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Burris Offers Three AR Tactical Kits for Professionals and Competition Shooters

Burris AR-332 in use in a tactical situation

Burris has upped its game and shown a solid move toward supporting tactical and competitive shooters with the introduction of three new AR Tactical Kits. The new kits include a prism, AR Tripler and secondary red dot. All three come with mounts and are packed in a rugged carrying case. Burris’ new kits are everything you need in one package to engage targets far or near. Best of all, you’ll save over $100 for the kit when compared to buying each of the three sights independently.

Burris AR332 prism sight
Burris’ AR-332 with the Ballistic CQ reticle

“Burris AR Tactical Kits are total package solutions for competitive and tactical shooters at a big savings,” said Vice President of Sales & Business Development Patrick Beckett. “We’ve combined our most popular tactical sights and mounts in a durable carry case to create complete shooting solutions. They’re an affordable way for new competitive shooters to get into the game.”

AR-332 Tactical Kit

Close Quarters Combat (CQB) demands fast reflexes and accurate shot placement. Burris’ AR-332’s 3x magnification with the Ballistic CQ reticle was ideally designed and provides instinctive target acquisition and quick shooting from point-blank to intermediate ranges. For strength, durability and reliability, Burris etches the black reticle directly on the prism. You can then illuminate it with either red or green via a simple turn of the dial. The rugged design was built to handle heavy recoil, but the reticle was designed to compensate for bullet drops corresponding to 5.56 and 7.62 mm ammunition. An Anti-Reflection Device rounds out the AR-332’s features by reducing reflection and glare.

The FastFire II red dot reflex sight provides a 4 MOA dot with an automatic brightness sensor that adjusts to any lighting condition. This is critical when engaging from a SWAT van into the bright sunlight and then into a dark space such as a basement or industrial building. Position the FastFire II on top of the AR-332 for fast target acquisition and close-range engagement.

AR-536 Tactical Kit

The fixed 5x magnification Burris AR-536 is for lawmen, military and competitive shooters who want additional range plus fast target acquisition. The etched-on black reticle with red or green illumination offers rapid response to intermediate targets and precision shooting at longer distances. The 10-position power/color selector satisfies all lighting conditions. The Ballistic CQ reticle’s holdover dots are good to 600 yards and work with 5.56 or 7.62mm ammo. The kit includes an Anti-Reflection Device and FastFire II 4 MOA red dot reflex sight.

Burris AR-1x prism sight
5,000 hours of service from a single AA battery and range compensation to 600 yards—’nuff said!

AR-1X Tactical Kit

Burris’ AR-1X Prism Sight delivers both-eyes-open accuracy for fast shooting and complete situational awareness. The Ballistic CQ-1X black reticle is etched onto the prism for use without battery power. You can switch between red or green illumination with the simple push of a button. Easy-to-see hash marks offer trajectory compensation out to 600 yards. The lightweight ARX-1 delivers up to 5,000+ hours of service from a single AA lithium battery.

The Burris AR-Tripler allows quick transition from CQB to mid-distance shooting. Mounted in the quick-detach AR-Pivot Ring, it rides in tandem with the AR-1X for additional 3x magnification. With the push of a button, it flips to the side for 1x shooting. Hunters and competition shooters and known have long enjoyed Burris as America’s premier optic manufacturer. With the introduction of the AR-332, AR-536 and AR-1X the tactical community will quickly understand what they have been missing.

Which kit best fits your needs? Share your thoughts and tactical uses for one of the tactical or competition in the comment section.


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