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‘Billet Beauty’ and Engraved Limited-Edition Rifles

Engraved CTR

JP Enterprises rolled out two new limited-edition rifles this year, the “Billet Beauty,” a limited run of JP’s large-frame LRP-07 platform, and the Engraved Edition CTR-02 with custom engraving.

Priced at $4,649, the “Billet Beauty” large-frame LRP-07 is available in .308, .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor or .338 Federal.  Highly stylized, this rifle is an homage to the late-war appearance of several American aircraft of World War II, with special inspiration from the B-17 known as Liberty Belle operated until 2011 by The Liberty Foundation out of Claremore, Oklahoma.

Engraved CTR
Not your everyday AR rifles: These are two new limited editions from JP Enterprises. The “Billet Beauty,” left, retails for $4,649. At right is the Engraved Edition CTR-02, $4,839. Photos courtesy of JP Enterprises.

The hallmark paint scheme of the bomber is captured by a two-tone Cerakote treatment (with optional accent color) coupled with OD Green Magpul furniture and black accents in the trigger, safety, charging handle slider and mag release.

The barrel is a 20-inch JP Supermatch medium contour tube. It’s made of 416R stainless steel, air-gauged, button-rifled, and cryogenically treated. It’s fitted with JP Large Profile Compensator. The trigger is a JP Fire Control Package available in weights of 3.5-4.0 lbs.

The Magpul MOE stock features a printed rendition of the B-17 tail markings, while the blasted, stainless barrel receives a blackening of Cerakote overspray to evoke the distinctive oil smoke stains of the aircraft’s radial engines. Finally, the sides of the magazine well are fitted with art plates displaying both the period Army Air Force logo and specially commissioned bomber girl nose art.

Only 25 pieces will be produced, and the ordering window for the Billet Beauty is open only while the supply lasts and closes March 1.

The Engraved Edition CTR-02, $4,839, has JP’s Presentation Grade Finish, a signature of JP Enterprises’ billet rifles for over a decade. In collaboration with master engraver Brian Powley, the Engraved Edition CTR-02 has its flats and the complete barrel polished to a mirror sheen. Also, the CTR-02 has custom-engraved flourishes on the receiver flats.

Its upper/lower receiver set is machined from 7075-T6 billet with black hard-coat anodizing on the aluminum components. The 20-inch JP Supermatch medium contour barrel is made of 416R stainless steel and is air-gauged, button-rifled, and cryogenically treated. Its muzzle treatment is a JP Large Profile Compensator. The buttstock is an ACE ARFX, and the grip is a Hogue pistol grip. The hand Guard is a JP MK III 2XL Signature model.

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  1. A fine work of art is certainly something special to behold…but like most works of art… it hangs on a wall.
    I have no desire to own anything of that nature if that is the only reason for its acquisition. The purchase of either of these rifles, to me, would be a heinous waste of my hard earned money. I don’t buy arms to hang on a wall, however “Beautiful” they my be, I buy them to use not to show. “With All Due Respect”.

  2. Over the years I have seen many attempts at creating fancified, presentations of the AR. This is by far the most successful, but aesthetically it still fails dismally. The core beauty of the AR platform (And I do think that it is truly beautiful.) lies both in its simplicity of line and in its strict adherence to function. Exercises of this sort, while certainly interesting and probably collectable, only succeed in “guilding the lily”.

  3. @ indiana steve: I know…. right? Oh well, hopefully these pieces will be protected as ‘works of art’ from any future confiscation laws. Heck, given the welfare state, we’ll probably qualify for free care and maintenance under some government liberal arts grant.

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