In California, Court to Decide if Swiss Army Knives are Illegal

The Shooter’s Log recently reported on California’s ban of lead hunting ammunition, but there’s another legal issue pending in the state that rivals the kookiness of the state’s lead ban.

The Knife Rights Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging safe and responsible use of knives and edged tools, recently filed an amicus (friend of the court) brief with the California Supreme Court in the criminal matter of State of California v. Emmanuel Castillolopez. The brief asks the court not to consider common, non-locking Swiss Army Knives and similar pocketknives as illegal “dirks” or “daggers.” Mr. Castillolopez was convicted in 2012 by a San Diego County jury for illegally carrying a concealed dirk or dagger after law enforcement found a Swiss Army Knife with the blade open in his pocket following a traffic stop. The Fourth Appellate District of the California Court of Appeal later overturned his conviction, holding that Castillolopez’ pocketknife did not meet the statutory definition of an illegally carried dirk or dagger because it did not have a locking mechanism.

The case stems from a dispute over section 16470 of the California Penal Code, which defines a dirk or dagger as “a knife or other instrument….that is capable of ready use as a stabbing weapon that may inflict great bodily injury or death.” But, for everyday pocketknives like the one at issue in Castillolopez, the definition applies only “if the blade of the knife is exposed and locked into position.” George M. Lee, a partner at the San Francisco law firm of Seiler Epstein Ziegler & Applegate, wrote the “friend of the court” brief on behalf of the Knife Rights Foundation and Second Amendment Foundation.

“For simply having a common, everyday Swiss Army multi-tool with the blade open in his pocket, Mr. Castillolopez was charged, prosecuted and convicted of a very serious crime,” explained Lee. “We strongly believe that the Court of Appeal correctly held that the State’s arguments are wrong on the law and hope the Supreme Court similarly disposes of the matter in its forthcoming decision.” Doug Ritter, founder and chairman of the Knife Rights Foundation, said that, “Ultimately, our important brief is about protecting knife owners from prosecutorial overreach by maintaining the historical definition of a ‘dirk’ or ‘dagger’ in California. If the state wins this case with its expansive theory on how a ‘dirk’ or ‘dagger’ is defined, every Boy Scout and slipjoint folding knife owner in California might one day be guilty of a felony.” If you’re inclined to read about this matter further, the opening brief from California Attorney General Kamala Harris can be viewed here. The Appellant’s answer brief can be viewed here. The state’s reply brief can be viewed here.

How do you think the California Supreme Court will rule? Place your bets in the comment section below.

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  2. California is the last state that I would ever consider moving to. in fact I think I would prefer to move to another country rather than to live in California. California is a “Dictatorship” where the government dictates what the people can and cannot do without allowing the people a voice, or vote in the matter. Also on the occasion that the people do make their voices heard at the voting poles their state government is swift to run the issue through an appeals court, or state supreme court to get the vote overturned. That is the definition of a dictatorship. California the new upcoming NAZI party. That state is horrible and evil.

    1. So, just so I have your views straight…
      You disparage the right of the people of California the right to seek redress of grievances with their government because you disapprove of some things that the elected legislature (belieing your statement that Californians don’t get a vote)?
      You’d deny the most fundamental part of our Constitution to an entire state and you’d prefer to live in a foreign land rather than enjoy our Constitutional rights?!
      Of course, you failed entirely when you ran afoul of Godwin’s law and hence, proved incapable of summoning an argument with facts.
      For, there are no concentration camps in California, no giant ovens either. No SS in California. No fascism, which is an ultra far right present either in the government.

      Still, if you want to depart the land, I’ll happily pay for your one way ticket to the nation of your choice – after the State Department accepts your renunciation of your citizenship.

    2. Would like to point out that Fascism is a form of Marxism. Whatever direction you want to call fascism (left, right, far-left, far-right) doesn’t matter b/c the modern “left-right” political paradigm is terribly flawed and makes no sense when comparing various political ideologies.

      Fascism is eerily similar to many communist and socialist states: it has big, central government; large bureaucratic system; wealth-redistribution systems; police state; progressive taxation; large (or all) portions of the economy nationalized (banking, education, healthcare, industry, commerce, transportation, etc.); use of unions for power and control; little to no private property rights; few, if any, individual rights; etc. etc.

      There are many, many books written upon this subject which compare Fascism (and Nazism, which is National Socialism) to other forms of Marxism, like communism and socialism. There are far more similarities between communism/socialism and Fascism than there are differences. The differences are small and minute; just like Stalin’s communism contained some variance compared to Mao’s communism, but no one in their right mind would say they were polar opposites.

      When properly studied, one comes to the conclusion that Fascism is NOT a polar opposite of communism or socialism – Marxism – where one is far-left and the other far-right, but in fact an incestuous “brother” and “sister”.

      Just a FYI.

    3. Your failure is simple, communism and socialism (there are differences, as communism is an attempt to achieve socialism, but always fails to do so for the same reason socialism fails, human nature) has state ownership of all means of production.
      If fascism, with its ultra-nationalism, were Marxist in true nature, do explain Bayer’s thriving throughout the life of Nazism? I could provide a longer list of corporations, but Bayer is an exemplary model.
      Corporations thrived in Nazi Germany, had fascism been Marxist, all corporations would have been nationalized, but none were.

      Many, many books have been written about flying saucers, green aliens, gray aliens, perpetual motion machines, unicorns and more, the existence of books on a particular subject does not make the subject matter factual.
      For, I and my peers have personally observed classified military aircraft prototypes, none of us have heard of anyone witnessing the presence of a unicorn.
      Well, save for a few who observed a single female at a swingers club and is also referred to as a unicorn. But, that’s an entirely different subject matter.

    4. No, communism has state ownership of all means of production. but not with socialism. Socialism has most means of productions under State control & ownership, but not all. Small businesses were *sometimes* allowed private production under National Socialism (NAZI) and Fascism – with permits, higher taxes, licenses, etc. Whereas, communism allowed no private ownership of production. These are minor differences; much like colors blue and light blue, regardless, they are still shades of blue.

      As for “corporations thriving” under Nazism or Fascism – hardly any of them “thrived” by their own means. The Party loyalists were allowed to keep their positions in business, but mostly as a form of gratitude. They had little to no say in how their business (or corporation) functioned, as the state took over most, if not all, functions. They also had little control over the money supply coming in and going out of the business, as this was under control of the State too. Sure, some became rich, but this had little to do with Fascism or Nazism allowing “free-market” or these businesses doing whatever they wanted (b/c the State controlled just about everything); but had everything to do b/c these people were loyalists to the Party and were essentially paid for their loyalty. These same business leaders were the primary contributors during these Parties, so naturally the Marxists (Nazi’s and Fascists) didn’t want their money to dry up.

      Tons of business owners throughout National Socialist Germany and Fascist Italy lost their jobs via nationalization. Those few who kept their jobs simply kept their position as a ceremonial role, but NOT their ownership or control: the State controlled the major functions of any big business. That is exactly what Marxism does. So again, Nazi’s and Fascists were Marxists.

      Mussolini and Hitler made lot’s of statements and speeches regarding anti-capitalism, anti-free market, etc. They ranted endlessly about the proletariat (poor/working class) needing to be free and the evil bourgouise. Which is what every Marxist does. Hitler and Mussolini identified themselves as Marxists.

      Also, you have it backwards: socialism is an attempt to achieve communism. Socialism is a stepping stone towards communism. Just like pure democracy is a stepping stone towards socialism.

      I can provide a list of books on this subject which provide documentation if you want it. Just ask if you do. Your analogies of flying saucers and unicorns…that’s funny. Do you use that “argument” every time you disagree with someone? lol It doesn’t prove anything.

      Anyhoo…the information on this is substantial.

      The old “left-right” paradigm is starting to fade as more and more people educate themselves on this subject.

      But believe what you want. Believe fascism is radically different from other Marxist governments even though it’s not. Believe in UFO’s and unicorns too. Believe the earth is flat. That’s part of being free: freedom to think. Something which wasn’t allowed all too often in communist, socialist, national socialist (nazi) and fascist countries…hmm…another similarity.

    5. Nazism retained a free market and supported social Darwinism, it did not accept any form of Marxism, as that was one part of what the Nazi party blamed for Germany’s economic woes.
      An additional case to confirm corporations were alive and well is Volkswagon. Volkswagon was asked by Hitler to develop a car that was affordable to the people, he didn’t order it, he asked. Being a charismatic leader, he frequently got what he simply asked for.
      But, Nazism attempted to redefine the well established notion of socialism, it did not adhere to many socialistic concepts.

      As for unicorns and flying saucers, a bit of terse humor about people who believe the unbelievable as a matter of habit.
      Although, I’ll admit to seeing a flying saucer once, it was accompanied by a flying plate and cup, due to a neighbor’s domestic discord.

      As for a flat earth, that’s another of my jokes I use around physicists, proclaiming the earth is flat and gravity causes it to twist into a ball.
      The punchline is, that would be possible, but the earth would weigh nearly as much as a black hole.

    6. Also, you’re using Fascism interchangeably with Nazism. Do you know there is a difference? Nazism = Nazism; Fascism = Fascism.

      Also, what is your definition of Fascism? There really is no concrete definition of what “Fascism” is, especially compared to other forms of ideology.

      Most people use the term “Fascist” to describe anything and everything they dislike, but have no clue what it really entails.

    7. Fascism is indeed still argued over for precise terminology to describe it, but the roots were in Italy before WWII. Central to fascism is ultra-nationalism, anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism and a central dictator over the hot mess.
      Nazism borrowed quite a bit of fascism, to the point where some leaders in the US noted the fascist movement and considered it worthwhile to try here in the US.
      Right until WWII began, then it was deemed a bad idea.

      Of course, once the war in Europe was well on and significant gains made, quite a few ideas and terms were changed.
      Eugenics was disgraced. We renamed our Japanese-American concentration camps (the actual, official name) to internment camps. Fascism was disgraced, as Nazism and fascism was felt to be the proximal cause of the war.
      Also, those Japanese-American internees were later awarded a significant monetary award for wrongful and unconstitutional imprisonment.

  3. They are not outlawing folding knives. They are saying it is against the law to have a folding knife concealed in the open position. Clearly this jack waggon Castillolopez should be charged with a felony.

    1. Whether a folding knife is open or closed, isn’t that a petty issue? And to make this a felony?? My goodness….I cannot fathom what type of person would agree with this lunacy.

      Now if this person was actually committing a crime with the knife, that’s an entirely different argument. But this person wasn’t committing any felony, but a simple misdemeanor (traffic stop).

      This is the same bizarre, illogical, nitwit mentality that believes making 20 and 30 round magazines illegal will somehow, magically, deter criminals. This issue, along with the folding knife issue, is nothing more than government creating pointless laws to entrap citizens for more power and more $$ (all those fines create millions of dollars in revenue).

  4. And butterknives, forks, other sharp-ish things like shovels….

    Just outlaw shiny metal things in general.

  5. Anyone normal person who lives in the Peoples Republic of California deserves what they get. Leave it for the fruits, nuts, and mexicans.

  6. ” illegally carrying a concealed dirk or dagger ”

    Even opened, there’s no locking mechanism, so it can’t be legally considered a dirk or dabber. He’s an idiot for carrying it open in his pocket, but being an idiot is not illegal in California.

    You can carry a fixed blade openly under state law. Concealed it becomes a felony. Folding blades may be carried concealed legally.

    Now here’s the kicker. What if he was carrying a knife that locks open, like a Spyderco? If it is locked open there might be a case to say it was a concealed dirk or dagger.

    Fruity/Nutty laws in California…

  7. I live in California and that’s the stupidest thing I have heard yet! The cops could and would just shoot him if he even flinched with it. Who cares if he is a felon, he did not have a gun, just like the law says he shouldn’t. He has a right to protect himself the best he can, even if he is a felon. They didn’t say if he was convicted of a violent crime, so it makes me believe he had some previous stupid drug charge or other victimless crime. A knife? Give me a break…..

    1. Yeah, twice convicted felons wandering about with open knives hidden in their pockets isn’t anything a state, county, two or law abiding citizen needs to worry about.
      After all, felons are *supposed* to be armed, right?
      It’s not like states have the right to have law and order and issue legislation to that effect, right?

      It’s funny how many people failed to check on this story and learn that the man is a felon. It’s also amazing how many people trumpet states rights until a state legislates something that they dislike.
      Those people don’t want a democracy, they want a monarchy.

    2. Dude it’s a pocket knife, not a machete. I’ve seen people with spoons do just as much damage. So what he’s a felon, he still has access to power tools, screwdrivers and everything else that can be a weapon in the right hands. The oxygen must be thin up there in your ivory tower? According to the Federal Prison Bureau 1-15 Americans have been incarcerated and 3 out of 5 americans have been through the justice system and the stats are on the rise. Sounds to me you are the one that wants a Monarchy. Me? I prefer our government not try and find new ways to make good people criminals.

    3. WTF, they are trying to outlaw the knife to convict a felon And you don’t see anything wrong with that? What ever happened to just banning all felons felons from carrying any knifes.

    4. That is what happened here, a felon was carrying an open knife in his pocket and was convicted of doing so.
      He’s appealing and will lose.

    5. BS, A felon who has served his time and been released should have no restriction on rights at all.

    6. Wishful thinking. Once one has a felony conviction, one cannot run for federal office and most state offices. One may never possess a firearm again. Some states prohibit a convicted felon from ever voting again.
      Learn the law.

    1. Why do you hate your nation so much that you’d avocate breaking the Union, then attacking what you’d declare a sovereign nation for no reason?
      Indeed, your desire makes absolutely no sense, as California has states rights and decided it didn’t want felons walking or driving around with open knives concealed on their person.

      That is what this case is about, a twice convicted felon was carrying an open knife concealed in his pocket.
      He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, that open knife and rightfully convicted, as California doesn’t like felons walking about with *any* concealed weapon.
      For that, you advocate mass murder after violating the very heart of our Constitution.
      You disgust me.

  8. California is insane, so I’m guessing they will uphold the conviction. I have a British friend that lives just outside of London and owns a security company (bodyguards, doormen, etc.). I’ve talked to him a dozen times about weapons in England. He stated that all the gangsters have handguns and none of the good citizens. Anyone that cannot afford a smuggled-in gun carries a screwdriver in their pocket as a weapon. Police continually try to arrest and convict for that and it never sticks. They were simply doing some minor home repairs with the screwdriver and forgot to take it out of their pocket. Case closed. THAT, is where California is heading. Everyone will have a tool belt in their car with a screwdriver and hammer in it.

  9. DO IT! DO IT!
    I want a 2nd home in SoCal just so I can vote for the dumbest sh%$ they can think of.
    I want to ban anything and everything. It’s like a contest between CA and NY to see just how f-ing dumb they can get and I want to get in on the fun.

    1. HOLY CR*P. I live in California and you know what> You’re right. I’ve always thought we were in a competition with something. And it is New York. We have Pelosi and they have Clinton.


  10. Since he already had two felony convictions, it was a justifiable arrest and conviction. He was an armed felon.
    Look, I carry a multi-tool and occasionally, a spring assisted opening knife. But, I don’t carry the knife open in my pocket, that is being ready to commit a crime and also really bad on my clothing.

    1. It’s not the tool, but how it’s used or intended to be used. Just because all males above the age of 10 have all the nevessary tools to create rape, should we arrest and convict them as well? California needs to change their state slogan to: California, you can’t even think, without our saying so…. What’s happening to Liberty in this country?

    2. Ok, we get it. He was a felon, so weapons possession is illegal for him and other felons.

      I think the whole point here is that if the state re-defines a statute, it would then include as illegal a huge category of TOOLS that are now legal to own and use.

      Yes, a knife can be used as a weapon, but it is simply a tool first. I would go as far as to call a knife the quintessential tool.

    3. I think you’re missing the point of the legal ramifications of this ruling. It doesn’t so much matter the issue of this case in particular, a ruling could set a legal precedent that could negatively effect others. Including law abiding citizens.

    4. Wzrd, a prior arrest and conviction does not necessarily make THIS arrest and conviction justifiable, that’s not how the justice system is supposed to work. Mob and corrupt justice maybe, but not ours. Also, considering California and the fact that he was arrested for an open slip-joint knife, it seriously calls into question his other arrests? Doesn’t it make the stance that he’s a “criminal”
      kind of a moot point unless we know more? This could’ve happened to any of us who carry blades and we need to continue protecting that right. Also, Knife Rights is a very respectable organization that probably would not have represented him if he were truly an awful person, as you presume him to be.

  11. Yesterday, I posted the actual court decision against this particular man.
    He previously had two felony raps and did hard time for them.

    So, this is a case of a felon carrying an open knife in his jacket pocket.
    Hence, a substantially different story than what’s going around. Not an armed innocent citizen run awry of an obscure law, but that of a felon going about armed to the risk of the public.
    I have absolutely no sympathy for him.

    1. statute 17235 of Ca. penal code clearly states the requirements of a “stabbing device”. I don’t think any further statute is needed. it seems that the author is seeking publication of a bill with his or her name on it.

  12. As always more to story as many in Cali have found that the “Three Strike” has given the legal system fsr to much ability to arrest , sentence and prosecute by Arbitary Interpretation.
    It has caused complications by the vagueness and also the abuse by unequal punisment.
    As hun owners we hear of many cases whrre our Fed let alone Stste and City arrest and detain by their opinions of whst constitutes n assault weapon and a legal or not modification.
    IMHO the mans lawyer eill make a mint but man and knife goes down. CASE CLOSED.

  13. Is this for real or a joke. You can not be serious. They wanna now ban the common pocket knife! That’s hilarious. When are we gonna draw the line against this ridiculous government. They are so overreaching to the point of stupid that it may take an all out civil war to end it. I am amazed everyday with the things they come up with. How stupid will these people get with this stuff before we decide enough is enough. Obviously the oversight committee known as Congress is completely useless. They haven’t done therir job since Obama was put in office. They are so scared they might be called racist its completely pathetic. Grow up and do your job. And as far as California goes, they are by far the most ridiculous and ignorant bunch I have ever seen.

  14. Who knows what they could come up with, these are the same people that elect crazy Reps like Nancy Pelosi & Dianne Feinstein.
    I feel sorry for Commiefornia….

    1. yep the same nut jobs that elected regan and swartznegger governor. these guys are star struck it seems. i have carried a 3 blade pocket knife most of my life and am amazed at how many times people are shocked when i take it out to open a package,cut an article out of the paper or just cut my brought from home lunch.

  15. Why blame thr prosecter he is but following the law, thst the police asdociations approved before passage of.
    It was an officer wanting a bust so bad he arrested Mr. Cadtillolpez because he had nothing else to bust him for.
    An bust is worth points and being arrested in Cali for being black or brown is perfectly normal, and if they cannot intimidate a bust to resist they hotta gind some reason to teach alesson.
    That in this case they busted a guy who found enough umption and support to place not the lawyers but the whole justice system into spotlight , shows that some in Cali fo fight tyrrany.
    Hell in Seattle a cop shot a who was walking away thst had np larger a blade and was whitteling.
    Mr Castillolpez should be glad he still lives in a state with a legal system yet intact.
    Most states have laws regarfing knives and believe it or not the restrictoons arenusually put in place by law and order types.

  16. A perfect example of a dumbass potentially causing problems for the rest of us. What the heck are you doing with a knife in the open position in your pocket in the first place? Criminals may now someday be the only ones that will be walking around with swiss army knives in their pockets!

  17. That a court would convict on such a miniscule knife is odd, even for California.
    About the only time I could think of them convicting is if the man with the knife was a known, violent felon.
    Yep, a quick Google found the case, he is a twice convicted felon that was carrying an open knife in his jacket pocket during a traffic stop and pat down.

    So, excuse me if I don’t shed tears over a jail bird who is armed with the only weapon he could barely legally purchase.

    1. The problem is that it then creates a precedent that can be used against you or I. Unfortunately, you have to look forward to the most outlandish application of any law or precedent because that is where it will eventually be applied.
      It’s not about whether this guy is a scumbag or not. He wasn’t convicted of that. He was convicted on a trumped up charge that seems a misapplication of the statute. If he can be convicted of this then why bother charging him with anything? Just round him up and put him in jail. Either way, it is unlawful.

  18. Not a bad idea! A Los Angeles government HACK had some ideas about how government janitors were treated badly or something like that. We sent him THOUSANDS of plungers and toilet brushes.It made the news and the point.

  19. Here’s a concept, why don’t all you Californian’s send the California Supreme Court a cheep folding knife in the mail. I would like to see the looks on their faces when they receives a million or so folding knifes.

  20. This is what they worry about in California? They’re crying because they are running out of water when they have over 800 miles of coastline. Hello, where do they think the Saudis get their water? No priorities!

  21. Hey Guys remember i Scarface where they carve up a guy with a chainsaw? Wow they better outlaw chainsaws in calif.!Please no more sharp scissors. And you masons TURN IN YOUR WORKTOOLS NOW!!!Those edges can do real harm. I am in NC and I am praying that california cracks off and floats away.

    1. At the very least,they’ll regulate how many sheets of toilet paper are allowable for said act under the law.

  22. First they want to disarm the people,now they want to de-tool the boy scouts and campers.
    I guess the next thing they’ll want to take away is the skillet or frying pan along with the remote to the t.v. so that the police will have fewer domestic incidents to respond to. California needs to either get rid of all the stupid politicians or part ways with the union.

  23. Well California has learned the lesson of “Go big or go home”. Too bad they’re applying it to acting stupid. But at least all the liberals in the country will have a crime free, utopian society to move to where no one owns weapons, everything is free and everyone is safe.

  24. It being CA I’ll be surprised if the DON’T make all knives illegal. I’m not sure – maybe you’d be permitted to own one for your kitchen if you register it with the sheriff and can show ‘good cause’.

    1. This is the first step by the Mentally retarded leadership in californication! Next will be screwdrivers, hammers, drills, hatchets, then comes baseball bats, 2×4’s, rocks…especially rocks,all broken down by mineral content, granite being definitely a felony…California has become a communist FREAK PARTY!

    2. Why do you keep voting those idiots in office?
      You could also move out of their state and let them have their own country.

  25. I bet the rock climber who got stuck and had to remove his arm with a pocket knife has something to say about this. Lawmakers need to be fired in this state. It’s ok, the 3D printer is coming and will probably make most of these laws obsolete anyway. People are going to do what they do no matter what bs laws are in place. If I can’t buy a locking or power assist OTF knife I will surely make one. Sorry CA, you can’t ban the right to survive.

  26. Molon Labe?? Catchy little ditty-but I fear that soon the day is coming when daring the police to come take your weapon will earn you a rapid bullet to the head. I doubt they’ll be bothered over prying it from your “cold,dead hands” either.

    1. All perfectly valid points, but there are only thousands of them (and not all of them will go rogue) and millions of us (and, yes, not all of us will resist)

      Still many hundreds or even a thousand or so to one odds against the bad guys.

      YOU might wear a police badge and be willing to buck odds like that, but I think you’d increase your life expectancy by a measurable degree if you choose to defect to the good guy side or just sit the whole thing out.

      The military is a slightly tougher nut to crack. They have much better training and discipline (and tactical nukes).

      Perhaps we should take a lesson from the lowly coyote…

      If we can’t win we can still piss on what we can’t eat and leave the bad guys to rule over a wasteland.

      Better dead than red.

  27. Mark Levin calls this the “Post Constitutional America”. We have been condemned to live through an important time in history with the exact opposite leadership of what we need to survive.

  28. The issue is not the Swiss Army Knife .This could be a ruling on all folding knives. Mostly lock back knives. It sounds like this was brought to the courts by a PRO self defense pro knife group . Not crazy CA liberals. This could back fire.3 1/2″ is legal in CA .I’ve carried a buck folder in the pocket since 72 off the cost of Nam. IT has served me well in quite a few non tourist ports and off the trail camping .Not to mention The jungles of SoCal. They won’t take it now.

    MOLON LABE !!!

  29. Friends. Bigger Picture. When Kalifornia removes knives and ammo/guns from the honest citizens, who will have guns, knives and Ammo?

    When only cops and gangs are armed, cops will be overwhelmed and unable to stop the crime.

    Californians will scream to government to do something to stop crime because the cops can’t do it.

    What do you suppose government will do to “protect” the public?

  30. Jerry Brown.”If its brown flush it down!” That was from a 1970s campaign.

    FYI- How “Moon Beam” got that nick name. He is crazy but that is not why.

    Even a blind squirrel can find a nut.Jerry had a “blind squirrel” moment.

    Back in the mid 1970s he proposed that CA should build a SPACE PORT in central California. At the time only a few governments were putting anything up in space.Looking back this would have been a very good idea. A little before its time but California could have been the leader in the space business.Now that’s gone. Now it’s in New Mexico and other spots.

    I am NOT a Jerry fan but he got that one right.

  31. We long ago crossed the line in the sand between law and tyranny. We’re under only the same dubious ‘legal’ obligation to obey the drivel being rammed down our throats as German citizens in 1940 were obligated to obey Hitler’s race laws, but we’re under no MORAL obligation whatsoever.

    In fact, some of the pseudo-laws that we now live under MUST be disregarded if you intend to stay on God’s good side.

    Just as in Nazi Germany however, don’t get CAUGHT giving them the one finger salute. Bide your time until the worm turns and then give a good accounting for yourself when the time comes.

  32. @Woody,
    OMG Woody!!! Say it ain’t so!
    I’d be LMAO if I didn’t think you were serious!
    And sometime in the near future……
    “In today’s news….. A man was shot twenty three times after being beaten severely and hand cuffed to a downtown parking meter after trying to parallel park in front of the local police station which is a no parking zone.
    The shooting occurred when, after being handcuffed, it was discovered by officers that the man was carrying a Swiss Army Pocket knife which has been determined by the California Supreme Court to be a WMD in the hands if any private U.S. Citizen and requires lethal action be used and the offending WMD confiscated.
    The name of the man is being withheld until his immediate family can be detained and investigated for additional violations” …….
    “In political news today …. Jerry “Moon Beam” Brown was elected King of Kaliforina for life! Congratulations, your Majesty from all of us in the LA metroplex.”
    Sorry Woody, just couldn’t pass this opportunity up!!

    1. Hey Pete: I was amazed when I saw the Knife Rights group’s press release on this. I thought it was a gag — had to be, it was so ludicrous. Then I read the briefs, and it was a “gag,” but of a totally different sort. I could not believe what I was reading. In a related vein, I was driving home in a major Texas city last night and counted five Cali license plates in about a three-mile stretch. Statistically improbable, until you consider what’s happening out there. Regards, Woody

  33. what’s next, banning oxygen, since Swiss Army knife owners need it to breath ? and employees at ammunition factories? then the peasants can add a fee to subsidize the bottled oxygen breathed by the aristocraps !

    Kalifornicatia needs to be surgically removed from the US of A like a huge cancerous tumor and towed out to the center of the Pacific and nuked !

  34. Liberalism run amok. I always knew California was run by idiots, I just didn’t realize what big idiots they are. And then, there’s all the idiots who elect them.

  35. What is next sling-shots? How about ball-pinned hammers? I have seen numerous tools that can be construed to be used as lethal weapons.

    However, the common everyday automobile kills more individuals than any other tool, accessory, object etc. So, lets ban gasoline, this way automobiles cannot be used to injure or kill individuals…..This is getting out of hand.

    1. Looks to me like they could go arrest most of the politicians because the description of a dirk or dagger would come as lot nearer to fitting a letter opener lying on their desks!

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