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Taurus Model 85 Protector

The Taurus 85 Protector is a perfect defensive revolver. The polymer material makes the gun very light, and measure in at only 18.2 ounces. This little gun is also easy to carry in a holster or purse. Taurus designed the Protector to fire the very powerful +P ammunition. This deadly ammo travels at a much higher velocity and hits its target with a far greater amount of energy. A full spur hammer makes the single action mode very easy to use, and the smooth trigger allows for a very accurate double action shot. The cylinder carries 5 rounds and the 1:16.5 inch twist aids in sending rounds downrange with deadly accuracy.

DS Arms AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver

We all have to start somewhere. If you plan to build your .223 AR-15 from scratch, the DS Arms stripped lower receiver is a great place to start. At only 8.6 ounces, this lower is light and durable. DS Arms CNC machined this lower with a 7075 T6 tempered alloy and hard coat anodized it as per MIL-A8625. The takedown and pivot holes are .250 inches in diameter, and the hammer and trigger pin holes are .154 inches in diameter. This is a very well made lower receiver that will outlast almost all other components on a firearm.

Del-Ton AR-15 Semi Automatic Carbine .223 Rem. Complete Lower Receiver

If you want to build your own AR-15 from parts but are intimidated by all the little detents and springs in the lower parts kit, take a look at this complete lower receiver by Del-Ton. The lower receiver is forged 7075 T6 aluminum and hard coat black anodized, and the standard lower parts kit is already installed, including single stage trigger, receiver take-down pins, bolt hold-open actuator, safety selector, pistol grip, and magazine release. Don’t worry about springs jumping across the room, or detents getting lost in the carpet. Unless of course you manage to lose the spring and detent that are included to hold in your choice of buffer tube and stock. After you add a stock, buffer tube, buffer, and spring to this lower, attach any standard upper receiver group and you are ready to lock and load!

Beretta Model U22 Neos

The U22 Neos may look like a futuristic ray gun, but designers copied its internal configuration from the proven Colt .22 pistol, a John Browning design. Its ergonomic grip nicely fits both large and small hands and its single-action-only trigger breaks cleanly at 4lbs. Of course, it comes with adjustable target sights, but one look at the integrated rail tells you that the Neos is begging you to mount a scope on it. The accuracy of its fixed 4.5” barrel is excellent, and these guns have a great reputation for reliability. The safety is also ambidextrous and easy to manipulate. Each Neos comes with two 10 round magazines. The Neos is a great plinker for new shooters, but they won’t ever outgrow it. Its accuracy and reliability will make it a favorite to bring to the range for many years.

Legion Saiga Semi Auto Shotgun 12 Gauge

The Saiga-12 is what happened when some crazy Russian gun engineers decided to chamber an AK-47 for 12-gauge shotgun ammo. Just like the AK, it feeds from a box magazine and uses a rotating bolt. It shoots 2 3/4” and 3” Magnum shells, and is easy on your shoulder since the gas piston operation and semi-automatic action soak up a lot of felt recoil. The Saiga-12 comes with an external screw choke system, rifle type iron sights, and a five round magazine suitable in many states for hunting or sporting clays. For home defense, the Saiga-12 may be the ultimate shotgun, with 10-round box magazines and even 20-round drums available right here at Cheaper Than Dirt! Many owners modify their Saiga-12s with railed forends, scope mounts, and all kinds of custom touches to create custom tactical 12 gauge shotguns that strike fear into the hearts of clay pigeons and home invaders!

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