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Former Navy SEAL Mike Noell started BLACKHAWK! in 1993. While Mike was crossing a minefield in enemy territory, he was lugging around a huge pack that eventually failed, spilling equipment all over the explosive ground. He told another operator, “If I get out of this one alive, I will make this stuff the way it needs to be built so none of my buddies have to go through this.” When he retired from service, he did exactly that. Today BLACKHAWK! maintains a network of loyal dealers, and produces some of the finest tactical equipment ever made. We recently came across a couple of items that we thought might interest folks.


Shell Storage

Do you often find yourself in gunfights and low on OO-buck? Shotgun shells can be bulky and take up all the room on your tactical vest. BLACKHAWK! has come up with the perfect solution to your tact-vest real estate woes. The BLACKHAWK! 55-round bandoleer allows you to carry maximum firepower, with minimum effort. This really is a perfect way to carry around extra ammunition for your tactical shotgun. Perfect for 3-Gun match competitors or bird hunters who see a lot of action. If you are going to be doing a lot of shooting and don’t feel like lugging out your bulky tactical vest, the BLACKHAWK! shotgun bandoleer is perfect for an afternoon out in the field. Digging through a bulky dump bag for your shotgun shells can cause slower loading times. In my experience, having your shells neatly secured across your chest is the professional and most effective way to carry your lead. This bandoleer can hold either 12-gauge or 20-gauge ammunition. Heavy-duty nylon 2.25” military pistol belt webbing ensures the bandoleer will last a lifetime. There really does not seem to be a better way to carry around a lot of shotgun ammunition.

Tactical Hydration

Side Hydration Pouch

For those of you who are going on a short patrol, or a quick run around the track while wearing your battle rattle, the S.T.R.I.K.E. and MOLLE compatible BLACKHAWK! side hydration pouch is perfect when you do not want 100 ounces of water on your back weighing you down. The pouch also has a quick disconnect feature that allows you to switch effortlessly from one pouch to another. BLACKHAWK!’s patented speeds clips make it easy to mount the pouch on the side, back or front of your web belt. Microban antimicrobial technology protects the inner bladder from bacteria and other germs. Available in black or tan, the BLACKHAWK! Side Hydration Pouch is perfect for when you do not want to get bogged down and still carry around an entire Liter of H2O. BLACKHAWK! products continue to be an industry leader in all things tactical. Whether it is for military, law enforcement, or the tactical enthusiast, Blackhawk gear delivers superior quality, with field-tested results every time.

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