Blaming Criminal Activity on Law-abiding Firearm Dealers

Gabrielle Giffords with Ar-15 in hand

Last week, The Shooter’s Log, reported on gun control groups’ attempts to sue retailers and manufacturers. In this week’s outrage, gun control groups are upping the ante by blaming criminal activity on law-abiding firearm dealers under the guise of “responsible business practices.”

Gabrielle Giffords with Ar-15 in hand
Not in common use? Once upon a time this Senator would have disagreed.

The coalition goes something like this: notable Illinois politicians and former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords have joined gun control groups and community advocates when publicly announcing the Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition and the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. This legislation will, among many other things, seek:

  • Background checks for the employees of retailers (even though a FOID card is already necessary for employment).
  • Create a state mandated training and education for retailers and employees.
  • Implement mandated storage of guns at retailers ignoring business specific concerns.

Background Checks for Employees

For those of you that do not live in Illinois, a FOID card (Firearm Owners Identification Card) is issued by the state police after a background check. It is required to possess as little as a single bullet. You cannot walk into a gun shop and handle a gun without first presenting a FOID card. Naturally, every employee is required to have one, but this group thinks that a license to buy a gun (that is essentially what a FOID card is) is not enough. They want to further burden retailers with yet another check—perhaps they believe the state police are incapable or too incompetent to vet people the first time and need to do it twice.

State Mandated Training

We have all filled out a 4473 form. The employees of every store I have ever patronized have been extremely detailed—both in their knowledge of firearms and laws and regulations. Paperwork is checked and double-checked when it is filled out and then twice more after the waiting period has passed and it was time for the pickup. Likewise, I have seen multiple sales rejected because the something about the purchaser did not seem right to the employee. What additional training can the state mandate?

And What?

Proper storage of guns at dealerships to prevent theft? Does this have anything to do with retailers at all? Or, is it all about working to outlaw gun shows? Either way, it is an assault on our Second Amendment rights and if successful in one state, it will spread to others.

If these lawmakers were truly interested in preventing crime, perhaps they could spend more time on figuring out how to fund law enforcement for the coming year. That is one way to look at it, but we want your opinion. Share it in the comment section.

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Comments (9)

  1. Well it appears to me that since the death of James Brady the anti-gunners have found their new poster child for gun violence in Gabby….

  2. Well it would appear if the Republicans get behind Donald Trump as they should have from the beginning all the montey they spent on the failed stop Trump movement would have been beter spent to beat Clinton or Sanders. It appears at the moment that Trump is ahead in the National Polls over both Democratic Candidates. About time the RNC, Establishment Republicans, Ted Cruz and John Kasich get behind Trump as the standard bearer and focus on winning this critical election.

  3. This was told to me by the person it happened to.
    About two weeks before she was first elected to the House, Ms Giffords attended the Helldorardo weekend parade in Tombstone AZ. She was asked about her feelings on firearm ownership by a staunch Democratic couple. She answered, “I always carry mine” and showed what appeared to be a 9mm semi-automatic. They voted for her.
    Don’t feel bad, our current Representative is Martha McSally – US Army Ret.. She”ll do.

  4. Seems to me that this only furthers the infringement on our second amendment. I believe the Second Amendment has been infringed upon ENOUGH! Where are Andy Griffith and Charlton Heston types when we need them, wait I know, not on T.V.. I’ll vote Trump, but only because Hillary Clinton should have been indicted by now, and the other options are worse. Praise be to the Lord. Long Live the Republic. USA!

  5. If that photo above is of Giffords holding an AR, someone needs to get that propagated all over the net and get it posted on TV.

    I still believe that her and her group screwed up by not having armed guards at her event. If she poses with an AR but doesn’t have anyone armed at her event, what does that say about her intelligence?

    1. That is Giffords from an ad she did before she was shot at a rally by a mentally ill individual. Afterward, she went anti-gun.~Dave Dolbee

  6. I have an idea, why isn’t more training for gun dealers? They need to train them on how to react to the gun control crowd and their tactics. The instance I am referring to is when the husband of the aforementioned Gabrielle Giffords was going to buy an AR15. If the dealer hadn’t refused to proceed with the transaction and called the appropriate law enforcement agency instead, the former astronaut might have been arrested for violating a federal law. That would have looked real good for the gun control side.

  7. Another attempt by the LEFTIST to infringe the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of the 2nd ammendment, and put more regulations on the LAWFUL commerce in firearms.
    When are the people going to rise up against TYRANNY?

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