We all need to protect what is rightfully ours and our families.. God Bless our troops and God Bless America

  191. It wouldn’t have helped. This attack happened at a concert. No firearms are allowed in a music venue, concealed or otherwise. As terrible as this was, I would hate to think what would happen on a regular basis if weapons were allowed in an environment where there is so much alcohol (possibly drugs also) present.

    1. Attack also happened at a restaurant..the video shows automatic fire from outside that reached the ceiling near the camera, and the killer’s gun jamming on a point blank shot, allowing two women to escape. This suggests undisciplined automatic fire, and inexperienced clearing of a jammed rifle. Not quite the perfectly trained, totally professional terrorist killers they would like to project. At the restsurant, at least, there was a suggestion that a CCW handgun had an opening capability to effect a change in the terrorist’s plans.

  192. I can’t believe a person who carries would hesitate to take out a bad guy who is killing innocent people. If so they need an attitude adjustment.

  193. If only one person in the concert venue had a firearm it would have altered the whole outcome. As soon as the first shot is fired back at the terrorist their whole objective would change. All os a sudden they would become most concerned with who is shooting at them and having to tak cover. This would permit many many more potential victims the opportunity to evacuate. This is how guns save lives.

    1. Agree. Most comments forget how return fire affects the terrorists, who went in expecting NO RETURN FIRE. As the saying goes, ‘All plans are out the window with the first shot.’ Disrupting the terrorists’ well laid and executed plans, even for a moment, allows more people the opportunity to escape, or, if armed, to join in returning fire, further complicating the simplistic and probably rigid plans the terrorists practiced.

  194. These people only attack un armed people, if someone pulled a gun on them they would crap their pants, They only murder unarmed civilians.

  195. If I was carrying when something happened like that and I could get an opening , I would not have a problem shooting the terrorists. Life is precious , and the fact that Islamists don’t value our lives , I don’t value theirs.

  196. I hold these truths to be self-evident: Bad guys will get guns. Bad guys will attack soft targets. Bad guys will win unless good guys step up and defend themselves. God Bless our Police, but generally they react to a situation that is already too far underway. I refuse to be a victim without a fight. I will not bring a knife to a gunfight.

  197. I’m a CCW and would have defended anything or anyone I could have. My fear would be the reprucussions of the law after shooting in a public place and discharging a weapon in public.

  198. just like PRESIDENT TRUMP to be said always bad guys or girls has guns an good ones don’t even have a rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. In ww 1 there was Zimmermann report.The Germans tried to get old Mexico to engage the US at the border states to try to keep them out of the war in Europe. The Mexicans reply- ,No the Americans are armed.Think about it.

    1. @ Tim.

      The Report was TRUE, But keeping the Mexican Army out of the USA? Get REAL, There were LARGE Segments of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California. They could have Come Through. The Size of the US Army, before WW1 was roughly 200,000 and about 1/3 of that were in the Philippines. And the Air Force (aka Army Air Observation Corp) VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT…

  200. “HOWEVER: I am not prepared to trade my life for that of a perfect stranger. PERIOD. ”
    “It is fight or flight. I agree, if you are not willing to shoot back, don’t carry”
    Just a couple of quotes from the comments above.
    Personally I think that the first quote is not what most people would say or would like to hear but is where many of us stand, I am not a police officer and it is not my place to defend a perfect stranger. Again, we are blessed to live in a country that allows you to defend yourself with a fire arm if someone makes the decision not to prepare to defend him/herself why should I put my life in the line for them. On the second quote , just because I carry a defensive tool (as I call it) does not mean that I will put my life up for grabs for anyone, most of us carry to defend ourselves and protect our love ones, for my love ones and myself I am willing to put myself in harms way and not only that, as beautiful as our country is ,when we shoot our weapons there is a s….t load of legal repercussions that will follow, so I will carry and I WILL CHOOSE when to shoot…..this is just my 2 cents on the matter do not dislike me for it.

    1. I took the CCW class and carry as often and as legally as I can. I did it to protect, first of all, myself, then my loved ones, and thirdly, anyone within the vicinity of the deadly threat that I find myself. If I am in mortal danger in an enclosed space, everyone else in that room is also in mortal danger and action is a given to po rotect myself and everyone else in that room. By exercising self defense, I am also exercising defending others in my vicinity.

  201. Hey On a personal note I would not think one lone concealed carry would have made much difference when we are speaking in terms of a lot of gun wealding terrorist yes one lone conceal carry individual in paris might have potentially mad a dent or stopped some of the attack meaning there might not have been as many individuals killed and some of the terrorist could have been included in the death toll other than the bombers, Now if your talking about conceal carry individuals who were carring semi automatic rifles and knew how to effectively lay surpressing fire and make ever shot count then yes I think it would have made a big difference, in the incident. but only in that way. I think it could have mde a difference if law abiding citizens were allowed to conceal carry in paris and other countries. Lets take a look at Austraila, until they had all of their weapons collected the country was pretty much stable now there happens to be far less law enforcement and mnore crime against innocent civilians. We can take a look at an incident that Happen in the Killeen, Temple, Texas area, where a balck male had been stealing purses from elderly women a woman took out her fire arm and shot at the criminal and completely missed him So there is no telling were the actual round went and hit which could have been hazardous for some other innocent individual. So if your going to concela carry you need to be proficent with shot placement other wise why carry if you can not hit a target that is no more than 10 feet in front of you. your not going to be much good to yourself or anyone else and create problems for the community as well as place them in danger due to the fact that you can not shoot effectively.

  202. Ok, I’ll throw this out to those CCW holders , I know most would step in at some point, training involved just not shooting but seeing the big picture through your now narrowing field of vision deciding if and when to shoot and whom to shoot, the immediate threat to the largest amount of possible victims and try to remain concealed is best case sent up. Rarely happens, but that’s my response here in the USA, don’t care if it’s NYC or a Panera Bread in Jacksonville my Hr218 kind of gives me a leg up on the legal side of things, but I’m fully ready after winning the gunfight to be cuffed and stuffed so to speak no matter what, till the LE folks figure out if I was in the right 110%. Last question to all Americans today , would you as if today vacation anywhere in Europe in the next 6 months or so ??? I’m suppose to be Rome in April , no guns , knifes or any other weapons allowed for me anyways over there . Being in s mind set of my so called White Knight mind sight I’d probably still try to do something like those really brave guys on the French train a few months back . But is my life and my family’s lives worth loosing all our paid for airfare over being in s bad place at a bad time??? I would love some feedback posted here sort of as a second opinion so to speak…
    Remember …Stay low and move fast !!

  203. There is an old saying, “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” Well, there should be another saying, if there isn’t already, “Don’t bring a pistol to a rifle fight”. Unless Parisians were carrying rifles, they probably couldn’t have done much. A pistol would have been better than nothing, but how much better? Nothing would have been much of a protection against suicide bombers.

    1. Something is always better than nothing. Pistol fire is nothing to scoff at, no matter the caliber. Terrorists, being human, would also feel the adrenaline flow, the fight or flight response, the need to seek cover, the shoot blindly while seeking cover, etc. Having said that, rifle fire is more effective than handgun fire, esp if the rifle is full auto capable of suppressive fire from a disciplined, in control shooter. Remember though in the video of the restaurant shooting, how automatic fire was high, almost to the ceiling where the camera was. That shooter was not a disciplined, in control shooter, and a CCW with a handgun could have returned fire causing the panicked terrorist to turn tail and run. Remember, too, they were expecting NO RETURN FIRE. Had they experienced return fire, even from one handgun, their calm would been disrupted. The phrase, ‘In war, the best laid plans go out the window with the first shot,’ also applies to terrorists.

  204. If I was with my family, I would go into defensive mode with a raised alert level, all efforts would be to defend them. I served in the armed forces and if a person has never been involved in a live fire fight, they really do not know what happens to the mind. Talking about it is one thing. Doing it and being engaged is an entirely different matter. I was raised by a Marine DI. He taught us (my brothers and I) the different alert levels and to watch the hands of the shooter. He also taught us firearm discipline and proper trigger restraint. Muzzles always pointed down range and shoot to kill if at level orange and red. Trigger restraint at level yellow and knowing when to clutch is imperative.

  205. With 24 years in law enforcement I have come to the conclusion that bad people do bad things only when they think they can get away with their evil.

    Just think that if everyone was caring at that Paris concert, would they have been attacked?

    My definition of a gun free zone is anyplace I am not.

  206. There is no gun law that will stop what happened in Paris or mass murders anywhere else.Only law abiding citizens will be the ones punished. I feel I have the right to at least protect myself and family and not become a defenseless target for some fanatical religion or from from a mentally ill person that should not of had access to a gun of any type. But no these gun grabbers want to sue the gun manufacture when in reality it should be the patients Doctor that should be sued or put out of business. He is responsible for giving out drugs.

  207. This is my opinion as a retired Marine. Just having the tools although a good start is not enough. As every military person knows when the fecal matters hits the rotating oscillator you fall back on your training. Don’t get me wrong, having armed citizens would have made a difference, certainly. The level of training civilians do on their own would make all the difference in the world. So yes arm yourselves, but let’s not deceive ourselves that just having a sidearm is enough. I am overjoyed at the surge in gun ownership in America since 2008. However I notice new gun owners at the range that have difficultly hitting paper, let alone making hits that would make a difference at seven yards. Become a gun owner and a daily armed citizen but don’t stop there. Seek training, it will make all the difference in the world.

  208. I carry a Springfield XD 9 mm concealed/open depending on where I am.I know that I would be woefully out gunned by any assault rifle. However I also know that returned fire will surprise and disrupt the shooter. I am both military and civilian trained and practice frequently for active shooter incidents. I would definitely find cover or at least concealment and return fire for the reason stated above and possibly save a live or two by drawing fire. Always be alert and prepared(physically and mentally) and if you have to shoot shoot lower center mass or head.

  209. When that scout went to Paris to check out possible killing zones for his fellow murders, I noticed that he didn’t pick a police or army barrack or the seat of government of the Eiffel Tower.

  210. It is a NATURAL right to be able to defend yourself by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY. Any government that infringes on a natural unalienable right is a criminal government. And needs to have consent withdrawn by the people of that country or location. Just because they call it a “law” it is only an EDICT by men. A LAW is based on the laws of nature and natures creator. Such as gravity. The instinct of survival is built into every creature alive. Which makes it a natural law to keep and bear arms for your defense.

  211. I often carry when allowed. I’ve trained at Gunsite. Of course armed trained civilians would have made a difference. Would people have died ? Probably. At least one would have had a fighting chance. To disarm law abiding citizens is abhorrent and UNAMERICAN. The democrats are sniffing fairy fart dust and riding unicorns. Any gun owner who votes democrat is smoking strange weed. IMHO ????

  212. Point being that it would have been a different outcome no matter what. Even a small amount of return fire would have possibly caused the bastard cowards to run premature. Maybe not avoided the scenario but altered the outcome none the less. This cannot be taught with rules and regulations. The fight must be brought to them in the same or more severe gorilla method! You can’t exterminate roaches by stepping on them one at a time.

  213. Trump hit the nail on the head. I carry and will drop as many scum as I can if this happens in my vicinity. Yes indeed, I will give my life. What happened to the America that existed in 1941? My dad joined the Navy and almost gave his life defending people he never met, all in the name of an ideal called FREEDOM. Is that notion dead? Not in my family! You come to America and try to destroy our way of life, you are fair game in my eyes. I will take you down or you will take me down, but you will know that WE FIGHT BACK.

  214. I think about the woman laying in front of the cafe when one of the gunmen walked up to her, pointed his AK point blank at her head and pulled the trigger 3 times. By the grace of God his AK misfired. If I were in her place would I just lay there and let him shoot me in the head or give him the opportunity to clear or reload his weapon? Absolutely not! I would fight for my life any way I could. I’m a vet and have firearm training and I have carried my personal firearm for many years without ever having to pull it from the holster. But, if necessary, I would not hesitate to pull it and use it in the defense of my life or those around me. I practice often, been thru stressful situations under fire, so I’m confident I will hit what I shoot at if it ever becomes necessary. I think terrorist choose easy targets and because Paris is a gun free zone they were an easy target. In the state I live in it seems everyone is armed so we are not easy victims.

  215. Mr. Trump is absolutely correct. Historicly, controlling weapons has always been about tyrants like Nero,Ivan the Terrible, King George,Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler ,and Obama being afraid of an armed population that might revolt., Not public safety.

    1. @ Malcolm Riggs, M.D.

      Are you REALLY THAT “DAFT”, SIR. How do you think the “ACA” Got Funded? If you’re guessing Executive Order, your 100% WRONG. The ACA was funded in the SAME YEAR, Obama became President in his FIRST TERM in 2009. The ACA passed the House in 8 October 2009 with a 416 to “ZERO” VOTE, 257 Democrats and 159 Republicans. It passed the Senate in 24 December 2009, with a 60 to 39 VOTE. Again Republicans vote for it. The ACA was buried in House Bill HR. 3511, more Commonly Known as the “National Scenic Trails Parity Act of 2009. GUN LAW’s get Passed by BOTH House of Representatives and the US Senate, EVERYDAY just by Burying them in other BILL’s. Then you Republican Congress Man can go on TV and Make the Claim that they DIDN’T VOTE FOR IT. It’s Very EASY to do, just have a Sealed Closed Door Vote with NO NAME’s “RECORDED”…

  216. Gun control laws do nothing but create places where criminals and those with ill intents can go nuts on innocent people. Paris is a prime example of this. If the federal government wants my guns they will have to go trough a wall of lead to get them.

  217. Sorry, what ever the Government said…but without guns we are a dead duck under criminal hand.
    I still grateful with the law enforcement but looks at the
    fact that when they came is to put up the yellow tape and the body bag(bags).
    To make it simple TRUMP is dead lock for what he said.

  218. Maybe. But instead of contemplating whether carry in Paris would have changed the situation as it unfolded, maybe a better question is whether it might have prevented the situation altogether. Your house doesn’t have to be impenetrable to prevent a break in; it just needs to be more secure than other houses in the neighborhood. Likewise, the likelihood of a similar attack in a city / state which allows legal carry by law abiding citizens is much less likely than in Paris, New York or Washington DC. Not impossible…..just less likely because it’s a harder target.

  219. The possibility exist that firing on a total stranger, in this case a terrorist, can save your own life. Run and hide is the liberal gun hating way of dealing with the situation. I’d rather die FACING my enemy than be shot in the back trying to hide.

  220. I live in TX, but most of my family is from Minnesota.
    There are a lot of differences between those two states, both geographically and culturally. One thing that ties us together is our love for the second amendment. The “gun culture” thrives in these areas, and hunting is even more popular in MN than TX.
    Being surrounded by guns my entire life i have learned that guns are tools used, amongst other things, importantly for defense of yourself and your fellow man.
    We must be ready to use all the tools at our disposal to fight people who are trying to spread mass chaos and pain, whoever they are. As a young man with kids i realise that my own life is not as important as those around me. As man and as Americans it is our duty to defend the weak.
    People say that most people find the idea of killing another man to be abhorrent. I wonder how many of those people have been shot at. I have been shot at on 3 occasions, and i have defended myself from a home invader without having a gun (my little league bat when i was a teen).
    I gotta tell you that a world without guns is a scary place, you dont EVER want to defend yourself with a knife or club.
    And having experienced what its like to be under attack before, i gottta say.That its not much of a decision for me what id be doing if under fire, and if innocent STRANGERS were being hurt. Id gladly lay down my life for someone i never met, and if you are shooting at me, just know that im shooting back. To kill. Hurting another person can be hard to do, but faced with a situation like that of paris, it shouldnt be so much of a decision.
    Our rights are there to defend tyranny, do not run, do not shy away from it!

    Its not as hard as people think.
    Anyone who would not defend themselves and other with a firearm, you have no right to carry them.
    Anyone who runs away while ppl are dying should move to France.
    Cowardace is a lot harder to live with than killing someone.

    The greatest evil of the world is the indifference of good men.

  221. It is true, I believe, that one must be mentally prepared to use the firearm to truly be “armed.” More significantly, that decision has to made in advance of actual combat. You have decide before you carry the weapon that you are willing to use it. You will not be physically or emotionally equipped to make a quality decision once the conflict starts. We should train our muscle memory and train our mind well in advance of carrying a weapon.

  222. Your question was “Is Trump right—would a lone concealed carrier at one of the venues have been able to stop teams of gunmen in Paris?” A lone conceal carrier……, that’s even a hard question to answer as there are too many variables with the situation as I even know it. But to that point, that is not what he said….he said that if they had guns….meaning more than one, I think he meant the public at large, not a single person. You seem to set the question as if it were a democratic poll taker.
    Back to the tragedy in Paris, there are too many variables to answer that question specifically. This was Paris they have there rules and though I do not agree with them it is there country not mine and the public there lives as they choose. As for here, at least where I live, conceal carry is extremely common place and tragedies that have taken place in my state seem to always be in gun free zones. Look at the Theater shooting in CO, during that idiots trial he indicated one reason he picked that specific theater was it had signs prohibiting guns inside, look it up it is in the trial transcript. People want to depend on police for their personal protection, I want to make something perfectly clear, as awesome as most police officers, sheriff deputies etc are, they have no constitutional duty to protect a person here in the United States, ……..yes ….you heard that right and it was upheld in the U.S. by the Supreme Court.. just google the following and read it yourself: “Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone” So who are you going to depend on to protect yourself and your family???? back to the specific question asked….a lone conceal carry person? probably not, but who is to say…..and armed public at large, absolutely it would have made a difference.

  223. The fact that most, if not all these attacks happen in gun free areas should show that terrorists prefer soft targets. An armed populace does not mean that any one attack will be stopped by a single CCW holder, but that the target population is no longer an easy target.

  224. Let us not forget that the terrorists came to kill, with gunfire or their suicide vests. They do not think like you. They do not have your goals or your value system. Further, even if they know your values, they mean nothing to them. Their philosophy might as well be something like “I don’t mind and you do not matter”.
    Their goal was as many casualties as they could inflict and that would lead to a reward in heaven, all those virgins and so forth. Success for them is a high body count and a low body count is failure. We do not see things that way and do not even understand how they think. But, when the bullets fly, or the IED goes off, just what does what you think, or feel, really matter? What difference does it make that we do not understand how they think?

    They probably are highly motivated and feel that they have nothing to lose. Further, many of them expect to die and if they are going to die in the service of their concept of God, in their mind, so much the better. It is not about their lives. It is about how many they can kill of the infidels.

    Given a mindset like that, you are not going to talk them out of it, or appeal to their softer side. They are there to kill as many as they can, plain and simple. If you meet them with any less determination, they win and you lose.

    It seems that fair too many people either fail to understand that idea, or just cannot imagine that anyone would think like that. But, recent history should prove, categorically, that is exactly how they think. Since we are not going to change their minds or argue them out of their intended acts, that leaves two possible other alternatives. Die quietly like the good little Christians, or pacifists, or whatever. The other alternative is to take whatever action you could and , if armed, do your best to kill them before they kill you. I am in the second group.

    Early in high school, I was bused from a rural area to an inner city school to achieve racial integration. My first year, I was hospitalized 3 times before the Thanksgiving break. Do you know what it is like to be on the ground and be kicked by 7 or 8 large black thugs into unconsciousness? Do you know what it is like to have lighted cigarettes put out on your stomach or your arms while 5 or 6 hold you and laugh? Want to see my scars? Some 53 years later, the scars are still there.

    After that, I learned, joined a low life game, and we went everywhere together. Did not go to the hospital again. Yes, we had a few fights but we tried to make those fights as unfair as we possibly could and the word got out that attacking one of us meant being on the wrong side of all of us. It was basic survival and it worked. As long as I went dressed in chinos and penny loafers with a Hathaway like shirt, I was a target. When I put on jeans, a leather jacket, wore engineer boots, carried a couple knives and a sap made out of rebar, a rag and electrician’s tape, and was fully prepared to use it and there was no doubt about that, I was left alone. Fear and consequences were what they understood. Anything less put you back into the victim status.

    Today, my knives and rebar sap have been traded for a 1911 high cap .45 ACP with +P hollow points and a couple extra magazines. I have never shot anyone, and never had a reason to do so, but there is no doubt in my mind, I would if faced with a dangerous threat intent on hurting/killing me. I have been a victim and learned that being the aggressor, or defender, is much better than the victim.

    Besides, you are merely helping their get what they want. Martyrdom. So, why not? I should die so they can live longer, hurt more people and so forth before they get their just reward? Why? Does that make any sense.

    Yes, I have a gun. Yes, I train. Yes, if someone threatens my life, if they hesitate, I will not. I have killed enough deer, several bear, an untold number of squirrels, pheasants, grouse and more than few varmints to believe I could shoot to kill on anyone threatening me or my family.. I have seen the light of life leave the eyes of deer as they died. I do not delight in the feeling but I have seen it and have reconciled to it being necessary under certain circumstances.
    I do not think that I would feel terribly bad about it either. We ate the deer and other game animals and the varmints were destroying, or might destroy, valuable property. I do not think I would lose sleep over it. I did not later in high school when we taught a few lessons to those who challenged or threatened us. It seemed like the right thing to do. Further, when society fails or refuses to honor the compact to protect its citizenry, then the citizenry have the right and obligation to take care of themselves. The authorities never protected us in high school, just told us we had to do the best we could to get along because we were privileged and they were not. That bullspit flew until I went to the hospital and all my sympathy for the underprivileged went right out the window. Their lack of privilege was no excuse for them( 7 or 8 of them) beating me like a drum, with their fists and their feet. It was never one on one. They only struck when they had 5 or more and you were alone.

    Same with the terrorists. They are not looking for an equal fight. They want surprise and the advantage that superior firepower gives and so they choose venues where lots of infidels gather to relax and enjoy a diversion and where they are required to be unarmed. Like airliners, like concerts, like malls, like restaurants. Never like armed troops on maneuvers with live ammo.

    Why is it necessary to analyze at length how you are going to respond? When you become aware of the threat and it seem real, like shots fired, isn’t the only response to locate the threat and neutralize it? And yes, that is just a polite way of saying “try to kill the jerks before they kill you.” As Jeff Cooper said when documenting the origin of the Vietnam era phrase: “kill’em all and let God sort them out”, it is up to God to determine the right and the wrong of it. It is up to you to try to live and survive, and triumph over their actions against you. Fundamentally, what more is there to it?

  225. As a father, grandfather, and husband, I am perfectly willing to lay down my life for my family. As a civilian with a CCW permit and training, I might have been able to save family members from the terrorist butchers…at the expense of losing my life. So be it. That’s why we get paid the big bucks!
    HOWEVER: I am not prepared to trade my life for that of a perfect stranger. PERIOD. If I thought that drawing my weapon would result in my immediate death, I would not do so until safely behind something that would stop a 7.62×39 AP round. While scurrying around to find cover, people were being shot, so be it. I am not responsible for their protection.

    1. As a trained former Naval Aviator (getting up in the years), my instincts are to engage, just as those of the three American hero’s on the train in France. I would do what I could to protect or save your life. I hope you would do the same for me…..that is what makes us Americans different. I hope you rethink your position on this. By engaging, the life you save may be your own, as you may be targeted while trying to find cover instead of neutralizing the threat to you.

    2. Agreed.

      Just know that bullies target the most vulnerable so carrying is a deterrent. But completely agree with your assessment

  226. Although I do not conceal carry, I believe that if I did carry and I was in that situation of chaos and feared for my life, I would probably look for safety and then defend myself. I also believe that anyone who does conceal carry should train constantly to keep their skills sharp. I believe that I would shoot.

    It is fight or flight. I agree, if you are not willing to shoot back, don’t carry.

    Actually, I fear some zealous government/private lawyer causing harm to me at some later date.

    If someone does start shooting back at the terrorists, they would have to take a defensive position instead of offensive. They would be caught off guard and the scenario changes.

    As for the suicide bombers, nothing can stop that. not even open carry.

  227. The fact is; carrying a firearm and even knowing how to use it doesn’t make you armed. Being able to use it when require by need, makes you armed. People can say that in circumstances or active shooters, they would shoot back, but could they? Regardless of circumstances, most people will hesitate to fire on another person. No matter how ‘macho’ and Rambo-esque, you think yourself, taking a life is abhorant to most decent people. Only those that are mentally prepared to take a human life,every-time you carry a firearm, can and will act decisively and return fire. Point being; unless you can act without hesitation or remorse, you should not carry a firearm. Someday, by doing so, you may be forced into a situation that you are not mentally prepared to contend with.

    1. @DarkAngel,
      This is america .Most have grown up around firearms especially in the southern and western states in the case of 2 men or women shooting at people with 0 regard for human life i again say the will to survive and the fact that as americans we will defend ourselves as we always have there is no ? i would fire and try or die trying to stop them .Most all ccw holders now a days have the common sense to practice with their firearms and get training on how to use them and in most ccw states when they go to apply for that ccw permit . That does not count the many many thousands of us veterans that have had to take life or served during peacetime they are trained to use them .No one wants to die in a shootout but let 2 or 3 people kill at that level? i think most americans would feel same and not hesitate to take cover and take them out or at least try to or die before watching it happen only in gun free zones here do they ever get away with it and even then not on that large a scale .That is why we hold our 2nd amendement in such high regards and fight all so called gun control at all times. Even on 9-11 2001 was it not americans on flight 93 said NO MORE will die today that is not on this flight on American soil .GOD BLESS AMERICA -MOLON LABE That i think is just fact and i will carry till death and die before i let that happen here if i can do anything to stop it. I think now that we live in the world we do most all Americans feel the same unless they are liberal idiots.JMHO

    2. @ Damian

      I disagree, Most American’s grew up watching Television with people on it WITH GUNS. I didn’t even get to Feel the Contours of a REAL GUN until I got Drafted in the ’60’s.

    3. Relevant point, I agree however, there are tens of thousands of Americans who deal with violent trauma and deadley diseases dailey; RN, MD, and like me RT/ x-ray tech whom I believe are mentally capable, if trained! I have been knocked across the x-ray room 3 times at a 500 bed county hospital. I was never hurt, tightened stomach muscles situationally aware of risks! I have had firearm training and I conceal carry. I will put my life on the line, to save another,as many of us have done! God willing, he will give me the strength, should it be required, amen.

    4. None of these mass murderers at schools and theatres here in the US and the club in Paris are attacking people with weapons! They don’t attack police stations or Embassy’s, etc. It’s where they know people aren’t armed. Trump is right with 1 qualification; one has to be ready to defend themselves if they choose to carry a firearm. Carrying isn’t enough!

    5. Certainly no one wants to kill another. First you asked the question amiss. You asked if a lone concealed carry. You would not be alone, ever. There is always more than one. Yes you carry first for you and your families protection. If there is someone randomly shooting, why would you not shoot them? Don’t be stupid, you would drop them, as fast as possible. Thus protect yourself and the public. What kind of idiot says, I don’t get paid to protect the public. This person needs not to carry in the first place.

    6. WRONG – Even though I am a strong advocate of training , recurrent training and stress training just the appearance of a gun is going to upset the shooter. In the case of the shooters coming out of mother’s basement here in the US there have been several examples where just the sight of an armed citizen has cause them to stop and flee or seek a better position.

      I have gone through two home invasion assaults where the threat of a gun has sent the armed invaders running. One was simply yelling for X to get the shotgun and the other was two dirtbags coming through the door when the heard the click of the magazine sliding home and beat feet like roadrunners.

      The Paris shooters were probably better trained but still not ready to go from offense to defense. Many of the middle eastern recruits are more of the spray and pray warriors.

    7. Wtshtf we’ll see who has the will, and who will become active when they see their loved ones threatened. Pray that each has a weapon handy.

    8. I would like to start off by saying that this opinion is not meant as any kind of slight. I too am a Vet and Carry. Not for any reasons of Machismo or Bravado. There are a lot of vets that took an oath. While that oath does not extend to people of other nations that are not citizens of our country. It does tend to engrain itself as a mindset that applies to any innocent.
      I’m not particularly religious but I do believe that John 15:13 is true. “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends”. To say that taking a life is “abhorrent” to most “Decent” People is slightly misguided. When someone is threatening the life of a defenseless person, there are those of us that have no choice but to react with the amount of force necessary to accomplish an end that is favorable to the innocent. I am a father and have plenty to stick around for. I do not see that intervening in a potentially deadly situation will absolutely result in my death.
      It is just in my nature to do SOMETHING, and not hide. Its unfortunate that 2 gunmen could do so much damage against so many people. Even unarmed, If some had a selfless mentality and rushed the gunmen the loss of life would have been much less.

    9. At the first shot and first sight of a bloody innocent victim, most any person born & raised in America, trained or not would feel such a righteous indignation, they would use any weapons available to defend the innocent. Most Americans do not have a sheep mentality. Guilt at taking a terrorist or murders life may come later, but defense of the innocent should win out, not cowering! As a CHL holder I hope not to ever have to fire my weapon, but I will in defense of my family or the innocent. Will you? Are you prepared? Will you do that after you witness murder or will it be too late for you or your loved ones after?

  228. Let’s not forget that large concert venues are no-carry zones. Even if they were allowed to carry and protect themselves, they wouldn’t have been able to in this venue. The answer to stopping terrorism in this sense is to not only allow the populous to be armed, but to also carry into reasonable locations. Schools, hospitals, large events all NEED to be carry zones. These are the soft, easy targets where these cowards know they will inflict maximum damage with minimum resistance. They are delusional. You’re not at war when you’re battling unarmed civilians.

    Allow ALL law-abiding citizens to carry in ALL locations. Then, see what happens when even a handful of armed concert goers send a barrage of bullets towards these cowards. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

    Stay smart out there.

    1. I believe the question was, would having CCW make a difference? Theoretically, the answer would have to be a resounding, YES! Terrorists were free to shoot and not worry about return fire. They were able to shoot slow, deliberate, aimed fire. A CCW firing back would have disrupted their calm, increased their adrenaline flow, fire wildly, caused them to seek cover, move faster than they actually did. All these stressors would have allowed more people to escape, even if the terrorist wasn’t hit, killed or injured.

  229. There would deff had been less killed if the people of paris were allowed to carry or own firearms .As 1 has mentioned on this thread imagine being in the hood that was raided and gunfire and explosions going off all around them and they were 100% defenseless .The main reason the admiral of the imperial japanese fleet in WW2 said to his emporer after pearl harbor .And i quote yamamoto himself .TO INVADE THE USA MAINLAND WOULD BE SUICIDE .THERE WILL BE A RIFLE BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS IT CANNOT BE DONE. the Swiss as well never get attacked or invaded because all have a firearm and their crime rate is amost 0 on violent crime due to they all have a firearm and know how to use it . It only would have taken a few armed parisians to take out 8 shooters the alternative was over 125 dead and over 300 wounded i think the europeans will be rethinking their gun laws soon as more attacks come or they will continue to be murdered that could never happen here there are just too many ccw holders and guns in the hands of law abiding citizens and as always France has very strict gun laws HOWEVER , that did nothing to keep the multiple FULL AUTO AK rifles ,grenades and explosives out of paris did it? I rest my case on this 1 of course it would have made a diff would some be scarecd? of course as a combat vet you are always scared but when dying is the only other choice you overcome that and the will to survive comes to surface many many less would have been killed had they been allowed to have private firearms .There is no arguement here it is common sense .

    1. What’s sad is the EU is considering imposing gun laws that are stricter across the EU in response to this, the first time the EU government has been involved in firearms to any significant extent

    2. London police are reported to have asked the public to turn in any guns still in private hands. The article included a picture of two London policemen carrying sub machine guns. What kind of unreasoning mentality would disarm the public while the police are so heavily armed against a terrorist threat? Crazy thinking that will only lead to more civilian deaths.

  230. It’s also pathetic to think that when the raid went down in Paris (yesterday or the day before) to take out some of the perps in their apartment it involved shooting and an explosion when the female blew herself up. There were a lot of terrified French citizens huddled in their apartments without guns to defend themselves with in the event any of the terrorists had gotten away long enough to charge into someone’s home and take a few more victims with them. In our home, and probably all of yours, if we had heard that going on, we would have been ready to mount one heck of a defense if anyone tried to get in. Europe’s socialist attitude and insane gun control laws have made them ripe for the picking by the Muslims.

  231. Wayne La Pierre said it best: One good guy with a gun is the best defense against a bad guy with a gun.
    It would have made a difference………..

    1. Well ask yourself one question. Would you rather be carried by six men deffending the sheep…or judged by twelve sheep for killing a wolf. I will take the twelve.

  232. Hard to tell. A lot depends on how many armed individuals were present, how well they are trained and how quickly they could react. However the fact t hat NO ONE was armed and able to resist argues the point that some resistance is better than nothing.

  233. A well-trained and well-armed private citizen can be quite effective in this type scenario, though it is unlikely he/she would survive the event. Devastating counterattack with maximum violence is a good recipe, and could save many lives. What else is there to do?

  234. In southeast Asia I was only allow to carry a 1911 with two extra magazines, later I would carry 4 to 6 extra magazines and in my first aid pouch the one with the red cross logo on it, I would fill that bag on my web belt with loose rounds to use to reload my magazines later. And I was told if it ever got that bad in a fire fight I could always pick up one off the ground a M 16 and use it. I escorted NVA Prisoners back to the fire base’s. Just to be question and then shot in the head by an officer. You can do a lot with a 1911

  235. A country armed is the best deterrent to what happened in Paris. It is a known fact: Germany did not invade Switzerland because the vast majority of Swiss are armed, and England relaxed its gun ban, allowing citizens to arm, and thousands of Americans responded to requests to send weapons to England during World War II.
    Thank God for the 2nd Amendment; also this is another example of Donald Trump being correct…AGAIN!

    1. I have three WW2 era Swiss K31 rifles. All three are masterfully made, and superbly accurate. I understand Germany did not invade Schweiz because the Swiss had at least 300,000 marksmen/snipers instead of the normal soldier Germany had. The Swiss zeroed their rifles and qualified at 300 meters. It wasn’t too far fetched for many to shoot accurately out to 500 to 1,000 meters. The Germans would have had to traverse rough mountain terrain with a sniper at every bend. Something they weren’t prepared to do.

    2. @ Bert.

      The Swiss Money Laundered Nazi-German “Acquired” Jewish Gold, Art, and Priceless Occupied Art, for the Germans. ALL “Allied” B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, P-47 P-38, P-51 that were INTERNED in Switzerland, found there Way Back in German Hands. “MINT” Condition Aircraft’s in GERMAN Hands. Switzerland was “Neutral in Name Only”, in Reality they were German Allies…

  236. I believe that the terrorists and overall scum of the earth are opportunistic. These cowards are only going to prey on their subjects when they know they are going to succeed. If the fear of knowing there could be an equalizing factor potential, this scum most likely wouldn’t attempt their mission. Is it coincidental that these mass murderers around the world attack people in places where guns are not aloud? Common sense probably will never prevail but if we all played on a more equal ground, these murderers would change their approach.

  237. An armed citizen can almost always make a difference.

    North Carolina has a decent Concealed carry law, BUT, you can’t carry in a place where you pay admittance to attend, so would not have made a difference in a concert venue.

    That being said, these guys were not just spraying lead, they were walking around popping folks off one at a time. That being the case, individuals with concealed firearms could have probably have taken some of these guys out.

  238. Although the citizens of Paris were disarmed, a lone resistance with advanced weapon skills would have made a difference. If one looks at the videos the terrorist were moving and attacking in groups of two. They were an unexpected surprise on police and the citizens.

  239. Well I have two thoughts on the matter. If the terrorists knew that people might be their with their own guns it may have deterred them and if not perhaps those with guns would have had the opportunity to fight back without killing innocent people. It is hard to say not knowing the exact situations and venues involved.

  240. NO! It was a surprise attack. People were concentrating on the concert. Pandemonium resulted. People are not trained for that. However, it might have reduced the number of dead if some calm, level-headed people had guns. It certainly shouldn’t have been a gun-free zone. What is really needed at events like this in any country is armed security. People need to be cleared before entering much like they do at airports and trains. Look at the Americans who saved the train disaster. They didn’t have guns, but they were military men, and one was a combat infantry veteran. Some of these veterans whose health is cleared would make good security guards, or police added to our limited police forces. We have to put the money it would take into our security, and be careful about declaring gun-free zones.

    And, we have to stop that SoB “President”, and the idiots in congress from trying to take our guns away.

  241. Even if it had not made a significant difference the fact that one could exercise self defense and defense of others is the significant. In some small way it would have contributed to the saving of others.

  242. Of course the answer to this question of “Would Carry in Paris Have Made it ‘Much, Much Different” is Absolutely YES. The only question is to what degree? Right now we are left to “Wargame” out the scenario because we have no barometer of which we can measure (unless we use our U.S. CCW as the example).

    Think of it though in these terms–I believe, for example, they said there were around 120 in the Concert Hall when the murderers struck. Say just 10% of those in said audience were carrying; that averages out to be about 13 people that have the capacity to return fire against a fewer number of terrorists…? Again, it’s all conjecture as is the subject question in this thread but I for one firmly believe that the situation would have been advantageously effected if someone could have taken these monsters out…Even if the guys with “murder-vests” might have been rendered incapable of detonating if the recipient of a CNS hit. God Bless the victims and their families.

  243. I forgot to add to my previous post thaqt gun-free zones are defense-free zones. The only people who abide by signs are law-abiding. The bad guy doesn’t care what the law or sign says.

  244. Yes and no. There are many factors to consider: the concealed carry persons training (I am retired military, my concealed carry class made us show proficiency with numerous target acquisition and shooting proficiently with both the dominant eye/arm and non-dominant eye/arm), how often the person practices (I do two to center mass and one to the head; how I was trained in the military); the choice of weapon (do you carry a 9 mm, a .380, a .38, a .357 or as I do, a .45)’ and how the person reacts under stress of an active shooter situation (your heart rate will go up, perhaps double; your BP will increase; your respiratory rate may increase dramatically; you may be short of breath from all of this)’ and lastly, will people realize you are a good guy or will aother good guy shoot you (you have to be able to quickly assess the situation and act promptly).

    One or more good shooters could have interrupted the terrorists, perhaps disabled or killed them, but would have lessened the death toll. But, what you would have to realize is that exposing yourself in this situation, engaging terroristic gunmen, may reswult in your death. Are you willing to take that chance?

  245. >Is Trump right—would a lone concealed carrier at one of the
    >venues have been able to stop teams of gunmen in Paris?

    Of course the odds tip in favor of reducing the numbers of injured and killed victims with the presence of an armed “good guy,” but it is even more useful to consider the impact of the presence of more than one defender! Given the number of people in the venues of the Paris attacks, multiple CC defenders would be present in a similar situation in many parts of the United States. Open carry works too (and may even provide a deterrent factor in some cases),

    This is no different than the motivation behind having professional armed police and security personnel (please also recognize that police are not super human or even particularly good marksmen in many cases), but police cannot be everywhere and courts have also repeatedly ruled that police have no legal duty to protect. The bottom line is one must be responsible for defending themselves from aggressors.

    Even more compelling is the fact that anyone attacked in such a situation has a natural moral right to defend themselves by the most efficacious means possible. Denying them that means is to contribute to their their murder!

  246. Maybe yes, maybe no. These guys were pretty well prepared for the attacks, but all I know is that I would have fought back. Period. I am armed everywhere I can legally be armed, and a few places I can’t. It’s hard to say if people at a metal concert would have been with it enough to put up much of a fight, myself included, but at a restaurant . . yeah, no question there.

    Would a .45ACP have been enough firepower against guys with AKs would have been determined by the circumstances. We never sit right in line with a door and try to give ourselves positioning to have at least a little bit of an advantage.

    But, as others have said, better to die fighting than to die as a sheep before the slaughter.

    1. I own a lot of guns. Some that would be FAR more effective than an ak for producing casualties. Realise that even if you have a .22 revolver, you have an effective tool against ppl with aks. Anyone with the least bit of military background will tell you that weapons overmatch puts you at a distinct advantage, but it doesnt win the day.

      The russians in afghanistan learned that the hard way. They rolled in with tanks against ppl with aks, many of those tanks are still there today. Blown the heck up by ppl who the russians thought were essentially defenseless against them. It is true that the us rendered aid to the afghans, but it was mainly arming them with anti aircraft weapons.

      Would a person with a 5 shot .22 revolver have made a difference against 3 guys with aks? You better believe it

  247. We all carry for different reasons and some people that carry don’t have the same attitude in an active shooter situation. Some people claim to carry strictly for self defense which I feel is truly the wrong reason. Carry to make a difference and different outcome for a potential ly bad situation whether it favors you or others.
    It is really hard to say if the average person could effect change especially over there in a gun shy culture….

  248. A lone defender against trained radicals with automatic weapons? A difference…yes. Big difference…No. Most concealed carry licensees just haven’t invested the time and training into the skills needed to take on a group of armed shooters. But like all the others here. I’d rather go on my feet taking as many of the bastards with me as I can. Despite the training I have, I know the outcome would be different but still a dead soul on the sidewalk. But, A hundred armed citizens, responding in a disorganized manner would still have changed the body count of terrorists on the street.

    1. Keep in mind that many CCW permits are held by combat trained veterans from various conflicts, Vietnam, Afganistan, Iraq and other places that are never mentioned as US troops are “not there”.
      Movement, cover, accurate response can tip the scales in favor of the lone defender. Of course if you try to do a Wyatt Earp and face down multiple gunners, well it was nice knowing you.

  249. If some of the folks carried semi autos with +P rated ammo, maybe a slight decrease in overall deaths. Every person pulling a gun on those Mooslum turds would have to know beforehand they would die…it makes an [adverse] difference in accuracy and response time.
    I say +P because I am sure those shooters were wearing lots of clothing and maybe even body armor. This is why I train by only going for head shots. Skrew center of mass unless I have my AK47 with AP rounds.

    IMO – TOTAL: maybe 10 less dead.

  250. The assassins were shooting people they knew were unarmed. If even one person had started shooting back, it would have at least made precise aiming (of the sort apparently done) more difficult. Yes, they were prepared to die, but when the lead starts whizzing by even dedicated murderers tend to flinch. And as has already been said, better to die fighting…

    1. Pete, totally agree. Even hardened, experienced people will flinch when being shot at. At the very least, the terrorist receiving fire would seek cover, allowing more people to escape. To me, that is the biggest advantage of having CCW at an active shooting event. At the restaurant, the terrorist’s rifle jammed, and he walked off, allowing two women who were within a foot of sure death, to escape. A CCW within shooting range would have put some hurt on that guy, or at least sent him running like the coward he was. The terrorists at the concert were in no way stressed by return fire, and could settle down into slow, deliberate, aimed fire. Had they been receiving return fire, their aim would have been off, with the rifle muzzle rising even more on full auto as adrenaline flowed more from the stress of return fire.
      IMO, even a small caliber handgun hitting anywhere close to a terrorist would have thrown the terrorist’s concentration off. As it was, they had nothing to fear for at least 20 minutes until police arrived. Here’s an exercise I do to simulate adrenaline flow. Fast breathing for 1 to 2 minutes to get your CO2 level up and your heart rate up. Then pick up your firearm and shoot your string.

    2. Reminds me, watching the video of the restaurant shooting, how high the rounds were hitting inside the restaurant. The shooter was adrenaline fueled, and even trained as he was, was still shooting high on full auto.

  251. A pistol against body armor, automatic weapons and explosives doesn’t sound like a fair fight. It would have required well placed head shots to end the confrontation.
    If there were multiple concealed carry holders at each site perhaps they could have distracted the gunmen enough for some kill shots to be taken.

    1. I did read they had explosive vests on. Didn’t hear any that said Armor. Head shots would be the best placement, and even a .22 could get it done! Now, I just want to be clear here. I don’t advocate hunting terrorists with a .22. That comment would get a certain fellow to advocate his daughter to teach me ethical hunting!( referring to a prior article )
      But the question asked was would concealed carry make a difference? Sure it would. As to why someone said just ONE person with a pistol, I don’t know why it would only be one person out of a few thousand. Even if they had Armor on, that police officer in the Texas cartoon expo with Pam Geller, he killed BOTH Islamist terrorists with a pistol if I remember correctly at about a hundred yards and they had body armor in place. Great comment, with logic being appropriately applied.

    2. Just one concealed carry shooter in the total group affected, shooting blindly back, would have made a difference for at least, he/she tried to do the “correct” thing, our clueless administration notwithstanding.

    3. Nobody should kid themselves about the threat of an Isis attack here on our soil. However I say this in pure confidence.. If and when it happens, the war on terror will take a bad turn for the terrorists. They won’t have to fear our government as much as the common gun carrying individual, who at a moments notice would lay down there life for our flag and family. The way they operate in other countries just wouldn’t fly here, especially down south. Every one has a gun- no one is afraid to use it… We have our own kind of Isis down here.. I see I shoot…They are radical but we are radical as well. We love our country and our way of life. Mess with that idea… See what happens.

  252. Sure in theory I agree with him however there are a lot of variables. The right guy in the right place, that was a good shot, that could keep his head and was recognized as a good guy and not one of the bad guys.
    Yes i believe the answer to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun but lets not pretend that it will always turn out better. All things considered I would rather have a few good guys with guns in the crowd but S$#t Happens. Consider the previous post on whether or not to intervene.

    1. Here we go again, with the pre-qualifires.
      I am a concealed carry and trained shooter. However, who knows if I wouldn’t had been very busy “soiling” myself when the lead started to fly?
      I know however that my chances for survival would have increased tremendously by just being have been an armed person.
      France is now considering amending their constitution. I hope it re-considers their official stance in allowing its citizens to be armed, and not be considering whether to allow 10,000 — 65,000 more unvetted Syrian refugees into their country, a-la-Obama administration.

  253. If one person could have stopped One of the cowardly terrorists than that coward would have been able to inflict less damage. Imagine if the public was armed, maybe a lot less carnage would have been inflicted. Gun free zones are sitting duck zones.

  254. People with guns would have had little impact on dedicated fanatics intent upon producing mass casualties. Trained, motivated, people with guns, with Intel on radical cells and activities, with body armor and skills MAY have had an impact. But I would have certainly preferred to die fighting, than to have been murdered…

    1. TS you have got to stop drinking the kool-aid,,,,,Any person qualified to have a conceal carry permit could certainly have made a big difference.
      There would have been far less deaths and casualties with a ffew well placed shots to the body. They all had suicide vests on, one slhot to the vest and POOF they are gone………

    2. I don’t know about you Jerry, but when I carry concealed it’s either a Sig P229 (.40 cal w/ 12 + 1 shots) or a Kahr PM9 (9mm w/ 6 + 1 shots). I hate carrying the Sig concealed, it’s just too damned big and heavy; I HAVE and DO carry it……. sometimes. Most often I have the PM9, UNLESS I’m going somewhere I think is more threatening than usual. And I would guess MY reality is as most peoples reality when it comes to carrying heavy high capacity guns on a daily basis.
      I suspect my PM9 COULD have made a difference, and given the chance I WOULD have used it, however, against 3 guys with AK 47’s, I don’t think it would have been much of a difference. A HELL of a lot better than nothing, yes; but lets not kid ourselves.

      I think Georges’ comment below hit the nail on the firmly on the head.

    3. My EDC is a .45 with an extra mag. Usually a G21 and occasionally an XD. Both full sized combat pistols.

    4. @ Jerry.

      REALLY? In 1 August 1966, at the University of Texas Clock Tower Observation Deck. Charles Whitman, kept the City of Austin, Texas at “BAY” for 96-minutes. As he Randomly KILLED 14 people and WOUNDED 32 others. Perched 307-Feet (31-Stories) above the Ground. NOBODY knew where he was, as people were doing their business. Totally Unaware that they were HIS Potential Targets. HOW can you COUNTER a Threat, if you DON’T KNOW WHERE THAT “THREAT” IS…

    5. Mr. S: If you’ll read the actual accounts of what happened you’ll find that almost all the killing done by Whitman was done before locals starting returning fire. None of the rounds struck him but after that he was reduced to trying to shoot from a couple of very restricted positions and it permitted the local law to breach his position in the tower and ultimately kill him. And no, there’s no record of anyone struck by any of the rounds fired by locals at Whitman.


    6. @ Bill Kennedy.

      That what I SAID. He “KEPT” the City at Bay for 96-minutes. If I Recall One Uniformed Texas Ranger and Two Bystanders, enter the Observation Deck. And the Texas Range Shot and Killed Whitman…

    7. Secundius: They knew where he was shooting from almost immediately. What enabled him to continue to kill until the locals started shooting at him was the distance from the tower many of his victims were. People near the tower knew he was shooting but some of his victims were reportedly well over 400 yards distant and didn’t have any idea what was going on.

      I thought it was a local police officer with the bystanders but you may well be correct that it was a Ranger.


  255. One or two people with semi-auto handguns and adequate training could have stopped some of the attack BUT at the cost of their own lives. Outnumbered, outgunned and outorganized is a tough situation. Kind of like the heroes in the hijacked airliner heading for DC.

    If you’re going to die, better on your feet than on your knees; unless of course you live in New York State.

    1. Agreed to an extent. I think the CCW I know would have made a big difference because we all train.

    2. 20 years ago in November I was driving to my deer stand in Grafton NY
      & stopped the car when confronted by a large rabid raccoon ahead, on a
      suburban road. I had planned to shoot it with my deer rifle, but came to the realization that shooting it would have violated at least 3 NYS Gun laws. I assume the raccoon eventually died from rabies.
      Former New York State Resident

  256. In some cases it could have made a difference. It’s reported they were ‘systematically’ executing people on the concert venue. Good guys with guns would probably have made a big difference there.
    It might not have helped much in stopping the drive-by’s at the sidewalk cafes.
    Given the choice I’d much rather be armed. Then maybe I have a fighting chance.

  257. What he said was people not person. everybody carrying would have saved some lives and would have killed some pyschos who thought it was a good idea to shoot a bunch of people. If people were all carrying people would have pulled their guns and shot back, so go figure what’s right and what’s wrong with this picture.

  258. First of all I completely agree and support the idea of a CCW!

    But your question as phrased is “a lone” CCW. So in that case it would probably not make any difference at all.

    The one CCW would have to be in just the right place at the right time. And if they were close enough to the bad guy, then they would be close enough to be his first target.

    Of course if multiple CCW’s were there, then yes it could affect the outcome and if not stop it at least mitigate the results.

    But let’s what are the chances of mitigating the outcome with NO CCW’s, well that would be a big ZERO!

    Always better to be prepared with at least a fighting chance!

  259. I think had citizens been allowed to carry, it MAY have been a deterrent for ISIS to even try, but had they done so, it may have been even more chaos with armed citizens trying to shoot the perp in the midst of everyone running and pushing and shoving, to get out of there, even if they knew which way to run.

    A tough call since there were so many shooters in the concert.

    But as in the Aurora theater lone shooter, he chose that theater even though it was farther from his home than others showing the Batman movie, it was the only one with a NO GUNS ALLOWED sign at the entrance. Just like all the other mass shootings have taken place in GUN FREE ZONES.

    1. That about sums it up Lynn. No gun zones are nothing more than free fire zones and shooting galleries.

  260. Yes, just one Concealed Carry at the concert could have saved many lives, maybe not all 89 lives but most of them! When people are defenseless against those that want to murder them with AK-47’s, pump shotguns and explosive belts, and all anyone has in the audience is a cell phone. There is a lot wrong with that picture!

  261. Sure it would have made a difference, because people with their CCW have training and would be armed to handle it. I think if just some of the people were armed their would have been less killings. But you know how the French people are. Let another country step in to do the job that they should have done in the first place, like WW II

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