Big Hearings Today for Two Pro-Gun Bills in Colorado

Colorado House of Representatives

Two pro-gun, NRA-backed bills will be tested today as they are heard in Colorado’s House Judiciary Committee at 1:30pm Mountain Time, in Room 107 of the Colorado State Capitol.

Colorado House of Representatives
The Colorado House of Representatives in session

House Bill 1048 gets rid of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation InstaCheck System that currently runs background checks on all firearm purchases in Colorado. Republican Representative Mark Waller says that by shutting down the Colorado checking system and relying solely on the NICS National Instant Criminal Background Check System already required by Federal law for each gun purchase, the state of Colorado can save millions of dollars each year. It is rare to see a proposal to cut an entire state program completely, but the Colorado InstaCheck does nothing but duplicate the job of the FBI NICS system, at the expense of the Colorado taxpayer.

House Bill 1064 would prohibit any state or government agency in Colorado from prohibiting or restricting the lawful possession, use, carry, transfer, transportation, storage, or display of a firearm or ammo during a declared state of emergency. Seizing or confiscating a lawfully possessed firearm or requiring registration of firearms or ammo during a state of emergency would also be prohibited. Proposals like HB 1064 have sprung up around the country in the wake of gun confiscations caught on camera during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Republican Representative Amy Stephens is offering HB 1064.

If you’re a Colorado citizen, these bills need your support this afternoon. Please call or send e-mail to the House Judiciary Committte members and politely ask them to support these two bills in this afternoon’s hearing: Representative Bob Gardner (R-21), Chairman (303) 866-2191 Representative Mark Barker (R-17), Vice-Chairman (303) 866-3069 Representative Brian DelGrosso (R-51) (303) 866-2947 Representative Crisanta Duran (D-5) (303) 866-2925 Representative Daniel Kagan (D-3) (303) 866-2921 Representative Pete Lee (D-18) (303) 866-2932 Representative Claire Levy (D-13) (303) 866-2578 Representative B.J. Nikkel (R-49) (303) 866-2907 Representative Su Ryden (D-36) (303) 866-2942 Representative Jerry Sonnenberg (R-65) (303) 866-3706 Representative Mark Waller (R-15) (303) 866-5525

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