SHOT 2014 — Will the Bullpup unseat the AR? Desert Tech’s Micro Dynamic Rifle

If the AR platform has a challenger going forward, it may not be the AK. Although not new, the bullpup design affords the versatility and shootability of an AR with the same length barrel, but an overall shorter length rifle. The bullpup seems to offer all of the advantages without any of the disadvantages. Last year, IWI saw success with its bullpup design—the Tavor. For 2014, Desert Tech is introducing its own bullpup—the Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR).

Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle
The MDR converts without tools between five calibers. Using innovative technology such as the forward ejection mechanism and 100% ambidextrous controls, the MDR can be used by any operator from any position.

Thus far, details are scant and a press conference set for Jan 14, 2014 will give a hands-on look. Until then, here are the details Desert Tech has released so far. The MDR is a perfectly balanced compact auto-loading bullpup rifle that gives LE, Military and Government agencies the unrivaled ability to adapt and maneuver. The MDR converts without tools between five calibers. Using innovative technology such as the forward ejection mechanism and 100% ambidextrous controls, the MDR can be used by any operator from any position.

  • Portability – The MDR has unrivaled portability because it is lightweight, compact, ergonomic, and balanced with an overall length of 26” (or 20” with 10.5” barrel) and a weight of 7.12 – 7.5 lbs.
  • Adaptable – The MDR is adaptable in both size and caliber. It can quickly convert between five calibers, and its sighting system retains barrel zeros without the need to compensate for any impact shift.
  • Ambidextrous – The MDR is fully ambidextrous with no modifications necessary. Desert Tech’s forward ejection mechanism and intuitive controls set a new bullpup standard for speed and precision.

Are you a fan of bullpup designs? How about the MDR? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. replying to comment #5 by Leon. Good for you, another patriot spelling out the truth and correctly understanding the evil wicked corrupt COMMUNIST POLITICIANS ruining this nation and our rights. Their time is running out! 90% of USA citizens are asleep behind the wheel and really don’t care! Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die; like salmon going upstream on their first and last spawning run heading right into the jaws of the Russian Brown Bears. I’ll (E-6 Combat Engineer Platoon SGT ) be picking off those bears from my “hide” place. If we ever meet, I got your back. The 2nd amendment is a God given right from my Creator Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I’ve had enough “infringements” against the rights that my God has given me and I’ll resist all infringements from every quarter. Send a “good” commie home to Russia in a bag! They are the God haters that hate us because of what the Only Living God has given us and I cherish what I have received and will resist them with HELL FIRE! God bless you and I pray He enables us for what is coming. Ready and waiting for the right time. God bless you Leon.

  2. Kal-Tec is the problem. They make some nice product and have some good ideas, like the PMB-30, but seem to approach firearms manufacturing as a hobby that may or may not be of their current interest or which they don’t seem to have time for right now. Just one mans opinion . . .

  3. Oh, I’m pretty sure your problem is Kal-Tec! They make some great products and have some great ideas, like the PMB-30, but don’t ever expect them to move very fast of provide very good service. They seem to be doing firearms manufacturing as a hobby only. That’s just my opinion anyway . . .

  4. I purchased two Kel-tec RFBs (308) about 1 1/2 years ago….. new. Both had failure to feed issues in the first week. Both were returned 3 months later, the reported reason- wrong gas setting. One of these has been functioning well. The second was immediately returned due to irreversible jamming i.e. charging lever cannot be retracted nor the chamber cleared. Six months later, and after many calls, it is still on some engineer’s desk. I am not happy! Is the problem a bull pup in .308 ? The Kel-tec company? The lack of communication and company support ti appalling.

  5. as stated, lots of options for LE, military and gov’t (traitor-filled) agencies … in other words, the avg Joe like me, even as a retired GI NCO of E7 pay grade, will never be (legally) allowed to touch one of these … which is one of the definitive definitions of gov’t tyranny, and the reason the 2A exists, and why it is under such fierce attack nowadays … career politicos can’t stop themselves from enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us, whom they allegedly “serve”, since they succeeded in duping us to elect them, then they restrict us from having the capability to defend ourselves under the sneaky guise of “public safety”, all along knowing but not saying that they are no longer a member of said “public’ any more, but belong to the elitist caste who has as their sole ambition to rule without regard for the founding documents of our nation. Pro 2A folks, stake-out the district offices of these snakes-in-grass and take the necessary shots when you can, and remove them from their roles as oxygen-thieves and traitors ! Remember, we are still a nation at war, and as such, the penalty for treason is death !

  6. Speaking for myself, I’m just not gonna fire a rifle where the cartridge blast / chamber is near the carotid artery in my neck and under my chin. Having worked at a Law Enforcement firing range for several years… I know that accidents involving split casings and other chamber issues while rare… do arise from time to time.

  7. It is what it is.Many platforms, Springfield or Glock side by side until our dried bones have been under for a long time.They will keep on keeping on, shot for shot.Is this not to question??Bullpup or AR just a mater of like and billfold.Send me one to tryout and I promise to give it spectacular care.I will also evaluate it free of charge.
    signed by Will be waiting a long long time for it to arrive.

  8. James Johnson, I agree 100%. Having now carried a Bullpup of one kind or another for a long streach of years with the AUG and MSAR as the long term members of those years. I too have wondered at the continued mind set for standard design. The up side of this platform design is huge. There’s even a couple of kits out there that I have found quite good. The Juganaute stock for the M1A or SOCOM (wonderful conversion using the SOCOM!) and Bullpup unlimited’s ( kit for converting ones Remington 12ga, 870. Both of these are part of my current working gun locker. If you look around a bit one an find several surpurb stock systems for bullpuping bolt long guns too. With the factory conversion upgrades for some of the older platforms to allow the use of AR magazines and other calibers besides the .223 they seem to have started to come into their own. Will it unseat the AR? Not in the near future I’m guessing, for the same reasons that Springfield XD’s are better than Glocks but won’t unseat them in the near future either! After awhile Quanity becomes its own Quality. Those of us who support the Bullpup platform know the truth. And before anyone goes off on me for my opinion, Yes. I do own AR platforms and several Glocks. In my opinion the Bullpups and XD’s are superior to them is all. So, when its crunch time I prefer to have the superior product in hand to rely on.

  9. As a long-time STEYR AUG owner (25 year?), I fail to understand why we continue to build conventionally-stocked rifles.

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