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Bianchi Cup Day 1 Report

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Yesterday marked the first day of competition at the 2011 NRA Bianchi Cup, and it was certainly an interesting day.  I opened the day shooting the Practical Match, and then followed up later on the Barricade event.  As much as I enjoy shooting Bianchi Cup, yesterday was a rough day.  The squads on the Barricade and the Practical started late due to equipment failure, which was compounded by a scheduling foul-up that by the end of the day had lots of shooters unable to shoot their events.  The Barricade, my second event started almost 2 hours behind the scheduled start time, which was a cause of frustration for many shooters.

Off of the bad stuff and on to the shooting, where we’ll start with the Practical.  As usual, I’m using my Sig P250 for all the shooting this week, and for ammo I’ve been shooting Speer 115 grain FMJ Lawman ammo.  The Practical is broken down and shot at 4 distances, 1o yards, 15 yards, 25 yards, and 50 yards.  At 10 yards there is also a string of six shots of weak-hand only fire.  After struggling at 10, I put together several good strings at 15, 25, and 50 to keep myself above 400, staying on pace for my goal of breaking 1600 and winning Production Marksman division.

On the Barricades however, it was a different story.  At 25 and 35 yards, my right side target looked like it had been hit with a shotgun, and not in the center of the target.  No tens, four 8s, seven 5s, and one miss absolutely wrecked my score, and after I had been having a good week in practice it was particularly crushing to turn in a 390 on the Barricade event.  However, my score on the Practical was high enough to compensate for that, keeping me on pace to break 1600, which would be an improvement of 150 points from my very first score at Bianchi Cup.

The scores were posted for review in the evening – I’m currently in 2nd place in Production/MM division; I’m going to need to a good showing on the Plates and a very strong Mover to close that up.  I’m excited for the Mover on Saturday, it’s been my best event historically and I think I can pick up quite a few points this year.

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