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You may subscribe to the philosophy of “when it comes time to bury your guns, it’s really time to dig them up,” but how realistic is that? In a time of marital law and SWAT comes beating down your door to confiscate your guns, are you really going to shoot them all up? There are many other reasons other than a gun ban or a gun confiscation to bury a cache of guns, ammo, and some basic survival supplies. Obviously, in preparation for SHTF bugging-out is one of them, but also to protect your firearms from a natural disaster, such as fire, flood, tornado, or hurricane.

Mono Vault Burial Tube
Mono Vault Burial Tube

The Poly Farm Mono Vaults safely and securely bury your firearms underground in their one-piece corrosion-proof and waterproof burial tubes. The Mono Vault burial tubes have a gamma seal lid that keeps moisture out to protect your cache. These polymer-constructed tubes have a ¼-inch wall thickness.

You have your choice of two different sizes, either 48-inches or 31-inches long. The large 48-incher has a 10.75-inch opening and 45- by 12-inches of inside space. The smaller Mono Vault burial tube has an 8.75-inch opening and 28.5- by 9-inch inside space, allowing you to fit up to four AR-15 broken-down rifles. It will also hold 18.5-inch shotguns with collapsible or folding stocks and AK-47s.

 Weapons Bag
Weapons Bag

Since your Mono Vault is not rated to be metal detector-proof, bury some scrap metal, such as nails, cans, and other such items around the area to dupe any treasure hunters. We recommend you use desiccant to absorb any moisture that could possible seep into your Mono Vault burial tube.

For even further protection, put your gear in a gun storage bag. We have two sizes, one that will fit handguns, and one for rifles. The gun storage bags, originally designed to eliminate the need for cosmoline on military weapons, prevent rust, corrosion, and dust from ruining your guns and survival gear.

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  1. This is to the guy in Australia wanting to see if he could get burial tubes sent from the US to Australia… If I were you I would try ( China)..They are a lot close than the US and cheaper in cost…Good luck and we stand with you.. Unfortunate you have no 2nd Amendment..

    Here’s the url mate..

  2. Here is a question for you. Where can I find a seller who will post me a Mono Vault Dry Box to Australia? I want to buy half a dozen Mono Vault 248 Dry Boxes, but nobody I have contacted will post them to Australia. I understand postage to Australia may be more expensive then the actual box, but I don’t mind paying it, so why the hell is every American website refusing to sell me one?

  3. ^^ I know right: flood?

    I wonder if there any tips on placement, like how far away from the house et al.

    Would in or near a septic tank be a good spot?

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