Bury the Hatchet: It’s Time to Support the NRA-ILA

Elmerius Fuddidus

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found some campaign, speech, or stance by the NRA disagreeable. Maybe you thought the organization was filled with Fudds that didn’t care about your AR-15s. Maybe you were upset they supported some political candidate you opposed. Regardless of the reason, the NRA rustled your feathers and you haven’t supported them since. Now all gun owners and pro-Second Amendment believers are dropped into a debate that puts us against the media and current administration to fight for our rights. Perhaps it’s time we bury the metaphorical hatchet and join our collective strengths with the NRA in order to protect the right to protect ourselves.

Elmerius Fuddidus
This is a Fudd.
Say what you will about the NRA and their positions over the 142 years they’ve been around. However, they do have some weight to throw around in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the nation. Acting through the Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) and the Civil Rights Defense Fund, the NRA is able to play an active role in court cases across the country, defending and upholding the Second Amendment. These two organizations are helping hunters, plinkers, sport shooters, ranges, and every facet of the firearm industry retain their passions and livelihoods, and that is something every one of us can get behind.

The Logo of the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund
The NRA Cilvil Rights Defense Fund
The Logo of the NRA-ILA
The Institute for Legislative Action
Over the next few weeks, I plan to write about current cases the NRA is working on and explaining why these are pertinent to all of our lives. Especially now as our rights are being threatened. It is more important than ever to arm ourselves in defense of what we hold dear; when it comes to defending our rights in Washington, the NRA is a much better choice than an AR or 12 gauge.

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  1. All you have to do is notice the hateful poisonous attitude about the NRA in the press to know that they are getting something done! You don’t get that kind of reaction from Liberals by sitting around on you laurels!

    For every bad reaction I see in the press against the NRA, I see another gold star of accomplishment for the NRA. I will not cow-tow to a press that disrespects the 2nd Amendment – Hell most of the press doesn’t even respect the 1st Amendment! Some of them even openly admit it!!!

  2. To Ray in post #55 – That’s Great! So now Colorado will fight the Feds all on their own now!!! WOW! I can’t wait to see that. You suppose Washington DC will bow down and say,”We’re not worthy” to the illustrious Colorado high! :O

    Common Man! It is going to take a BIG organization to peacefully tackle this problem and use smart tactics to go up against the enemies of the 2nd Amendment!! I always recommend folks join their local organizations and pick their favorites; but I still say we got to keep that NRA ace in our back pockets, when the chips are down.

    I’ve received a lot of help from my state NRA chapter as well; but I encourage anyone to join whatever club or organization they want to as long as they stay an NRA member. The list of victories in fights all over the nation for CCW and other political fights has been a long one for the NRA-ILA. I just can’t believe these people that cast a blind eye to all they’ve done after that kind of record!!

    No one organization is perfect – I’m a Republican and my party is FAR from perfect! Am I going to throw my clout away by becoming an Independent? – NO! – It is far easier and brings more weight to the table to simply work within my party and other organizations to improve the situation. Sitting back in one’s armchair and clucking about complaints will get nothing but loss of our rights! WAKE UP!

  3. In Colorado, the NRA is the shill. Who successfully let the fight for ordinary citizens to get a Concealed Carry Weapon permit without undue government interference? Not the NRA! Who successfully fought the City of Denver’s ban on even transporting a weapon on a highway through the city? Not the NRA! Who is now fighting for more of Colorado’s citizens, who have been unfairly denied the right to own a weapon due to a non-violent conviction? That’s right…its NOT the NRA. Colorado has its own no-nonsense gun rights organization, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. I am a proud member of that organization, but I will never give a nickel to the NRA because they are willing to sit idle until some big national crisis occurs, all the time taking membership dollars and funding their coffers.

  4. Baloney! That’s just a self-serving view point for small-minded people. Gun owners have every right to state their positions whether you agree with it or not. Just because someone has a different opinion or viewpoint does not mean they “are just shills working for the enemy”. There is also the first amendment to the Constitution pertaining to free speech in addition to the second amendment. There is no reason whatsoever for all gun supporting Americans to fall into some monolithic lockstep type of thinking. That’s not what this country is all about (and never has been) so get used to it.

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