California: Your Rights to Buy Ammo May Change Drastically on November 8!

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A gun without ammunition is really just an overpriced rock when it comes to self-defense. Although previous gun control attempts have failed in attempts to outlaw firearms and strip individuals of their Second Amendment rights, California it is trying to outflank us by targeting the ability to buy ammunition. This would be a nightmare for the law-abiding gun owners of California. Also, once successful in getting a law passed in one place, gun control tends to spread to other states. So ,even if you do not live in California, this has the potential to affect you in the future. Here is the full release from the Coalition for Civil Liberties – No on 63. Coalition for Civil Liberties logo In less than one week, your freedom to purchase ammunition could be gone. If voters approve Prop 63 on November 8th, massive restrictions on ammunition sales will be cemented in as law.

To read more about the disastrous effects that Prop 63 will have on your right to purchase ammo, visit

The California Rifle & Pistol Association along with the Coalition for Civil Liberties and its many partners, that include the National Rifle Association, are fighting to make sure that this nightmare does not happen.

While our efforts have successfully brought awareness to this insidious initiative, we need your help to finish strong.

We need you to step up to the plate in these last few days and help others like you defeat this initiative. Stand with us and say no to the Proposition that will drastically impact your Second Amendment rights in California. Donate now to stop Prop 63.

Please consider donating $20, $30, or $50 today to help us continue the fight to election day.

Your assistance will allow us to sustain our efforts on the airwaves and social media to stop Prop 63.

Your donation today will also allow us to effectively get out the vote and make sure that all of California’s 8 million and counting gun owners make it to the polls this Tuesday November 8th! If you are unable to donate, please do your part to make sure friends and family get out and Vote No on Prop 63! And please forward this letter on to everyone you know.

To learn how you can get more involved in this fight, please visit

Thank you.

Are you going to vote No 0n Prop 63? How can you help support the effort to defeat Prop 63 and support the Coalition for Civil Liberties? Share your answers in the comment section.

Paid for by Coalition for Civil Liberties – No on 63, a Project of California Rifle & Pistol Association, major funding from National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund & National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, and Gun Owners of California, Inc. 455 Capitol Mall, Suite 600 Sacramento, CA 95814
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Comments (6)

  1. If feel the same way as you Spencer. No matter how much donated it’s never enough. I would love to get one of these petitions without a plea for $$$$$$$$$$. I am 70 so we probably feel the same about a lot of this BS. Keep the faith my friend.

    1. Dan,

      Why in God’s name would you make a stupid assumption like that. Would you suggest I give all my money to Trump. $700.00 was my limit unless I stop eating.

  2. This would be definitely an infringement of the second Amendment. This will only fuel black market ammo, which sounds like us patriot entrepreneurs could finally make a living in the waste of Liberal ideological Fruit and Nut land!!!

  3. So they aren’t going to count my vote unless I give money. They can kiss my rosy red ***.
    I’m 75 & on a fixed income. I already donated a total of $700 to get the Republican candidate elected. I’m tapped out.
    I’m sick and tired of their “What have you done for me lately?” attitude. It wouldn’t matter how much I donated, it would never be enough.

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