Bury the Hatchet: It’s Time to Support the NRA-ILA

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found some campaign, speech, or stance by the NRA disagreeable. Maybe you thought the organization was filled with Fudds that didn’t care about your AR-15s. Maybe you were upset they supported some political candidate you opposed. Regardless of the reason, the NRA rustled your feathers and you haven’t supported them since. Now all gun owners and pro-Second Amendment believers are dropped into a debate that puts us against the media and current administration to fight for our rights. Perhaps it’s time we bury the metaphorical hatchet and join our collective strengths with the NRA in order to protect the right to protect ourselves.

Say what you will about the NRA and their positions over the 142 years they’ve been around. However, they do have some weight to throw around in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the nation. Acting through the Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) and the Civil Rights Defense Fund, the NRA is able to play an active role in court cases across the country, defending and upholding the Second Amendment. These two organizations are helping hunters, plinkers, sport shooters, ranges, and every facet of the firearm industry retain their passions and livelihoods, and that is something every one of us can get behind.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to write about current cases the NRA is working on and explaining why these are pertinent to all of our lives. Especially now as our rights are being threatened. It is more important than ever to arm ourselves in defense of what we hold dear; when it comes to defending our rights in Washington, the NRA is a much better choice than an AR or 12 gauge.

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  1. All you have to do is notice the hateful poisonous attitude about the NRA in the press to know that they are getting something done! You don’t get that kind of reaction from Liberals by sitting around on you laurels!

    For every bad reaction I see in the press against the NRA, I see another gold star of accomplishment for the NRA. I will not cow-tow to a press that disrespects the 2nd Amendment – Hell most of the press doesn’t even respect the 1st Amendment! Some of them even openly admit it!!!

  2. To Ray in post #55 – That’s Great! So now Colorado will fight the Feds all on their own now!!! WOW! I can’t wait to see that. You suppose Washington DC will bow down and say,”We’re not worthy” to the illustrious Colorado high! :O

    Common Man! It is going to take a BIG organization to peacefully tackle this problem and use smart tactics to go up against the enemies of the 2nd Amendment!! I always recommend folks join their local organizations and pick their favorites; but I still say we got to keep that NRA ace in our back pockets, when the chips are down.

    I’ve received a lot of help from my state NRA chapter as well; but I encourage anyone to join whatever club or organization they want to as long as they stay an NRA member. The list of victories in fights all over the nation for CCW and other political fights has been a long one for the NRA-ILA. I just can’t believe these people that cast a blind eye to all they’ve done after that kind of record!!

    No one organization is perfect – I’m a Republican and my party is FAR from perfect! Am I going to throw my clout away by becoming an Independent? – NO! – It is far easier and brings more weight to the table to simply work within my party and other organizations to improve the situation. Sitting back in one’s armchair and clucking about complaints will get nothing but loss of our rights! WAKE UP!

  3. In Colorado, the NRA is the shill. Who successfully let the fight for ordinary citizens to get a Concealed Carry Weapon permit without undue government interference? Not the NRA! Who successfully fought the City of Denver’s ban on even transporting a weapon on a highway through the city? Not the NRA! Who is now fighting for more of Colorado’s citizens, who have been unfairly denied the right to own a weapon due to a non-violent conviction? That’s right…its NOT the NRA. Colorado has its own no-nonsense gun rights organization, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. I am a proud member of that organization, but I will never give a nickel to the NRA because they are willing to sit idle until some big national crisis occurs, all the time taking membership dollars and funding their coffers.

  4. Baloney! That’s just a self-serving view point for small-minded people. Gun owners have every right to state their positions whether you agree with it or not. Just because someone has a different opinion or viewpoint does not mean they “are just shills working for the enemy”. There is also the first amendment to the Constitution pertaining to free speech in addition to the second amendment. There is no reason whatsoever for all gun supporting Americans to fall into some monolithic lockstep type of thinking. That’s not what this country is all about (and never has been) so get used to it.

  5. Sometimes I think some of these posters who bellyache about the NRA are just shills working for the enemy! X-(

  6. The NRA is just as corrupt as the politicians that are trying to screw us all,, When “representative” John Dingell (who was on the NRA Board of Directors for many years) was going to vote for the first assault weapons ban, he first resigned his post on the board after taking our money for years, then voted to put the screws to us in the house vote and the NRA still supported him.. The entire system is corrupt and should be abolished and supporting the current system will never get that done,, the only way to get rid of this activity is to vote with our wallets,, send money to the NRA is the same as sending it to democraptic candidates.. and if we all think things are bad now,, just wait until hillary gets elected in 2016, the final nail!

  7. I support the NRA, GOA, NAGR, etc. It isn’t an either or for me but any & all that stand up for the 2nd amendment!

    United we stand; divided we fall!

  8. I see a lot of “What the NRA is or isn’t.” Talk is cheap. Bold talk is cheaper with nothing backing it. Someone show me what these other organizations have done, other than lip service. An URL to an article would be nice. Or just keep on ignoring the request because they haven’t done anything.

  9. PPPPSSSSSssssstttttt.
    The issue is not guns, it is WTF kind of nation are we becoming?
    STOP looking down the bores of your own gun or soon you will be lookind down the bore of a government owned gun.
    It is; or sall we admit that it once was; Called the Bill of Rights; note the plural.
    Study the how and whys honestly and then maybe you can understand why now you have only “The Bill of Right” to defend.

  10. And to Chris Harmon, post 25… I agreed with quite a bit of your post, except the premise that anyone seeing the issue from a different perspective was obviously wrong. Like it was the fault of Ron Paul supporters that Obama won re-election… it couldn’t possibly be that there is an ever growing faction within the nation that actually believes in the Constitution and the ideals of limited, non-intrusive government and that if the GOP would actually field such a candidate (you know, what that party used to believe in) they would excite the electorate and actually win. No it’s the fault of those of us who refuse to any longer hold our nose and vote for whatever big-government, Constitution shredding manageable puppet/political hack the RNC wants to shove down our throat. And the same sentiment applies to the NRA…when they want to do a mia-culpa, bring their dirty laundry out into the light and promise us that the will in the future remain totally above board and uncompromising, then they will once again get my support… not until.

  11. Reason this is so is mainly due to tax structures and the quirkyness of gun owners and on the surface at least means numbers but all those numbers quacking bugling or varmint calling does not equal the solidity of :he anti gunners who have damn near full policing powers already via those who crave power.

    What is needed is anew block that has to begin forming on grassroots levels even in places grass can’t root. ALL these groups depend upon having access to a firearm and they should not drop affiliation with their core groups but bring all of them into one umbrella..
    Who gives a rats ass what the new group is called form one at town or city then county and state levels in every state.
    We desperately need a voice in every state then to meet and demand it be done by whatever each groups leadership is to meet with all of other states leaders to form more or less a congressional Delegation of 10’s. Possibly hundreds of millions of voices that speak truth to power.
    Let some of those price gouging SOB’s kick in some extra bucks and instead of playing lip service to NRA as a ploy to sell more guns start helping such a grass roots org grow.
    What NRA calls PR is to collect more dues to publicize itself and by itself it is no more than an old toothless dog gumming a long dead bone.
    Yes it too must surrender some of its self interest for the greater good. And as it has the most legal ability aid in finding ever tax loophole or skirt around including as it does now research on 2nd Amendment and state federal legal issues.
    Hell look at your own states where even fishing groups each pay for their own interest flies private, commercial and gun owners or hunters especially who have own lobbyist for Bow, modern rifle, or primitive weaponry.
    Each year we fight among ourselves while the whole damn shabang is going to hell all around us and opportunities become smaller and smaller due to tax and state fees and farm hunting and of course our own stupidity.
    Thing is who will organize the first meetings and ask audience if the 2nd means we the people or just we some of the people.

  12. There are many good things about the NRA but they still have not got away from their old motibound good old boy club and yes indeed they played the game of politics so the leadership could keep their pockets full.

    Truthfully damn near, no make that “ALL” ORGANIZATIONS ARE SINGLE ISSUE ENTITYS”. Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Real conservationist and wilderness hiker. Castle Law groups and on and on,Open carry. Right to carry md of course your militia an

  13. NRA is not a 2nd Amendment Foundation!
    That is a lie they perpetrate in order to gain financial support and its’ organizational structuring of today came about only because they they had hit the wall and were in steep decline in membership and of course funding.

    What they are today is the not just US but the worlds best at Representing private ownership of firearms.

    NOTE:The NRA walks a thinner line than the private gun owner when it comes to being shut down.

    It almost became a non entity and that was just a couple presidents ago and the weapon used against them was indeed the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment under our Tax Codes.
    THAT is reason they are

  14. Unlike the nra, GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA does not make back room deals.
    When it comes to the protection of the 2nd amendment I expect that a national gun protection organization will fight every attempt to disarm Americans with the ferocity of a mother Bear protecting her cubs.
    The nra believes in compromise and negotiations.
    Gun owners of America does not compromise with Unconstitutional legislation.
    Who would you rather have protecting your rights.

  15. Join any organization like GOA if you like; but I for one will hedge my bets and say with the biggest most powerful of them all. I’ve had the NRA come to bat for me and my family when my mother’s estate was having trouble with NFA technicalities with the state. Believe me, they went to bat for us, and saved our inheritance! Nobody is going to play devil’s advocate with me and divide our forces. That is just what the anti-gunners want.

  16. What cases have the GOA or NAGR taken from start all the way to the USSC? And I’m not asking about the “Johnny come lately” Amicus Briefs that tag on once someone else has done all the work. What have they done? I don’t know of any. I’m not all that familiar with these organizations other than hearing about them but not having heard what they’ve done. I would like to see what they’ve accomplished. Something other than lip-service. If they’ve pushed through bills or argued and won a case that has made a difference, I want to know about it so I can have a reason why I should support them over the NRA.

  17. Rather than donating to or supporting an association that has supported active gun control measures, please consider supporting NAGR, (National Association for Gun Rights) the fastest growing, no compromise, true to the 2A, lobby group in the nation. 5X better than the NRA on gun rights, and not old enough to be as bought/sold and compromised as the NRA. IF you happen to be in Colorado, might I suggest RMGO as well. They have turned out some amazing pro-2A work in their short history.

  18. Sorry, but no. No one loves the Constitution or the Bill of Rights more than me, but there’s a difference between making decisions that I disagree with and being dishonorable. If you believe in the correctness of your actions you are willing to defend them, not act like they never happened. When the NRA-ILA changed their ratings of both my Congressman (Kanjorski) and senator (Casey) I simply wrote and asked why? How could someone who not only voted for Kagan and Sotomajor but was a very vocal proponent des.erve an A+ rating from the NRA? They ignored me. I wrote again, and they ignored me… again… and again, and again. I basically begged them for an answer, and got none. When the woman who runs the ILA came and spoke locally, during the Q&A I asked her for an explanation. What I got from her would make the best Obama B.S. peddler proud. The end doesn’t always justify the means, and you and your beliefs are known by the company you keep. I for one choose to associate with, and financially support, honorable institutions.

  19. No matter what one thinks of the NRA we must join and FIGHT! The bigger the better. The more members the more power we have. If you don’t like the NRA join it and change it – quit whining! We need every sons of mothers one of us to beat this back!

    Don’t forget the old but true adage; Together we stand – divided we fall!

  20. you never know what they will do next they went along with the liberials last time we went throught this. gun free signs to protect our chlidren how did that work out for you? they the goverment know how to make our kids safe. just like they do theirs.with guns. when they stop this crazy shit i will rejoin. no no to gun grab nono not one magazine. no no not one type of gun no they will compermise. an because of that no not me fool me once my fault never twice.

  21. I would be more willing to support the NRA, when the stop “cherry picking” on what Guns we can have.

    When they support ALL my Gun Rights, I will be more willing to support them.

  22. It is war. Don’t get me wrong. I mean a heightened vigilance regarding
    all ammo and guns. I am talking about a discipline in every avenue. Let me explain.
    There are family events. There are work environments. There are email
    connections. Even, situations at church events. You stand up. I mean that,
    don’t think that this isn’t the situation to bring this topic up.

    You have to speak up. Be well prepared for a retort. If ask follow-up questions,
    be the salesman. Be the advocate. Be humble. Be conversational. But, never
    raise your voice and remember others may not share your verger or passion.
    But always remember that people have given you their ear and are listening to
    what you are saying. Do not let them dismiss the topic because you are coming
    across too radically. Conversational. Your beliefs. Ultimate consequences.
    We are at war. An intellectual war. Stand up and be counted. pas

  23. I’m as passionate about my 2nd Amendment as anyone!I guess what worries me most are those that generally also agree are so lax about getting personally involved. I mean with access to the internet as simple as it is , why can’t they at the very least take the time to write their Senators or Congressman and voice their objections to what what our elected officials are attempting to do to their God given rights !

  24. I recently rejoined tne NRA after having been absent from it for twenty or so years. I used to hunt and shoot from the time I could go to the field w/my Dad but in my thirties I got out of hunting and into fishing while keeping all my guns and dropped my membership. That may have been a mistake. The way we are heading it’s time to get back in and support our right to lawfully possess and use the firearms we choose. The NRA is not perfect, by any means, and some of their statements may be kind of “out there” but I think it’s the best voice gun owners have right now.

  25. There is every appearance (i.e. statements by David Keene) that the NRA is going cave in on so-called “universal background checks,” which is nothing more than giving the government full fledged gun registration, because the law, by its very nature, requires that the government know what guns everyone posesses.

    No thanks. When the NRA stands for “shall not be infringed,” instead of “we can see our way past ‘reasonable’ gun-control,” then I will consider joining them again. Until then, not going to support them “N[egotiating my] R[ights] A[way].”

  26. Well said, kyew.
    I share a similar approach to this, and go further by having discussions re this issue with anyone that is willing to… and I am living part time in Kalifornia, a challenge for sure!
    What I have discovered, but not surprised by, is the level of ignorance that many people have re guns: wow! So I have been been acting as a teacher to educate them about guns in detail (so they understand the exact wording and misuse of the word Assault re Weapons, ie: a bread knife..); automatic vs semi-auto (the history and development); the different purposes for magazine capacity’s (OMG, really?!); and then the really interesting parts of Constitutional law, and how both the First and the Second Amendments are involved here; and the real responsibility taken by gun owners to secure weapons/ammunition.
    Interesting discussions with teachers and their take on the idea of them training for CC…!
    It all helps to learn why and how complicated this issue is for everyone.. the city folks vs the country folks: many I spoke with had no idea there are still family’s living on the game they shot (some w/AR’s) and the fish they catch to feed their families year ’round!
    I think I have a good base to educate, further than and more personal than an internet post.
    And, yes, making sure my neighbors know I am a reasonable and caring person that will help them if needed: and I have the tools and training to do so.
    Last comment: this National Registration proposal: I have a real problem with the ability of the Fed’s to manage and keep private the information they will want: the example of the newspaper that printed the names and addresses of gun owners in New Jersey released by the County that included maps to their homes was a real head turner: I don’t even let my neighbors see what I have at my home: I am not willing to trust the Government with managing this information either.

  27. I am a new NRA member who joined just prior to all the recent craziness. I am also a first time gun owner having purchased my first recently–again just before all the craziness. I have mixed feelings on the NRA up to this point, but joined so that I could see what they were really about from the inside. So far I mostly like what I see. What I think needs improving is the public face. Some of the people speaking on behalf of the organization are horrible public speakers and do more harm than good in getting the point(s) across. I specifically refer to “Wayne L.” Why I may agree, more or less, with his points he should not be representing the NRA’s views to Congress or the Media. He makes a horrible impression. Find someone eloquent.

    I became a gun owner primarly for self defense in case of a disaster, such as a wide scale power outage, or weather related disaster–both of which have happened to or near where I live. But I also firmly believe in the foundation of the 2nd Ammendment to protect myself FROM a government that becomes tyrannical. I hate to say it and belive it but the Obama administation is moving in that direction and it is frightening. If we loose our right to own guns we leave nothing in the way to prevent the tyranny of the majority, which the Constitution is designed to protect us from.

    There is safety in numbers. With its warts and all, the NRA may just be our best defense.

  28. I would like to know how do I contribute to the NRA without them having my contact information?

    Last time I contributed anything significant was during Clinton’s admin, and I think NRA eventually spent the whole thing on postage asking me to contribute more.

    I would very much like to contribute to NRA, I just do not want to hear from them.

  29. If you own a gun, you should be a member of the NRA in my opinion. That’s not to say that it’s a perfect organization (is there one?) If you are not a member of the NRA or another gun owners rights organization, please don’t whine when you lose any rights or liberties.

    Concerning CTD and their prices, I noticed that 5.56 ammo about tripled in price since the Newtown shootings. If that reflects their cost, fine. When I see price gouging after such an event or election etc., I will not buy it. Our company sells an agricultural product that is popular with preppers. Since prepping became popular, we have not taken advantage of it and have not raised our pricing at all. Our pricing is lower than even market commodity pricing. I realize that anyone can charge what they want to, but I just dislike the idea of taking advantage of people.

  30. Hi All,
    I support them but they have lost sight of the objective!!!

    The NRA needs to stop apologizing for the 2nd Amendment, and fight for the RIGHTs of the teachers to carry their gun in school if they wish. It is a right what we don’t need is policemen in every school it will not help.

    If we all stand in one accord with one loud voice say NO to BO and this out of control DC bunch, put them on notice we the people will not abide in this lawlessness; standing with the Sheriffs that put it on the line…

    But its all for nought if we do not get back to our Godly Heritage, humbleing ourselves before a Sovereign God and turn for our wicked ways!

    With all do respect,
    Dale (pastor)

  31. A lot of the posters just don’t get it. Many are hung up on minutiae that has nothing to do with the threat before us. Many didn’t vote for Romney because they fed into the leftist media (and it IS leftist) talk track and felt they wanted another candidate, like Ron Paul, who never had a chance. Well, congratulations- now we have four more years of Obama, who was just waiting for a second term to assault firearms. Make no mistake, Obama hates firearms, and always has. And I am laughing at these suggestions to post rebuttals on liberal soapboxes like NPR, CNN, MSNBC, etc. The people that regularly follow those news outlets made up their minds years ago. You are wasting your time. These are the same organizations that have used the NRA’s tireless efforts to protect gun rights as a punchline. Even Fox News has shown how little some of its commentators know about firearms. Bill O’reilly kept referring to an “AK-15” in a segment when he meant AK-47.

    The simple fact of the matter is that the majority of murder victims are African American males, and their killers are almost totally African American males. Barack Obama has been completely silent on this fact, and he is the only President in history uniquely qualified to address the issue. But the silence is deafening. Over 6300 African American were murdered in 2011, the most recent year the FBI has complete stats for. The total for Newtown: 26. If the Administration was truly serious about saving “even one life,” they could have been working on this travesty for the last four years. And where is the media? MSNBC? CNN? Why aren’t they covering this true tragedy? Because bringing up the obvious connection of race and violence is the last thing the liberal media wants. They want us to believe everyone is the same, and we should all be holding hands and skipping into the future singing kumbaya. Facts disturb them. They would rather ban an object than face the real issues, because once you take the blame off a hunk of metal, then you have to critically look at the person using it- and that truth is far more disturbing.

    Mass shootings are an anomaly, and NOTHING being proposed would have helped in any way to stop the tragedy at Newtown. In 1966, another mentally ill man, Charles Whitman, climbed a clock tower in Austin, Texas and shot 36 people from long distances, killing 14 of them. He used a hunting rifle-not an assault weapon. In the ensuing 46 years between then and Newtown, there have been all kinds of gun laws enacted in this country- over 9000 of them. However, laws regarding forcibly detaining the mentally ill have been all but abolished by liberal organization like the ACLU. You can thank them the next time a smelly homeless mental patient hassles you for change in any major metropolitan area. This whole thing is a gun-grab, pure and simple, and Newtown is the excuse Diane Feinstein and the other leftists have been looking for.

    There is no other political organization as powerful, as organized, or as focused as the NRA. Like it or not, it is your ONLY chance at preventing your 2nd Amendment rights from being flushed down the toilet by the ultra-leftists in Congress. The NRA does a full frontal assault with an army of lawyers and lobbyists. They know how Congress works, and they have the muscle to get it done. Did you see any other pro-gun groups being questioned on Capitol Hill this week?? NO!! That’s because support from the NRA is very important for many politicians, and NRA can focus the efforts of its membership better than all the anti-gun groups combined. Write a check today and cancel next year if you want. In the words of my favorite founding father:

    “We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”
    — Benjamin Franklin

  32. All this nonsense about “protecting your right to keep and bear arms” is just that: nonsense. The right to keep and bear arms is a creator-endowed, Constitutionally -secured unalienable right. Not the governement (well, maybe illegally by force) or anyone else has the authority in The United States of America to tell you what gun you can or cannot have, what gun accessories (magazines, etc) you can or cannot have or anything else. ddeclaration of Independence states clearly: “All men are created equal”. Doesn’t say, “except for legislators or policy-men who want to take your right to defend yourself against a tyrranical government or other criminals”. Congressional legislation of any kind only applies to territorial citizens (Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, District of Columbia), according to the US Supreme Court, and the Constitution is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. Cannot be usurped. You don’t need any organizations to “protect your rights” that doesn’t start with getting the People out of the grips of the federal Government by asserting your Rights as a state Citizen of one of the several states of the Union styled The United States of America. You haven’t “lost” your right to defend yourself, you GAVE IT UP because you haven’t bothered to read the law ans see WHO THEY APPLY TO. ALl the People have to do is assert, not whine about, your Creator-endowed unalienable rights (not CIVIL rights, which were “given” to 14th amendment “statutory” citizens.

  33. The NRA flip-flops and supports the big interests but is not the only game in town. We, fortunately, have an alternative – GOA – Gun Owners of America.

  34. The NRA seems like it has changed in the last few decades, that might not be the case, but it seems that way to me. In this current “party politics first” atmosphere, that our once great country has fallen into, the NRA have taken a hardline stance with the clearly out of touch GOP. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely despise politicians in general, but the peolpe on the right are far more willing to trash our rights, while at the same time trying everything (including flat out lies) that the left is going to infringe on your liberty. Aside from the fact he has to address this situation, Obama HAS NOT DONE A SINGLE THING TO TRY AND CHANGE GUN LAWS, in fact he has passed legislation that makes it easier for people to carry concealed weapons. SO how about people get the facts stright insted of just watching FOX “News” all day soaking up all that BS. Want to know why people shoot up schools and malls? Its so they can get their 15 minutes of fame, which in this day is more like months and months of constant coverage on these 24 hour news networks. They are just going to keep trying to one-up the latest atrocity for their fame, or rather infamy. And don’t get me started on all these pharmaceuticals on the market that people take for something stupid that turns them into a maniac at the drop of a dime. But, you know, as long as people are making money off of all this horrible crap that infests MY country, than who cares right? I mean, in the bible it clearly states that the love of money is the root of all evil, well, we just so happen to have built an entire country out of the acquisition of money, so what could go wrong? Thats just my opinion, and I know most of you won’t agree with it, but so what I get to speak it as loudly as I want… Stay vigilant people.

  35. I am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA and there are times I disagree with them as well. However, as Ben Franklin said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”. That is more true now than ever. Any person who dislikes AR-15’s, figures they will never come after their own bolt action 30-30, and hates the NRA for supporting ownership of AR-15’s needs to realize that at some point, the gun control will be coming after their “High Powered Sniper Rifle”.

  36. I was sorely disappointed by Mr. LaPierre’s comments in regard to the tragedy at Newtown. For him to advocate that more federal spending be shifted to schools is absurd. I want my children to go to school, not a maximum security prison, to learn. The NRA’s position appears to be motivated by self preservation rather than sound logic. What the point of supporting an organization that is more interested in maintaining societal relevancy than working towards protection of 2nd amendment rights? As with most large organizations, the folks running the NRA are more interested in their continued place in the organization than the are about core values. I’m done with the NRA. After a short search, I have found several other organizations that fit my views; Small, Honest, and Motivated!

  37. Support Gun Owners of America (GOA) the NO COMPROMISE gun owner association, and the NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights.) If these two groups had received HALF the money the sell-out NRA has received over the years, WE WOULDN’T EVEN BE HAVING A DISCUSSION ABOUT GUN CONTROL IN THIS COUNTRY!

  38. When the NRA threw millions of our veterans to the wolves because they had gone to a VA mental health….I dropped my membership THAT DAY, and will never join the liars again!

  39. Support the NRA or not, as you wish. However I would like to invite you to take an active role in the defense of our Second Amendment rights by browsing the news online every so often – NPR, CNN, MSNBC, etc. – and joining the debate that invariably occurs in the comments section. I have my own feelings about the NRA, and I’ll keep them to myself. The fact is, people who don’t know the NRA and/or mistrust the organization are still learning the truth about guns and gun owners. How is this happening if they don’t read American Rifleman or browse the NRA website regularly? It’s happening because of people like myself and a multitude of others getting out there on the media websites and actively countering the lies and misinformation with facts. The tide is turning in the fight for our civil rights, and it’s turning in our favor. And the NRA isn’t the only reason. Strapped for cash? Save your donations and make a real difference in the fight for civil rights; it’s free to join the media websites and post comments and you’ll be making progress that the NRA would never be able to make because the media portrays them as the lunatic fringe. Get out there and show people that true American gun owners are rational and decent people who are outraged by the threat of losing our natural right to defend ourselves.

  40. I’ll support the NRA the day they stop flip-flopping. They’ve supported gun-free school zones, expanding the ATF, universal background checks, automatic weapons, and worse.

    No thanks! I’ll stick with the GOA.

  41. I cancelled my life membership in the NRA when they backed a law in 1986 that put me out of business. The NRA felt it was ok to infringe on our gun rights and fully back a new law that no longer allowed imported semi-auto weapons to be LEGALLY converted to FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, which were then legally transferred to police, military and US citizens. This is just one example of the NRA selling us out – no wonder we are were we are now. THANKS FOR NOTHING NRA!!!!!

  42. I am a Life Member of the NRA at the Benefactor level, and have been for several years. I do not agree with every statement made by the organization, but the NRA is the only unified, strong voice for the protection of my 2nd Amendment rights not only on the national but on the local level as well.

    As for CTD taking part in the knee jerk, obscene price fluctuations in the last couple of months, one must remember that CTD is a business, which like all business’s exists to make a profit.
    When the market is willing to pay any price to hoard a product, whether it’s for personal gain or just to “have it on hand, just in case”, no one should fault any company for charging premium prices.
    Once production catches up to demand, expect prices to stabilize.

    Have you bought gasoline lately? Very much the same example of the law of supply and demand.

  43. I have been a multiple gun owner for over 50 years. I support the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, but I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the concept of universal background checks for all gun sales in conjunction with a better record keeping system for making sure the maximum number of felons and mentally ill people are “put on the list”.

    But I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t join or otherwise associate my name with the NRA no matter what. While the NRA has done a lot of positive things in years past, they have also done a lot of whacky, one-sided things and taken stances that I simply do not agree with. As far as I am concerned, they are a “my way or the highway” lobbyist group that does not always represent the best interests of gun owners or sometimes, even the majority view of their own members on certain key issues. I frankly don’t like lobbyist groups of any stripe and the NRA is no different than some of the worst of them out there. It’s a free country and anyone can certainly choose to join whatever groups they want to as far as I am concerned, but for me, I want nothing to do with the NRA. YMMV …

  44. I can hardly believe I’m reading this! CTD caved to political pressure and stopped their online firearm sales because of a highly publicized nut in December, and has engaged in blatant and obvious price gouging ever since! Yet on a company sponsored blog, you have the gall to advocate unity among shooters! Really? Have you no shame at all?

    I am an NRA member, in spite of some things they have done with which I do not agree. There is probably only one thing that might cause me to consider cancelling my NRA membership, and that’s an endorsement by CTD!

    1. To Art Lundwall: Believe it or not, not everything you read on the Internet is true. You are misinformed as to why we temporarily suspended selling firearms. Pricing is market value and self correcting. If the price is too high, then the demand will fall and pricing will follow.

  45. Over the past month, we have seen gun goods fly off the shelves. Anything for any tac style rifle caliber – – “out of”, including ammo & primers. Heck, we can’t find .22LR in town anymore!

    If you have recently purchased a gun, or stocked up on ammo or components in preparation for what you fear likely will happen…its’ time to take the amount you spent on guns & ammo in the last month, and invest it in the NRA to protect the investment you just made. Bought $500.00 worth of 223 ammo? Send $500 to NRA !

    Then get in your senator’s & congressman’s face. Even if they are anti- 2nd, enough pressure from gun owners will make them fear for their own jobs. Remind them gun owners don’t just vote – they support and volunteer for pro-gun candidates. Remind them…

    Third, Send emails & letters to firearms makers that are located in states such as NY, IL, CA, NJ, CT (you get the picture) and ask they why they are nuts enough to have their facilities in a state that hates gun owners? Why are they generating tax revenue for those who would shut them down? There are enough states with pro-gun citizens & governments for them to do business in…probably at lower tax rates to boot!

  46. Great article and all, but seems to me you all are not really helping the situation. I understand the supply and demand these days, but the price jacking is ridiculous. 400$ for 300 rounds of .223, and 1500$ for an 700 AR. Get serious you all are using this to your advantage is the truth of the matter, and the NRA has compromised in the past and are going to this time as well. Compromise has gotten our backs up against the wall and now things are about to get desperate for gun owners.

  47. Good example criminals are able to acquire weapons that regular people like us cannot acquire. Remember the North Hollywood Bank of America robbery in California!!! Two fully armored armed men sprayed bullets everywhere. They did not purchase those at Walmart or any gun stores. We need our firearms to protect ourselves from those kind of criminals and the tyranny that is trying to take away just like what Stalin and Hitler did. We the people have the Constitution because its what make us free. They swore to uphold and defend! But they are not!!! We have guns but we are not killing anyone.. Only if we know are lives are in danger. We have right to defend ourselves. Do not ever take that away.

  48. I agree comepletely with you Clark, and I just did the same. About the same time you did, maybe a little later. They sent me the Feb issue of the magazine though, a couple of days ago. I just go the number off Goggle and called ’em up and asked for 3 years for $70.00. Nobody said anything about any range bag, now my feelings are hurt man. You must’ve got the lifetime membership.

  49. Has any other orgnization backed a gun rights case from start to its finish at the USSC level? I’m not asking about Amicus Briefs either. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon once a case gets to the USSC. The NRA is a one issue organization. Its members include people from every party, race, gender and religion. They are about preserving our civil right tokeep and bear arms. They are about preserving that part of our culture. There are plenty of things I don’t agree on with individual members of the NRA but as far as the orgnization itself, I back them with membership and donations.

  50. I cannot include myself in the crowd that says they had a bone to pick at one point with the NRA. The only thing I objected to was the backing of Harry Reid. Now it seems he is one of the libs breaking ground with his pals over the new AWB. So maybe they were right after all. The way I see it is, the NRA cares only about the SA and if we lose that nothing else matters and I agree with that. Remember that if you are a member and don’t like what they are doing, SAY SO! Believe it or not they actually listen!

  51. I caved and finally sent in my membership form 5 weeks ago. I’m still waiting for my membership card and my “tactical” range bag. I’m hoping the delay means that others have finally realized what I’ve finally realized; we as gun owners and sportsmen need all the help we can get to preserve our hobby, our pastime, our rights. That the NRA is so back-logged with new memberships because others have thrown their support behind the biggest group out there that is aligned with our way of life. Our opponents have their lobbyists and “anti” ads. Our support of the NRA provides the funds to play on our opponents level. Do I agree with everything the NRA does? Hell no. But they’re the biggest chance we have that can play on our opponents “level”. I consider membership dues worth the expense for the chance to help in this fight. We need all the help we can get. Our enemies aren’t playing around and neither should we.

  52. The NRA is like any advocate group. It can’t be viewed as correct all the time by everyone. If they do support/not support something that you don’t agree with, write them an email or snail mail!! Let ’em know when you disagree and also let ’em know WHEN YOU STRONGLY AGREE with what they’re saying or doing. Dropping NRA membership doesn’t help the fight against those who would do away with 2nd amendment rights.
    My $0.02

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